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A Jewelry Lover’s Guide to Citrine

Oct 31, 2019

by Rachel Mosely

A carpet of crunchy golden leaves. The last few fiery moments of a saturated sunset. A piping hot mug of your favorite spiced cider. With its quintessentially autumnal yellow-orange hue, it’s hard to imagine a more fitting birthstone for November than showstopping citrine. The perfect complement to a jewel-toned fall wardrobe, this luminous gem adds a pop of warmth and radiance to any ensemble. Get your glow on with our lineup of stunning citrine picks below.

Citrine studs and necklace set from Embers Gemstone Jewellery
SHOP: Citrine studs and necklace set from Embers Gemstone Jewellery, from $36

Classic enough to please even the most old-school jewelry collector, this gift-worthy citrine set stands out for its subtly textured setting, which beautifully reflects the light. Take home the necklace or studs separately, or scoop up both and prepare to dazzle.

Vintage citrine and diamond cocktail ring from KK Vintage Collection
SHOP: Vintage citrine and diamond cocktail ring from KK Vintage Collection, $333

From the base of its intricate gold filigree band to the tip of its Art Deco-inspired setting, this vintage citrine and diamond cocktail ring exudes elegance. And thanks to the extra-durable combination of stones (citrine and diamond both clock in among the toughest gems around) this instant heirloom also happens to be well-suited for everyday wear.

A smattering of suspended gold leaf flakes may lend these acrylic drop earrings a dreamy snow-globe effect, but the luxe raw citrine slabs anchoring each statement-maker radiate a decidedly toasty vibe.

Asymmetrical citrine choker from Robin Woodard
SHOP: Asymmetrical citrine choker from Robin Woodard, from $52

Put a sophisticated spin on any outfit with this sculptural take on the ‘90s accessory that’s made a roaring comeback. Featuring two distinctive citrine stones (one larger and unfinished, the other smaller and finely faceted) this asymmetrical choker is available in a gold-filled, sterling silver, or brass finish.

Citrine and opal bracelet from Artique Boutique
SHOP: Citrine and opal bracelet from Artique Boutique, $104

October and November are two peas in an autumn pod, and opals and citrines—their respective birthstones—make an equally dynamic duo. Case in point: this dainty bracelet, comprised of a multi-hued string of petite opals, a mixed-metal pair of chains, and last but certainly not least, a brilliant citrine centerpiece.

Citrine at home

Warm up your abode with amber glass accents and golden textiles.

Glass and textile home decor accents from Etsy
SHOP (clockwise from top left): Stained-glass moon wall hanging from Szklo Glass, $75; quilted wall hanging from Vacilando Quilting, $200; chunky knit blanket from Cup of Tea, $126; vintage wine glasses from Otherwise, $68 for six

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  • vrwlwcja

    Lu Lu from Vol4iwa said 1 year ago

    Such a collection is very during! Just passed the consultation with the stylist and she advised not to be afraid of many accessories. Sent to look out for beautiful jewelry on her neck. That 's luck!

  • opuqwht8

    Rita from MagicJamByRita said 1 year ago

    I love jewelry! Especially asymmetric choker captivated me!

  • TreasuredMemoryLane

    Sujata from TreasuredMemoryLane said 1 year ago

    Beautifyl pieces of jewelry! And the color citrine is perfect for the month of november. Thnaks for sharing!

  • mascollected

    Carol from MasCollected said 1 year ago

    Congrats to all featured! A big thank you to Rachel! The included vintage ring and vintage stemmed glasses complement a dazzling handmade collection. From your superb assemblage to your pitch perfect writing, you've put the golden glow in my day today!

  • unrqwr1g

    Solomiia Tepla from UnicornBeadsArt said 1 year ago

    This stone really brings to mind warm and cozy autumn! Great for November birthstone!

  • bedouin

    Nicole from KarmaCodeOne said 1 year ago

    So beautiful ~ Great selections ! Love that fresh Stained-glass moon wall hanging from Szklo Glass.

  • mendllbp

    Posh Park from PoshPark said 1 year ago

    stunning collection! Congratulations on the feature :)

  • VintageRoseShop

    Joanne Poore from ArtiqueBoutiqueShop said 1 year ago

    Thank you so much for including my Citrine & Opal Bracelet in this gorgeous line up!!


    LOVEnLAVISH from LOVEnLAVISH said 1 year ago


  • ml0lycop

    Anastasia from MypartyboxPrintable said 1 year ago

    Its like sunshine! I like it!

  • YearsAfter

    Sharon from YearsAfter said 1 year ago

    Lovely selection of Golden Citrine for November Birthdays!

  • riverstar

    Tina from sierramoontreasures said 1 year ago

    Such Beautiful Citrine! Love it

  • isabelle0409

    isabelle0409 from isabelle0409 said 1 year ago

    My birthday is on November 11th. I always thought November was the owner of the ugliest birthstone ever! All I'd ever seen were murky looking topaz stones, extra dark smoky topaz stones and the pale blue topaz that just didn't feel like November. A few years ago, my sister gifted me with a stunning citrine ring for my birthday...I was smitten. Thank you for this lovely post featuring the beauty of citrine both in jewelry and home decor!

  • gardenmis

    Priscilla from Gardenmis said 1 year ago

    Love this color! Gorgeous picks :)

  • PetroBean

    Oriaku Onuoha-Bean from JewelryByOri said 1 year ago

    Beautiful selection of jewels and stores! Love citrine for it's symbolism and beautiful glow!

  • 24vdxpeh

    Agnieszka from Makramianki said 1 year ago

    Fantastic jewelry. The earrings are my favorite, really stunning. <3

  • ni7vwv3q

    Oliver Stark from GalacticCorridor said 1 year ago

    wow this looks fantastic! I never thought that the jewelry with the main color of yellow would look so good.

  • makofkamak

    Nataly Makina from NatalyMak said 1 year ago

    love this warm color. I'm jewellery lover :)

  • Pysar

    Yuri Pysar from Pysar said 1 year ago

    so many great choices! thanks for the gift idea ;)

  • SallysVintageKitchen

    Sally from SallysVintageKitchen said 1 year ago

    Beautiful citrine jewelry! Thank you for sharing!

  • pbef1qaz

    Anton from TIONAjewelry said 1 year ago

    Citrine is good for money. You need to have a calm and balanced mind to get benefits from the gem. Only restricted amount of people obtain s this kind of energy inside.

  • DianaDeluxe

    Diana Deluxe from DianaDeluxe said 1 year ago

    Love the hazy sunny look of citrine. Haven't used this stone in my jewelry yet...who knows...maybe might try it.

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