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News From the Craft + Style Blogosphere: Jan.13, 2011

Jan 13, 2011

by Alison Feldmann handmade and vintage goods


“‎She only cared for the sea when it was lashed to fury by the storm, and for verdure when it served as a background to a ruin. Everything must needs minister to her personal longings, as it were, and she thrust aside as of no account whatever everything that did not immediately contribute to stir the emotions of her heart, for her temperament was sentimental rather than artistic, seeking, not pictures, but emotions.” — From Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary

This week’s edition of News From the Craft + Style Blogosphere has craft from the ’70s, marbled canyons and technicolor geysers, a formidable beer collection, patterns fit for a man and the hallucinatory works of Charles Burchfield.















Beyond the manicured tendrils of grass and calico fields of corn and wheat lie raw, untouched versions of the Earth’s surface. These marbled canyons, throbbing geysers and acidic mountains provide new context for “earth tones.” The colored mountains of Landmannalaugar, Iceland seem like another planet. Read about the origins of each site and the inspiration they provided at The Vamoose.









My grandfather had a heady collection of souvenir liquor bottles and cans. He took great pride in the spoils of his drinking and willed his assortment of novelty Tutankhamun-shaped bottles and unopened cans to us, his grandchildren. If only his collection had remained complete! Dan Becker and Lance Wilson — two San Francisco, CA-based designers — discovered a similar hoard in a stepdad’s basement and quickly deemed it book material. 500 beer cans later, Beer: A Genuine Collection of Cans was born. Featuring cans from 32 countries and an astounding range of brands (ever had Chief Oshkosh of Wisconsin, or Pabst’s Big Cat Malt Liquor?), this book provides ample insight into the evolution of beer can design. [Via Cool Hunting]









Innovative men’s clothing design is hard to come by. It seems like everything these days is a throwback to 1980s L.L. Bean or classic workwear (no complaints here!). Fashion designer Sangeeta Singh has put together an intriguing lookbook of patterns and styles that are reminiscent of the Olympics, African textiles and 1970s funk. I dig. {Via DI$COUNT]













I recently took in the sumptuous, visionary paintings of Charles Burchfield at the Whitney Museum of American Art. This one-time wallpaper designer evolved from stark, dreary portraits of small town American life (he was once deemed “Edward Hopper on a rainy day”) to luminous, hallucinatory paintings of flowers and nature that mirrored his psychological crisis. In his writings, he “expressed an aim to depict an earlier era in the history of human consciousness when man saw gods and spirits in natural objects and forces.”



Garth of Extreme Craft has been waxing poetic over 1970s issues of Craft Horizons, the magazine that predates American Craft. As a novice to the ’70s craft scene, I was intrigued by his discoveries, especially when he unearthed a June 1971 issue that cataloged the work of Carl and Heidi Bucher, Swiss artists who built environments and wearable sculpture. These radical costumes are made from foam and covered with nylon, producing a spherical effect that reminds me of cough drops or blood cells. Check out Heidi’s slightly foreboding “Bodyshells” in motion in the video below. [Via Pour Porter]

Do you know of a forward-thinking art, style or design blog? Post it in the comments! And make sure to check out past installments of News From the Craft + Style Blogosphere!

Vintage Black Metal Sconce
Vintage Black Metal Sconce
January horse
January horse
1897 German Engraving of Russian Culture
1897 German Engraving of Russian Culture
SALE///early 60s MALM Free Standing Fireplace...Gas Fire
SALE///early 60s MALM Free Standing Fireplace...Gas Fire
Scheurich West German Pottery vase 1959 Fat Lava
Scheurich West German Pottery vase 1959 Fat Lava
Zopf braided ring simple in 18ct yellow gold
Zopf braided ring simple in 18ct yellow gold
$651.98 USD


  • vKnit

    vKnit said 6 years ago

    wow! so much inspiration here! xox

  • studiopainters

    studiopainters said 6 years ago

    an artistic world here. thanks Etsy.


