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Open Studio Tour: TheHouseOfMouse

Jan 28, 2009

by FrucciDesign handmade and vintage goods

In this Open Studio Tour series, we’ll be snooping around artists’ creative spaces, how they set them up, when, why…even how often they clean them! We really want to know all about our artists, and maybe get a bit of inspiration!

Today I’m visiting the Netherlands, where Anna of TheHouseOfMouse creates little felt mice full-time. She made her first mice as Christmas gifts for her family back in 2007, and they went over so well, she decided to open an Etsy shop. The first mouse was listed and sold the same day on March 8th, 2008!

Let’s have a look where the magic happens…

What’s your name and what kind of craft do you do?
My name is Anna and I make little felt mouse ornaments. My mice are inspired by jobs and hobbies, movies, special occasions, famous people, monsters and just about anything that grabs my imagination. Each little mouse has his or her own personality and character.

When did you decide that you needed a studio?
Even as a kid I always had a space in my room for making things. The need for a studio came when I discovered my collection of materials and tools could take up a whole room all by themselves! My crafting studio was previously a painting studio, because before I started TheHouseOfMouse I was a professional oil painter. Anyone who paints with oils will know that it is a smelly process, all that turpentine and spirits does not make for an aromatic experience. My husband quickly designated a room for my painting just so he could close the door and escape the smells coming from it. Once TheHouseOfMouse took over my imagination, I re-organized the painting studio into a crafting room (fewer easels, more tables). Recently, I put up lots of shelves to store my ever-increasing stock of mice and materials for making them.

Did the studio set up impact your crafter budget?
Not really, it is made up of a collection of old bits of furniture and boxes I had lying around. I believe in recycling and reusing whenever possible. I also try to avoid spending money unless I have to. I did splash out on a laptop for my studio last week, but that was from some of my profits over the run up to Christmas. I see it more as a Christmas bonus than a dent in the budget.

How big is your studio?
It is about 4 by 3 meters (13 by 10 feet) with a slanting roof on one side, as it is up in the top of the house. It’s not large, but it’s more than enough space for one person to work.

Which is your favorite tool in your studio?
This is a tricky question, because the tools you need to make a mouse are very simple. I don’t exactly have a favorite needle or pair of scissors! I do have some custom tools I ordered, including a custom seal to use on my certificates of authenticity, I also have a couple of custom stamps from terbearco that I use on my shipping boxes. I love them because they add a little something extra to my product and packaging.

Do you want to share with us one secret of your studio?
While I am sewing a new mouse, it tells me a little story. The story is usually about the things he or she likes to do or see. This only ever happens when I am working alone in my studio — they are shy around other people until they’re finished and they have their whiskers in.

How many hours do you normally spend in your studio?
I work on my business for at least 10 hours a day. It used to be 16 hours a day but I am trying to find some balance between work and home this year, so I am cutting back. Not all of the 10 hours is spent in my studio unfortunately. I need to spend time promoting my store online and off, packing shipping boxes and waiting in line at the post office. I also have to go shopping for supplies (which of course I love). I probably spend between 4 and 8 hours a day in my studio now.

Do you share your studio with someone or would you like to do so?
No thanks! I had to share studio space during my years in University, when I was studying for my Fine Art degree, and I really didn’t enjoy it. Although, of course I had no say in whom I shared with! My studio “buddies” included a tone-deaf guy who liked to whistle to the music on his iPod, and a teenage girl who never stopped talking. Both made it impossible to concentrate, and put me off the idea of sharing a studio unless I had to.  I work much better on my own, I can listen to the music I want to and I can be in my own creative bubble. That’s perfect for me.

Is there anything you would add to your working space?
I love to add new bits of art from Etsy to my studio space. I have a beautiful print by yalipaz and a wonderful recycled clock from foundbrooklyn, which I love. I think any additional things for my studio will be aesthetic; I have all the tools I will need for a long time!

If you had to choose one synonym for your studio, which one would you pick: atelier, family room, lair, lodge, nest, playroom, retreat, sanctuary, shelter, darkroom, or showroom and why?
I think “nest” would describe it best. Like a magpie, I collect all kinds of jewels and treasures to put in it. I am creating my little mice, which will one day “fly the nest” to their new owners all over the world.

And last but not least how often do you clean it?
I clean up my desk each night when I am finished for the day, and the whole studio gets vacuumed once a week.  If my space is cluttered, my mind is cluttered. Because I am dyslexic, I rely on organization to keep me sane.

Anything else you’d like to add?
If you would like to read more about TheHouseOfMouse, and get your chance to vote for the next new mouse in my store please check out my blog.

Thank you Anna, until next studio snooping, ciao!

If you have an interesting studio or workspace and some tips to share, comment below and you may be next in our  Open Studio Tour series!


