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Perfect Presents for Modern Kiddos

Nov 29, 2011

by modernkiddo handmade and vintage goods

Alexandra “Alix” Tyler and Leslie “Dottie” Van Every are the co-editors of Modern Kiddo, the popular vintage lifestyle blog and a resource for all things awesomely kiddo. A favorite amongst stylish parents, Modern Kiddo offers up a fun collection of vintage and retro-inspired fashion, toys, décor and more. These two cheeky San Francisco mamas believe that vintage can be a fun and playful way to bring the best of your past to your kiddo’s present.    

The holidays are around the corner and we have just the thing for your creative and imaginative little modern kiddos! We love picking themes based on their latest interests — with a little creativity you can find some goodies that will surprise as much as they delight.


[1. Vintage Fisher Price train from NostalgiaMama; 2. Circus rabbit from mikdodesign; 3. Vintage Weebles circus tent from Busy Girl Vintage; 4. Wooden toy giraffe ring toss from SweetWhirl; 5. Vintage clown puzzle game from Moozlehome; 6. Vintage Barnum & Bailey circus poster from off beet vintage]

1. A sweet choo-choo train meets spunky animals! What’s not to love? Boys and girls will have a blast playing with this amazing Fisher Price circus train.

2. Step right up, folks! It’s time to get cuddly with this awesome ringmaster bunny.

3. “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down!” We were obsessed with this cute circus back in the day and we still love it! We bet no one else in kindergarten will have one.

4. This mod looking giraffe is not only stylish, it’s an amazing ring toss.

5. Clowns can be a tad creepers, but this little fella from the 1960s made us smile. Part puzzle and part game. And lots of fun!

6. This vintage poster would make any kiddos room big top ready!

[1. Child’s American astronaut helmet from Luminous Moon; 2. Needle felted mobile from Soo Sun; 3. Vintage Mickey Mouse astronaut cup from Vintagewoods; 4. Vintage E.T. foldout tray from Wolf City Anteeks; 5. Wooden rocket clock from LittleMonkeyDoodles; 6. Vintage space station play set from joonE]

1. What child hasn’t looked at the moon with longing? This awesome space helmet will help them get that much closer.

2. Perfect for the little star gazer, this mobile would be so sweet hanging over a bed.

3. Blast off into an awesome day with a cup of milk in this groovy Mickey rocket cup!

4. Whether you use it for eating snackies or as a fun mini-table for coloring, this E.T. tray is outta this world!

5. What time is it? Time to conquer the galaxy!

6. This sweet little set will let your kiddos create their own space adventure. We love that it comes with aliens and astronauts!

[1. Ballerina dress up doll from Squishy Bee; 2. Sterling silver and pink crystal ballerina necklace from evalentinedesigns; 3. 1966 sky blue Mattel ballet box from Wanderlust Revival; 4. Bling ballet slippers from  Silver Leona; 5. Vintage jewelry box musical ballerina from Once Upon a Gem; 6. Baby tiers tutu from All the Roses]

1. Here’s the perfect little ballerina doll to tuck in next to your little one as she dreams about pirouettes and tutus.

2. I would have given the entire contents of my Christmas stocking to get this vintage ballerina necklace.

3. Even if your little one doesn’t take a single ballet class, these wonderful ballet togs box is a great place to store all sorts of goodies.

4. As if just wearing the ballet slippers weren’t enough, Etsy seller Silver Leona found a way to make these wee slippers even more resistible to little girls by adding rhinestones.

5. This vintage twirling ballerina jewelry box looks exactly like the one I owned as a little girl. It even has the little bit of tulle for the tutu!

6. I couldn’t do a ballerina gift guide without including a tutu! Although there are thousands on Etsy, this little blue one with the ribbon trim is the one that made me giddy!

[1. Vintage Superman belt buckle from elan solete; 2. Vintage Playskol Wonder Woman puzzle from drowsySwords; 3. Hawkman doll from Showboat on the Road; 4. Superhero shoes from smallfly; 5. Vintage superheroes 45 record case from That Etsy Dude; 6. Customizable superhero mask and cuffs from The Tree House Kid; 7. 1966 Batman and Robin glass set from Vintage Resolution; 8. Vintage View-Master and slides from Vintagology]

1. There’s nothing cooler than an awesome belt buckle, and this one is especially super.

2. This colorful wooden puzzle has it all — crazy dino villain and the awesomeness of Wonder Woman.

3. Who says a sweet softie can’t also be a little bit bad ass?

4. Holy flying sneakers, Batman! These are so cool, we want a pair for our own kicks.

5. While your kiddo may not know what a 45 record is, this case would also be a great tote for little toys or art supplies.

6. While a towel can make a handy cape, your little crime fighter’s outfit won’t be complete without a mask and magic cuffs.

7. Smack! Pow! Kazam! Take that orange juice! Breakfast was never as fun as with these awesome juice glasses.

8. Viewmasters are a great way to power down but still have loads of fun. These are great to take on airplanes and car trips, and this super friends edition is extra action awesome!

[1. Handmade reversible apron from LittleTicket; 2. Wooden cookie baking set from Urban Homesteaders; 3. Children’s cooking accessories from VintageToyland; 4. Felt vegetable set from onenonly88; 5. Vintage kids cookbook from Rosy Apple Vintage; 6. 1970s Fisher Price stovetop from Oliver & Frances]

1. Let your little one get in the cooking mood with this bright apron.

2. This little wooden cookie set also acts as a counting toy, with one to ten “chips” on each cookie! And let’s not forget about all the fun you’ll have with the wooden scoop, cookie jar and rolling pin.