    TEJIDOS said 6 years ago

    WOW, thank you for taking me through such gorgeous photos of Natures made beauty, man made art (yep beer cans!), textiles, and paintings. All amazing choices. I was "digging it", knowing that they came from the 70's.

  • rarebeasts

    rarebeasts said 6 years ago

    That suit is mad, I love it!


    TEJIDOS said 6 years ago

    OMG...and don't forget to check out the Bodyshells! They're totally freaky cool. :))

  • DecadesOfVintage

    DecadesOfVintage said 6 years ago

    Nature's color palette is amazing, isn't it?

  • TwinkleStarCrafts

    TwinkleStarCrafts said 6 years ago

    Great article and images!

  • sarantos

    sarantos said 6 years ago

    Love the gold bricks!

  • frommylifetoyours

    frommylifetoyours said 6 years ago

    I am speechless, those first 6 pictures are beyond words. Great job!!!

  • ArtemisiaAtelier

    ArtemisiaAtelier said 6 years ago

    Wow, I love the old beer can collection. Check out the sword+fern's blog, it's always fun.

  • MegansMenagerie

    MegansMenagerie said 6 years ago

    Those pictures are!

  • JudiPaintedit

    JudiPaintedit said 6 years ago

    I just bought my daughter a National Geo mag with all sorts of nature/ natural landscape photos around the world. Beautiful stuff!

  • trinityrocks

    trinityrocks said 6 years ago

    Wicked cool!

  • TheVinylChalkboard

    TheVinylChalkboard said 6 years ago

    Spectacular! Thanks for sharing this with us!!!

  • thetailorsstories

    thetailorsstories said 6 years ago

    Everything looks amazing, especially Sangeeta Singh's design. Love them all!!

  • spontaneousreality

    spontaneousreality said 6 years ago

    The Icelandic colored mountains just blew my mind! Check out for some earthy love inspiration =)

  • AmberGypsySky

    AmberGypsySky said 6 years ago

    Charles Burchfield was aways one of my favorites <3

  • VivaGailBeads

    VivaGailBeads said 6 years ago

    love those landscapes...the colors were remarkable!

  • aynart

    aynart said 6 years ago

    love the costumes!

  • accentonvintage

    accentonvintage said 6 years ago

    The photos of the landscapes and Burchfield's art is amazing!

  • Parachute425

    Parachute425 said 6 years ago

    Lovin' the beer can graphics. Always interesting features, Alison.

  • sewZinski

    sewZinski said 6 years ago

    There is so much to dig into here! The colors on the landscapes are amazing! I love the men's wear too.

  • coolstuffartgallery

    coolstuffartgallery said 6 years ago

    Beautiful images!

  • AvianInspirations

    AvianInspirations said 6 years ago

    As always, delightful.

  • odiliafu

    odiliafu said 6 years ago

    The landscape photos are amazing!! Your post is my weekly indulgence. Can't stop from checking out your features one by one. Thanks!

  • DayDreamerVintage

    DayDreamerVintage said 6 years ago

    The photographs in the begining (marbeled canyons and geisers)are so mesmerizing, they took my breath away with their beauty :)

  • polkadotmagpie

    polkadotmagpie said 6 years ago

    What a vast array of work. Thanks, really enjoyed it!

  • mazedasastoat

    mazedasastoat said 6 years ago

    I'd be interested to know how many of the landscape pics are natural environments & how many are the result of mining of some kind. Love the beer can collection... collections of anything should always stay together, even if it means upsetting your inheritors!

  • SeaFindDesigns

    SeaFindDesigns said 6 years ago

    Cool collection.... I think we have about 2000 beer cans ourselves!! =D

  • carolforsyth

    carolforsyth said 6 years ago

    Wow a real mixup of styles very intriguing. Especially enjoyed the Paintings, such mixed emotions. Thanks for sharing such unique variety.

