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Our Next Chapter at Etsy: A Letter to the Community handmade and vintage goods

I never thought I would be writing this letter when I joined Etsy almost three years ago. Then there were 60 people at the company — now we are 200. I’ve been here for a long time and we’ve been through a lot. Some of you who have been with us since the beginning know that I joined at a time of great technology turmoil. After describing a long litany of technical problems (writing from an air mattress in my new apartment in Brooklyn), I explained my new role and wrote:

There are issues to address now and there will most certainly be bumps on the technology side as Etsy grows, but I want all of you Etsians to know that it is an honor and a privilege to be serving the Etsy community as your CTO. If you can give me some time and understanding here in my early days at Etsy, I hope to make you proud.

After three years, I am really proud of the engineering team we’ve built together here and the progress that we’ve made. We’ve more than quadrupled the engineering team, and the team is moving quickly and getting things done. This spring, we put on a series of public technology talks for other engineers that described how we do things in the engineering team at Etsy. We called the talks “moving fast at scale,” pointing to both the growth of the team and our technology platform and the speed with which we have been working. Etsy is much larger than when I joined — in people in the company and the community itself. More than 25 million people visit Etsy each month. The marketplace has 10 million handmade, vintage items, and craft supplies listed across the 800,000 active shops that call Etsy home, and sales are up over 70% from last year. Etsy is stronger than ever.

With engineering well in hand and a strong partner in Adam Freed (our COO), it’s time for me to focus my attention on other aspects of the business. I’m stepping into the role of CEO at Etsy, and I’m looking forward to working with all of the teams at Etsy to move faster as we scale while staying true to our values.

Before we talk about the future, I wanted to say a heartfelt thanks to Rob Kalin. Rob started Etsy. It was his idea. Hiring me was his idea. We all owe him a huge debt for starting the company that we all love, and I owe him a huge personal debt for bringing me to Etsy. Thanks, Rob.

As CEO, I’m going to focus the entire company on moving faster and more purposefully, learning by doing, iterating, and taking risks. That’s a long way of saying we’re going to get things done. I’m going to prioritize the needs of the Etsy community in the broadest sense — Etsy’s sellers, how we work with each other within the company, our local communities, and everyone whose lives we touch. It’s a big responsibility that I take very seriously.

Etsy is a marketplace, but what makes it special is that it’s more than a place to buy and sell. It’s also a marketplace of personal stories and connections. Over the holidays, I headed to a retreat in Ocracoke Island in North Carolina (my first real vacation in over two years at Etsy). Ocracoke is deserted in the winter, has only 700 permanent residents, and is only reachable by ferry. My intention was to totally unplug from the world, but I couldn’t resist looking to see if there were any Etsy sellers in this unlikely place, and I found Mary Haggerty, a successful photographer. Mary is a photographer with not one but two shops on Etsy: PhotoAmerica and MagicIsland. Mary is a photographer and she took me out in her Jeep on her daily ride on the beach, and I brought my camera along, too. Here’s Mary:

Mary in Ocracoke Island, North Carolina

As she told me about her experience selling on Etsy and I took notes, Mary pointed out dolphins out in the ocean.

You can find the heart and soul of Etsy anywhere you go in the world with people like Mary (and, if you’re lucky, dolphins, too). When I arrived back in Brooklyn, I ordered one of Mary’s awesome prints. It was more than a simple transaction, and that’s what makes Etsy what it is.

We have a lot of hard work ahead of us, and I’m looking forward to continuing working with all of you in my new role. I came to Etsy because I believe in what we can do together to transform people’s lives and I love this company’s culture: the creativity, the passion, and the love within the community. This is my beginning as the new leader of the company, and I look forward to making Etsy an even better place for all of you.

  • ohbabydotcom

    ohbabydotcom says:

    Well I hope the sales will pick up for one thing. -- Beautiful photographs!

    4 years ago

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    feltonthefly says:

    Congratulations. I'm looking forward to many positive improvements.

    4 years ago

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    fivelittlegems says:

    congrats chad! anything is possible with a mustache! ;)

    4 years ago

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    Hey, congrats! That's awesome.

    4 years ago

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    oahmed says:

    yay etsy~

    4 years ago

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    anda says:

    Congrats to Chad!

    4 years ago

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    FariasFineArt says:

    Congratulations Chad... :)

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    great post, congrats Chad!

    4 years ago

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    barrondesignstudio says:

    Congratulations! I wish you (us) every success.

    4 years ago

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    PirateBLA says:

    First of all, hooray for a NC shout out...and Congratulations!

    4 years ago

  • SimpleJoysPaperie

    SimpleJoysPaperie says:

    Congratulations on your new job title, Chad! I don't mind risks, but please base them on educated decisions and keep in mind that Etsy's decisions affect all of us... and we all have personal stories and connections as you mentioned in your letter to us. I look forward to seeing Etsy grow into a company to be admired and respected. Thank you! :)

    4 years ago

  • ThoughtfulGemsCrafts

    ThoughtfulGemsCrafts says:

    Congratulations!! Change is essential to growth!!!

    4 years ago

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    AmityUK says:

    Congrats Chad!

    4 years ago

  • sherrytruitt

    sherrytruitt says:

    Congratulations, Chad. Looking forward to the future with you at the helm.

    4 years ago

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    bunny says:

    Congrats! :)

    4 years ago

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    Hartleysoap says:

    Congrats Chad, Looking forward to positive improvements.

    4 years ago

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    Terrific news, congratulations buddy.

    4 years ago

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    Congratulations Chad, looking forward to many positive changes!

    4 years ago

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    Major congratulations, Chad!

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    Wow, congratulations Chad!

    4 years ago

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    newhopebeading says:

    Congrats Chad!!!! And also thank you Rob for everything you've done!

    4 years ago

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    AmelieFrenchie says:

    Congratulations Chad!

    4 years ago

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    dayslonggone says:

    Congratulations, Chad! I am excited to see what is in store for Etsy! :)

    4 years ago

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    Congratulations and I love the dolphin photo!

    4 years ago

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    UUendyandFriends says:

    Bring back the public forums!

    4 years ago

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    Congrats to you Chad....Cheers to us : )

    4 years ago

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    Very exciting, congratulations to you Chad, and thank you Rob.

    4 years ago

  • OneClayBead

    OneClayBead says:

    I've also made some important life choices while at Ocracoke! May you keep that magic and peace, and congrats!

    4 years ago

  • laralewis

    laralewis says:

    Congrats Chad! (Those photos are beautiful.)

    4 years ago

  • missprettyperfect

    missprettyperfect says:

    Change is Great! I know you're a real person (my hint: the air mattress in a BK apartment) and you will understand the journey of the Handmade Artist, and the struggles of being a Small Business Owner.

    4 years ago

  • Monarchdancer

    Monarchdancer says:

    Congrats :)

    4 years ago

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    myvintagecrush says:

    Congratulations :) ..looking forward to a bright future with etsy!

    4 years ago

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    somethingxtraspecial says:

    well done and good luck for the future

    4 years ago

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    OhFaro says:

    Thank you Rob for etsy and best of luck to you. Congratulations Chad!

    4 years ago

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    pinkparchmentsoaps says:

    Congrats! Can't wait to see what the future holds :)

    4 years ago

  • stitchntyme

    stitchntyme says:

    Congratulations Chad! Like others, I look forward to a new chapter and future with Etsy. Thank you Rob K. for creating Etsy! :)

    4 years ago

  • AraMarie

    AraMarie says:

    Congratulations :D

    4 years ago

  • MysticSilks

    MysticSilks says:

    Chad, welcome! And remember to add a 'fine art category'--the fine art artists have been hanging with etsy hoping for better exposure, and our own category for a long time now!

    4 years ago

  • happykathy

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    Congrats and can't wait to see what you do!

    4 years ago

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    Congratulations to you Chad!!

    4 years ago

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    beadinbythesea says:

    Congratulations Chad! I'm looking forward to seeing Etsy get even better and thanks to Rob for starting it all!

    4 years ago

  • ShoponSherman

    ShoponSherman says:

    I've had a good time here for my first 6 months and I look forward to continuing to sell and grow on Etsy.

    4 years ago

  • AllegroArts

    AllegroArts says:

    Hail to the new Cupcake Overlord!

    4 years ago

  • PolClary

    PolClary says:

    Congradulations. I can't wait to read about all the improvements you are planning.

    4 years ago

  • melaniefavreau

    melaniefavreau says:

    Congrats! :D

    4 years ago

  • darvix

    darvix says:

    Thanks Rob and Chad being the tech guy and now ceo of etsy you have done a real dis service to those in chat. Chat was a community of artists and also helpers of the new to etsy they came to us after not being able to get help in forums livewire has a place but so does chat there are some etsy ppl who still have dial up and livewire and dial up dont work that well together please listen to us this one last time

    4 years ago

  • urbbody

    urbbody says:

    Looking forward to see what's in store as you take the helm. Good luck!

    4 years ago

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    jessiemccann says:

    Congrats! Looking forward to all the great improvements to the site and to the community.

    4 years ago

  • discerningchichi

    discerningchichi says:

    Thank you to Rob and welcome in Chad! Looking forward to hearing more on your vision and insights into how Etsy will be moving forward and its affects on the community of sellers here.

    4 years ago

  • whyte

    whyte says:

    Congratulations! I love the Outer Banks and Ocrakoke. I bet you can catch the ferry a lot easier in the winter!

    4 years ago

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    Congratulations on your new role, Chad!

    4 years ago

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    bon chance!

    4 years ago

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    Here's to great things in etsy's future!

    4 years ago

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    Awesome, congrats! I hope Etsy continues to grow!

    4 years ago

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    Awesome! Congratulations!

    4 years ago

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    igotbeads says:

    Looking forward to a new future on Etsy. Good luck Chad and congratulations.

    4 years ago

  • steinschmuckdesign

    steinschmuckdesign says:

    A huuuge Thank you to Rob! Congrats Chad, looking forward to all that may come! What a wonderful Story you shared, indeed it is true, Etsy is all over the World :)

    4 years ago

  • visionquest

    visionquest says:

    congrats, chad! i can't wait to see what happens next. :o)

    4 years ago

  • DancingMooney

    DancingMooney says:

    Exciting how Etsy has grown, and so glad to have been a part of it... Cheers to the future! ♥

    4 years ago

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    Congratulations to you Chad and Thank you, Rob! Best of luck!!

    4 years ago

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    Very proud to know you, Chad. You will be an awesome CEO.

    4 years ago

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    terrygraziano says:

    Thank you to both Rob & Chad for all of your hard work and congratulations on your achievements! Looking forward to seeing what's next :)

    4 years ago

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    lorwich says:

    Congratulations, Chad!

    4 years ago

  • knitwit4ever

    knitwit4ever says:

    Your history at Etsy gives you valuable experience that can guide you as CEO. Congratulations! We all hope you--and Etsy--succeed!!

    4 years ago

  • AnnaBelleArts

    AnnaBelleArts says:

    Congratulations! I feel optimistic and look forward to what you have in store for all of us.

    4 years ago

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    4 years ago

  • ShannaMicheleDesigns

    ShannaMicheleDesigns says:

    Thanks Rokali for starting this crazy ride, congrats on your new role Chad....may you bring etsy (oh and me of course lol) much success!

    4 years ago

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    Well, you certainly have your work cut out for you! Best of luck!

    4 years ago

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    Congrats Chad!

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    Congrats, Chad!!

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    "On and on and on we'll be together, yeah" :) Welcome to CEO, Chad!

    4 years ago

  • nicholasandfelice

    nicholasandfelice says:

    Rock on Chad and Etsy! You've changed our lives in wonderful ways. (And adding shipping options at checkout and more shop sections would make my life complete hint hint ; )

    4 years ago

  • livjewellery

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    Congratulations Chad - here's to a bright Etsy future!

    4 years ago

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    Onward & upward as we like to say :) Congrats, Chad!

    4 years ago

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    tinahdee says:

    a big welcome in this new role, Chad. From what I know of you, it's going to be fantastic. Congratulations!

    4 years ago

  • Catbooks1940s

    Catbooks1940s says:

    Congratulations, Chad. I remember when you came to Etsy. I was very impressed with your open, honest and straightforward post/letter to the community. Very much looking forward to more of the same, and to see where you'll take Etsy!

    4 years ago

  • missbatch

    missbatch says:

    I've been amazed and inspired by the accomplishments of our engineering team lead by Chad. I'm looking forward to Etsy's very bright future working with and for our community as a whole. Major thanks to Rob for his creativity and vision getting us here!

    4 years ago

  • ellolovey

    ellolovey says:

    Thank you Rob & Chad for making so many dreams come true! You've created a beautiful outlet for so many creative people!

    4 years ago

  • funkomavintage

    funkomavintage says:

    yes, etsy has come a long way baby.....thanks to the Red Head ! for this sweet lil' place us arty types like to call Home. I always wish etsy will remember that without us, the artists, the makers, dreamers, the don't have a Community....Site stability is of course, crucial, but stability of purpose is the most important value...So... Onward !!

    4 years ago

  • Babydollskincare

    Babydollskincare says:

    Congratulations to you Chad! Hopefully the sales will start rolling soon! This has been such a great website for my products.

    4 years ago

  • juln

    juln says:

    The first thing I would do as CEO is get rid of this '0 days, 0 hours ago' stuff on these comments.

    4 years ago

  • piperewan

    piperewan says:

    Congratulations, Chad!

    4 years ago

  • simplyworn

    simplyworn says:

    welcome...and I hope the journey will be filled with good things to come!

    4 years ago

  • bettylabamba

    bettylabamba says:

    Whatever you do, Chad, do not take advice from Mike Edwards or Ron Marshall.

    4 years ago

  • littlebugjewelry

    littlebugjewelry says:

    Congrats, eager to see what is to come

    4 years ago

  • OnceUponAGem

    OnceUponAGem says:

    Congratulations, Chad. I look forward to the future and to new and bright ideas.

    4 years ago

  • FancyPantsAndMore

    FancyPantsAndMore says:

    Congrats Chad. I wish you the best. And thank you Rob for the beginning of a dream I hope continues to grow and improve.

    4 years ago

  • cindylouwho2

    cindylouwho2 says:

    congratulations to Chad - good luck in your new role!

    4 years ago

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    pedestrian says:

    Yay for you Chad! I'm so excited to see the great strides Etsy will make!

    4 years ago

  • ismoyo

    ismoyo says:

    Congratulations Chad and good luck in this new adventure. And don't forget to change your Twitter profile text from CTO to CEO! ;)

    4 years ago

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    Welcome to the fun house!

    4 years ago

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    pinmeup says:

    Congratulations Chad, I hope you make the next chapter much better than the last, I am almost afraid to read it....

    4 years ago

  • baconsquarefarm

    baconsquarefarm says:

    I'm super excited for you Chad and congrats on CEO status and I agree Mary's work photography is incredible, you are lucky to have met her in person. :)

    4 years ago

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    Congrats, Chad. We've been thru a lot together :)

    4 years ago

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    Wishing you the best! Looking forward to seeing how Etsy grows!

    4 years ago

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    This is exciting news! Congratulations!

    4 years ago

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    Congratulations, Chad! Looking forward to the future!

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    Congrats and good luck, Chad!

    4 years ago

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    Congrats, Chad, and thank you, Rob!

    4 years ago

  • PamelasDesertRocks

    PamelasDesertRocks says:

    Congratulations to you Chad and I have to really commend you for the personal story that you included. It is so nice to know that there are companies left around that really care about the people. Etsy is a fantastic community of caring people and I feel honored to be a part of it! Here is to the future!

    4 years ago

  • sweetsnthings

    sweetsnthings says:

    Congratulations Chad! I hope you have thick skin, everything is your fault now. I hope one day I can say it's your fault when I reign an empire of soap.

    4 years ago

  • sohappyrightnow Admin

    sohappyrightnow says:

    Cheers, Chad!

    4 years ago

  • FavreBijoux

    FavreBijoux says:

    Best of Luck to you and your vision of Etsy.This site has so much potential yet to be realised. BTW-been to Ocrakoke (and Portsmouth Island) many times and discovered Mary's lovely photgraphs here on Etsy. The Outer Banks is one of my favorite places--every beach lover should go there at least once.

    4 years ago

  • gaylepritchard

    gaylepritchard says:

    Congratulations, and I look forward to continuing growth and improvement on etsy. Thanks for all you guys do.

    4 years ago

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    Congratulations Chad, I look forward to Etsy becoming a better place too!

    4 years ago

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    Congratulations Chad!

    4 years ago

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    Thanks to Rob for the starting point and his work to get us a long way - best of luck! Congrats to Chad - I'm looking forward to an even better, brighter future for Etsy!

    4 years ago

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    TwistedRiverClay says:

    best of luck.

    4 years ago

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    Congratulations, Chad! Best wishes to you in your new role as CEO!

