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Open Studio Tour: Something’s Hiding in Here

Nov 21, 2011

by somethingshidinghere handmade and vintage goods

In our Open Studio Tour series, we step inside the creative spaces of fellow Etsians to see where their process begins. This is a chance to get to know your fellow makers and perhaps find inspiration for your own studio!

What’s your name and what what do you make?
Hello there, we’re Shauna and Stephen. After meeting in art school, we began collaborating by making gifts for friends. Five years later, our creative partnership has developed into multiple brands, including “Something’s Hiding in Here,” “The Original Mustache on a Stick,” and “Forage Bow Ties.”

Stephen and Shauna.

Where is your studio located?
We live and work in a loft space located in an old tire factory in Philadelphia, PA.

When did you decide that you needed a studio?
Ever since art school, we’ve always had studios in our living space. We tend to work around the clock, so it makes sense for us.

Did you have to make any personal sacrifices to create your studio?
We don’t have a typical apartment — other than a bed and sofa, every part of our loft is working space.

A few years ago we got a small proofing press and started printing our own packaging. Before long, we were addicted to the history and process of letterpress and decided to make space in the studio for our very own print shop.

Which is your favorite tool in your workspace?
Our favorite tool in the print shop is a late 19th century paragon paper cutter. It was a Craigslist find that we rescued from a basement.

How many hours do you normally spend in your studio?
If we’re not sleeping, we’re working! Literally.

Is there anything you would add to your working space?
We’re always looking for new tools. For the print shop, we’d love to add a 8″x 12″ C&P press, Kingsley hot foil stamper, industrial floor model corner rounder….the list goes on and on.

Our next big project is the space above our print shop. We’re planning to turn it into a photography studio with light kits, a copy stand, backdrops, props, and a computer for photo editing.

What object in your studio inspires you the most?
The vintage lead and wood type we’ve collected is a constant source of inspiration. We prefer to hand-set all of our designs using vintage type rather than designing on the computer and having polymer plates made. Reacting to the type in our collection causes us to be thoughtful problem solvers, and I think the designs reflect that.

Is there something in your studio that has a great story?
Everything has a great story! When we started setting up the print shop we committed to searching for antique furniture, equipment and tools. Everything from the pencil sharpener to the desk have a history — bringing these things back to life inspires us!

If you have an interesting studio or workspace, share it with us on the Etsy Open Studio Tour Flickr pool, and you may be next in our Open Studio Tour post!


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