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Noted: Hong Kong’s Hidden Coffee Shops

Feb 28, 2011

by Chappell Ellison handmade and vintage goods

Though I often make quick pit stops at chain coffee stores out of convenience, there’s nothing quite like going to your local cafe, hearing your barista greet you by name while grinding the freshest of beans and asking how you’ve been. The care and the artistry that goes into that one cup of coffee is always worth the extra dollar.

As China welcomes Starbucks into its economy, independent coffee shops are retreating, unable to afford the rising cost of rent. But locals know that all they have to do is look up — The Wall Street Journal reports that China’s cafes have taken over the second story spaces of buildings, assuming a low-profile that attracts flocks of in-the-know locals. Each with their own theme and unique personality, lau seung (upper-floor) cafes are struggling to provide an alternative to the fast-growing coffee chains taking over the country. 

“This is not really for profit,” one lau seung cafe owner explained. “We like more to make friends here.”


Think Cafe, where owner Otto Luk says over 60% of the cafe’s revenue goes to paying rent.



Rimi Cafe is a local hang out for young professionals and students.



Dogside Cafe, where canines are welcome.



Chess House offers more than coffee; over 200 card and board games are available.



All photos by Christopher Shay

A barista at the House of Small Potato practicing his foosball skills.

What is it about your local coffee shop that makes it special?

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  • jewelrybyjackie

    jewelrybyjackie said 5 years ago

    Yay to the independent "Upstairs" coffee spots in China! I sure hope they can hold their own when faced with huge world-wide chains!

  • VintageEye

    VintageEye said 5 years ago

    The little neighborhood coffee joint is truly a worldwide institution! I do hope they can hang on wherever they are.

  • jamieribisi

    jamieribisi said 5 years ago

    I want to go to these cafes!!! Especially the canine-friendly one! I wish it were here in Maine!

  • CarryTheWord

    CarryTheWord said 5 years ago

    Independent local coffee shops are the best!

  • AliceCouture

    AliceCouture said 5 years ago

    Uh,I love coffee!!It's my drug :) thanks for sharing with us!!

  • monatao

    monatao said 5 years ago

    It seems to be so fun and a friendly atmosphere!! In this sort of coffee stores you feel like home and when you arrive there you feel that you know everybody although it is the first time you met them, it's because all this people share feelings of friendship and the art can be smell, listen...drinken and eaten!!! ;) I love this places.

  • OnceMoreAround

    OnceMoreAround said 5 years ago

    Great post! Hong Kong is awesome. I'll be sure to visit these lau seung coffee shops when I go back one day.

  • NecessiTees

    NecessiTees said 5 years ago

    Great article- gives me an insight to China....I love to 'armchair' travel:)

  • SugarCubeVintage

    SugarCubeVintage said 5 years ago

    happy to see the local shops hanging tough against the Starbucks mass expansion! next time i'm in hong kong i'm going to look for some of these spots, especially the doggie joint!

  • maggiemaevintage

    maggiemaevintage said 5 years ago

    great places to linger and chat with friends....

  • Parachute425

    Parachute425 said 5 years ago

    support independent! love the dog on the table

  • Verdurebydesign

    Verdurebydesign said 5 years ago

    Thank you for introducing me to some Chinese coffee shops. Makes me want to dust off my passport......I'll just have to wonder down to my local one where I have more than a coffee. I have a relationship.

  • necklush

    necklush said 5 years ago

    i want that puppy!

  • styleforlife

    styleforlife said 5 years ago

    Incredible coffee shop! :-) Love this feature. You guys find the best hidden places. XXXX EL Vintage

  • shannondzikas

    shannondzikas said 5 years ago

    I love any news about coffee! Thanks a ton. The environment and people are always more important than the taste of the coffee. And a coffee shop was the first place to sell my handmade hats!

  • DecadesOfVintage

    DecadesOfVintage said 5 years ago

    i took an "I will only drink coffee from an independent coffe shop" pledge with myself about 2 years ago. I enjoyed this feature.