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    TheCottageCheese said 8 years ago

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    mulberrymoose said 8 years ago

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    rakubuttons said 8 years ago

    Go Anna! Note also she is one of the nicest persons I ever encountered on etsy. Talented, savvy, diplomatic, smart. She is our team SASsy leader.

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    pinksnakejewelry said 8 years ago

    Great article! ...and the Mice are just adorable! All the Best!

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    cheriebeadle said 8 years ago

    Great Article!!! I love the wall of baggies with your supplies in it. I might use that idea but with jars of beads and supplies. However we just had a huge flood two days ago and my studio which is in the basement was totally flooded by water, sand and mud. I have to look on the bright side at least I can start from scratch and redesign the space for all my creative projects. I would love to have them come check out my unveiling of my new and improved studio!!!

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    memoriesandmayhem said 8 years ago

    Excellent story. I am new to Etsy but have been making 80cm calico dolls for a LOT of years and people laugh at me when I tell them the DOLL tells me which colour dress or apron she wants made for her! It was great to see another crafter "communicating" with her creations! This article is really prompting me to "get my act together" and get my dolls made and up on Etsy! Congratulations on an excellent workspace also!

  • greavesdesign

    greavesdesign said 8 years ago

    this is such a great idea for a series. I love seeing people's work spaces and House of Mouse is a joy. I totally understand about not wanting to share a studio space! it is where the creativity can flow and that it generally a solitary time. I would love to open the door to my studio... I have such beautiful findings I use in my work and I love gathering vintage storage pieces to organize them in! I also have bought some special pieces of art off Etsy to adorn my walls. It's become my sanctuary...

  • esmeraldadesigns

    esmeraldadesigns said 8 years ago

    Aww, love this story! Hey admin, I'd love to show Etsy community where I work-I have a really really magical sanctuary of a studio in my old sears robuck house on the north shire of Long Island look at these images

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    BirdWingProductions said 8 years ago

    What a GREAT story! It's so inspiring to see another artist carve her own space out in the world. Bravo!! I'm lucky enough to have a space of my own which I bleed, sweat, and cry to keep. It's so full of good energy and creativity that it's become part of how I define myself as an artist. As you might imagine, I need quite a bit of space for all these lamps; my studio is in an old school house in Kittery, Maine and they're piled high in every corner. I would LOVE the opportunity to share it with the Etsy community!

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    1dream said 8 years ago

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    1CardCreator said 8 years ago

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    thyme4creating said 8 years ago

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    sewjoy said 8 years ago

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    atticusfinchnz said 8 years ago

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  • GoldenSilhouette

    GoldenSilhouette said 8 years ago

    I love seeing others' studios! Mine began at the kitchen table, like so many others. But then it took over a corner of my bedroom: just an old door, painted white and mounted onto a handmade base by my ever-so-crafty husband--you might call it his wedding gift to me! A few months passed before I outgrew the space and my husband told me that the sound of the printer wasn't helping him sleep at night. However, all the late night hours in my esty shop helped us save up enough money to buy a house with one entire bedroom devoted to my's like a dream come true.

  • tanyap

    tanyap said 8 years ago

    This is super fun :) I love seeing the way other people work! I wish I could be disciplined enough to clan it every night. I heart that wall of ribbon baggies!!!

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    beckykazana said 8 years ago

    I think a peek into someone's studio tells so much about them and their creative process. What a great interview! Thanks.

  • JenniferDowney

    JenniferDowney said 8 years ago

    I LOVE seeing other artist's studios, and hearing about their processes, so thanks so much for this series!! This artist's mice are adorable, and I especially loved the "assembly line" photo with them all lined up :) I am lucky to have a great studio space in a wonderful building that has had previous lives as a stamp & coin dealership, an oven factory, and who knows what else. In its entirety, the building is around 6,000 sq ft., and has an arching redwood roof, exposed brick walls and many skylights. My space within the building is an upstairs studio (we call it the "garrett studio"), that's sectioned off for privacy and quiet. I have my own skylight, a tall ceiling, space for my drawing table and easels, room for my source material "collections" (bones, twigs, driftwood, feathers, skulls, bark, dried flowers etc.), and a little couch tucked away in the corner for naps. My ongoing challenge is consistently protecting my studio time from all of life's interruptions. My tips, to that effect, are: 1. Set regular hours (gasp--a schedule!) and make the utmost effort to stick to them. It really does make a difference. 2. Even if you're not feeling particularly inspired, still "show up." You can always tidy up, do mindless busy work, etc., but showing up keeps you grounded in your artistic practice. 3. Your studio is a place for inspiration! Tack up images, sketches, quotes, photos, whatever gets your creative juices flowing. 4. If possible, separate your "business space" (computer, shipping stuff, paperwork) from your creative space. Even if it just means that you tuck your computer behind a standing screen divider, there's an energy thing about keeping the spaces separate. 5. Have fun! In the midst of deadlines and projects, sometimes it's hard to remember, but that's what it's all about right?

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