    4 years ago

  • BleuDaisies

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    congratulations Chad, as a soon to be new seller on Etsy, I'm looking forward to growing with you

    4 years ago

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    Congrats to you Chad! Thank you Rob for all you have done!

    4 years ago

  • TheScarfTree

    TheScarfTree says:

    Congratulations, sounds like we are in good hands! I love Etsy and I love having a store here! I tell my family how Etsy is going to rule the world (figuratively speaking, of course)! I enjoyed reading the history of Etsy's beginnings and would love to read more, it was very interesting! Wishing you well in your new position! Thanks!

    4 years ago

  • julieboyles

    julieboyles says:

    Congratulations Chad! I'm really looking forward to this next chapter and the future of Etsy!

    4 years ago

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    congrats, chad. thank you rob. you're wonderful.

    4 years ago

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    Congratulations Chad -- I think the future for etsy is bright with you at the helm!

    4 years ago

  • CassiasGarden

    CassiasGarden says:

    Very exciting, Chad, and may wisdom abound for you! It takes great fortitude to guide a living organism like Etsy forward in times like these. We are behind you all the way! Thank you for sharing with us.

    4 years ago

  • Scrapboarding

    Scrapboarding says:

    Super! Forward march! I still am curious as to why there are no plans to resurrect alchemy, however.

    4 years ago

  • jechorydesigns

    jechorydesigns says:

    Congratulations and best of luck!

    4 years ago

  • LivingVintage

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    Cool. Congrats! How about Etsy advertising, and re-seller muscle.

    4 years ago

  • NeedleCraftNook

    NeedleCraftNook says:

    Congratulations and Best of Luck on your new post, Hope things go well for you and Everyone here at Etsy.

    4 years ago

  • PipingHotPapers

    PipingHotPapers says:

    Again, Congratulations!! Looking forward to see the direction this venue takes us all!

    4 years ago

  • foxaz

    foxaz says:

    Yippee Chad!! I wish you all the luck in the world!

    4 years ago

  • FruitionJewelry

    FruitionJewelry says:

    Congrats! Your connection you made with Mary is what I love about buying here and my favorite part of selling. Look forward to what's ahead!

    4 years ago

  • woodguy32

    woodguy32 says:

    Congrats... Wood

    4 years ago

  • KthysKreations

    KthysKreations says:

    Congrats! Am new here, but looking forward to the future.

    4 years ago

  • iswasandwillbe

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    Congratulations! We are excited for all that lies ahead! Cheers, telle

    4 years ago

  • Archivia

    Archivia says:

    Congratulations Chad. I will be so interested to see where you take Etsy. Thanks for all your hard work, and your heartfelt letter to the community. Best of luck!

    4 years ago

  • TheInvitation

    TheInvitation says:

    Your heartfelt letter here says even more why all love Etsy so much---very personal & real....a welcomed diversity in this world in which many of us doubt big biz & corporate greed. Bravo Chad! Best of luck to you!

    4 years ago

  • sabiesabi

    sabiesabi says:

    I also hope that my life changed thanks to Etsy .... Thanks for everything Chad

    4 years ago

  • secretjewellz

    secretjewellz says:

    Farewell Rob! Thanks for making Etsy. Congrats Chad. Hope you will reconsider how the regional filter is set up. Default to everywhere or even better put it in the advanced search. Looking forward to a new chapter here on Etsy.

    4 years ago

  • cookieletta

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    4 years ago

  • VivaGailBeads

    VivaGailBeads says:

    Congrats Chad! it is amazing that the work you started on your air mattress changed so many lives! It is good that all the hard work that you and your team has put in has led to this exciting new position! I wish you continued success!

    4 years ago

  • aubepine

    aubepine says:

    Very exciting! Congrats Chad and thank you Rob!

    4 years ago

  • LaGilyard

    LaGilyard says:

    Congratulations, Chad! I'm a little confused by some of the things in your post, but I do hope that you do well in your new position and that Etsy only grows better under your leadership

    4 years ago

  • happyhound

    happyhound says:

    Congratulations Chad!! NC opens you with open arms for R&R :)

    4 years ago

  • OneHeartArt

    OneHeartArt says:

    Good luck to you! And thanks to Rob for everything. We wouldn't be here right now otherwise!

    4 years ago

  • HeatherKent

    HeatherKent says:

    Hooray for Chad! I too am eager to see what is in store for us on this crazy ride called Etsy:) Thank you, Rob!

    4 years ago

  • BerkanasGarden

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    4 years ago

  • SEOWebDesign

    SEOWebDesign says:

    Congratulations. This is going to be one very interesting "ride."

    4 years ago

  • RomantiquePunk

    RomantiquePunk says:

    Yeah, Chad. Congratulations. As kind of a newby (less than a full year), I never cease to be amazed at Etsy, the improvements and the tools you all make available to us to improve ourselves! So excited to see where we continue to go from here.

    4 years ago

  • corrnucopia

    corrnucopia says:

    Congrats Chad! Looking forward to seeing what you will bring us ~ Wishing you all the best :)

    4 years ago

  • SylviaAnderson

    SylviaAnderson says:

    Congratulations Chad! I am looking forward to the next chapter in Etsy's story, and that changes you'll bring. :)

    4 years ago

  • LennyMud

    LennyMud says:

    Best of Luck to Rob who I am sure will go on to something exciting. I'm excited to see what you will do in your new role Chad! Yay Etsy!!!

    4 years ago

  • LizardsJewelry

    LizardsJewelry says:

    Congratulations, hopes for future great success for you and Etsy

    4 years ago

  • SpiceofLifeDesigns

    SpiceofLifeDesigns says:

    Congratulations, Chad! Looking forward to what the future holds...

    4 years ago

  • NutfieldWeaver

    NutfieldWeaver says:

    Congratulations. Hope you can upgrade from that air mattress, if you haven't already done so.

    4 years ago

  • ChuckEBrydWallArt

    ChuckEBrydWallArt says:

    Congratulations Chad, and thanks Rob. I know we all look forward to the next page at Etsy.

    4 years ago

  • iheartnorwegianwood

    iheartnorwegianwood says:

    Congratulations Chad and a big thank you to Rob! I remember visiting Etsy while I still worked a full time job that was sucking me dry, and reading the QYDJ series in particular really gave me the courage I needed to take my own leap. I've been self employed for almost 4 years now, on Etsy the entire time, and am the main breadwinner in my home. I never could have done it without Etsy! I look forward to the improvements that I know will be made. Although many people loudly disagree, I think there have been amazing improvements on Etsy over the last year or so. The faster listing process, the more detailed way of keeping track of orders, shop stats...I feel like Etsy has grown right alongside me, and for that a big THANK YOU to the entire team at Etsy. In line with what you said about personal stories and connections one thing that I've always dreamed of having on Etsy is a more beefed up profile page. I would love to add photos of my studio, short videos of me working on things, moodboards to help explain my collections...basically all those little things you speak of that makes buying directly from an artisan so fullfilling. Anyways, now I'm rambling, but I'm always excited for a new phase in Etsys growth! Once again CONGRATS!

    4 years ago

  • lifeartdesigns

    lifeartdesigns says:

    Congrats! Looking forward to seeing what this next chapter holds.

    4 years ago

  • johndmc

    johndmc says:

    Wonderful news. Congratulations.

    4 years ago

  • UtopiaUF

    UtopiaUF says:

    Congrats Chad!!

    4 years ago

  • LastChantsStudio

    LastChantsStudio says:

    Hope the next chapter isn't a repeat of the last chapter, but here's hoping. Best of luck Chad, may common sense be your muse!

    4 years ago

  • lizhutnick

    lizhutnick says:

    Congratulations, Chad!

    4 years ago

  • Gleeza

    Gleeza says:

    Congratulations and Good Luck to you!

    4 years ago

  • compassionmalas

    compassionmalas says:

    Congratulations Chad and best of luck. Here's to the future! (Without forgetting the past. Thanks RK, really appreciate your vision.)

    4 years ago

  • pinkflowercube

    pinkflowercube says:

    Congrats, Chad!

    4 years ago

  • OMeG

    OMeG says:

    Congratulations, Chad - I'm so excited for you! A huge thanks to Rob as well, for such inspiring vision and for bringing Etsy to where it is today. Cheers to your both!

    4 years ago

  • thehoarderscloset

    thehoarderscloset says:

    Thank you Rob and Congratulations Chad. Blessings all over all of you!

    4 years ago

  • QuirksAndCrafts

    QuirksAndCrafts says:

    Congrats, Chad - and Mary! ;)

    4 years ago

  • danielraffel

    danielraffel says:

    Huge congrats, Chad! There's nothing better than reading great news like this for such a wonderful and deserving person. Way to go! Excited to see what you have in store. Rock!

    4 years ago

  • CoquetteBath

    CoquetteBath says:

    ok, wordpress says I type too fast. so just this... congrats. And if you have any questions, call me. (creative plus biz head here....Etsy needs focus).

    4 years ago

  • erinslittlesecrets

    erinslittlesecrets says:


    4 years ago

  • Iammie

    Iammie says:

    Congrats. :)

    4 years ago

  • redstitchlab

    redstitchlab says:


    4 years ago

  • miniaturecrochet

    miniaturecrochet says:

    May your aspirations meet the fortitude you will need to guide this ship in the right direction welcome aboard, and do not make me walk the

    4 years ago

  • pierrmorgan

    pierrmorgan says:

    Huge applause to Rob for developing this amazing Etsy vision - best of luck. Cheers to you, Chad - the Next Chapter!

    4 years ago

  • leatherprince

    leatherprince says:

    Congratulations Chad! Hope Etsy will get better, here is where we found our career!

    4 years ago

  • happyfamily

    happyfamily says:

    Congratulations and best wishes to Chad! Thanks and gratitude to Rob for bringing Etsy to the world.

    4 years ago

  • uniqueartpendants

    uniqueartpendants says:

    Whoo-hoo! A big thank you to Rob for the vision and the courage to create Etsy! I hope all of your future endeavors are just as successful. And a super huge congrats to Chad! I look forward to seeing what your vision will do for Etsy in the future :) Etsy has changed my life in so many positive ways and I'm SO thankful for this awesome site, community, and admin for making this possible! If someone would have told me 3 years ago when I signed up to sell on Etsy that within 3 years I would have 8,000+ sales, a QYDJ feature, celebrity customers, wholesale accounts with major museums - *all because I chose to sell on Etsy*, I would have said that's just a dream and wouldn't have believed them. Well, my dream certainly came true and I couldn't be more grateful, happy, and thankful for this awesome site and the folks that make it possible! For the newbies who just signed up today - dream big - because it CAN happen!!

    4 years ago

  • Khalliahdesign

    Khalliahdesign says:

    Congratulations. :)

    4 years ago

  • KettleConfections

    KettleConfections says:

    Congrats! It's so inspiring to see how far Etsy's grown since I started using the site, and how the sellers have grown too with all the things we do to improve and grow our shops.

    4 years ago

  • westernartglass

    westernartglass says:

    Cheers Chad! ...and I wanted to say--mustaches are over-rated, eh?

    4 years ago

  • PetScribbles

    PetScribbles says:

    Wow! I was glad when you came on board as the CTO, and wish you all the best as you transition to CEO. This news will no doubt generate lots of discussion. I'm hoping for nothing but blue skies, for all of you at Etsy "central" as well as for all of us - the artists, crafters, and purveyors!

    4 years ago

  • Furiousdreams

    Furiousdreams says:

    Congrats to Chad and a shout out to one of my favorite islands - Ocracoke is a true national treasure. I've featured Mary's lovely work in treasuries before... Thanks to Rob as well, for hiring the best!

    4 years ago

  • Ebrown2503

    Ebrown2503 says:

    Congratulations Chad.

    4 years ago

  • ghettovinyl

    ghettovinyl says:

    Congrats Chad! Look forward to the continued improvements!

    4 years ago

  • TresChicNmodern

    TresChicNmodern says:


    4 years ago

  • iowajewel

    iowajewel says:

    congratulations! Etsy is by far one of the best things in my life (after my husband and champagne of course!) you have my dreams come true of being to turn a passion of mine (making collage kits) into a great job where i meet wonderful people from all over the world and actually make money to help with the bills! thank you soooo much! xoxoxox julie

    4 years ago

  • stevenjameskeathley

    stevenjameskeathley says:

    Congratulations Chad!

    4 years ago


    AVIVART says:

    Congratulations Chad and thanks to Rob for having created Etsy. I joined last month, but I must confess that it has already changed my life. It has opened my mind, my senses and my creativity. I have the feeling that anything is possible, and I am investing long days to learn, work and develope in order to become a better person, artist and seller. I hope that in the near future we will all reach our goals. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and best wishes of success in your new task.

    4 years ago

  • groovyrhubarb

    groovyrhubarb says:

    Thanks for your dedication and vision Chad! Transitions are challenging, and you sound as if you are always reflecting on the unique contribution Etsy makes, putting artists in touch with customers seeking to support life beyond the big-box market. Good luck going forward, and thanks to you and Rob for giving us Etsy!

    4 years ago

  • paintingitpersonal

    paintingitpersonal says:

    Congratulations, Chad! I look forward to the improvements and changes as Etsy grows and I hope to be a member of the Etsy community for a long time!

    4 years ago

  • woodenstars

    woodenstars says:

    Congats on the new job. I am also new, I just set up shop this month and am trying to figure it all out. It is slow going when my wife and I are not computer people but we're trying. Any advise is always welcome. Good Luck to you in your new adventure!

    4 years ago

  • treasurebooth

    treasurebooth says:

    Congratulations, Chad! And yes, a BIG thank you to Rob for Etsy...been meaning to say that :)

    4 years ago

  • 2kute

    2kute says:

    I can't wait for what's next. :o)

    4 years ago

  • DesignsbyBaerreis

    DesignsbyBaerreis says:

    Looking forward to working with you as the Etsy Community evolves... thanks to all the hard working administration - and especially to Rob.. I am sure you will do a great job taking Etsy into the future. Congratulations!

    4 years ago

  • DesignsbyBaerreis

    DesignsbyBaerreis says:


    4 years ago

  • Yokoo

    Yokoo says:

    I believe in Etsy!!!

    4 years ago

  • DYSEmporium

    DYSEmporium says:

    congrads...and may the ever increasing traffic force be with you.....

    4 years ago

  • JaniceCordeiro

    JaniceCordeiro says:

    Congratulations. Looking forward to the future etsy. Janice

    4 years ago

  • inkadinkadoodle

    inkadinkadoodle says:

    Congrats and here's to the future!

    4 years ago

  • jrmrock

    jrmrock says:

    Congratulations Chad... Looking forward to working with the Etsy Community to make Etsy the best of the best online venues...

    4 years ago

  • ElisabethSpace

    ElisabethSpace says:

    CEO = Chief Etsy Ombudsman Cheers to a bright, successful, creative future.

    4 years ago

  • SilverFirsFarm

    SilverFirsFarm says:

    excited for the future

    4 years ago

  • anythinggoeshere

    anythinggoeshere says:

    i can't wait to see what is next. I started selling on etsy a year ago and almost every week it seems that there is an improvement in the listing format and sales stats. yeah! when will be all be on line with google search? joan@anythinggoeshere

    4 years ago

  • glasfaden

    glasfaden says:

    Congrats on your new position, Chad! Looking forward to see the course Etsy will take under your commands - wishing you all the best. A note to Rob: thank you for all the work you've done as CEO (mind to let us know, either you're somehow still involved on Etsy now?). Wishing you the best too!

    4 years ago

  • TheTreasureHuntress

    TheTreasureHuntress says:

    All my best to you Chad! And, thank you Rob for your creative vision in the creation of Etsy.

    4 years ago

  • Liduvina

    Liduvina says:


    4 years ago

  • SewnNatural

    SewnNatural says:

    congrats! thnx for sharing yoyr great meet-up story too!

    4 years ago

  • JillianReneDecor

    JillianReneDecor says:

    Wow! Congratulations and very best wishes! :)

    4 years ago

  • whenifnotnow

    whenifnotnow says:

    Here's hoping "our next chapter" includes a good replacement for Alchemy.

    4 years ago

  • babysoftail

    babysoftail says:

    Congratulations :-)

    4 years ago

  • kimlast

    kimlast says:

    Congratulations! I can't wait to see what the next chapter for Etsy brings...!

    4 years ago

  • DistinctiveColorArt

    DistinctiveColorArt says:

    Congrats, Chad! Thanks for the memories, Rob. Hope the future brings us etsians much happiness.

    4 years ago

  • ScentedLuxuries

    ScentedLuxuries says:

    Thank you, congratulations & best wishes!