  • HouseOfMoss

    HouseOfMoss said 5 years ago

    These are so great! Portland has lots of these offbeat themed coffee shops, and I am so in love with them! Places of this sort are a completely different breed from Starbucks, almost to the point of not being in competition. Long live the independents!

  • TheLaughingButterfly

    TheLaughingButterfly said 5 years ago

    It's a shame there aren't more places like that around.

  • onelovebird

    onelovebird said 5 years ago


  • PoleStar

    PoleStar said 5 years ago

    Love those coffee shops that almost look like they are part of an underground movement as if we were in the Prohibition era of coffee shops. Very cozy, always interesting people to watch.

  • TipsyTimeMachine

    TipsyTimeMachine said 5 years ago

    The social aspect of these cafes looks like a lot of fun. There's a coffee shop/used bookstore a few blocks from me, the coffee and chai are good. What drives me crazy is that whenever I go there to meet up with friends, all the tables are taken up by single people who sit there all day on their their world of one.

  • MissHildebrandt

    MissHildebrandt said 5 years ago

    We have our favorite cafe who greets us by name and it is such an earthly delight. It is so true the artistry in each cup, worth the extra dollar. I'd pay an extra $2!

  • beatyboutique

    beatyboutique said 5 years ago

    Amazing article...

  • MegansMenagerie

    MegansMenagerie said 5 years ago

    Great article. Seems so cozy!

  • anurain

    anurain said 5 years ago

    Awesome article! It's good to hear of small businesses still doing the best they can in this big-company-corporation world.

  • abbyberkson

    abbyberkson said 5 years ago

    Thank you for this- really sweet! I love the pictures.

  • LegendaryTigerHero

    LegendaryTigerHero said 5 years ago

    Great article!

  • vKnit

    vKnit said 5 years ago

    loved this story! xox

  • accentonvintage

    accentonvintage said 5 years ago

    Friendly coffee shops are very practical. Who wouldn't like to play games, chill out and make friends!

  • LifesaBeachGlass

    LifesaBeachGlass said 5 years ago

    kudos to the lau sueng cafe's

  • evesimone

    evesimone said 5 years ago

    love this post. its nice when people know your name and you arent just a "number"

  • NeonNarwhal

    NeonNarwhal said 5 years ago


  • whatahussy

    whatahussy said 5 years ago

    hang tough!

  • collectiblesatoz

    collectiblesatoz said 5 years ago

    What a friendly place.

  • ChrissiesRibbons

    ChrissiesRibbons said 5 years ago

    Would love to visit one of these places, they look fantastic. Keep the fight up!

  • Balsam

    Balsam said 5 years ago

    what a great photojournalistic approach!

  • LoveYourBling

    LoveYourBling said 5 years ago

    What a nice concept.

  • oldish

    oldish said 5 years ago

    Will look them up next time in Hong Kong, for sure!

  • BambuEarth

    BambuEarth said 5 years ago

    This is so inspiring and full of friendship, community and creativity. I love businesses like these who take pride in getting to know their customers and providing more than just the expected corporate store front factory. So refreshing, thanks for sharing! ♥

  • alterednation

    alterednation said 5 years ago

    i wanna go to all of these coffeehouses! :)

  • VivaGailBeads

    VivaGailBeads said 5 years ago

    they all look like so much fun!

  • everydaypretty

    everydaypretty said 5 years ago

    what a great little hang out spot.

  • ChellaBellaDesigns

    ChellaBellaDesigns said 5 years ago

    Unfortunately, I do not have a "local" cafe other than the usual chain that is everywhere. In fact, there are THREE within a 5 minute radius of my home. And I'm pretty rural... HOWEVER, there is a fabulous local roaster that frequents the farmers markets in town whom does in fact greet me by name and has even guided my sister-in-law to the flavors I most like when she was buying me a gift. :)

  • Liwlig

    Liwlig said 5 years ago

    Thanx for the interesting article. Gives me an insight in China where I dream of opening my own coffee shop! Yeah really:0)

  • careytrudeau

    careytrudeau said 5 years ago

    How cool is that!!!

