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How-Tuesday: Printable Valentines for Kids handmade and vintage goods

Anda Corrie is an American artist, armchair anthropologist, and autodidact living in Berlin, Germany with her young family. She works as a graphic designer for Etsy by day, and also frequently by night. Stalk her thrilling life on Pinterest, Spoonflower, Instagram, or her woefully neglected blog.

Searching for an easy and kid-friendly Valentine’s Day project? Download, print and decorate these cards with any art supplies you have on hand. My daughter and I decided to test run crayons, markers, watercolors and bits of yarn, but you could also use fabric scraps, torn paper, sequins, glitter or any other embellishment you can come up with.


There are four images per sheet, each with a head in dire need of some hair (and maybe silly hats, floppy bows or sparkly crowns) – just let your child’s imagination run wild. Optional: before cutting the cards apart, print the reverse side of your paper with the second PDF (provided with hair-larious Valentine puns).


You will need:
Downloadable PDF (Front and Back)
Thick paper or cardstock


For our first set, my helper Sidonie and I glued on yarn bits with regular white glue to make a 3D effect.


On other cards, we used watercolors to paint broad swaths of color and then went back with pens and markers to add detail once the paint was dry.


Some we simply colored with crayons and markers. It’s really nice how the same face can look completely different every time.


Now it’s time to address the cards and hand out to our friends!


That’s it! Have fun drawing, painting, and gluing the craziest hairdos you can come up with, and have a happy Valentine’s Day!

All photographs by Anda Corrie.