    4 years ago

  • TrueSelfStudio

    TrueSelfStudio says:

    Congratulations on your next move with Etsy! Looking forward to seeing what positive changes you will be working on :)

    4 years ago

  • girltuesdayjewelry

    girltuesdayjewelry says:

    Congratulations Chad! Looking forward to a bright future with Etsy.

    4 years ago

  • SylviaCPhotography

    SylviaCPhotography says:

    Congrats Chad! I love Etsy and can't wait to see what the future brings!

    4 years ago

  • TurtlebugGoods

    TurtlebugGoods says:

    Congrats Chad!

    4 years ago

  • fineheart

    fineheart says:

    Congratulations Chad! Thank you for all you've done and looking forward to the future. Rob - thanks also - you're the man!

    4 years ago

  • skyvalleybeads

    skyvalleybeads says:

    Congrats Chad !!!!! Looking forward to your new changes.

    4 years ago

  • Maggiestreasure

    Maggiestreasure says:

    Congratulations Chad! Will be looking forwards to new positive, to sellers, changes.

    4 years ago

  • crochetgal

    crochetgal says:

    Congratulations Chad! I wish you success in your new venture!

    4 years ago

  • craftedbylindy

    craftedbylindy says:

    Congratulations! Very exciting! A huge thank you to Rob and everyone at Etsy for making this community so much fun to be part of!

    4 years ago

  • dandylion4u

    dandylion4u says:

    Good luck in your new position..from a newbie to etsy

    4 years ago

  • SusabellaBrownstein

    SusabellaBrownstein says:

    I'm happy to celebrate your individual success, as well as the success of this amazing thing called Etsy...I joined the community about 2.5 years ago, and absolutely love it, warts and all. (and thanks for including pics of dolphins in the Atlantic off Ocracoke! It's been years since I've been there, but as a former North Carolinian, it brought back fabulous memories.) ~Subie

    4 years ago

  • bhangtiez

    bhangtiez says:

    Congrats Chad!

    4 years ago

  • buffalogirls

    buffalogirls says:

    Congratulation Mr. Dickerson, next time you need vacation you can come to north Idaho, we do not have ocean but we have awsome wilderness and great Rocky Mountains and hardly any people:)

    4 years ago

  • RobotsAreAwesome

    RobotsAreAwesome says:

    Began in 09' and all the improvements to the UI this year have been awesome. In Draft, single page listing, etc. Robot adoptions have improved from 10' to 11'. I will miss virtual labs and chat. Keep being awesome.

    4 years ago

  • finethreadz

    finethreadz says:

    Congrats to you Chad! Really looking forward to seeing great changes in the the future!

    4 years ago

  • heidiBARKUNframes

    heidiBARKUNframes says:

    Congrats to you! Looking forward to exciting times. I agree with a previous comment - adding the shipping option to check out would really help those of us who sell locally as well as globally. It's a real pain to refund after the fact. Cheers!

    4 years ago

  • susieglitter

    susieglitter says:

    I'm looking forward, as etsy moves forward! Best, Susan

    4 years ago

  • LizzieMade

    LizzieMade says:

    Congratulations Chad! I'm keen to see how you continue the work to direct Etsy where it will go. I would ask though, that you remember the Community does indeed consist of People - such as Mary, myself and my many colleagues (and friends), who sell (and buy) our items here. Recently it has been frustrating to see our Community begin to be disjointed and split. I do not want a Multi-Etsy, consisting of seperate "Branches", serving USA/Canada, OR individual countries elsewhere. Etsy's strength has always been in its Global appeal. Please look hard at the effects of recent changes, which are splitting Etsy apart and consider what can be done to retain/repair the cohesiveness of the Etsy Global Marketplace. The Company and the Community will benefit from such action. To continue on the current divisive path can only do harm. Even so, I wish you much success with your new role.

    4 years ago

  • beatroad

    beatroad says:

    Congrats, Chad! Thank you for sharing your story with us, and I look forward to seeing what you can do for us. :) (and thank you, Rob, for creating a place I can sell my wares!)

    4 years ago

  • hjmart

    hjmart says:

    Congratulations Chad! Yes! Absolutely true that one can find an etsy person anywhere in the world! Looking forward to the future changes and improvements!

    4 years ago

  • zenceramics

    zenceramics says:

    Congratulations on your new job. Being a professional marketer in the past, I strongly believe that Etsy is a very creative marketing company connecting artists with customers seeking for creative approaches and out of the box decisions. I look forward to seeing Etsy grow into a well-respected company. Good luck going forward. Thank you!

    4 years ago

  • CocoaBeans

    CocoaBeans says:

    congrats, i am so excited to see what is to come with etsy:)

    4 years ago

  • CocoaBeans

    CocoaBeans says:

    and thank you rob for everything that you do for etsy:)

    4 years ago

  • EmilyWiserJewelry

    EmilyWiserJewelry says:


    4 years ago

  • BanglewoodSupplies
  • jellybellyjewels

    jellybellyjewels says:

    Congrats! We have been quite happy with Etsy and appreciate the way it has been run, thanks Rob K. We are sure the future is going to be even brighter with Chad and all the great sellers of our community working together to make this happen. Our blessings are with you.

    4 years ago

  • DoodleGraphics

    DoodleGraphics says:

    Congratulations Chad from a "newbie etsian" (wow, that sounds almost alien!) Hope by now you're enjoying a good nights sleep on a normal bed :) Enjoyed the "real life experience" that you shared in your post. It's good to know that people just like us are shaping the future of Etsy.

    4 years ago

  • piecakeprimitives

    piecakeprimitives says:

    Congrats to you, Chad! I look forward to seeing what's in store for Etsy! :o)

    4 years ago

  • amyfine

    amyfine says:

    congrats to CHad and best wishes and thank you for all to Rob!

    4 years ago

  • webselling4u

    webselling4u says:

    Hail to the "Chief". Congrats, good luck and God Speed!

    4 years ago

  • BoondockG

    BoondockG says:

    Congratulations Chad, and thank you Rob K!

    4 years ago

  • anakim

    anakim says:

    I love the story about MagicIsland which I adore for a long time. This is the real essence of Etsy and reason I love being a part of this community. Congrats Chad!

    4 years ago

  • AliceAndFlorence

    AliceAndFlorence says:

    Congrats to Chad, thankyou to Rob, interesting comments and insights from different people. Cheers etsy !.

    4 years ago

  • gatelinesalsa

    gatelinesalsa says:

    CONGRATS to you Chad!!!! Can't wait to see what will come in the future on Etsy. Actually, take your next vacation to the great mountains of north georgia. you will never meet a kinder, sweeter group of folk as you will here. i can cook you a home cooked meal and let all of my kids climb all over you and my hubbycan take you out on our farm and teach about all kinds of critters. then i will serve you the best salsa in the world! congrats again, so happy for you!!!!

    4 years ago

  • anakim

    anakim says:

    I love your story about Mary from MagicIsland whom I adore her work for a long time. This is the real essence of Etsy and that's why I love being part of this community. Most of luck to you Chad!

    4 years ago


    HBMUSE says:

    Oh Chad..have I been waiting for this opportunity! Great that you come into your new role with the CTO background.. Three huge issues for me and the recent Etsy changes 1) The main showcase page where we once could purchase spots has been replaced by Treasury which primarily consist of etsy teams-making it a more political and not so fair marketplace for Etsy artist that may choose to not be on a team 2) Shop Local Community-where once came up by Shops is now by Items; making your new listing lost in a sea of 100+items by one seller -it was fine the way it was 3) the support team has not been responsive at all to any of my support requests-We should have Inboxes that all sellers can receive notification of significant system changes that could impact our sales.. Or your direct email address! Looking forward to seeing what you will bring to Etsy in your new role..Congrats!

    4 years ago

  • WickedDarling

    WickedDarling says:

    Congrats, Chad!

    4 years ago

  • hellcatvintage

    hellcatvintage says:

    How exciting! Congratulations! :)

    4 years ago

  • Dynomoose

    Dynomoose says:

    Well I hope that you're actually going to do something about the reseller problem, other than telling those of us who report them that you're "working on educating the sellers..." blah blah.

    4 years ago

  • LesasPlunderPlace

    LesasPlunderPlace says:

    Congratulations, Chad! And, way to go Etsy!

    4 years ago

  • LittleWrenPottery

    LittleWrenPottery says:

    I too have met many fabulous Etsysans on my journey so far and I hope to meet many more, congratulations! : )

    4 years ago

  • vintageandglam

    vintageandglam says:


    4 years ago

  • LauraStaley

    LauraStaley says:


    4 years ago

  • sunfleur1

    sunfleur1 says:

    congrats, chad!

    4 years ago

  • FrawgzDezignz

    FrawgzDezignz says:

    To echo the minority here. Congrats....kind of. Seems great if you're a huge seller and can afford broadband connections to the new 'features' ie livestream for both virtual labs & chat - but you know NOT everyone has access to instant on all the time broadband connections. We're not backwoods hicks here but there is NO cable service in this area. There are 10 sellers in this town alone that would LOVE to use livestream but can't because the options for internet are Dial-up, DSL or the wifi at McDonald's. My DSL connection isn't strong enough to support Livestream. You're focused so much on getting grants and gov't money instead of on helping and maintaining the community you already have that you're missing the big picture. Or you have in recent months. I can only hope Chad will reinstate some of the features that made etsy great - once upon a time. It certainly isn't great now as a small time seller.

    4 years ago

  • febrarose

    febrarose says:


    4 years ago

  • GracefullyGirly

    GracefullyGirly says:

    Congrats! There have been many great enhancements and I look forward to seeing the newest and latest advancements, especially if they are related to the buying experience. I hope for some improvements so buyers can buy more easily without so many convos and issues (shipping upgrade requests, convos about size and color options, etc.) so we can all benefit. Thanks! I look forward to hearing more about it.

    4 years ago

  • FairyGodmotherArts

    FairyGodmotherArts says:

    I am glad you were able to find Paradise and the inspiration you needed in Ocracoke...The whole area is like that and there is an amazing grassroots foundation of artists here, that is why I moved here permanently in 1999, opening a teaching bead store in 2000 had that till 2005 and just reopened as the only art school on the east coast of NC in May. I am trying to get our artists developed into a self sustaining group and ETSY is an important part of that, so the changes made I hope will assist us too in accomplishing our goals here. We need a source for Winter money. So Congrats!

    4 years ago

  • SillyBuddy

    SillyBuddy says:


    4 years ago

  • gifteddesigns

    gifteddesigns says:

    Well, that's interesting....

    4 years ago

  • 2TrickPony

    2TrickPony says:

    congratulations chad! And many heartfelt thanks to Rob for being the creative beginning force behind etsy.

    4 years ago

  • RockStoneTreasures

    RockStoneTreasures says:

    Congrats and I look forward to vision for Etsy.

    4 years ago

  • Ebruk

    Ebruk says:

    Congratulations, Chad!

    4 years ago

  • jackiedretroboutique

    jackiedretroboutique says:

    "...and I’m looking forward to working with all of the teams at Etsy to move faster as we scale while staying true to our values." Congratulations on your new position! Your first order of business should be to explain to us in clear terms exactly what those "values" are that you plan on staying true to. I am not the only one who believes that Etsy's values have changed over time. We are all left to surmise and speculate... that's not healthy for your business (or ours!). I think it would go a long way if you could present us with a statement that outlines Etsy's core mission and objectives so we can all move forward together, as a united community, just like we all want.

    4 years ago

  • JuneO

    JuneO says:

    Etsy is the Best! Congratulations for continued success ... for all of us.

    4 years ago

  • pillowfactory

    pillowfactory says:

    Congratulations Chad and THANK YOU and ALL of the ETSY TEAM for working hard to create a platform for me to do what I love to do..

    4 years ago

  • kelleystreetvintage

    kelleystreetvintage says:

    Congratulations to Chad and many Thank yous to Rob, Etsy has changed my life in a number of ways, all of them positive, my years here have been the very best and I look forward to many more years of successful selling in both in my vintage and hand made stores as well as buying and meeting lots of wonderful people. Change and growth are always part of a successful business, you all have done a first rate job with it.

    4 years ago

  • lauradaub

    lauradaub says:


    4 years ago

  • lanadearg

    lanadearg says:

    Congrats Chad!

    4 years ago

  • coolclimates

    coolclimates says:

    that's great news.

    4 years ago

  • WildWomanJewelry

    WildWomanJewelry says:

    congratulations Chad!

    4 years ago

  • gothicreations

    gothicreations says:

    Congrats, Chad.

    4 years ago

  • TidBitz

    TidBitz says:

    Sounds like a great fit! Welcome to your new role!

    4 years ago

  • Fullofcraft

    Fullofcraft says:


    4 years ago

  • taylorcuster

    taylorcuster says:

    Congrats Chad! I'm excited to see what new enhancements Etsy will roll out soon!

    4 years ago

  • natekoechley

    natekoechley says:

    Congrats Chad!

    4 years ago

  • MetroGypsy

    MetroGypsy says:

    May many positive, fruitful ventures branch from these new changes! Congratulations Chad, and good luck to everyone involved!

    4 years ago

  • TCaponePhoto

    TCaponePhoto says:

    Congratulations to Chad and many thanks to Rob for bringing the vision to reality. Two years ago I had never even gave a thought to putting my photography up on the web let alone picturing selling it. I can't believe what's happened in my life in the last year and a half thanks, in great part, to Etsy. Thank you! *tracey*

    4 years ago

  • kathystuffnmore

    kathystuffnmore says:

    Congratulations! One suggestion: Etsy needs to advertise more, I found out about Etsy through a fellow ex-co-worker. She suggested I sell my vintage items on Etsy, raved about it. I checked it out last year, registered and did nothing. I started making handmade beaded jewelry last fall and finally this spring I opened my shop. Only two sales so far, but something. This is the point, when someone compliments a piece I am wearing and I mention I have a shop on They say: "What?" Whatsy? ;-O Etsy needs more exposure in the "regular" world, the creative world is aware of Etsy, but not the regular. :-)

    4 years ago

  • PBlossomBoutique

    PBlossomBoutique says:

    Yes, thanks Rob for starting Etsy and congrats Chad!

    4 years ago

  • forrestinavintage

    forrestinavintage says:

    Congratulations, Chad--let's do this thing. :)

    4 years ago

  • lauraprentice

    lauraprentice says:

    Thanks for all of the changes you have made over the years, definitely lots of growth and improvement. Looking forward to changes ahead, Congrats Chad!

    4 years ago

  • oldworldprimitives

    oldworldprimitives says:

    Congratulations, Chad! I am looking forward to what you have in store for us.

    4 years ago

  • thebeadgirl

    thebeadgirl says:

    congrats. very excited to see what the future holds. you all have worked very hard and we are grateful for the community you have built!

    4 years ago

  • IndyAndCleo

    IndyAndCleo says:

    Super CONGRATS to you Chad ~ looking forward to an amazing future with you as our fearless leader! Thank you Rob for starting this little site we all know and love called Etsy! ❤

    4 years ago

  • PinkCucumber

    PinkCucumber says:

    Knowing the people that live on Ocracoke, I'm not sure how they would feel about your mentioning the island...

    4 years ago

  • thedancingwren

    thedancingwren says:

    this is fantastic- congratulations and may etsy continue to be a HUGE success.

    4 years ago

  • MagpieQuilts

    MagpieQuilts says:

    Congrats, Chad!

    4 years ago

  • GreenGardenStamps

    GreenGardenStamps says:

    Congratulations Chad! I am excited to see what is in store for Etsy in the months and years to come!

    4 years ago

  • Bleiu

    Bleiu says:

    Listen to your inner voice and best wishes ;)

    4 years ago

  • LaJubilee

    LaJubilee says:

    Congrats! My hope is for Etsy to continue to the a premiere selling site with the heart and sole of its sellers!

    4 years ago

  • DownToTheWireDesigns

    DownToTheWireDesigns says:

    Congratulations. I am hopeful that your promotion will bring a return to Etsy being a more responsive marketplace like it was in the early days. In the past couple years I have really felt left in the dark as a seller. I feel like changes are made that do not improve the site in any obvious way and when the shortcomings of those changes are pointed out, the only answer we seem to get is, "Trust us-- it's an improvement because we say it is!" As sellers, we know what features are useful and needed. Most of the changes we would like to see are small but practical. The social direction this site has taken has never been adequately explained-- what is the business model there? I have been here for five years and have been very successful but the last six months have made me question my future here. I am hopeful that you will use your new position to reevaluate some of the changes that have been made in the last year or two. I can't help but feel that Etsy lacks vision.

    4 years ago

  • AnotherCountry

    AnotherCountry says:

    A lovely and gracious letter, Chad. May we all be as blessed as you in the coming days.

    4 years ago

  • FreshlySkweezed

    FreshlySkweezed says:

    Hooray for you, Chad! May the force be with you! Looking forward to all you'll bring to Etsy. And a very big THANKS to Etsy's mamma, Rob!

