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Etsy’s Ultimate Bag Shopping Guide

Assemble a standout bag wardrobe from these go-to styles—and shop eight of our favorites today.

29 handmade and vintage goods

Curated Gemstone Jewelry From KK Vintage Collection

Nothing puts a sparkle in the eye of these London-based purveyors of vintage cocktail rings, pendant necklaces, and brooches like the thrill of a rare find.

34 handmade and vintage goods

Style Spotlight: Fall Fashion Inspo With Sofiyat Ibrahim

We’re taking a page out of this grad student’s book for our seasonal wardrobe refresh.

20 handmade and vintage goods

How to Shop for Statement Lighting on Etsy

Discover bright ideas for choosing a light fixture that reflects your signature style, and shop some of our favorite jaw-dropping designs.

14 handmade and vintage goods

Minimalist Leather Bags and Wallets From Small Queue

Crafted by hand from beautiful, buttery leathers, these fun-sized accessories are perfect for traveling lightly and living simply.

32 handmade and vintage goods

How to Style a Shelf Three Ways

Follow along with our latest video to discover tips for creating your own artful display of sentimental objects and functional accent pieces.

21 handmade and vintage goods

How Rebecca Schoneveld Makes a Wedding Dress

From the first fabric selection to the final hand-sewn flourishes, watch a made-to-order wedding gown come to life in this Brooklyn bridal designer’s busy atelier.


Vibrant Collage Art From Mirlande

Searching for a captivating conversation piece to add to your gallery wall? Look no further than this Baltimore paper artist’s vivid, multi-layered artwork.

33 handmade and vintage goods

Embroidered Pendant Necklaces and Earrings From Thursday Craft Love

With intricate stitching and breathtaking colorwork, this embroidery artist creates gift-worthy keepsake jewelry infused with personal meaning.

63 handmade and vintage goods

A Jewelry Lover’s Guide to Peridot

We’ve unearthed five enchanting ways to wear August’s fresh green birthstone.

35 handmade and vintage goods

9 Fall Style Trends to Try On Today

Pile on the silk scarves, charm bracelets, and embroidered brooches: This season’s must-have clothing and accessories are all about dialing up your personal style with lots of color, pattern, and sparkle.

40 handmade and vintage goods

Earth-Inspired Tees and Totes From Nature Supply Co.

“Save the bees.” “Go outside.” “Adopt a plant.” Show off your love of the great outdoors with a little help from this graphic apparel line for the whole family.

27 handmade and vintage goods

How to Wallpaper a Dresser

Update a basic set of drawers in a flash with this quick and simple DIY. The best part? Just peel and stick—no glue required.

34 handmade and vintage goods

5-Star Buys: A Fiercely Adorable Backpack

This back-to-school season, help your little one stand out from the pack with a one-of-a-kind carryall that’s (almost) as cute as they are.


Elevated Stained-Glass Suncatchers From Elena Zaycman

Putting a contemporary spin on the ornate tradition, this Russia-based glass artist creates stunning conversation-sparking pieces for the home.

43 handmade and vintage goods

One-of-a-Kind Mugs for Every Star Sign

Discover the handcrafted coffee cup that’s destined to put a little extra pep in your step.

30 handmade and vintage goods

A Day in the Life of Melanie Abrantes

This Oakland-based designer spends her days crafting heirloom-worthy home goods and soaking up the California sunshine—and we’ve got the behind-the-scenes peek.

47 handmade and vintage goods

Sculptural Ceramics From Echo of Nature

Ceramist Yumiko Goto’s museum-worthy pieces are inspired by the great outdoors. The best part? They’re functional, too.

37 handmade and vintage goods

5-Star Buys: A Handcrafted Cat Bridge

This one-of-a-kind resting spot is beloved by felines far and wide—and by their humans, too.

54 handmade and vintage goods

Keepsake Wedding Florals From The Faux Bouquets

See why brides worldwide are choosing to take these extraordinarily life-like blooms down the aisle—and cherishing them for years to come.

32 handmade and vintage goods

A Jewelry Lover’s Guide to Rubies

It doesn’t get more radiant than July’s rose-colored birthstone.