  • ShoponSherman

    ShoponSherman said 5 years ago

    You can't beat the local coffee houses. I have 3 in my neighborhood and they have added alot to it.

  • PlumeandPetals

    PlumeandPetals said 5 years ago

    Nice!~ Very cool =)

  • Artinfacts

    Artinfacts said 5 years ago

    What a great concept! Etsy could use a little coffee cafe. One where individuals could come and go easily, maybe hang out with their friends, meet new ones, each with their own unique personality and ideas. Somewhere they can talk about the artistry that goes into each handmade item they sell, maybe a little business too or whatever the mood dictates, Etc. I am all for anything that provides an alternative to the fast growing circle chains that are taking over this country. Oh, the irony.

  • pixestreasurechest

    pixestreasurechest said 5 years ago

    At the Farmer's Market where I have a stand, I just walk up to my favorite coffee seller's booth, and she's already got my cup of go go juice half poured! I thoroughly enjoy being spoiled like that! :) D. makes me feel like a friend, not just a customer! She's even been known to deliver to my stand!

  • lovelygifts

    lovelygifts said 5 years ago

    Awesome, love it!

  • rozzie

    rozzie said 5 years ago

    Some really nice coffee places, I loved HK, was there for three weeks in January. :)

  • iroirocrafts

    iroirocrafts said 5 years ago

    Would love to visit those coffee places! There is a lovely cafe near where I live, which is completely organic and you sit at the high table and chat to the chefs who prepare your drink, cake or lunchbite. It creates such a friendly and warm atmosphere.

  • windowfog

    windowfog said 5 years ago

    Love this article.

  • perfectwear

    perfectwear said 5 years ago

    I am from Hong Kong. Nice to see a feature on HK :-o) Sadly the very high rent is making it impossible for these coffee shops to survive.

  • earlybirdcreations

    earlybirdcreations said 5 years ago

    What a great story! And yes there is really nothing better than having your barrista greet you by name :)

  • TheNightjar

    TheNightjar said 5 years ago

    Bye-Bye Starbucks and Helloooooo to the tiny coffee shop!

  • mylenefoster

    mylenefoster said 5 years ago

    I've never heard of such a thing. Great report! This is a good alternative for young people to hang out other than karaokes, beer gardens, bowling alleys and skating rinks.

  • eighthApartment

    eighthApartment said 5 years ago

    Love it!

  • mcldrygoods

    mcldrygoods said 5 years ago

    the dog is so cute. all dressed up to meet his buddies at the cafe. :)

  • BluLima

    BluLima said 5 years ago

    I'm all about They ROCK!

  • codesign

    codesign said 5 years ago

    Man, I wised coffee shops even existed back when I was growing up there. They probably would have kept me out of making trouble :P

  • Agent137

    Agent137 said 5 years ago

    Oh! I was so excited to read this article since i am going to China in April. I will have to check out some of these independent coffee shops :)

  • iWALLS

    iWALLS said 5 years ago

    I love how cozy this shop looks! I would definitely love to visit China someday!

  • theroyal

    theroyal said 5 years ago

    how much for the dog?

  • lillebeart

    lillebeart said 5 years ago

    Coffee is the beginning of many things, it keeps that artist alive, brings people together and is the centre of all things local and small, but then always tell your friends the secret too....

  • LoveSupplier

    LoveSupplier said 5 years ago

    Hey! I can come to visit you as i live in HK now :-)

  • jared Admin

    jared said 5 years ago

    Truly inspirational.

  • foursoftpawz

    foursoftpawz said 5 years ago

    great story :)

  • LoLoJewelryBox

    LoLoJewelryBox said 5 years ago

    Great Idea! But how can i find this shop?