    4 years ago

  • EviesToolEmporium

    EviesToolEmporium says:

    Congratulations! Here's to the future!

    4 years ago

  • Jewelrybynala

    Jewelrybynala says:

    Fasten your seatbelt, Chad, it's undoubtedly going to be one a heck of a ride! Here's hoping you'll retain Rob's vision to keep Etsy's emphasis on community, creativity and customer service. Take us into the future with the tools to make our jobs easier and our shops more successful.

    4 years ago

  • LonesomeRoadStudio

    LonesomeRoadStudio says:

    *rubs eyes* Whaaaaaa? Um, welcome Chad!

    4 years ago

  • TooSoonOld

    TooSoonOld says:

    Best of luck, Chad. Don't know you or *of* you, but I will watch for 6 months and then give you a performance review. You have a big hole to climb out of here, but you know that. Please at least stop the digging.

    4 years ago

  • ahelpinghandbag

    ahelpinghandbag says:

    Congratulations! Etsy is changing lives for creative people. Thank you!

    4 years ago

  • EvesLittleEarthlings

    EvesLittleEarthlings says:

    I can hardly believe there are 800,000 active shops on etsy!! I was still telling everybody there were 200,000 with an awestruck note in my voice. Congratulations on your new job. Etsy keeps me making the things I love to create!

    4 years ago

  • secretjewellz

    secretjewellz says:

    Farewell Rob and thanks so much for starting Etsy. Truly has been an interesting ride. Welcome Chad and to the next chapter in Etsy. I truly hope this site gets back to its roots of being a SELLING site of handmade,vintage and supplies and not a social site. Resellers are running rampant here also and diluting the handmade market place integrity. I truly hope you can get a handle on this. All the best in such a awesome job.

    4 years ago

  • designsbycher

    designsbycher says:

    Congrats Chad! It's been interesting to watch Etsy evolve over the years I've been here, and with your expertise, I'm sure it will continue to do so. So, jump in, hang on and keep doing a great job... we're all counting on you!

    4 years ago

  • bmjnyc

    bmjnyc says:

    Congratulations! Thanks so much for your dedication. Please feel free to contact me or other sellers - we welcome more direct contact. Looking forward to mutual growth and good times :)

    4 years ago

  • cinderbellas

    cinderbellas says:

    Congrats! Looking to an even brighter future at Etsy :)

    4 years ago

  • Vintage4Vintage

    Vintage4Vintage says:

    Congrats Chad! Looking forward to lots of new improvements and lots more sales!

    4 years ago

  • Blushie

    Blushie says:

    Congratulations Chad!

    4 years ago

  • divinalocura

    divinalocura says:

    seems like the breeze is bringing some new fresh air.... that is always welcome! ... all the best on your new and big chalenge!!

    4 years ago

  • WatermelonWishes

    WatermelonWishes says:

    Exciting stuff! Congrats!

    4 years ago

  • penorus

    penorus says:

    Congrats Chad! Looking forward to a better and brighter future selling on Etsy.

    4 years ago

  • JemmDee

    JemmDee says:

    Congratulations Chad! Looking forward to new and exciting changes!

    4 years ago

  • lunaessence

    lunaessence says:

    Best of Luck Chad !! We await !!

    4 years ago

  • breadandroses2

    breadandroses2 says:

    Huge thanks to Rob for starting Etsy and best wishes to Chad! I must second comments by DownToTheWireDesigns and Secretjewllz above. Get back to roots placing main focus on sellers, state your values and goals clearly and exactly and rid Etsy of resellers. 'Educating' reseller frauds is not going to change those bent on false representation to make a buck. I see the same resellers opening new shops again and again. It materially hurts genuine handmade artisan's shops. Oh, how about adding Google Checkout as an online payment option? Most of my buyers use it already. Etsy's behind the curve using Paypal only in the order form.

    4 years ago

  • KnittedSteel

    KnittedSteel says:

    Congrats Mr Dickerson. I can't wait to hear what you plan to do about all the resellers.

    4 years ago

  • imakecutestuff

    imakecutestuff says:

    Wow! Congratulations Chad!! ...from all of us in etsyRAIN (your 1000+ member Seattle Etsy Team ;)

    4 years ago

  • patspottery

    patspottery says:

    Congrats, and good luck:>) Love the new stats by the way♥

    4 years ago

  • juln

    juln says:

    Phenomenal! Congratulations Chad, I'm looking forward to seeing the future of Etsy.

    4 years ago

  • DreamsandJewelry

    DreamsandJewelry says:

    Congratz Chad.

    4 years ago

  • CDChilds

    CDChilds says:

    Congrats! Chad, I cant wait to see your inovative ideas.

    4 years ago

  • BigDoggyBling

    BigDoggyBling says:

    Bravo, Etsy ! Congratulations, Chad ! I'm happy to be on this train moving forward! Good luck to us all ~wag

    4 years ago

  • ddfoto

    ddfoto says:


    4 years ago

  • ddfoto

    ddfoto says:


    4 years ago

  • LRichardsDesign

    LRichardsDesign says:

    Congrats and best of luck!

    4 years ago

  • mssuzie

    mssuzie says:

    **It’s also a marketplace of personal stories and connections. *** Not if you keep taking away the ability for the sellers to connect, LIKE CHAT. The changes that have taken place this year have made it harder to connect with other sellers, not easier. Good luck in your new job!

    4 years ago

  • craftystuffs

    craftystuffs says:

    Congrats to you and some advice to help you grow: take deep breaths daily, help us beef up etsy events in other places, make tagging re-sellers more efficient and finally more opportunities for advertising! We are hard working and creative folks that need to get out there! I know you will steer etsy toward 2012 and beyond!

    4 years ago

  • gardendiva

    gardendiva says:

    Awesome Chad, love your energy! Wishing you all the best.

    4 years ago

  • Harleystwin

    Harleystwin says:

    What are you going to to with the reseller problem? Or the scams where a person buys something, and, since they get a button in the mail, it counts as a legitimate transaction? From what I've seen, when people try to point this out, the admins yell at them, and nothing happens to the seller. I think you should read this letter. It's to you, after all:

    4 years ago



    Congrats and anxious to see what is in store for all of us

    4 years ago

  • GirlBurkeStudios

    GirlBurkeStudios says:

    Congratulations Chad and a thank you to Rob. xoxo

    4 years ago

  • minusOne

    minusOne says:

    Wow. The changes in the last two years are a good indication of why you will also be an great CEO. I'm excited for you and for us. You're a great human, Chad. If you ever want a working vacation, COME BACK TO TRUMANSBURG. We miss you terribly. Jen Wofford

    4 years ago

  • arianaalysedesigns

    arianaalysedesigns says:

    Congrats to you Chad. I really truly hope things gets do get better around here. As of late, it seems like the Etsy staff doesn't care so much about its community as it does profit. Can you please make a real effort in tackling the huge issue surrounding resellers? It really makes it hard for us small business owners who really do make their products by hand to compete with factories and other resellers.

    4 years ago

  • StarletGlamBathBody

    StarletGlamBathBody says:

    Congrats Chad! And best of luck!

    4 years ago

  • ledadraws

    ledadraws says:

    Good luck, man.

    4 years ago

  • basketsbyrose

    basketsbyrose says:

    Congrats and best of luck in your new job!

    4 years ago

  • HilltopCast1

    HilltopCast1 says:

    Congratulations Chad!!!

    4 years ago

  • grimmandgrete

    grimmandgrete says:

    Congrats on your promotion, looking forward to a great future together! ♥ Lisa

    4 years ago

  • 1HandWashesTheOther

    1HandWashesTheOther says:

    Does this mean we can keep chat? plzplzplz

    4 years ago

  • omglydia

    omglydia says:

    Congrats Chad! I do hope that the issue of reselling is addressed soon though.

    4 years ago

  • zehland

    zehland says:

    Congratulations Chad! Etsy is such an amazing place - I look forward to what's in store. Thanks to Rob and good luck to both!

    4 years ago

  • DestinysCreations

    DestinysCreations says:

    Congratulations Chad and thank you Rob!!

    4 years ago

  • HyacintheandHazel

    HyacintheandHazel says:

    I do hope you work on other unmentioned problems...such as resellers and non-vintage in the vintage section.

    4 years ago

  • BeedazzledDesigns

    BeedazzledDesigns says:

    Congrats! Looking forward to positive changes!

    4 years ago

  • surfandsand

    surfandsand says:

    Congratulations Chad and THANK YOU Rob! I can't wait to see where Etsy is a couple more years!

    4 years ago

  • JenSanCandles

    JenSanCandles says:

    Congratulations on the promotion to your new job. You and the engineering crew have made some great improvements to the Etsy site so I'm excited to see where you plan to take us in the future. "If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading."—Lao Tzu

    4 years ago

  • Annasjewelry

    Annasjewelry says:

    First - congratulations. Second - here is something you wrote in your letter: It’s also a marketplace of personal stories and connections. My suggestion - if you would like to make it a place where we connect with each other you have to make it easier for us to talk with one another again. I know I sound like a broken record but since having to join teams to be able to talk with one another many of us have become invisible stores... it has made etsy a place where it's impossible to just connect. I'd like to be as positive as everyone else and say looking forward to the positive changes but I'd like to see some before I congratulate you on a job well done.

    4 years ago

  • humblebea

    humblebea says:

    Congratulations Chad and a big thanks to Rob! (-:

    4 years ago

  • FabricFascination

    FabricFascination says:

    Looking forward to continued progress, congratulations on your new position.

    4 years ago

  • AppelJar

    AppelJar says:

    Congrats to you & best to Rob K. ...and best new horizons for all of us !

    4 years ago

  • mjboutique

    mjboutique says:

    I thought I'd add, that you said this: "It was more than a simple transaction, and that’s what makes Etsy what it is." I'd be happy if Etsy stopped working so hard to make a simple transaction some sort of social 'let's be friends' moment. Keep the social where it belongs, in the forums. Keep the customers transactions simple. If they want to be social, they know how to do that.

    4 years ago

  • quiltytherapy

    quiltytherapy says:

    Congrats on your new position. Can't wait to see what's in the future.

    4 years ago

  • JimJuris

    JimJuris says:

    Congratulations. It seems like Etsy will be in great hands.

    4 years ago

  • DavisMain

    DavisMain says:

    Congrats and welcome, Chad! Super thanks to Rob for giving us Etsy and best wishes!

    4 years ago

  • Muza

    Muza says:

    Congratulations Chad, looking forward to many positive changes!

    4 years ago

  • HennaGal

    HennaGal says:

    Can't wait to see the real artists rise to the top and the resellers get weeded out. With a CEO who's been at the company for three years I am optomistic we will see this change.

    4 years ago

  • PeanutsCreations

    PeanutsCreations says:

    Congrats Chad and looking forward to what is to come!

    4 years ago

  • GlitterBomb1

    GlitterBomb1 says:

    So does this mean you are getting rid of the Chinese resellers or is it just SSDD and pass the buck?

    4 years ago

  • MidwestieLady

    MidwestieLady says:

    Congrats to you, Chad! So glad to have you be our new CEO! You already know Etsy well and we can trust you know the changes needed ahead too!

    4 years ago

  • Annasjewelry

    Annasjewelry says:

    4 years ago

  • AlexiBlackwellBridal

    AlexiBlackwellBridal says:

    Congrats Chad!!!! And also thank you Rob for your brilliant idea! You both are helping people who have lost their jobs during the Recession to create a new career and survive these troubled times through our Etsy businesses. Hey when are you going to go public??? I want in on the IPO! Cheers! Alexi

    4 years ago

  • WillOaksStudio

    WillOaksStudio says:

    Congratulations!! Sounds like exciting times ahead!!

    4 years ago

  • pixiemartin

    pixiemartin says:

    Kudos on the new gig. Wordpress ate my lengthy and informative missive, so I'm keeping this one short and sweet. As much as it is most likely a pain in your ass, you should definitely read from the oldest posts to the new ones daily. I have learned far more about how etsy works there than I have in the years I've been shopping and the months I've been selling. Things may be skewed to the mean there, but there is a valid ongoing reveal of the things that are wrong with etsy. Resellers, crappy vendors, etc. Sincerely, I wish you nothing but good luck in your new venture. :) But read regretsy, I implore you.

    4 years ago

  • IansCafe

    IansCafe says:

    Yay Chad! Will Alchemy return?

    4 years ago

  • MieleMelograno

    MieleMelograno says:

    Congratulations Chad! A sound head and steadfast heart does well in the world!

    4 years ago

  • chaddickerson

    chaddickerson says:

    Hi everyone, thanks for the kind words and the constructive feedback. There's lots to do and process, but I just wanted everyone to know I'm reading and taking note.

    4 years ago

  • MySweetieBean

    MySweetieBean says:

    Congrats to you, Chad! Looking forward to Etsy becoming even better. More shop sections, and one-time use coupons and dollars off coupons would be awesome. *hint hint* haha!

    4 years ago

  • vintagetouchjewelry

    vintagetouchjewelry says:

    Congratulations! I am pleased to hear you comment on the community culture here since my feeling, as a relative newbie, is that the heartbeat of this whole venture is the collective energy of the those interested in sharing what they love. Take a few more breaks and visit some other communities -- that jaunt to NC was obviously quite rewarding for you. Best wishes and good luck.

    4 years ago

  • DezyneKween

    DezyneKween says:

    Congratulations! You need some fresh new artwork to adorn your new walls... might I suggest you start at home, with Etsy? I am an artist and would LOVE to sell you a nice painting...

    4 years ago

  • StelmaDesigns

    StelmaDesigns says:

    Hi, Congratulations Chad ;o) Julia

    4 years ago

  • KitKatCabaret

    KitKatCabaret says:

    Setting Up a much more Sophisticated method to our madness for all the numerous treasuries and finding a better way to give them the much needed community power would be a liitle like paving an underwater pathway to Atlantis Love the ocean side photography Our Cetacean Companions frolicking in their aquatic world

    4 years ago

  • misohappi

    misohappi says:

    congrats on your new assignment

    4 years ago

  • AriaCouture

    AriaCouture says:

    If you truly have any passion for etsy and see it as more than just a hefty paycheck, then tackle the reseller problem. They're really not that hard to find. Even if it means adding a reseller category, just make them easier to weed out. Those who don't want factory mass-produced will appreciate being able to weed out the resellers. Some people don't care, but they're not going to care either way. Better yet would be to immediately shut down resellers, but etsy likes the money too much, so a reseller category is a compromise. Also pretty please modify what "handmade" means to eliminate taking a mass-produced charm and stringing it on a piece of cord. With such a rampant reseller problem and "handmade" being so loosely defined, I personally do not buy anything at all from Asia (too high of a risk that the sellers are factories, which does mean that the honest individuals are losing sales), and there are a few jewelry pieces I love but will not buy because I don't know if they're actually hand-cast and made by the sellers or at just mass-produced charms on chains and I just haven't found the suppliers for those mass-produced charms yet. I think that "handmade" should require being at least three changes to an item. Yes, a number of changes specified to prevent anyone claiming etsy has it out for them because someone's individual judgement resulted in a listing being removed. So let's say someone takes a very basic pendant, and changes the bail, then adds a jewel of some sort, and then strings it on a chain. Three changes, handmade. Versus throwing it on a chain and calling it handmade. For items that don't meet three changes, enforce the use of the SUPPLIES tag.

    4 years ago

  • AriaCouture

    AriaCouture says:

    Oh, and don't undervalue volunteers. I'm sure there'd be no shortage of people willing to volunteer time hunting out resellers. I suggest setting up a group of volunteers and giving them the power to TEMPORARILY freeze accounts they have damn good reason to believe are resellers, such as finding the exact same items on wholesale websites. Freeze the account and pass it off to an employee of etsy with the evidence of reselling for a final determination. If the etsy employee determines the seller to be a reseller, then delete the account and ban IP. If the person isn't a reseller, well, 3 strikes and the volunteer is out, with that strike system solely to prevent any volunteers from abusing the power given. I think this will show etsy wants to do something about the reselling problem aside from just empty talk, and you'll get free labor that's freely given by people with a passion for etsy and handmade things. Does your passion extend to a willingness to work for etsy for free? Probably not. But there are a lot of people who would, myself included.

    4 years ago

  • pandyamy

    pandyamy says:


    4 years ago

  • EchinopsandAster

    EchinopsandAster says:

    Congrats on your new position! I am amazed at how far this idea has come and glad to be a part of it. I would second the comments on resellers and add that more needs to be done to give sellers the tools they need to run their businesses. Please build in the capability for sellers to list multiple colors, quantities, etc... into a single listing (such as for yards of fabric) to eliminate the inefficiency of convo /custom listing. Also please update the checkout tools to allow sellers who deal with destination based tax to collect the correct amount of sales tax (and thus be LEGALLY COMPLIANT) without having to manually invoice. Setting zip code ranges just doesn't cut it. Thanks for the hard work thus far and here's to meeting the future challenges.