  • ChrissiesRibbons

    ChrissiesRibbons said 6 years ago

    Wow- I'd love a beer now! Fascinating stuff

  • gizmofiberarts

    gizmofiberarts said 6 years ago

    What amazing photos! The earth creates things we can't even dream of.

  • terribea

    terribea said 6 years ago

    thanks so much for writing this, Burchfield was amazing

  • MandyMcDee

    MandyMcDee said 6 years ago

    What beautiful pictures of the beautiful earth!

  • MandyMcDee

    MandyMcDee said 6 years ago

    What beautiful pictures of the beautiful earth!

  • FrancesPhotography

    FrancesPhotography said 6 years ago

    lovely pieces and thank you for introducing us to the Vamoose - amazing photographs. Thank you!

  • YellowViolet

    YellowViolet said 6 years ago

    LOVE the Charles Burchfield paintings. Never heard of him but I'm going to learn more. I also now want to go to Iceland. Looks like an interesting place to hike!

  • FavreBijoux

    FavreBijoux said 6 years ago

    NIce post!

  • carousel2

    carousel2 said 6 years ago

    just lovely article, with a great body of work :)

  • HibouCards

    HibouCards said 6 years ago

    this post is always an inspiration for me! What great picks, thanks for sharing :)

  • ElenaMary

    ElenaMary said 6 years ago

    I saw the Charles Burchfield exhibition in Los Angeles..absolutely stunning!! Guess what? there are amazing visual artists right here on etsy who have very little promotion by etsy many of us are trying to change that if you read the forums.

  • SpaGoddess

    SpaGoddess said 6 years ago

    crazy cool

  • BlkSheepProductions

    BlkSheepProductions said 6 years ago

    Body sculptures! YES!

  • kararane

    kararane said 6 years ago

    absolutely surprised to see Charles Burchfield here! love his work & agree that etsy is a market place for "fine art",,,"craft",,,all of the handmade.

  • hankietankie

    hankietankie said 6 years ago

    ...WOW! Thanks for the amazing visuals and wonderful article as ever! xo

  • birdie1

    birdie1 said 6 years ago

    Breathtaking Icelandic landscapes! I'm newly inspired by the fabulous naturally-occurring The Vamoose.

  • CoolStuffByDesign

    CoolStuffByDesign said 6 years ago

    Beautiful images!

  • BlueberryCream

    BlueberryCream said 6 years ago


  • sunkae

    sunkae said 6 years ago

    ***Exotic selection!***

  • SatinandBirch

    SatinandBirch said 6 years ago

    fabulous, as usual!

  • eeksten

    eeksten said 6 years ago

    Those beer cans are amazing! There's a wall of beer in my hometown bar: and I think one day I might build my own collection. My husband and I recently acquired two cool vintage beer cans, and I'm torn. Should I list them in my shop or keep them for my future beer can wall? Decisions, decisions...

  • strawberryluna

    strawberryluna said 6 years ago

    The photographs of the Iceland landscape are amazing, wow. I've heard it's beautiful there but wow. And I really like the paintings of Charles Burchfield, it was not at all surprising to see that he had been a wallpaper designer, his paintings still carry that really cool and semi-heavy watery feel of 30's & 40's handpainted and printed wallpapers that I adore and miss in current work. Old fashioned, I know, but really lovely. Thanks as always Alison!

  • ExclusiefByVera

    ExclusiefByVera said 6 years ago

    Thanks for brightening a snowy January day. Love the collection!

  • jennybradley

    jennybradley said 6 years ago

    fresh off an episode of Mad Men, loving those beer cans.

  • TripleGemini

    TripleGemini said 6 years ago

    Love this!! Thank you!!

  • MyCraftLoft

    MyCraftLoft said 6 years ago

    These BeerCans are soo cool. My BF will absolutely love it!

  • redemptionart

    redemptionart said 6 years ago

    I love the earth photos, even though I live on the slopes of a Volcano in Hawaii, I always am intriqued at the arial photos of the eruption. Beer cans cool! Body bombs..too funny. The collection has some awesome work..thank you. Aloha!

