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6 Etsy Moms Reveal What’s Really on Their Mother’s Day Wish Lists

Take a peek at their personalized picks, and get inspo for that perfect gift that celebrates everything Mom is.

45 handmade and vintage goods

Eco-Friendly Everyday Essentials From WAAM Industries

From reusable waxed canvas bags to handmade wooden storage crates, the versatile staples from this Minnesota-based duo are made to last.

81 handmade and vintage goods

5-Star Buys: A Spiffy Set of Floating Shelves

Spruce up lackluster walls in a flash with the handsome, handcrafted shelving shoppers can’t stop raving about.

24 handmade and vintage goods

6 Personality-Packed Earring Styles to Wear This Spring

See why these stunning sets are this season’s ultimate form of self-expression.

33 handmade and vintage goods

5-Star Buys: A Sleek, Screen-Printed City Map

This Knoxville-based shop honors hometown pride with hand-drawn maps that showcase cities in all their glory, right down to most in-depth details.

26 handmade and vintage goods

Multicolored Macramé Decor From Sweet Home Alberti

Hand-knotted from recycled cotton, this one-of-a-kind fiber art adds a breath of fresh air and a vibrant twist to any living space.

45 handmade and vintage goods

5-Star Buys: A Perky Pencil Holder (or Planter!)

This critter-themed ceramic container for pens, pencils, plants, and more is sure to delight the kid (or kid at heart) in your life.


21 Reasons We Can’t Wait For Spring

Cheers to flower-splashed phone cases, gorgeous gardening accessories, and sunnier days ahead.

32 handmade and vintage goods

5-Star Buys: A Play-Friendly Take on a Family Portrait

With their lovingly painted, personalized details and durable wooden design, these display-worthy dolls are a huge hit with kids and adults alike.

25 handmade and vintage goods

Dazzling Stained-Glass Decor From Szklo Glass

Let the modern mirrors and celestial suncatchers from this Utah-based artist add some serious shine to your home.

69 handmade and vintage goods

Elevate Any Basic Banana Bread With This Tasty Trick

The secret to making this classic comfort food even more warm and inviting? Topping it off with a fruity flourish.

112 handmade and vintage goods

How To Make a Custom Beard Oil

Learn how to create a simple, smoothing oil in your very own signature scent—or whip one up for the bearded guy in your life.

18 handmade and vintage goods

5-Star Finds From Inspiring Black Creatives

From breathtaking portraits to comforting self-care staples, Etsy shoppers can’t get enough of these standout items from Black-owned shops.

44 handmade and vintage goods

Sunny Statement Prints From M. Koby Art

Let the pieces from this Miami-based illustrator serve as a powerful reminder that art can make any space happier and homier.


Make Your Valentine a Mixtape (Cookie)

Treat your valentine to a sentimental sweet with these easy-to-customize mixtape cookies.

63 handmade and vintage goods

Quilts Full of Culture From the Women of Gee’s Bend

Discover the rare chance to own a one-of-a-kind patchwork piece from the women of Gee’s Bend—a rural, Black community of Alabama quilting legends.

65 handmade and vintage goods

5-Star Buys: Your New Favorite T-Shirt

This playful line of food-themed tees is a home run with Etsy shoppers looking to spice up their everyday attire.

34 handmade and vintage goods

Statement Jewelry for Nature Lovers From Mai Solorzano

Inspired by the beauty of the earth and sea, these intricate, organic pieces are gifting gold for any occasion.

53 handmade and vintage goods

22 Brilliant Candle Shops With Rave Reviews

Looking to cultivate a calm and cozy vibe at home? Buyers agree: The fragrant delights in these 22 shops strike all the right notes.

39 handmade and vintage goods

The Etsy Guide to Showing You Care This Valentine’s Day

From one-of-a-kind gift inspo to extra-special ideas for celebrating at home, these creative tips will have you on your way to a heartfelt holiday.

25 handmade and vintage goods

Customizable Leather Accessories and Gifts From Holtz Leather Co.

Featuring a collection of belts, bags, coasters, and placemats ready for your personal stamp, this family-run shop is your key to the perfect present.