  • popkingarb

    popkingarb said 5 years ago

    i think i'd prefer these quaint coffee shops (not that i'm caffeine-holic) over starbucks. they offer a more personalized experience which starbucks cannot!

  • bashfulbunnie

    bashfulbunnie said 5 years ago

    I love, love, looovvveee these 2nd story coffee shops! They're much better than the big chain-stores. Happened to stop by one of these 2 years ago when I was visiting HK, love the atmosphere and everything that goes with it. And I'm glad this one is enduring well with the increasing rent & expenses. Great story!!

  • bedouin

    bedouin said 5 years ago

    Viva la independant coffee shops!

  • Lisarachel

    Lisarachel said 5 years ago

    I was a barista for a good time, and met many great close friends and my our 4 year old son calls it his own;) we love coffee

  • michellechan1010

    michellechan1010 said 5 years ago

    I used to spend my weekend with friends at such "upstair" coffee shop when I lived in Hong Kong!!! Love it!!!

  • PurpleDeerVintage

    PurpleDeerVintage said 5 years ago

    I want that guys jacket!

  • mesenfants

    mesenfants said 5 years ago

    I love the whole ritual of drinking coffee. I wish I could visit the shop one day. Enjoyed reading this blog.

  • allwrappedupcoffee

    allwrappedupcoffee said 5 years ago

    What a lovely article! As the owner of an independent coffee shop and bakery, it's inspiring and encouraging to see the fight to keep coffee culture alive is going on around the world.

  • TheCookieClutch

    TheCookieClutch said 5 years ago

    I love my coffee and I love that little puppy! so cute with his red bow tie.

  • Peppery

    Peppery said 5 years ago

    coffee from these coffee shops usually taste better than *Bucks...

  • Xlaxbellexfillex

    Xlaxbellexfillex said 5 years ago

    I love this story....shows how even when things seem to be going against you that you can find a creative solution.....I know that here where I live there is a coffee shop that doesn't take cards only cash and they give you a credit when you don't have cash (especially first timers)

  • megski7

    megski7 said 5 years ago

    reading this article was super-refreshing for me. i am a huge fan of indie coffee shops...recently moved back to the states from prague, czech republic, where Starbucks has yet to completely take over the city (there are 5-6, but independents hold their own very well there) and i miss it so much. coffee shop culture is what i walk into an establishment, be greeted with a smile and a build relationships. this is what is missing with the 'fast' western culture! great to read inspiring stories like this one...makes me do some forward-thinking about my own dream to own a indie coffee shop someday!

  • flowersbythevase

    flowersbythevase said 5 years ago

    Anywhere where dogs can go.....I think is that cute dog with its little bow tie :)

  • rkdsign88

    rkdsign88 said 5 years ago

    I can smell the coffee from here :)

  • armcandyforyou

    armcandyforyou said 5 years ago

    wow...........I love the fact that you can take your pets!

  • TheVoyagers

    TheVoyagers said 5 years ago

    Our daughter is from China, and when we adopted her we spent three weeks in three different parts of China. There were so many things that struck me about China, but one of the most surprising things was that their coffee was easily as exceptional as their tea. I am a bit of a coffee snob, having been raised partially in France and Italy, and so I was amazed to find that Chinese coffee was quite possibly the best coffee I've had anywhere in the world. I still miss it. I am still amazed. I am a Starbucks patron, and I've had excellent coffee throughout Europe, but I'd have to admit that the best coffee I've ever had was in some small coffee shops in China.

  • AlpineGypsy

    AlpineGypsy said 5 years ago

    I enjoyed what DecadesOfVintage said, that they signed the "I will only drink coffee from an independent coffe shop" pledge. Awesome idea! I worked for Starbucks waaaay back when, and they were not as dominant then. But it's not the case now, and I know they've driven out smaller joints. The big-name coffee places are alright, but I still prefer the mom-and-pops, or the little indie places that endure. Long live hipster coffee hovels! Heidi

  • AllureByU

    AllureByU said 5 years ago

    Great cafes! I am a coffee lover myself and nothing beats to having a cup every single morning at our local Singapore coffee shops!

