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5 Great Shops for Guy Gifts

From craft beer glassware to laser-cut DIY kits, we’ve rounded up one-of-a-kind presents to suit every taste.

15 handmade and vintage goods

Perfect Fits for Petites From Elma Lingerie

Weary of ill-fitting bras that masked her natural figure, this San Jose-based designer created a bespoke lingerie line to complement smaller frames.

31 handmade and vintage goods

10 Little Reasons to Feel Good Today

Discover pins, patches, and stickers brimming with self-care flair.

31 handmade and vintage goods

Natural Bath and Beauty Products From Palermo Body

Upgrade your daily routine with all-natural skincare, soaps, and scrubs from this Brooklyn-based maker—because you deserve a little TLC.

38 handmade and vintage goods

Spruce Up Your Space With DIY Woven Wall Pockets

Add a touch of texture to your walls with this hands-on fiber art project from Brittni Mehlhoff of Paper & Stitch.

23 handmade and vintage goods

Contemporary Stained-Glass Decor From Szklo Glass

This Utah-based designer got her start making stained glass windows and found her niche creating mirrors, organizers, and wall hangings for the home.

39 handmade and vintage goods

10 Fresh Shops to Fall in Love With Now

Discover the latest and greatest creations from up-and-coming Etsy designers.


A Jewelry Lover’s Guide to Garnet

You don’t have to be a January baby to fall in love with this month’s rich red birthstone.

39 handmade and vintage goods

Unisex Vintage Fashion From Oldwool

Discover a treasure trove of vibrant ’80s and ’90s-era sportswear and separates for everyone.

29 handmade and vintage goods

How to Make a Soothing Lavender Eye Pillow

Take your next at-home spa day up a notch with this soothing, lavender-filled DIY eye pillow.

46 handmade and vintage goods

Shop Etsy’s Instagram Best Nine of 2018

It’s time to bring home your most-favorited finds.

35 handmade and vintage goods

Botanical Prints, Cards, and Calendars From Mademoiselleyo

An enchanting array of flora and fauna lend a cheerful-but-zen vibe to this illustrated paper goods line.

24 handmade and vintage goods

30 Days of Gift Ideas: DIY Printable Ornaments

Put that final, festive touch on Christmas with these easy-to-assemble 3D paper ornaments.

9 handmade and vintage goods

30 Days of Gift Ideas: 4 Playful Ways to Package an Etsy Gift Card

How to deliver a truly magical unwrapping moment—even if you’ve missed the cutoff for shipping that just-their-style gift.


Shop Your Sign: Capricorn

Bust out your party hat, Capricorn! We’re celebrating your birth month with an assortment of drool-worthy delights handpicked just for you.

3 handmade and vintage goods

30 Days of Gift Ideas: A Sew-Your-Own Felt Fox

Because there’s nothing under the tree they’ll treasure more than a handmade gift from the heart.

14 handmade and vintage goods

30 Days of Gift Ideas: Wild Winter Headwear for Your Pet

You saved the best for last—now treat your precious pooch to a long winter walk on the wild side in this cozy crocheted dino hat.

6 handmade and vintage goods

6 Expert-Approved Holiday Wellness Tips

Eat smarter, rest better, and have your happiest, healthiest holiday yet with tried-and-true advice from holistic health coach Koya Webb.

7 handmade and vintage goods

30 Days of Gift Ideas: A Vibrant Ombré Cake Stand (With a Twist)

It’s not too late for your favorite holiday host to have their cake—and serve it on a stunning stand, too.

5 handmade and vintage goods

Modern Southwestern Jewelry From Sarah Safavi

Meet the maker behind this beautifully understated line of desert-inspired necklaces, earrings, and rings.

25 handmade and vintage goods

30 Days of Gift Ideas: Orange-Sandalwood Solid Cologne

Every outdoorsy person on your list can smell forest-fresh thanks to this pocket-sized tin of unisex cologne.