3. I’m kinda crushing on this children’s set of vintage Corningware and Tupperware pieces. So cute.

4. I love felt food — it is so darn cute, but I must admit I don’t have time to make it.

5. Instead of starting your little one’s cooking career with a recipe from Julia Child, try a cookbook made for kids.

6.  Now that you have all these great felt veggies, you need something to cook them on. I suggest this amazing vintage Fisher Price stove top.  All the fun and none of the burns of a real stove!

[1. Toddler smock from My Octopotamus; 2. DIY kit from Goose Grease; 3. People shaped crayon set from Scribblers Crayons; 4. Vintage children’s book from vintagetrade; 5. Fabric crayon roll from Knotted Nest; 6. Set of 3 FLY art kits from flyartcenter

1. Art smocks are so great because they allow your kiddo’s inner artist to shine without worrying about stains and spills. I particularly adore this little smock with wee apples and two big pockets that are perfect for paint brushes.

2. All dolls and little people are so much fun to play with, but it’s even more fun for your crafty little ones to paint it themselves.

3. Crayons don’t always have to be in sticks. Isn’t drawing more fun when your crayons are in all sorts of silly, sassy shapes?

4. This vintage craft/activity book would be a great book to pull out when your little ones say the most dreaded three words: “I am BORED!”

5.  Like any budding artist, you want to make sure you tools are organized. And what a great way to do it with this dandy crayon holder. Perfect for traveling crafters!

6. What kid wouldn’t like to get this set of three craft boxes full of cool bits and pieces that will add up to hours of crafty fun?

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  • leslieholz

    leslieholz said 9 years ago

    Oh my gosh, I want to be 7 years old again!!! I know my sister had that ballerina jewelry box and I totally want the hand crafted mask and cuffs - such creative geniuses!! LOVE!!

  • 60cricket

    60cricket said 9 years ago

    Do you make band uniforms for a 4 year old??

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    MagpieQuilts said 9 years ago

    What great gift ideas for kids! Lots of scope for the imagination!

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    blueflowervintage said 9 years ago

    Love these guys! They should visit more often!

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    FruitOfMyHands said 9 years ago

    Very Very Creative.

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    tracinicole said 9 years ago

    Love the vintage toys in this great article!

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    MegansMenagerie said 9 years ago

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    anotherwear said 9 years ago

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    FireflyPuppets said 9 years ago

    Oh wow, this is inspiring! I should get to work on more puppets for kids!

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    CocoBijou said 9 years ago

    Great guide! Thanks to you - I just found the perfect gift for my niece!

  • Colettesboutique

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    The selection is fantastic! It will be even more fun shopping for the kids this year :-)

  • BuyMeLove

    BuyMeLove said 9 years ago

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    NobleTextiles said 9 years ago

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    I want all these for meee! really cool, and fun picks, thanks for sharing! :)

  • NecessiTees

    NecessiTees said 9 years ago

    Oh, wow! Cute stuff!!! I wish mine was still little:)

  • babyjives

    babyjives said 9 years ago

    Such adorable ideas, I love those wings for the chucks. I think my son needs those in his stocking this year!

  • dailydangerco

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  • VoleedeMoineaux

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    So pretty and adorable!! Glad to be part of it....thanks.

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    pinkdust07 said 9 years ago

    nostalgicly delicious

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    Soooo Cute!!! Actually, Tooooooo Cute. :0)

  • SassMuffins

    SassMuffins said 9 years ago

    All so very cool! I also had one of those ballerina jewelry boxes when I was young...,which was...uh, some time ago. And my brother still has many of his "superhero" comic books, which are quite valuable now.

  • amberliddle

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    Always lovely to see what the Modern Kiddo ladies find! These are great ideas!

  • GoodwinsCustomCrafts

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    WOW!! A first to see one of my creations on an etsy blog!!! I am beyond happy!!! Thanks! :)

  • rebourne

    rebourne said 9 years ago

    NO WAY! I totally had that tupperware pitcher when i was little. Loving the colors and textures and patterns. Wishing I could have snagged that space station....too late!

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  • 33Colors

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    Oh my goodness, i still have my superhero 45 case that used to hold all my michael jackson records. it brings back such memories

  • ArcadianZen

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    wow, lots of stellar things here. my inner child laughs with joy! and i smile to acknowledge a 2 year old son with whom to re-experience it with!

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    I love the colors, very festive. I want the space helmet in size 7 7/8. Great list.

  • ingramcecil

    ingramcecil said 9 years ago

    please do not promote barnum and baileys circus, or any animal circus. the cruelty to animals is horrendous. there are plenty of other vintage posters to encourage people to buy that are not associated with evil companies.

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    Thank you for putting together such a fun list of ideas.......

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    italianpostcards said 9 years ago

    Brilliant gift ideas. LOVE the mix of new and vintage. Books are timeless and I'm pretty sure that kids of ALL ages would enjoy a good View Master.

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  • LoopySheep

    LoopySheep said 9 years ago

    Love the superhero collection! and those crayons... and... those stuffies... and... oh heck, i'm modern and i can be childish enough to count as a kiddo

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    giraffe and super villain have my big YES <:

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    Great article for the holidays, thanks.

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    sweetteasundries said 9 years ago

    I had that circus train as a kid and LOVED it!! The art/craft kits are sold out already!! So much cool stuff!

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    soulflowervintage said 9 years ago

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    mikeverepatrick said 9 years ago

    This is soooo wonderful ,the graphic 's which display all of the different area children love to play with the favorite on is the play house with the tiny corningware... I had those items and i still use Corningware today !Oh the Adult Dishware. lol

  • mysellart

    mysellart said 9 years ago

    Me encanta la bandeja de E.T! que lástima que no la vendais en España! I wish I would sell the vintage E.T foldout tray. I love it!

  • VintageAndSupply

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