    4 years ago

  • MedusaJewellery

    MedusaJewellery says:


    4 years ago

  • HardCandyGems

    HardCandyGems says:

    Yay! How excited you must be!

    4 years ago

  • LoveButtons

    LoveButtons says:

    Goodbye and good luck to Rob. Congratulations on your promotion, Chad! I am excited to see where the good ship Etsy will take us all in the future! :)

    4 years ago

  • mentalembellisher

    mentalembellisher says:

    Félicitations Chad et Bienvenue.....Bonne Chance et Merci à Rob. Etsy has totally changed my life and given it new meaning. I never in a million years would have thought that I could reach across from France to sell my work all across the world, it is mindblowing! I will miss the chat feature terribly though, here's hoping a suitable replacement can be found in the very near future :-)

    4 years ago

  • GoTo

    GoTo says:


    4 years ago

  • valeriez

    valeriez says:

    What do you plan to do about the problem with resellers? Etsy is supposed to be a marketplace for handmade goods, but lately I see many sellers obviously buying in bulk from overseas mass producers. How will you address this?

    4 years ago

  • Pseudooctopus

    Pseudooctopus says:

    Congratulations, we all look forward to what's to come! :D

    4 years ago

  • Ayca

    Ayca says:

    Congratulations on your new role, Chad!

    4 years ago

  • katescottage2

    katescottage2 says:

    A HUGE thank you, Rob, for creating Etsy! As a mother, I LOVE being able to work from home doing something I love, and still be accessible to my kids! I have Etsy to thank for that! Congratulations, Chad! I'm excitedly anticipating where you will take Etsy from here! :)

    4 years ago

  • BlueForestJewellery

    BlueForestJewellery says:

    Congrats on the new job! It will be great to see Etsy going onwards and upwards :-)

    4 years ago

  • Chris1

    Chris1 says:

    Congrats and Hopefully sales will improve!

    4 years ago

  • TheCrimsonMoon

    TheCrimsonMoon says:

    Congratulations Chad!

    4 years ago

  • PeculiarForest

    PeculiarForest says:

    Thanks Rob and Congrats Chad! :D

    4 years ago

  • MadameKoiteh

    MadameKoiteh says:

    Congrats, we look forward to the future with eager anticipation and much joy!

    4 years ago

  • Jodip2

    Jodip2 says:

    I hope there will be real changes to Etsy's reseller problem!

    4 years ago

  • SageTeaSocial

    SageTeaSocial says:

    Hey, congratulations. First order of business: Don't delete Etsy chat rooms.

    4 years ago

  • TheStitchAndFold

    TheStitchAndFold says:

    And please work hard to get rid of resellers!

    4 years ago

  • frankideas

    frankideas says:

    late to the party - but congratulations Chad! Looking forward to the beginning of a new era onward and (hopefully) upward.

    4 years ago

  • frankideas

    frankideas says:

    PS: please Chad remember Etsy is a creative place where we come together to sell and buy -that should continue to be THE priority - other sites mange "social" very well already.

    4 years ago

  • frankideas

    frankideas says:

    mange = manage but it kind of works either way!!!

    4 years ago

  • fabriquefantastique

    fabriquefantastique says:

    good luck.......can you please give some attention to attracting new buyers sellers seem to find their own way here. I agree with a lot of these posts, this is a selling site, not a social site.

    4 years ago

  • sisustudios

    sisustudios says:

    Chad, Thanks for all your efforts - past, present, and future!

    4 years ago

  • erinkobie

    erinkobie says:

    Chad: congratulations. You need to take a look at the huge reseller problem here, along with it focusing more on the social aspect than selling. I have not closed my shop, but have thought about it (it's been on "vacation" for ever), simply because i feel like the integrity here has gone down hill. I look forward to the improvements you will be making, and truly wish you the best.

    4 years ago

  • Bostonmama

    Bostonmama says:

    Congratulations! As an avid user and lover of etsy I look forward to seeing what you can do. I'm often telling friends about all the great items I purchase on etsy and their reaction is generally the same: "oh I don't use that site, I can never find what I want" or "I am so overwhelmed by it." I think you could have a much larger community of buyers if you make the necessary improvements. Looking forward to an even better experience!

    4 years ago

  • DoraArtDesignStudio

    DoraArtDesignStudio says:

    Please add a Fine Art category for us artists here in Etsy limbo..

    4 years ago

  • sunbasilgarden

    sunbasilgarden says:

    Congratulations and looking so forward to the future! And super excited to see my Etsy pal MagicIsland, aka Mary in her gorgeous island of Ocracoke. I have been there and its amazing just like her!

    4 years ago

  • JenniferLynnProducts

    JenniferLynnProducts says:

    Congrats, Chad. I'm looking forward to the changes you are hoping to make. Frankly, I'd like to see Etsy return to the warm, friendly place it was back around 2006/2007! Great photos!

    4 years ago

  • twolefthands

    twolefthands says:

    Congratulations Chad. can't wait to see what's in store for us! Thanks to Rob for giving us all this opportunity!

    4 years ago

  • Charcio

    Charcio says:

    Congrats looking forward to whats to come!!

    4 years ago

  • laurali

    laurali says:

    I'd given up on etsy after 4 months without a sale (couldn't justify going in the hole to relist). Now I feel like giving it another try :-).

    4 years ago

  • ShadowBoxGiftCompany

    ShadowBoxGiftCompany says:


    4 years ago

  • LittleBanditHats

    LittleBanditHats says:

    This is exciting. :)

    4 years ago

  • DesignsbyBaerreis

    DesignsbyBaerreis says:

    Looking forward to growing with you and Etsy! Congratulations!

    4 years ago

  • CraftyCrowBoutique

    CraftyCrowBoutique says:

    Congrats! Now please bring back Alchemy!!! :)

    4 years ago

  • DesignsbyBaerreis

    DesignsbyBaerreis says:

    Looking forward to growing with Etsy - Congratulations!

    4 years ago

  • ChristinaRomeo

    ChristinaRomeo says:

    Congratulations and Welcome to your new role! Etsy did transform my life and I thank you!

    4 years ago

  • 17reasonswhy

    17reasonswhy says:

    Congratulations! I look forward to seeing how Etsy will develop!

    4 years ago

  • ArtMadeByTammy

    ArtMadeByTammy says:

    This is exciting news! Congrats and Good Luck!

    4 years ago

  • LeilaVR

    LeilaVR says:

    We look forward to what these changes may be. Hopefully, with them comes a crack down on the rampant resellers that run around here with impunity. While I respect all the hard work many of the craftspeople put into their actual handmade wares and want to help them become better crafts people, the lack of action that occurs when a reseller is pointed out is ridiculous. NOTHING happens. That is a change that I think many of us would welcome. I look forward to seeing good things come and finding more treasures here. My wedding day accessories for me and my bridesmaids wouldn't have been complete without a seller here who did a fabulous job with them. I just want to make sure this remains a community of HANDMADE goods.

    4 years ago

  • HeirloomAngel

    HeirloomAngel says:

    I only have four words for you: CONGRATS!!! Thank you! AMEN!!!

    4 years ago

  • infidelicity

    infidelicity says:

    Congrats. As a current buyer and not a seller, there are two major negatives that stand out in my experience on etsy. As a the former CTO you need to understand that the built in search is still cumbersome, glitchy and unclear. Too often the search brings up too many unrelated results, only the most recently listed items (a distinct advantage to resellers and factory made store fronts with high turnover) or even items that aren't in the right category. I'd also love to be able to search for terms and tags from within a team (this comes in handy when wanting to support charity teams, or teams with certain styles.) Maybe there is a way to do this but I haven't found it yet. The second thing is that as a buyer, I become quite disillusioned looking to support hand-made goods, craft-workers, and artisans and then many times stumbling upon obvious resellers or people trying to pass off their junk drawer as vintage. Reporting these people and then coming back weeks later and noticing that they are still up really adds to the mistrust. Again, congrats, you have a lot of work ahead of you, but don't all CEOs?

    4 years ago

  • southpawstudios

    southpawstudios says:

    Congrat Chad! you have al ong road ahead, but i am sure you are the man for the job! Please please add more sections and subsections. as a seller, i want to expand my supply shop (southpawbeads) but the limited sections make it very hard for a buyers to navigate through hundreds of products. also shipping options please :) with sugar on top Good luck! -Katy

    4 years ago

  • BlueDayDesigns

    BlueDayDesigns says:

    Congrats - and I agree with the poster above. I'm a buyer and a seller on Etsy and often find myself extremely frustrated with the search when I'm trying to buy something. It's also becoming difficult to weed out the resellers once I do eventually find the item that I'm searching for. If you are wanting to take Etsy to the 'next level' and have it taken seriously as an online hand-crafted marketplace then I think the reseller issue should be one of your top priorities. Good luck!

    4 years ago

  • coldhamcuddlies

    coldhamcuddlies says:

    Good luck Rob - rest on your laurels: you've created and built a great business. However, Etsy is in danger of becoming a victim of it's own success. While welcoming Chad to the unenviable task of taking over from a success story, please may I suggest - do not run before you can walk. You need to CONSOLIDATE before embarking on new ventures, paths. Getting a response from Etsy Admin, for example, for to a relatively simple question now appears impossible. Without happy members, you ain't got a viable business! So...., PLEASE, PLEASE, get someone to answer a straight forward question-basically is my idea viable, or not ? I've been waiting for nearly a month without an acknowledge nor response. Seems to this particualr, very small, member that the aim of all who currently work for Etsy is to "justifiey their existence and "bugger" the questioner! Hope I'm wrong - and look forward to be proved wrong. Best of luck, nevertheless. Isobel

    4 years ago

  • designbcb

    designbcb says:

    dude, congrats on the gig...feel free to order something from me, too!

    4 years ago

  • hioctanejewelry

    hioctanejewelry says:

    Way to go. Cheers. First let me say I LOVE the new one page style for adding products. I am looking forward to being able managing two storefronts as one user. Keeping it revvv'd up! Alicia | Hi Octane Jewelry

    4 years ago

  • fuskazi

    fuskazi says:

    I too am looking forward to seeing the resellers at least labeled as such, and given their own category. Ideally, of course, they'd be shut down, but making it obvious that that's what they are would be a start.

    4 years ago

  • LowlaBug

    LowlaBug says:

    Congrats Chad!

    4 years ago

  • lindageez

    lindageez says:

    Congrats on your new position and all the joys it will bring! I love Etsy and hope that more good things happen to our community! Linda

    4 years ago

  • VintageFairRetroRare

    VintageFairRetroRare says:

    Thans Rob & good luck with whatever new ventures are on your horizon! Congrats Chad, & good luck to you in your new venture here! I'm looking forward to seeing some major improvements with the issues that most concern sellers & buyers here( all listed in above posts, so i won't repeat.) I've been here 3 years & love the community spirit.

    4 years ago

  • DesignsbyBaerreis

    DesignsbyBaerreis says:

    Looking forward to growing with Etsy! Thanks to Rob for the inspiration, ideals and implementation of a wonderful marketplace for people like us. Congratulations Chad - Looking forward to the next evolution! Martha Baerreis

    4 years ago

  • justaduck

    justaduck says:

    I'd like to add my congratulations to you, too. I'm just a buyer at this point, but I would like to be a seller, too. I'd like to give you my two bits on things. Please bring back alchemy. It was a wonderful way for sellers and buyers to work on a custom item. Search is still clunky and outdated. Resellers should be removed. What's the point of having a website with the tagline "Your place to buy and sell all things handmade..." when people are just reselling mass-produced junk and trying to pass it off as their own work? Finally, please don't try and add a huge "social" component. I know that everyone likes to communicate (buyers and sellers, sellers with sellers, etc) but this isn't and shouldn't be facebook. Thanks for reading and best of luck to you!

    4 years ago

  • meerkate

    meerkate says:

    Congratulations! I sincerely hope that this endeavor is rewarding and rich. I greatly anticipate these positive changes you hint at and sincerely hope that, if you do nothing else at all, you ADDRESS the RESELLER ISSUE. I have been a member of Etsy for over four years now and love it dearly, but have become increasingly disillusioned as the site I once loved has changed into a market for resellers/factories while those actually creating struggle to maintain a presence. Most disappointing has been Etsy's response, or rather lack thereof, at this point, which seems to consist of leaving these shops open regardless of the proof presented. I realize Etsy is in it for the money and those Chinese factories selling thousands of pieces per month sure are a nice way to make a quick buck, but I still hold out hope that someone can have the vision to return Etsy to the handmade haven it used to be. Also, I am sure that everyone at Etsy is sick of regretsy, and it certainly has more than a day's worth of snark most of the time, but do read this open letter: Several other commenters have mentioned it as well and I hope you take the time to give it some thought. Etsy's reputation is changing, and I don't believe anyone can say that it is for the better at this point. Perhaps you will be the person brave enough to look past easy and return us to integrity? I can certainly dream. Best of luck!

    4 years ago

  • DaffodilCorner

    DaffodilCorner says:

    Congrats, Chad, and good luck in your new position. Indeed, I wasn't sure you were still around with the shakeup that happened when Rokali returned the last time. Thanks Rob, for all you have done for Etsy, and good luck in whatever direction your future takes you in. Having been with Etsy since the end of 2005, I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Etsy has done some things very, very well, and others so, so wrong. Risk can be good, as long as there are mitigations. The benefits of the risk need to outweigh the potential negative repercussions. Chose wisely.

    4 years ago

  • AutumnLeavesJewelry

    AutumnLeavesJewelry says:

    Congratulations to you! :-) can we have the gift guides back at some point (as I hide under the table in this coffee shop)... they were SUCH a great portal into SO many views and sales for so many of us

    4 years ago

  • ABespokeTouch

    ABespokeTouch says:

    Congratulations Char it sounds like you have a 'good head on your shoulders' i hope you stay true what you've written about addressing the largest problems within etsy and i hope we soon see the improvements that have been asked for years ago? x

    4 years ago

  • NathalieVan

    NathalieVan says:

    Congratulations! I'm happy to see that you care about etsy and the individual sellers. I am excited to see what you bring to etsy.

    4 years ago

  • KEScarvings

    KEScarvings says:

    Congrats! Looking forward to seeing what the future holds and I hope to see major improvements in the areas that need it (search and resellers!)

    4 years ago

  • lfaigen

    lfaigen says:

    Here's hoping that Etsy will no longer be deaf to the needs of its sellers. After all, we do pay your salaries.

    4 years ago

  • padlaversusmoij

    padlaversusmoij says:

    Allow purchases without an account. It is the sole reason I don't sell on Etsy anymore. It limits the customer base for one of a kind items, and ends up with more sellers of non one of a kind items because they can sell in three or for places(like big cartel) and if someone doesn't have an account they can just buy it there. One of a kind sellers can't do that so I ended up giving up on Etsy even though I really like it.

    4 years ago

  • SoulRole

    SoulRole says:

    Congratulations Chad!And thank you Rob.I literally almost feel like crying right now.I am fairly new to Etsy but I cannot tell you how deeply and profoundly being a part of this community has helped me.On every level.As a mother to four kids all my creative energy has been poured into them for the last 17 years and I am just coming back into myself as an artist and a person outside of mother.I am inspired daily by the amazing creativity found here AND more than that the sense of community and willingness to mentor each other.So MAHALO Rob and Chad and everyone who has worked to create such an awesome way to easily share our creative endeavors with the world.Aloha ka kou :)

    4 years ago

  • WinkArtisans

    WinkArtisans says:

    Congratulations and best wishes on your new role as our Etsy leader!

    4 years ago

  • LiuRokSilver

    LiuRokSilver says:


    4 years ago

  • SmadarsTreasure

    SmadarsTreasure says:

    Congratulations, Chad, and good luck in making Etsy even better for all of us!

    4 years ago

  • LovelyLuxeJewels

    LovelyLuxeJewels says:

    Wow.. Congrats Chad. Cheers to bringing us the next level.

    4 years ago

  • gardenmis

    gardenmis says:

    Thanks Rob for Etsy, I have loved it from the beginning! Congratulations Chad ~ I hope the vision you have for Etsy will ensure a long + productive future for artisans + etsy :)

    4 years ago

  • PickleBerryTrifles

    PickleBerryTrifles says:

    Interesting read! Congratulations, Chad. I know you have your work cut out for you! I, for one, am still waiting to have my shop syndicated with the move to Google's new API. It would be lovely to have more info on how soon the rest of us who are working hard to have a real presence here will be included!

    4 years ago

  • ikabags

    ikabags says:

    Congratulations Chad... :) And yes ! " I just want to make sure this remains a community of HANDMADE goods. " Good luck !

