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How-Tuesday: DIY Lip Balm in Upcycled Containers

Soothe chapped lips year-round with a silky, scented balm that’s made using natural ingredients and an upcycled container. handmade and vintage goods

Featured Shop: Nicola and the Newfoundlander

“I’m a very restless maker: I love working on new projects, new designs, new anything for my shop.” – Nicola

Tying One on With Handmade By Emy

In this short video, a tie maker shares the tale of her unexpected path to entrepreneurship.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Feeling the love? Share a paper-cut valentine with your nearest and dearest. handmade and vintage goods

Real Weddings: Desert Dream

Joel and Krysta’s romance began with an Etsy collaboration, which soon blossomed into a partnership and one-of-a-kind desert wedding. handmade and vintage goods

Featured Shop: Datter

“I like pieces to look a bit raw and to show real signs of being handmade – I don’t like anything to be too polished and ‘clean.’” – Kaye handmade and vintage goods

Make Your Own Masterpiece With the Rijksmuseum

Check out five Etsy designers’ creative interpretations of images from the Rijksmuseum, and learn how your work could land in the museum’s shop. handmade and vintage goods

Fresh Shop: Taftyli

From Krakow, Poland, two creative sisters have launched a business dedicated to collaboration and innovation. handmade and vintage goods

The World of Unconventional Love Tokens

Flowers and cards are nice, but the most memorable Valentine’s gifts draw on your own individual quirks. handmade and vintage goods

Featured Shop: Coralie Beatrix

“As a little girl, I aspired to live on an island and sell my creations.” – Katie LeBourgeois handmade and vintage goods

Make Your Own Red Velvet Bonbons

Take your love for red velvet to the next level with these DIY dark chocolate bonbons. handmade and vintage goods

With This Ring

Engagement rings get all the glory. While they symbolize a promise, their less-flashy counterparts carry the truly weighty vows that make a marriage. handmade and vintage goods

Next Chapters

Etsy sellers are enjoying creative and financial success in second, third and fourth careers — even post-retirement. Want to be inspired? Read on. handmade and vintage goods

Featured Shop: Egretta Garzetta

“My focus is always on quality — I want every customer to be happy.” – Līga Radziņa handmade and vintage goods

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