  • lulabies

    lulabies said 5 years ago

    Independent local coffee shops are the best!

  • erinaustin

    erinaustin said 5 years ago

    Great article. I love checking out new coffee houses. My favorite local shop is also a bakery. They have the best cheese and pesto croissants and snicker doodles ever!

  • marjiew

    marjiew said 5 years ago

    this is amazing. it's always been my dream to open up a coffee house, not because i love coffee (i do, but that's never been the point!) it was always to welcome people in to hang out, make friends and just spend time there. one day i hope my dream can come true!

  • labellechanson

    labellechanson said 5 years ago

    Never been to these places....and I have lived here for 20 years

  • whatthefunk

    whatthefunk said 5 years ago

    Love it! Thank you for your sharing :)

  • Ladykonnyaku

    Ladykonnyaku said 5 years ago

    Having lived in China, lemme say that the indie coffee shops are way too cool and fun, what with their sometimes krazy themes 'n' such. xoxox, LadyKonn

  • MilkyteaPrincess

    MilkyteaPrincess said 5 years ago

    LOVE this article....

  • TerrorDome

    TerrorDome said 5 years ago

    I'd kill to be in any of the above coffee shops right now.

  • secretjewellz

    secretjewellz said 5 years ago

    Wonderful article. I love all the little ins and outs of places they truly are better than big chains.

  • KasiaOla

    KasiaOla said 5 years ago

    Very interesting article. I love the little cafes better anyway. Coffee is so much better... these definately beat any chainstore cafe...

  • MandBJewellery

    MandBJewellery said 5 years ago

    Oh how I look forward to visiting Hong Kong when I finish uni, I will be in paradise

  • Bananamoo

    Bananamoo said 5 years ago

    I loved this article. Love coffee

  • LittleWrenPottery

    LittleWrenPottery said 5 years ago

    look like fun places to hang out! I wish my local coffee shop had a fuseball table : )

  • TchotchkesByHolly

    TchotchkesByHolly said 5 years ago

    The only coffee shop i know of in this town is good old Tim's! We have 3!!

  • JesStitchery

    JesStitchery said 5 years ago

    Thanks for this article! Local coffee shops are always in danger of closing, but they are a bastion of community cheer and creativity. I hope all of these shops, and others , are able to prosper!

  • JoyPuppy

    JoyPuppy said 5 years ago

    I love dogs and I love coffee. And I love local shops. Great article and inspiration.

  • shop1848

    shop1848 said 5 years ago

    Wonderful article! Too bad there are not more places like this one!

  • PeriDotbyDuni

    PeriDotbyDuni said 5 years ago

    Love this post! I'll be sure to visit one of these when I travel to Hong Kong next time :)

  • littleshopofphotos

    littleshopofphotos said 5 years ago

    Cool article!

  • MWsDesigns

    MWsDesigns said 5 years ago

    Coffee with friends...what is better?

  • VelveteenHabbit

    VelveteenHabbit said 5 years ago

    In St. Paul Minnesota-in 1986 or so---I started dating my now husband. I was busy studying at the College of St. Catherine and he was a young professional and avid runner. Many of our early dates were spent with 1-3 hour breaks at a very small local coffee shop named......DUNN BROS. COFFEE You'd walk in from the bitter cold to smell freshly roasting coffee beans in the huge roasters and would be served by the owner. He has since chained out all over the Twin Cities--but my nostalgic love for his first shop with just him as java master, owner, server, cashier--in a lively downtown atmosphere makes the stuff of my dreams.....memories thanks for the memories!!!!

  • VelveteenHabbit

    VelveteenHabbit said 5 years ago

    PS-I forgot the whole point of my rambling wishes to you--I always go for the underdog-their coffee IS better--may you keep up the good fight and be blessed with wealth in friendships!!!!