    4 years ago

  • unflappableproducts

    unflappableproducts says:

    Rob - you are to be thanked and commended greatly for starting such a wonderfully, unique marketplace. I never, ever would have found such a home for my artwork! I have met sooo many amazing people on Etsy from around the world! And for once I can be found on the internet! You will be missed! Welcome Chad-we look forward to working with you building Etsy and this wonderful community. Thanks for sharing your rich background and experiences with us in this article.

    4 years ago


    RickiMOUNTAIN says:

    To everything, there is a time, and Rob will always be.... and has been a tremendous influence to me throughout my stay here on etsy from the first day I opened my shop in 2007 until today... Tomorrow I look forward, and I am intrigued by Chad and his new role and leadership. Rob seems to be a pioneer in his own right. We all know that Etsy is the mother ship and inspiration for all other venues. So for that, I say Thank you… and I wish Rob, Chad and everyone at etsy congratulations for a job well done. GODSPEED

    4 years ago

  • TransitDesign

    TransitDesign says:

    Did you write this one from an air mattress too? Best of luck in your expanded duties.

    4 years ago

  • EchoesOfSummer

    EchoesOfSummer says:

    We were able to recently quit our other jobs and become CEO's of our own shop here on Etsy. So excited to see the growth just in the short time we've been here! Good luck and cheers!

    4 years ago

  • bobbijordan

    bobbijordan says:

    Lucky us, and lucky you. I spent a dozen or 2 summers on Hatteras Island and Okracoke. Special place for a special time. Best of luck--

    4 years ago

  • theCopperPoppy

    theCopperPoppy says:

    Congrats, Chad. I stepped away from another 'corporate world' one year ago to manage my own company -- my Etsy shop. Now, with this news, we look to you as the CEO of Our Company. Best of luck in your new endeavor. We want nothing more than success for all of us.

    4 years ago

  • 5gardenias

    5gardenias says:

    congrats to you chad-- and because you've been with etsy for a good while, i have confidence that you understand what makes etsy so special and unique-- i have no doubt we're in good hands... i've been to that sweet little island of ocracoke, in fact my brother invented a cocktail in its honor, dubbed "the ocracoke smoke". i'm raising an imaginary glass of ocracoke smoke for a toast to you and etsy! and good luck, best wishes and many thanks to rob kalin

    4 years ago

  • laiseoriginals

    laiseoriginals says:

    Congratulations! They say change is always good, let's hope we see some great things happening here. I love Etsy and all it has to offer, but we all know there is always room for improvement. Can't wait to see what you have in "store" for us!

    4 years ago

  • AuntieKaren

    AuntieKaren says:

    Congratulations and Best of Luck, Chad! The uniqueness of Rob K will be missed, though....

    4 years ago


    CPINE says:

    Thanks for taking away alchemy and chat rooms. Great! WHat a bunch of crap!

    4 years ago

  • teepetalsupplies

    teepetalsupplies says:

    congratulations and best of luck!

    4 years ago

  • ElegantlySimple

    ElegantlySimple says:

    Congratulations Chad! May all your dreams for Etsy help make our dreams come true! :)

    4 years ago

  • TheVeryCorner

    TheVeryCorner says:

    Congratulations and welcome! Take a couple deep breaths and an aspirin....and keep a healthy dose of mature common sense in your hip pocket!

    4 years ago

  • MyMonography

    MyMonography says:

    Congratulations! I hope it will bring many positive changes here :) Good luck, Chad! We trust in you!

    4 years ago

  • WeddingAndGems

    WeddingAndGems says:

    Congrats on making CEO. I'm new to Etsy but love the community and the great things available here.

    4 years ago

  • mystudio

    mystudio says:


    4 years ago

  • Eccentricity

    Eccentricity says:

    Here's wishing you and Etsy the very best.

    4 years ago

  • mikelange3

    mikelange3 says:

    congrats chad! if you come to minnesota I will take you fishing

    4 years ago

  • BearStitches

    BearStitches says:

    Wishing you the best...Etsy has been a great place to sell...however...there have been a million frustrations...and some concerns about the authenticity of Etsy's mission.

    4 years ago

  • TheNeedleHouse

    TheNeedleHouse says:

    Congrats and best wishes!! Looking forward to what you have in store for us. Sure wish you would bring back the chats as I got about half my sales there and made a lot of nice friends. It indeed WAS a marketplace of personal stories and connections. Hope to see good things in the very near future.

    4 years ago

  • Inbarbareket

    Inbarbareket says:

    Congratulations Chad ! That's a huge responsibility !!! As former IT manager of an high tech company with branches in Israel, Europe and USA I understand the step you did. I wish you a big good luck and really hoping Etsy will be way better that it is today !

    4 years ago

  • angelstuff

    angelstuff says:

    Congratulations, Chad! i'm thrilled to see the changes you'll bring.

    4 years ago

  • bagzetoile

    bagzetoile says:

    Thanks for etsy - it's certainly brought change to my life! I love it because it's creative, inspiring and a terrific community. You should be very proud of yourselves for what you have achieved. I wish you future success and happiness. Louise

    4 years ago

  • woodyliana

    woodyliana says:

    Congrats on your new title ! I wish you nothing more than success on leading this amazing "ETSY FAMILY", I'm happy and proud of being part of it. Please stay focus on keeping our philosophy as a solid and respected Community of Artists, Crafters and Small Business, I see a lot of sweatshops starting to make its roots within Etsy, and that has become a bit of a concern...

    4 years ago

  • bibelotbebe

    bibelotbebe says:


    4 years ago

  • DesignsbyHarriet

    DesignsbyHarriet says:

    Congratulations. I hope that one of your plans is to tackle resellers. The forum discusses this problem all the time, but administration never comments. I hope your reign as CEO takes a more hands on approach to this problem.

    4 years ago

  • prendasbyenid

    prendasbyenid says:

    Felicitaciones y Buena Suerte!!!

    4 years ago

  • DreamCake

    DreamCake says:

    Congratulations! I'm excited to see what new changes will be ahead for Etsy. My shop is still fairly new, but i've been part of the Etsy community for a few years now. Best wishes.

    4 years ago

  • somsstudiosupplies

    somsstudiosupplies says:

    Heartiest Congratulations!! Lets all see Etsy grow.

    4 years ago

  • Giftbearer

    Giftbearer says:

    I look forward to seeing what you do with Etsy in the future. I don't see much real viability for the Taste Test. It interprets what we like way too broadly to the point that some things it pulls up don't appeal at all, but I really hope you'll put at the top of your priority list more efficient features to drive customers with money to spend to the site, make use of demographic data and advertise to bring those customers here (especially those who buy jewelry in the $60.00 and up range, not just once or twice, but regularly). Jewelry sales have gotten somewhat steadier but there is still alot of room for improvement before they'll be lucrative enough every month, as I notice that there seems to be a surge right around the 1st of the month and after that it is kind of tenuous and unpredictable. There is still alot of fluctuation in buyng traffic. That I believe is your biggest challenge to overcome. I'm not sure if that is related to internal Etsy search, Google Search, or whether buyers are finding items in search but whether not enough customers with enough disposable income are hooking up with us sellers in the first place. Those are questions that would be important to explore in order to nail down what will bring in more frequent sales and higher-ticket sales. The Circles do seem to bring in some buying traffic. I wasn't sure at first whether they'd be too distracting from my shop or an assett to it but I believe I have gotten some of my customers through Circles.. As for the various tech presentations given in the community by Etsy staff I'm not sure how those translate into buying customers. While they might be interesting and educational it sounds as if that is a little off the mark from Etsy's statement of purpose. Presentations to groups of people who have been identified as avid online shoppers would probably be effective though. Those groups would probably not be as interested in the technical end of Etsy as they would in what they can buy here and how they can locate it once they get here so you could approach presentations from that standpoint to attract people who are looking for a place to buy unique and creative items.

    4 years ago

  • JennasRedRhino

    JennasRedRhino says:

    I remember the fun TV ads for eBay and wonder if Etsy would benefit from similar marketing campaigns.

    4 years ago

  • urastarhouse

    urastarhouse says:

    Many many many many thanks to you Rob and congratulations and many blessing to you Chad!

    4 years ago

  • shineinvitations

    shineinvitations says:

    Ecstatic to have an engineer in the CEO role! What a breath of fresh air and great decision on the part of Etsy. Good luck and I look forward to the future of the site! :)

    4 years ago

  • MakeMeSmileCrafts

    MakeMeSmileCrafts says:

    Congrats on the new position Chad! I have barely been with etsy a year, but have found it exciting and even opened up a second shop. The community on etsy is #1 and I feel like I'm at home. Also, there are always so many new things to learn and that is good, it keeps us all young. Still learning and hoping to learn even more with a new etsy CEO. Good Luck

    4 years ago

  • HeyChica

    HeyChica says:

    Congrats Chad!! I'm looking forward to the future and how your vision of Etsy will make this site more successful for all of us.

    4 years ago

  • BeadingonaBudget

    BeadingonaBudget says:

    Congrats Chad!

    4 years ago

  • colorada

    colorada says: the dolphin photo :) So glad to welcome you as CEO. Looking forward to many cool changes! Best wishes

    4 years ago

  • BeaumontStudio

    BeaumontStudio says:


    4 years ago

  • botanicalbird

    botanicalbird says:

    Many Congrats Chad! all the best in your new role as CEO! I loved the story about Mary and the Magic Island...awesomeness!! XO

    4 years ago

  • lucidjewelry

    lucidjewelry says:

    Congrats and good luck ! I am looking forward towards more positive improvements especially ways to not get lost in the crowd. So glad there are more people coming to Etsy to shop. I recently added my photography ( including photos from my trip to NC ) to my jewelry shop hoping to get more exposure. Best wishes, Amy

    4 years ago

  • RameOttone

    RameOttone says:

    Welcome! We're so glad to have you!!

    4 years ago

  • SundancersStudio

    SundancersStudio says:

    Congratulations, I am looking forward to the future with you. Hoping you the best, Karen

    4 years ago

  • NancysBagsEtc

    NancysBagsEtc says:


    4 years ago

  • NorScott

    NorScott says:

    Congratulations Chad - you sound like you have your heart in it and it is nice to know that you realize that there are a lot of people depending on you. Thank you for all your hard work.

    4 years ago

  • macabrecreations

    macabrecreations says:

    Congrats Chad! Best of luck, looking forward to seeing where Etsy goes from here! =)

    4 years ago

  • panchromatica

    panchromatica says:

    Can we see some progress now please on getting better exposure for fine art - a top level category would be brilliant - and on dealing with the major problem of mis-tagging of art items.

    4 years ago

  • EyePopArt

    EyePopArt says:

    Congrats of luck!

    4 years ago

  • afiori

    afiori says:

    I hope you'll make Etsy a truly international marketplace again since now it has been ruined for so many of us non-US sellers due to the regional settings which none of us asked for and then weren't informed about. I used to be a full-time seller here but since sales went down after these changes I am now actively looking for another marketplace, along with many others of those who are aware of the changes.

    4 years ago

  • lauriebdesigns

    lauriebdesigns says:

    Welcome Chad. I love love Etsy, and I too have 2 stores. I'm hoping to just have 1 store some day when Etsy offers more categories or sub-categories.

    4 years ago

  • WalterSilva

    WalterSilva says:

    Congratulation, Chad!

    4 years ago

  • silkoak

    silkoak says:

    Thanks to Rob for the brilliant idea, thank you to all at Etsy who provide us with the terrific opportunity to connect our products with buyers and congratulations to Chad in his new role! All of you work so hard at continually improving and growing Etsy. It is much appreciated!

    4 years ago

  • ElunaJewelry

    ElunaJewelry says:

    Congrats Chad. We look forward to hearing your plans for our community.

    4 years ago

  • Ghirardelli

    Ghirardelli says:

    Good luck to you ... Itsa bigga plate! Wish you well, drive our sales! Cheers

    4 years ago

  • BlingAroundRosies

    BlingAroundRosies says:

    Congratulations Chad! Looking forward to watching Etsy grow under your leadership!

    4 years ago

  • Lpapworth

    Lpapworth says:

    Congrats Chad - please bring back ALCHEMY or some other place for buyers to ask for what they want, and uploading of public photos by BUYERS.

    4 years ago

  • NewProspectPottery

    NewProspectPottery says:

    Congratulations. Look forward to the company flourish under your care.

    4 years ago

  • claudia992

    claudia992 says:


    4 years ago

  • EllieMacDesigns

    EllieMacDesigns says:

    i look forward to the future of Etsy

    4 years ago

  • knittingcate

    knittingcate says:


    4 years ago

  • ChicHippyVintage

    ChicHippyVintage says:

    Congratulations and I agree that Etsy is more than a marketplace. I've made friends throughout the world through my Etsy transactions, both as a seller and a buyer. I'm proud to be an Etsian and grateful for being able to share my creations. Karen Morgan Chief Hippy :)

    4 years ago

  • SeasideStudio

    SeasideStudio says:

    Looking forward to your vision! Congratulations!

    4 years ago

  • thegraydeer

    thegraydeer says:

    Congrats. I hope not too much more changes. I love Etsy.

    4 years ago

  • PernillasSS

    PernillasSS says:

    Congrats!! Looking forward to everything in the future!

    4 years ago

  • wiredandfired

    wiredandfired says:

    Exciting news for you! Congrats. Looking forward to a great future.

    4 years ago

  • Maggadora

    Maggadora says:

    Congrats and good luck :-)

    4 years ago

  • oreldesign

    oreldesign says:

    Congratulations.... Looking forward to all good things coming!!

    4 years ago

  • BirdTrouble

    BirdTrouble says:

    I agree- when someone talks about Etsy, they really show it and are excited about it. Congrats!

    4 years ago

  • Lithlas

    Lithlas says:

    I hope you do something to address the massive amount of resellers on Etsy who just order stuff in bulk then sell it on Etsy for 20 times as much as they paid for it.

    4 years ago

  • miriroo

    miriroo says:

    I look forward to continuing to be a more active member of this awesome world of Etsy. Great letter!

    4 years ago

  • LittleBeanPrints

    LittleBeanPrints says:

    Hip hip! Etsy is a very special place. Thank you Rob and congrats Chad!

    4 years ago

  • richknobsales

    richknobsales says:

    This is great, and I'm glad you have history with Etsy. I've lived through the Rise and Fall of a couple of tech companies over the past 30 years, and I hope you have the sense to know what you don't know, and to hire people who do know those areas, and to never lose sight of what made this place successful!!! Please buy and sell here every day, or have someone in your family buy & sell every day! If you don't stay in constant touch, you don't know what your customer base experiences. Please please don't secrete yourself in a lofty room layer upon layer away from what is going on here! Don't ignore the screaming in the forums when there has been a problem - if there is a lot of "noise" about an issue, there is a raw nerve and careful attention is needed quickly!!!

    4 years ago

  • pyxeestyx

    pyxeestyx says:

    Congrats on the promo!. Looking forward to great things to come. xoxoxo

    4 years ago

  • ginachase

    ginachase says:


    4 years ago

  • AMSkrafts

    AMSkrafts says:

    Congratulations! I look forward to the future growth of the Etsy community.

    4 years ago

  • HermiasWishes

    HermiasWishes says:

    Congrats on your Chad-uation from CTO to CEO! I'm very excited to be a part of such a supportive and growing community. I know that you will apply the same tenacity, good judgement and awesomeness to this new venture as you did the last. I can't wait to see what the future will bring!

    4 years ago

  • suzanneartist

    suzanneartist says:

    Big News! Everyone should have an air mattress as an office, it might change their perspective on how to truly run a company! Here's to a successful new year to you!

    4 years ago

  • LynnMinneyDesigns

    LynnMinneyDesigns says:

    welcome! how exciting, chad. i can't wait to see what is in store!

    4 years ago

  • SarahNiebankHoffman

    SarahNiebankHoffman says:

    Welcome! Yes how exciting Rob! I'm fairly new on Etsy so I look forward to everything to come!

    4 years ago

  • nancyhughesmiller

    nancyhughesmiller says:

    thanks to Rob! And looks like we're still in good hands with Chad!

    4 years ago

  • customangelcakes

    customangelcakes says:

    Congratulations and we look forward to new things and more sales! Etsy is a great community full of great people!

    4 years ago

  • Mymothersgarden

    Mymothersgarden says:

    Congratulations, Chad!

    4 years ago

  • ohzie

    ohzie says:

    congrats, chad!! Can't wait to see what you have in store for Etsy :O)

    4 years ago

  • MursBlanc

    MursBlanc says:

    three cheers!

    4 years ago

  • peachtreelane

    peachtreelane says:

    Congrats! I know all of us selling will be proud!

    4 years ago

  • customangelcakes

    customangelcakes says:

    Btw, I DO hope that this new chapter finds a way to bring back ALCHEMY! That's where I found most of my work and loved it. Hopefully it will be back soon!