  • renegadeperceptions

    renegadeperceptions said 6 years ago

    Wow! Those earth pictures are stunning...

  • authorsdaughter

    authorsdaughter said 6 years ago

    Body shells GREAT!-reminds me of Mummenschanz

  • LittleWrenPottery

    LittleWrenPottery said 6 years ago

    Really love those photos of iceland! Fabulous colours they look like expressionist paintings.

  • MissHildebrandt

    MissHildebrandt said 6 years ago

    Great shots of some Iceland! Most captivating of the bunch. Although the body shells...ha!

  • AnniesWearableArt

    AnniesWearableArt said 6 years ago

    exquisite. i can say no more than that! :) thank you.

  • ohbabydotcom

    ohbabydotcom said 6 years ago


  • thebeadgirl

    thebeadgirl said 6 years ago

    truly amazing! thank you!

  • OneClayBead

    OneClayBead said 6 years ago

    Absolutely crushing on the landscapes! All cool finds.

  • jammerjewelry

    jammerjewelry said 6 years ago

    Loved the article.

  • thestapeliacompany

    thestapeliacompany said 6 years ago

    I love that model and those men's clothing designs. Those pictures really reached out and slapped my eyeballs... which is the point of fashion I think. :)

  • DearHancock

    DearHancock said 6 years ago

    I saw the Charles Burchfield Show here in LA that was curated by artist Robert Gober and it blew me away. He is supreme!

  • HouseOfMoss

    HouseOfMoss said 6 years ago

    Those colorful pools and hills are so otherworldly! Thanks for sharing these blog findings with us!

  • JLaneDesigns

    JLaneDesigns said 6 years ago


  • myvintagecrush

    myvintagecrush said 6 years ago

    I can not stop staring at the cavernous lake shot. Amazing!

  • gigantour

    gigantour said 6 years ago

    the mountains, the lakes: amazing

  • beliz82

    beliz82 said 6 years ago

    Wonderful paintings and old bottles and cans and video Thank you for sharing :)

  • KMalinka

    KMalinka said 6 years ago

    Amazing pictures!

  • artfields

    artfields said 6 years ago

    Wow! Now I want to go to Iceland!

  • onnesti

    onnesti said 6 years ago

    Love Burchfield - saw the shows too. Are you familiar with the architecture, design and lifestyle surrounding the Anthroposophic movement promoted by Rudolph Steiner?

  • kmwatkins

    kmwatkins said 6 years ago

    Great as always!

  • SassySisterVintage

    SassySisterVintage said 6 years ago

    Those Icelandic pitures are GORGEOUS! Another place to add to my list that I want to go now ;-)

  • HeatherLucille

    HeatherLucille said 6 years ago

    I want the body shell that looks like a many eyed silver sea creature's ghost! Can you imagine walking along the beach and seeing those? Cray-cray times! Burchfield should have done paint-by-number sets, they would have been bananas!

  • kimmchi

    kimmchi said 6 years ago

    great selections as always!

  • jewelryone

    jewelryone said 6 years ago

    so beautiful

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    captivating, as always

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    DiannasDivineDesigns said 6 years ago

    inspiring, thank you!

  • shopdomestica

    shopdomestica said 6 years ago

    I love Charles Burchfield. I think he's one of the greatest American painters no one's heard of. Used to spend hours searching eBay for his prints/paintings. Some day...

  • lovisetto

    lovisetto said 6 years ago

    The photos are amazing!

  • professorlonghair

    professorlonghair said 6 years ago

    I hope this comment gets seen I have something wonderful to share! A friend of a friend has made this absolutely beautiful video for his own band (musician and artist!) and I can't believe how amazing and intricate it is. Most every frame has been seperately painted with watercolours and compiled together to create a stunning, gentle, ethereal animation. Just amazing.

  • pamwares

    pamwares said 6 years ago

    great post! as always!

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