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Our Favorite Etsy Engagement Rings

Oct 9, 2014

by Valerie Rains

The community of jewelers on Etsy is undeniably one of the site’s greatest strengths: countless metalsmiths, gem cutters and designers working at the highest levels of their craft account for some of Etsy’s most beloved shops (and populate Treasuries galore). Considering that brides-to-be are some of our most, ahem, engaged shoppers, it makes sense that there’s no better place than Etsy to search for unique wedding rings. Even better, many Etsy makers offer a sliding scale of customization, from limited-edition designs to one-off works of art to original commissions. That means every couple, on any budget, can find a totally special, unbelievably beautiful symbol of their commitment — to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, for all the rest of their days. Here are just a few of our favorite styles.

Antique Gems

There’s something poetic about marking your union with a ring that has already stood the test of time. Search using terms such as Victorian and Art Deco to hit the mother lode of heirloom-quality options.

Organic Shapes

Finding beauty in imperfection might just be the secret to a successful marriage. Consider these earthy, elegant styles a wearable daily reminder.

Modern and Minimalist

Celebrate a love that’s as simple as it is strong with a streamlined, understated design.

Diamond Alternatives

Etsy sellers don’t limit themselves to diamonds. Search the site for a whole rainbow of colorful twists on engagement rings.

The New Classics

Traditionalists, take heart. On Etsy, you’ll also find a wealth of gorgeous rings in timeless shapes — with all the sparkle you could ever want.

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