    4 years ago

  • MiriDesigns

    MiriDesigns says:

    Congratulations, Chad. Onward and Upward. By the way, what is the derivation of the name Etsy? On the technical side, it would be good if we could delete those "discovery" notices we all get from people in our circles which don't interest us. It becomes just a lot of clutter. Possible? Also, going about finding a shop here on Etsy is not obvious. Perhaps guidelines could be presented on the opening page when people log on. The suggestion to allow non members to be able to log on is a good one. I'm still looking forward to my first sale, joined December 2010. I'll still keep on keeping on!!!!!!!!!

    4 years ago

  • mandalarain

    mandalarain says:

    would be great to see some advertising campaigns! would also be nice to have it so that, if i refer a potential customer to my shop, they are not constantly redirected to the rest of Etsy. this makes me more likely to refer someone to one of my other web presences other than Etsy, even though i like Etsy's format best... i miss Alchemy

    4 years ago

  • SatzDesigns

    SatzDesigns says:

    This sounds like you are the man for the job! Well done on achieving your new post, I look forward to wonderful things!

    4 years ago

  • mymothershouse

    mymothershouse says:

    Chad, I extend my warmest congratulations and Rob, a sincere thank you for the vision to create such an inspiring and creative community. It has been a wonderful year's journey for me on Etsy as a buyer. And today, I am on the verge of getting my first shop established. There were oh so many changes made this past year it made my newbie head hurt and fearful of taking the big leap. While not everyone will be in agreement with the views, changes, directions within, I do implore Etsy to listen to what the sellers and buyers are saying. Or better yet ask the daily users of this site. It has always amazed me that selling venues use feedback as a metric for ranking a seller and a buyer but you never see one for the site or its components. Chad, your previous role here should prove invaluable in your new role and what lies before you. Please have a task force to improve the internal search engine as this is the number one tool for buyers to connect with a product on the site. Our next chapter I am sure will be exciting and I wish you and the Etsy world the very best. Please come back and visit NC again! Valerie

    4 years ago

  • dodelinedesign

    dodelinedesign says:

    Congratulations Chad!

    4 years ago

  • kirevi8

    kirevi8 says:

    Congrats Chad:) All the best:))

    4 years ago

  • aedrieloriginals

    aedrieloriginals says:

    Etsy rocks! It's so exciting to see all the new developments underway. Congratulations Chad. I'm confident you will rock on! ;)

    4 years ago

  • AntigoniCreations

    AntigoniCreations says:

    Congrats, Chad!

    4 years ago

  • RobinMariaPedrero

    RobinMariaPedrero says:

    Congrats Chad!

    4 years ago

  • cheldena

    cheldena says:

    Congratulations! I felt your excitement and enthusiasm as I read your letter to us all. How encouraging and motivating! Perhaps consider adding a very small auction format to our shops as an 'option' for us to use when we would like? Especially when many people are leaving eBay due to their extremely high prices etc, etc. I feel it would give etsy sellers even more selling versatility, exposure, including bring more sellers to etsy, and so much more. Looking forward to growing with etsy and especially during these exciting times! Thank you! Warmly, Chel

    4 years ago

  • eklecticxplosion

    eklecticxplosion says:

    Congrats!!! Cheers! xo

    4 years ago

  • ponylover31

    ponylover31 says:


    4 years ago

  • Ladybuglace

    Ladybuglace says:

    I love your enthusiasm! Lady Bug Lace wishes the very best success with a little bit of lady bug luck!

    4 years ago

  • meoneil

    meoneil says:

    Congratulations all round. ♥

    4 years ago

  • sugarcookiedolls

    sugarcookiedolls says:

    Looking forward to a positive future!

    4 years ago

  • PaintspotsnSplinters

    PaintspotsnSplinters says:

    Congrats on your new role! Looking forward to great things from Etsy!

    4 years ago

  • ForsythiaHill

    ForsythiaHill says:

    Many congrats! I think because of all the growing pain technology problems over the last month Etsy should offer a FREE 24-hour period to renew previously unsold items (no .20 fee)! More items listed, more potential sales, wow - what's the downside - there is none. It's called "goodwill".

    4 years ago

  • CuteKiddoBoutique

    CuteKiddoBoutique says:

    Congrats Chad!! I am looking forward to the coming changes!

    4 years ago

  • btaylorquilts

    btaylorquilts says:

    Great work bringing Etsy to where it is technologically! Looking forward to seeing how things advance. It's always getting better! Congratulations, Chad, I'm so proud to be part of the Etsy community and your heartfelt letter means a lot. Thank you! Bre

    4 years ago

  • CBJudith

    CBJudith says:

    Can you separate the activity feed categores? LOL! I would like to join many circles, but feel inhibited to do so, since they just obliterate the other two categories (too much action) the other categories are lost! Anyway, I do want to say Congrats, and I look forward to seeing your input, on Etsy! Best Wishes, Judith

    4 years ago

  • Christine95693

    Christine95693 says:

    Well, as a relatively new seller (and longtime buyer) I wish you a successful transition to your new position. As others have stated they hope sales grow, I personally would like the first one. Lots of luck to you and all of us in the community.

    4 years ago

  • dabbledesigns

    dabbledesigns says:

    Etsy has changed all of our lives, I look forward to new and exciting changes!!

    4 years ago

  • jennyleefowler

    jennyleefowler says:

    Hey! Those are some mighty big shoes. THANKS for filling them :)

    4 years ago

  • misscoconut

    misscoconut says:

    Well, I hope you enjoy working as CEO! As a request, that multiple-shoppes-for-one-account promise is something I've been looking forward to. ;)

    4 years ago

  • elementalmojo

    elementalmojo says:

    Congratulations! I look forward to seeing what changes you'll make in your new role.

    4 years ago

  • GoRustic

    GoRustic says:

    Thanks so much Rob, and Congratulations to Chad!! I love Etsy and look forward to a bright future here. All the best, Veda

    4 years ago

  • HideaHeart

    HideaHeart says:

    Chad: Adding my voice to the many who offer congratulations. I have found being a part of the Etsy community one of the most satisfying and growing experiences of my 'middle age' life. I look forward to the "faster, purposeful and risk-taking" BLITZ-Du-Jour! Best Wishes for a Completely Successful CEO-ship! MCatherine

    4 years ago

  • denimsource

    denimsource says:

    We are very pleased with Etsy! We have begun pushing our entire vintage line exclusively on Etsy. This place just feels like home, thanks to all for the warm welcome. Here's to great success for sellers and continued success for this community. Denimsource

    4 years ago

  • FoundStudio

    FoundStudio says:

    Thanks for all your insights & hard work!!

    4 years ago

  • monkeypuzzledesigns

    monkeypuzzledesigns says:

    Congrat's on the new position in the company. I hope to see solutions to the repeated problems above. As a fairly new Etsy seller, I am also concerned with finding buyers who would purchase at a higher price point for those of us who are trying to price our items at what is necessary to try and make a go of it as a business. I look forward to the evolving future changes keeping the integrity of the company and what it represents. B Hevenor

    4 years ago

  • 1000jewels

    1000jewels says:

    Congratulations and best wishes for continued success--we look forward to many mutually beneficial years to come (and we keep rolling out more products targeted for/toward Etsy and Etsians). Keep up the great work.

    4 years ago

  • mrschadt

    mrschadt says:

    very optimistic and insightful. Looking forward to seeing how etsy evolves around your new leadership. Congrats.

    4 years ago

  • ElenaMary

    ElenaMary says:

    All best wishes to you, Chad in your new role with etsy..I second all recommendations made here..Please remember the majority of us are here to make some money and sales for me at least have been slow to non-existent..whatever you can do to improve sales would be most welcome!!..Circles and teams and treasuries are fine and dandy but in my experience they do not lead to sales..please help us help etsy and improve our ability to SELL!

    4 years ago

  • ArtByIris

    ArtByIris says:

    Etsy is awesome. I just wish more people knew about it, but when Etsy is mentioned, most people say: 'What?'... Even HERE in NYC, where Etsy's headquarters is located, most people never heard of the name. I wish Etsy was a household name, just as everyone knows what ebay is. Many of the people who have heard about Etsy are either artisans/artists, or people close to them, people who know somebody who sells on Etsy. The problem is that not enough people come here to SHOP for great handmade articles, although there is so much original, amazing art offered here. If you could address this issue, Chad, we will all be very grateful. Good luck with your new position!

    4 years ago

  • JADaBathandBody

    JADaBathandBody says:

    Congratulations. Onwards and upwards, and success to all here

    4 years ago

  • SunkenTreasureJewels

    SunkenTreasureJewels says:

    Dear Chad, Congratulations on your new position. May you go from strength to strength. Please remember that engineers and artisans think differently. Some of the new technical changes have really upset the flow of Etsy, especially the search features. I wish you success in your new role.

    4 years ago

  • DeeVoo

    DeeVoo says:

    Wonderful to have you! I love Etsy, I owe everything to Etsy... One day when I am on TV, I plan on giving credit where its due :-)

    4 years ago

  • SiameseTwists

    SiameseTwists says:

    Congrats to you!

    4 years ago

  • StoneDesignsbySheila

    StoneDesignsbySheila says:

    Can't wait to see what you have in store for us! I love all the new changes.

    4 years ago

  • KayLeverton

    KayLeverton says:

    From here in the U.K. loving Etsy so here's to greater things and 'meeting' more lovely people in your shops and mine.

    4 years ago

  • StoneDesignsbySheila

    StoneDesignsbySheila says:

    Congrats! I love all the new changes at Etsy and can't wait to see what you have in store for us.My sales have been pretty awesome lately!

    4 years ago

  • missmagpiesshoppe

    missmagpiesshoppe says:

    Blessings to you, and I'm looking forward to seeing Etsy getting better and better. Congratulations!

    4 years ago

  • ShannonCraft

    ShannonCraft says:

    Congratulations Chad! :) and Blessings too

    4 years ago

  • oldetymemarketplace

    oldetymemarketplace says:

    Exciting times for Etsy!!! Best of Luck to you in your new role. I am recently new{ active in selling} on Etsy and am completely happy with how my shop has been received. It would be so nice ~ in the future if Etsy provided a way for sellers to see if they have been featured in any way on the home page. Many thanks for all you have done already! Etsy is great!

    4 years ago

  • thriftage

    thriftage says:

    I'm excited about the future here at Etsy too. Good luck!

    4 years ago

  • 1601tonyh

    1601tonyh says:

    congrats to you & many years good health(body & mind). please remember all who sell vintage & found objects..

    4 years ago

  • swankness

    swankness says:

    Congratulations! Etsy is so wonderful, I also look forward to the future here.

    4 years ago

  • thefortunatehome

    thefortunatehome says:

    Congratulations! I look forward to seeing your new ideas!

    4 years ago

  • sweetlynetreasures

    sweetlynetreasures says:

    Best of luck, Chad! I've been on Etsy about one year now, and it has been an absolutely wonderful experience!

    4 years ago

  • PrairiePrimitives

    PrairiePrimitives says:

    Congratulations on your promotion! I look forward to hearing more about your new ideas for Etsy!

    4 years ago



    Congrat's it a pleasure to be apart of Etsy Marketplace! Thank you!

    4 years ago

  • greenboat

    greenboat says:

    Congratulations! I've been consistently impressed with Etsy, and with every change since I opened my shop - looking forward to more!

    4 years ago

  • Livingatnight

    Livingatnight says:

    Thanks for all that work. What a good time to be here. I'd joined almost 3 yrs ago but had already made a commitment to Worldstock on Overstock. My collaborative of artesans grew and then ended as everyone went their way, and I've just come back to Etsy with my little shop. I'm ready for the kind of super-inspired market place you have in mind and want to share.

    4 years ago

  • missouribendstudio

    missouribendstudio says:

    Looking forward to being part of Etsy's's an amazing place. Cheers!

    4 years ago

  • trinketsnh

    trinketsnh says:

    Congrats and thanks! :)

    4 years ago

  • StarryNightDesign

    StarryNightDesign says:

    Congratulations to you! I look forward to the next chapter and am happy to be part of this wonderful community

    4 years ago

  • art4ear

    art4ear says:

    Congratulations! Hope you can find new ways to attract many new buyers. A fine art category would be more than appreciated, Thanks!

    4 years ago

  • CRBoggsDesigns

    CRBoggsDesigns says:

    Congradulations Chad...its been an amazing journey that has truly helped launch my business world wide. I have Etsy to thank for that. I hope to see some improvements but overall, its been so much fun, I hardly think of what else it could use...:)

    4 years ago

  • ProbablePossible

    ProbablePossible says:

    please, Chad, help etsy remember once more that the internet opens a global market to sellers. if we can't get our product out of this country via etsy, we will find another site to give our money to.

    4 years ago

  • june2six

    june2six says:

    I am very excited to be part of a community that cares about each others success. Can't wait for more positive changes!

    4 years ago

  • zillows

    zillows says:

    I tell everyone I encounter about Etsy. I love being part of this community!

    4 years ago

  • BlissfullyWired

    BlissfullyWired says:

    So inspiring, I love how it has grown and you never know who you are gong to meet in this creative it. You all rock!!!!

    4 years ago

  • artaboutlife

    artaboutlife says:

    Congratulations Chad! Looking forward to seeing some great changes.

    4 years ago

  • JuliaWilliamson

    JuliaWilliamson says:

    I'm relatively new to etsy and I look forward to growing with you!

    4 years ago

  • dancinglightstudio

    dancinglightstudio says:

    Welcome Chad-- I would like to see the Alchemy come back-- please? It is where the majority of my custom work was found. Thanks!!! I know I am not alone on this. Many, many seller miss it. Not the resellers, just the genuine one of a kind sellers.

    4 years ago

  • lunamia

    lunamia says:

    All the best to you and to this great place, awesome etsy.

    4 years ago

  • resupplies

    resupplies says:

    Just the reason I needed to restart. I have had my shops on hold for about 6 months --congrats. very excited that I can take labs/classes at 3 am when I am free working nights placed havik on me doing labs in the early mornings.

    4 years ago

  • missenpieces

    missenpieces says:

    Congratulations Chad on this new position...our future at ETSY is in your hands.

    4 years ago

  • TheScrapBasket

    TheScrapBasket says:

    Congratulations, Chad! And thank you Rob for starting this business.

    4 years ago

  • AlpineGypsy

    AlpineGypsy says:

    I'm totally stoked to be part of Etsy, so I'd like to throw my thanks in to Rob as well, and say congrats Chad! Heidi

    4 years ago

  • squaredup

    squaredup says:

    Heavens to Etsy!

    4 years ago

  • jillverbick

    jillverbick says:

    Congrats to you and wishes for much success and joy in your work. It is truly appreciated by those of us who love and need the Etsy marketplace.

    4 years ago

  • SpiralsandSpice

    SpiralsandSpice says:

    The best to you, Chad, in your new position. Sounds like we are in capable hands. The Etsy staff does wonderful work and keeps us all so well informed. It is a wonderful world....this place called Etsy! :-)

    4 years ago

  • Princecharming2046
  • aFabricDay

    aFabricDay says:

    Congratulations Chad! We look ahead to you leading and transforming Etsy to added vibrant yet cosy and profitable marketplace for all sellers!

    4 years ago

  • corderart

    corderart says:

    Looking forward to a good year with Etsy

    4 years ago

  • Paper2Roses

    Paper2Roses says:

    Congratulations Chad!

    4 years ago

  • VaVaVoomByNikkiDanby

    VaVaVoomByNikkiDanby says:

    Thank you for your heartfelt letter. Etsy is a phenomenol world...I love feeling connected with other definitely relieves some of the isolation of my creative process! I think everyone would agree Etsy is a wonderful forum for selling and for artisans, in particular. I love it! All the best to you and Etsy in the future.

    4 years ago

  • RouDesigns

    RouDesigns says:

    Congratulations Chad!

    4 years ago

  • UrbanAurora

    UrbanAurora says:

    I just want to say Thank you to Rob Kalin, you and the entire Etsy Team, You have helped to make my dreams come True!!!!

    4 years ago

  • izzyredsboutiques

    izzyredsboutiques says:

    Congratulations Chad! Thanks so much for all that each of you do to make this such a great website and so much more! I can't begin to tell you how much etsy means to me! It's one of the most fun and profitable things that I have ever done! And to be able to do it from home is lots of icing on my cake! Just the way I like it! Wishing each one of you all of God's best as you continue to grow and develop to make things even more great!

    4 years ago

  • Onaivlas

    Onaivlas says:

    Congrats!.....Looking forward to more great things to come on Etsy!

    4 years ago

  • TechBeadazzled

    TechBeadazzled says:

    Congratulations Chad! You're sincere enthusiasm makes me feel positive for the future! Good luck with your new role.

    4 years ago

  • vixjewellery

    vixjewellery says:

    Chad - congratulations and best of luck in your new role.