  • funkeyfinds

    funkeyfinds said 5 years ago

    oh my goodness, does this look fun?? I would love to bring my dog there too....a scone for me a biscuit for her!

  • greenscribble

    greenscribble said 5 years ago

    It's always better to frequent a local coffee shop than throw your hard earned money at Starbucks. This makes me want to go to China. :D

  • sugarcookie

    sugarcookie said 5 years ago

    I love love love Hong Kong! This is a great article. Go indie! You should also check out Chocolate Rain, my fav DIY shop in HK.

  • VintageHomeShop

    VintageHomeShop said 5 years ago

    I am a barista in an independant coffee's an non profit that is the "in the know" place of Myrtle Beach SC. Like we say..."Starbucks doesn't care about your life...come share yours across our coffee bar!"

  • MaBille

    MaBille said 5 years ago

    I want a coffeeeee! Noooow ! I just love those small, independently owned coffee shops. I am that kind of person who will gladly walk right passed the big mega chain coffe shop to go to THAT one. I like that the guy behind the counter knows my name, that he asks me how I've been, that he knows how I like my coffee...but I also like that I know about him. It's about caring. About not living and behaving like automated machines. Unfortunately the high rents are affecting not only coffee shops but tons of all kinds of independent shops. The big chains are like bulldozers. They can afford the rents, big advertising campaigns, etc. The alternative for many of us is ETSY! It gives smaller, independent creative people a chance to be found. Thanks for sharing !!

  • bubblesandribbons

    bubblesandribbons said 5 years ago

    wonderful coffee shops i wanna have coffee in all of them , they seem much better than the chains.

  • luckycatcraft

    luckycatcraft said 5 years ago

    Last time I was in HK I had a hard time finding some of the 'local' haunts as many of my fav's had disapeared. I'm glad to hear they have elevated and I will look for them on 2nd floors. Thanks for the informative article.

  • galstudio

    galstudio said 5 years ago

    Tasty coffee story I'm off for one!

  • uramichi

    uramichi said 5 years ago

    Such wonderful and unique coffee shops! Friendship is always a great reason to visit a cafe. It reminds me of the little shops filled with comfy couches near my university. :)

  • customcreative

    customcreative said 5 years ago

    Cool article. I need my coffee now. That one in the picture looks so good!

  • kranky

    kranky said 5 years ago

    My husband is in China right now.... perfect timing, I was able to steer him clear of the ordinary... the dreaded Star@*%#'s. Thanks!

  • mixedmayhem

    mixedmayhem said 5 years ago

    Ahhh. I so love local coffee houses over the chains. ♥

  • Asianexpressions

    Asianexpressions said 5 years ago

    Nice story!

  • shizendesigns

    shizendesigns said 5 years ago

    Oh, they are so cool. I always try to support local cafe. I wish I could bring my dog Kumo to Dogside Cafe!

  • bhangtiez

    bhangtiez said 5 years ago

    Great fun....& coffee....thank u 4 sharing these amazing entreprenuers....

  • luckytroll

    luckytroll said 5 years ago

    will look out for these upstairs coffee stops when I visit China!

  • repurpose2recycle

    repurpose2recycle said 5 years ago

    What a Fantastic Coffee/Game/Gathering Place Shop! We could use a people/dog/gathering place friendly cup of joe shop here. My Wish for YOUR Shop is to Prosper & Bring YOU Many Friends & Great Happiness! Wonderful Story Love It! Joline

  • onedollarshop

    onedollarshop said 5 years ago


  • kelmartfindings

    kelmartfindings said 5 years ago

    There is nothing better then the small independent shops. I wish there were more here. There are only a few that I know of that have the ambience of the Chinese shops. Hopefully the Chinese coffee shops will manage to keep going and growing. The same goes for here is the USA.

