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Featured Shop: Eried

This Athens-based architect-turned-jewelry-designer approaches both disciplines with the same appreciation for clean lines and irreducible ideas.

68 handmade and vintage goods

Shop the Trend: Porcelain Jewelry

In natural white or accented with neutral hues or metallics, porcelain jewelry feels incredibly fresh right now—as these three designers’ lines prove.

46 handmade and vintage goods

Featured Shop: Crea-Re Design

Barcelona-based Maria Fiter and Marco Migliorisi transform unwanted bits of newspaper and plastic into upcycled lamps and musical instrument cases.

49 handmade and vintage goods

Featured Shop: Royal Caballito

Learn how Spanish designer Diana Saldaña draws on her art-historian past to produce a forward-thinking—and sustainable—fashion line, Royal Caballito.

44 handmade and vintage goods

Dried-Flower Designs to Buy or DIY

From botanical art made from real plants, to jewelry with flowers preserved inside, these ideas (to make or buy) deliver natural beauty that lasts.

49 handmade and vintage goods

Featured Shop: Metalicious

For gemstone-loving metalsmith Stephanie Maslow-Blackman, jewelry is more than a means of adornment—it’s a platform for celebration and storytelling.

57 handmade and vintage goods

Featured Shop: The Basement Potter

An attempt to make friends in a new town led Jennifer Nolan to discover her passion for pottery and planted the seed for her basement business.


Make a No-Sew Felt Easter Bunny Basket

Dunking hard-boiled eggs in dye isn’t the only way to get your Easter crafts fix. This no-sew felt bunny basket is as cute—and easy—as can be.

37 handmade and vintage goods

Featured Shop: Back to Beyond

Kelly Lake knew she wanted to build an eco-friendly, family-forward business from the start. She didn’t know that it would be a near-instant success.

60 handmade and vintage goods

Featured Shop: Kara Leigh Ford

From a backyard shed in Somerset, England, Kara Leigh Ford creates her soothing line of nature-inspired ceramics.

58 handmade and vintage goods

The Ultimate (Multi-Colored, Candy-Speckled, Swirly-Sweet) Chocolate Easter Bunny

This year, fill your Easter baskets with homemade sweet treats—like this deceptively-simple chocolate bark.

57 handmade and vintage goods

Featured Shop: Gardens of Whimsy

April Rissell designs vintage-inspired flower crowns and hair accessories for brides who share her appreciation of bygone eras.

53 handmade and vintage goods

Sustainability Spotlight: Royal Caballito

There’s more to this Spanish maker’s pared-down designs than meets the eye.

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Featured Shop: Porcelain & Stone

Kimberly Huestis turned her own sensitivity to nickel into the inspiration for a line of coastal-themed (and wholly hypoallergenic) porcelain jewelry.


Shop the Trend: Orb Jewelry

Geometric motifs get a sophisticated update with this new wave of orb-shaped accessories.

50 handmade and vintage goods

Obsessing Over: Slime

From glittery, gooey videos to simple DIYs, we’re officially obsessed with all things slime.

29 handmade and vintage goods

Featured Shop: Gallivanting Girls

This self-proclaimed “scrap pile queen” turned her yard sale hobby into a thriving vintage home decor business.

72 handmade and vintage goods

Featured Shop: La Loba Studio

Thanks to a midlife artistic awakening, this mom of three launched her own line of bespoke superhero dolls celebrating every child’s unique strengths.

89 handmade and vintage goods

Inspiring Workspaces: (r-ki-tekt)

In an impeccably organized home studio in Atlanta, this Etsy seller makes bold accessories inspired by her Caribbean roots.

56 handmade and vintage goods

Featured Shop: BorianaM

Learn how classically-trained Bulgarian painter Boriana Mihailovska brings a modern perspective to her abstract paintings and prints.

43 handmade and vintage goods

The Gem and Crystal Trends You’ll See Everywhere This Year

From blush pink stones and new alternatives to turquoise to glittering pyrite and Pantone-approved peridot, these are the gems and minerals to watch.