    4 years ago

  • ProninA

    ProninA says:

    Congratulations Chad! I believe in Etsy!!! Etsy is the Best! Congratulations for continued success ... for all of us.

    4 years ago

  • StrangePuppy

    StrangePuppy says:

    Congratulations and Good luck to you. I'm slowly moving away from selling on Etsy because it is just too crowded. At first it was a peaceful happy alternative to the greed and mayhem that was (is) ebay, but I suppose like all good things... Well, enjoy your new situation, I know you are all trying, and I have high hopes for the future, I'll be watching from the shadows... Cheers, Pam

    4 years ago

  • stephaniemonroe

    stephaniemonroe says:

    Thanks Rob and congrats and good luck Chad! Etsy is slowly opening new doors for me and I hope it continues to support the artists behind all the beautiful work. Let's make it happen! *Brooklyn hi-five.*

    4 years ago

  • toolisjewelry

    toolisjewelry says:

    Congratulations :) All the best at your new role!!

    4 years ago

  • Storeyshop

    Storeyshop says:

    Congratulations, Chad!

    4 years ago

  • nauli

    nauli says:

    Congratulations Chad and thank you for your work! Thank you whole Etsy... We really love you!

    4 years ago

  • racfranz

    racfranz says:

    "Etsy is a marketplace of personal stories and connections"... for this I like it so much. thank you and congratulations. Great post!

    4 years ago

  • loretta9243

    loretta9243 says:

    Congratulations Chad. Onward and upward! Thank you so much for all of your hard work!

    4 years ago

  • judyg623

    judyg623 says:

    Congratulations Chad, I am getting ready to open my first shop on Etsy and am very nervous. Guess that makes 2 of us.

    4 years ago

  • KokoroForLife

    KokoroForLife says:

    Congrats Chad!! Love being part of Etsy's artistic community!

    4 years ago

  • susanadrt

    susanadrt says:

    beautiful post... etsy is really a special! The way it allows people all over the world to express themselves and sell their art is really awesome!

    4 years ago

  • aquarius247

    aquarius247 says:

    Congratulations.......I love your attitude.

    4 years ago

  • CLWPottery

    CLWPottery says:

    You sound energetic and ready to really push Etsy forward in a great way. Best of luck to you and all of the Etsy sellers!

    4 years ago

  • KansasKardsStudio

    KansasKardsStudio says:

    Congatulations, Chad. I really enjoy Etsy.

    4 years ago

  • KansasKardsStudio

    KansasKardsStudio says:

    Congrats, Chad. I really enjoy Etsy.

    4 years ago

  • thepurselady1

    thepurselady1 says:

    Congrats and glad to hear of new and exciting ways. AND..... I noticed on the many comments, that people responded to your letter 5 days ago. I just got the email from Etsy today, July 27. I always seem to get news after everyone else has gotten it. I wonder why this is?? Does anyone have an answer to that?? Also, 4 sales in 2 years is pathetic. My purses are adorable and lots of people look at them. I sell lots of them at local sales. I haven't posted more as what is the point. They sell faster at sales than online. Guess it's the economy, or tons of items online. I have lots of tags.

    4 years ago

  • JVincentFitz

    JVincentFitz says:

    Congratulations.... I'm still learning how to sell on-line.... it ain't easy!

    4 years ago

  • TejasVintage

    TejasVintage says:

    Congratulations! I am looking forward to the future and hopefully a long and lasting partnership with Etsy!

    4 years ago

  • Onsie

    Onsie says:

    Beautifully put. Congrats! I am new to Etsy, but have a love for it. I do not sell anything,yet. I have learned a great deal from other sellers and bloggers on the website. Thank you etsy for everything.

    4 years ago

  • rosecottageboutique2

    rosecottageboutique2 says:

    Congrats Chad! You'll do great! Etsy is GREAT and Etsians are GREAT! Together we will all make it even GREATER!!! :) Looking forward to the future!! :) Thank you for all your hard work at Etsy!!

    4 years ago

  • foreverflowersbyamy

    foreverflowersbyamy says:

    Hello, I hope you actually read this and I am not wasting my time. Your best improvements will come from your sellers' comments. I spend most of my non-creating time working on my shop and marketing it. It's a big part of my life and I enjoy it very much. I am concerned about resellers for the reasons stated before and also because there are so many sellers it's hard to get noticed. We don't need thieves glutting up the marketplace. I am just now beginning to sell regularly. I would love it if people did not have to be members to buy because many people who know or contact me from other places refuse to go through the hassle of becoming a member. They go to my shop ready to buy but then have to go back and figure out how to join in order to make a purchase and then get back to my shop. Not everyone is computer savvy. I sell these pieces separately but much prefer going through etsy. Also I would like to be able to write a brief note above each section of my shop. There are different things I want to tell buyers for each category. Also I would like to be able to rearrange in different sections. I know these things will help my sales. Your pages for buyers are confusing for many. It just seems to me that the whole thing needs to be simplified. On most sites, you go on, see a clear way to find what you want and then make your purchase. I like the shop setup on Etsy and the easy way to list items. And I like the contact with other sellers. The circles have helped me find great shops to browse. Also, it is tacky and annoying for people to write me for "liking" their items or shop and then send me a convo trying to get me to buy. I think this should be clear in etsy etiquette. If it is , I haven't seen it. What do you mean by going faster? Sounds scary to me. If you actually read these comments I would like you to let us know that you have. It would bring more community feeling and trust to know you are listening. Good luck to you and to all of us.

    4 years ago

  • DairyFarmAntiques

    DairyFarmAntiques says:

    Congratulations, and many thanks to you and your team for making Etsy technology what it is today. I am so happy to be a seller (and a buyer!) on Etsy. You are right, the personal stories and connections between the sellers, buyers and the community are what makes Etsy special. I have learned so much from the forums and teams. I am constantly amazed how at how helpful everyone is. Looking forward to working with you in the future.

    4 years ago

  • AngelLeighDesigns

    AngelLeighDesigns says:

    Congratulations, I too am amazed at my own possibilities and what Etsy does. I do also have to echo Darvix, Mssuzie, Mentalembellisher and others and ask for our chat back. I had all good experiences in chat, and got a lot of really great advice about tech and policy stuff, and general cheering. I have written to the livechat admin folks a couple of times, but it does seem inefficient for them to answer (undoubtedly) the same questions over and over. Seems like chat really worked for the sellers, but also for the admin, too. with hope and excitement, angela

    4 years ago

  • ArtigianoJewelBox

    ArtigianoJewelBox says:

    Best wishes... like many, I'm looking forward to seeing what is in store as Etsy continues to evolve. As the philosopher says, the only constant is change...

    4 years ago

  • shoppolkadots

    shoppolkadots says:

    Congrats and thank you for introducing us to Mary. Wishing you happiness, Katherine

    4 years ago

  • romyandclare

    romyandclare says:

    Congratulations! We have been thrilled with our etsy experience and we are looking forward to the ride into the future. Bring it on! Cheers! Romy and Clare

    4 years ago

  • TheHilltopShop

    TheHilltopShop says:

    Etsy is a great avenue to sell one's ware. The cost is low, the exposure high. And if you present your item with decent pics, describe it accurately, (even if it is in poor condition) and set a reasonable price, you will be successful on Etsy. The new listing format is so incredibly simple & easy! I love it! Thanks to Rob for all you have done for us! And Best Wishes to Chad!

    4 years ago

  • davincisattic

    davincisattic says:

    We wish you great success Chad! As for you Etsian Sellers; creative geniuses that you are, we wish you continued creativity and mucho sales this year. Donna and Len :)

    4 years ago

  • FreshRetroGallery

    FreshRetroGallery says:

    I've been a seller since November and find this biz rather fascinating. Lots of cogs in the Etsy wheel keep it going and a squeeze of fresh oil keep it running smoothly. Thanks, Chad, for the interesting article about Etsy. I hadn't read much about it since I initially saw mention of it in a PAPER magazine a couple years ago which led me to check it out on Wikipedia, browse a bit and then take the plunge. The water is fine!

    4 years ago

  • SantaBarbaraCreation

    SantaBarbaraCreation says:

    I have been a member since May, 2011 and enjoy participating...... especially as I am 91 years young! Etsy provides a wonderful way to keep in touch with what's happening in the outside world. Many good wishes for your future success, Chad, and for Etsy's, too. Sheila

    4 years ago

  • CreativeArtStudios

    CreativeArtStudios says:

    Congratulations, Chad! You sound like a great match for this very rewarding job. I have been really enjoying my time spent here on Etsy with my customers. All the best! Judy

    4 years ago

  • ApplewoodHandwovens

    ApplewoodHandwovens says:

    I've been with ETSY long enough to see tremendous growth... I appreciate the opportunities I've had and believe we will have many more... Congratulations and Thank You for the genuine interest in your job, we'll all benefit.

    4 years ago

  • finefeatheredfinds

    finefeatheredfinds says:

    Congratulations and good luck to you Chad. I know tv advertising is expensive, but worthwhile. Maybe those of us that are willing could contribute a small percentage of their sales for a month and have Etsy use that money to run a television advertising campaign. I've noticed that most people I meet have never even heard of Etsy.

    4 years ago

  • BehindMyPicketFence

    BehindMyPicketFence says:

    I'm still relatively new to Etsy (Feb of 2011) and I grow more and more excited to be here and even more to discover all the amazing shops! Congratulations to you, Chad! Thank you for providing the outlet for all of us to come together and feed our creativity! Melody

    4 years ago

  • SempreLeather

    SempreLeather says:

    Well this is my first reply to a blog on Etsy! Congratulations to you Chad on your new position! I am always so excited to be a part of this community and I look forward to all the great things that come from Etsy everyday to my inbox. It's such an innovative marketplace, with so many very talented individuals. I wish I had all day to just browse around! Thanks to everyone at Etsy and all shop owners for their great contributions to what I call the most exciting place to be on the internet! Kim

    4 years ago

  • halfmad

    halfmad says:

    Curious to read about the percentage of women in lead roles at Etsy!

    4 years ago

  • PeriniDesigns

    PeriniDesigns says:

    Mr. Kalin, a big thank you for starting and growing Etsy. I love this marketplace. :) Mr. Dickerson, you are charged with the next chapter of Etsy. Good Luck!

    4 years ago

  • myplacetoyours

    myplacetoyours says:

    A huge thank you to Mr. Kalin for birthing Etsy and caring for her through the infant and toddler years. Mr. Dickerson, pure now charged with helping her grow up. Beware: teenage years ahead. You'll have to be paying close attention to everything to be sure Etsy makes it through those years of big decisions. It will be very important to get to know her friends and listen to them. Good luck. Parenting is tough some days so hang in there! BTW... THIS friend hopes there is a shipping calculator in her NEAR future - pleeease!

    4 years ago

  • jewels50

    jewels50 says:

    Congrat's I believe in you!!!

    4 years ago

  • thegiftoffiber

    thegiftoffiber says:

    Congratulations and good luck. Please keep in mind that there are still thousands of us using dial up computers as we do not have access to high speed, going forward does not mean for everyone faster and more technical. . I love the basic set of Etsy, and having the ability to set up my shop the way I want. There are some wonderful features making it easy for the seller and the buyer I agree also with those who wish to keep Etsy artistic and individual. Do not be so concerned with making a living from selling that the shops are turned into mass productions.

    4 years ago

  • cupandpenny

    cupandpenny says:

    I look forward to hearing more about planned improvements!

    4 years ago

  • creativepebbles

    creativepebbles says:

    Nice article. I like your philosophy. Congratulations and I wish you great success:)

    4 years ago

  • RopeStoneJewelry

    RopeStoneJewelry says:

    Congratulations! Much success to you means much success to us the sellers here on etsy!

    4 years ago

  • vintagemaison

    vintagemaison says:

    Congratulations - I hope Etsy goes from strength to strength.

    4 years ago

  • PreciousPastimes

    PreciousPastimes says:

    Congratulations! I feel very optimistic and look forward to positive changes, increased sales, and a bright future for all of us independent business owners on Etsy! :-)

    4 years ago

  • happysunrisetoday

    happysunrisetoday says:

    Welcome to the helm Chad! Please help stop the resellers from watering down the beauty of Etsy. It's like the Walmarts of the world trying to take over the local Art Galleries and Cobblers shops! As most of these crafters see it, it's your most important assignment to keep Etsy running and keeping the "real" crafters here.

    4 years ago

  • pinkadrenaline1

    pinkadrenaline1 says:

    I am really happy that etsy is doing well these days, where I live the economy is not great. It is awesome to have support from a thriving community elsewhere!! Thanks everybody!!

    4 years ago

  • studioB123

    studioB123 says:

    Congratulations Chad. I am looking forward to the day that when I say to someone, "you can go to my etsy site and check out my stuff ", and they don't say, "etsy....what's that?"

    4 years ago

  • peachga11

    peachga11 says:

    Congrats and can't wait to see what you have in store for Etsy!! I live in NC--yeay for the shout out!!

    4 years ago

  • HisDesign4me

    HisDesign4me says:

    Where did Rob go? I believe I read an article on him in guideposts or readers digest, recently. Congrats to you, Chad. I havent made a sale with Etsy, yet. But, it has only been two months. I can say that ive been given many tips by Etsy support, blogs, etc. I do believe it is my inexperience. I would like to see opportunity for more showcases at less expense to us newcomers. Let us find out if it works. If it does, we are surely willing to pay for showcases in future. So far, showcase didnt generate any sales. Sorry to sound negative. Like i said, i may need to do something different. I have no circles and am not sure how to join one. I applied for kansas city group. No answer, yet. I remain optimistic as i await my first of hopefully many sales. Let me know if you come to KANSAS CITY, MO! :-) There is an Etsy seller here! Lol

    4 years ago

  • ALTEREDsewFittingly

    ALTEREDsewFittingly says:

    >sniff...tear...I'm so proud! I've been a watcher, pursuing "an honorable technical career" and denying my inner artist... with all this amazingness going on around me... I love what they do! Thanks for your dedication! Now so many more can also DO what they LOVE! ...sooner or later, me, too!

    4 years ago

  • rubymountains

    rubymountains says:

    Great Job for all the techies at ETSY..... Thanks . Cheryl

    4 years ago

  • gussygreen

    gussygreen says:

    Congrats and looking forward to it!

    4 years ago

  • JoyBelleJewelry

    JoyBelleJewelry says:

    Congratulations! Definitely looking forward to improvements to make Etsy more functionally sound for sellers AND buyers. Cannot wait to see how you mold this company, Chad!

    4 years ago

  • CMarieAndCo

    CMarieAndCo says:

    Congratulations Chad. Thank you for all the hard work and support from the entire Etsy team! :)

    4 years ago

  • go2girl

    go2girl says:

    Congrats, looking forward to growing with Etsy.

    4 years ago

  • emilyverkow

    Emily Verkow from DarkQueenMarcelyne says:

    Congratulations. Now lets get on nabbing and banning all those RESELLERS! Its hard enough to craft your own items on your own budget. It isnt fair for non hand made items ( IE resold) To be rampant in this marketplace. Hope you get on that... Thanks Chad!

    3 years ago

  • Pipersons

    Pipersons from Pipersons says:

    Forget the dolphins, unless they are resellers or own a factory. It's the resellers and mass producers you need to turn your attention to, before this endeavour is a total joke.

    3 years ago

  • TheTwistedCrafts

    Kim Monroe from TheTwistedCrafts says:

    I'm sure it's exciting and all but you failed to mention how you plan on addressing the resellers and the 1990+ "vintage" sellers Those of us handcrafters and vintage sellers are paying our fees and abiding by the Etsy rules where these people prosper by lying to the general public and making them think that they hand crafted their factory mass produced products. Will this ever change?

    3 years ago

  • robinesavert
  • froufroubijou
  • Cuterbee

    Jodie says:

    Will you please fix the search function? I'd buy more if I could easily find stuff. And please get rid of the people who are putting "vintage" on non-vintage stuff. Good grief.

    3 years ago

  • candyann

    candyann from candyann says:

    Well its been a year and the reseller BS has only gotten worse and as far as I can tell the vintage section is in the same boat. One of the many reasons I stopped selling and buying on etsy, shame shame.

    3 years ago

  • Toenailsprinkles

    Ms. Faries. from SeasonAndEraVintage says:

    Nice. Maybe you can address the reseller issue now :) Man of us would love that.

    2 years ago

  • opendoorstudio

    Martha Layton Smith from opendoorstudio says:

    One year after the last comment... And I could not agree more!!! Please work with your teams to remember what the true creative focus of etsy was... And address the reseller issue. It is not the direction that many hoped to see when you took the helm. Please pay attention to your core sellers. Those who have worked for years to promote etsy and lead teams and build the brand! We have been unpaid embassadors for etsy and so many are now looking to other venues to fulfill the need etsy once did !

    1 year ago