  • pinkbijou

    pinkbijou said 5 years ago

    good article

  • SaffronColoredPony

    SaffronColoredPony said 5 years ago

    amen and amen! our brick and mortar shop has vintage goods, and bona fide espresso bar all housed in a michigan historic site. this is exactly why I love ETSY so much. it's the story, the experience, the personal touch. If you're a regular and I see you coming, chances are I'll have your drink ready by the time you get to the counter!

  • IceCreamCandy

    IceCreamCandy said 5 years ago

    love the photos and love hk!

  • dahlilafound

    dahlilafound said 5 years ago

    I love it! What would I do w/o my little indie coffee houses. Wish mine let dogs in too. :-) Great discovery. dahlila xo

  • girliepains

    girliepains said 5 years ago

    Oh my love for Hong Kong!

  • enchantedbridalveils

    enchantedbridalveils said 5 years ago

    I know the woes too well of owning a coffee shop. I just had to close : (. But, my love and passion for the cup (especially the first of the morning) took my espresso machine and grinder into my dining room for my family and friends to still enjoy. Now a full coffee bar in home. But, not to despair... my Etsy store is here!

  • NottyPooch

    NottyPooch said 5 years ago

    For the old-time Penangites (people from Penang, Malaysia), it has to be kopi-O (coffee with sugar) in the old coffee shops, and toasted bread with half boiled egg. They are the best!

  • frommylifetoyours

    frommylifetoyours said 5 years ago

    I love mom and pop stores. They are MORE about making friends.

  • Artenchantedstudios

    Artenchantedstudios said 5 years ago

    Hear hear to small local coffee and tea shops!!! I grew up in Singapore and have exceptional memories of kopi and te-tarek (pulled tea) at our local kopi tiam (coffee shop in Hokkien dialect). Just to give you an idea of the various types of coffee you could order: There are five variations: Kopi - white coffee (with condensed milk) Kopi-O - black coffee (no milk, just sugar), Kopi-Kosong - coffee with no milk and no sugar (for the "real" coffee drinker!) Kopi-Peng - iced white coffee Kopi-O-Peng - iced black coffee Ahhhh fond memories of dipping bombay toast (asian french toast with sprinklings of sugar on top) into my coffee.... Cheers!

  • ArtsyTartsyJewels

    ArtsyTartsyJewels said 5 years ago

    Fantastic article! I love the niche ideas. Hang in there, little shops! Indie coffee shops are the best and truly benefit the local community.

  • jtlyons

    jtlyons said 5 years ago

    Hong Kong is now even more on my list of places to go! Love the photos.

  • SarahinHK

    SarahinHK said 5 years ago

    This is great. I just went to Surf Camp in Shek-O and it is amazing. Check it out here on Little Steps Asia here -

  • blackcattips

    blackcattips said 5 years ago

    The blackboard sign is in English...


    SISTERBATIK said 5 years ago

    I've been to HK twice (albeit some years now) and never knew about these lovely cafes - time for another visit : )

  • plumcreek22

    plumcreek22 said 5 years ago

    Hooray for independent coffee and tea shops. (Hong Kong was under the British and you'll find many English signs).

  • Annalyt

    Annalyt said 5 years ago

    oh these look lovely! I wish they had posted the addresses of these coffee shops so I could visit!! :(

  • kranzelic

    kranzelic said 5 years ago

    That cafe that allows dogs reminds me of the cat cafes cropping up in Japan. I really wish they had some in the states!

  • lilycheungeasydiy

    lilycheungeasydiy said 5 years ago

    cute dog . coffee....hmm....

  • sitinuraryani

    sitinuraryani said 5 years ago

    thanks for shared article, also great photos! too internationale can't substitute the rooted local tradition like "warkop"

  • lulusmuse

    lulusmuse said 5 years ago

    so cool!

  • FruitOfMyHands

    FruitOfMyHands said 5 years ago

    My kind of coffee shop.

  • wensaccessories

    wensaccessories said 5 years ago

    so true, great article

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