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There is a day in early autumn when life comes back in focus. The world has a new clarity, with crisp edges and intense color. As the tree colors change, so does the light, no longer dusty green but glowing and sharp. My elderly hound has renewed energy for chasing the squirrels who make it over the fence in the nick of time. It is my favorite time of year — open windows, meals on the porch, piles of gourds at the farmers’ markets, faint memories of burning leaves, and birthday parties with children whirling on the lawn.

[1. Screen Print T-Shirt by Sealmaiden 2. Hoop Earrings by Rokdarbi 3. Making Beer Outside with Friends, Poorly. by EbenKlingWork 4. Dog Collars by Devonhill]

Inspired by the change in weather, I put aside my other projects and pick up the half-finished sweater that was abandoned in the May heat.

[1. Keep Canning Letterpress Print by OldSchoolStationers 2. Latte Mug by LittleWrenPottery 3.  Canvas Boots by iloveyourshoesbali 4. Pickling Spice by Dellcovespices]

Cooking is once again a pleasure. The last tastes of summer are preserved in sauces that will nourish me on the shortest winter days.

[1. Vintage Rain Boots from OleaVintage 2. Bottled Treasure by Sarahdeee 3. Yellow Knit Headband by NeekaKnits 4. Peeling Paint Umbrella by JenHanlonAshPhoto]

The remnants of a hurricane shake the trees bare. My street is covered with shining golden leaves, wet with rain.

[1. Black Walnut Spoons by Eriktosten 2. Linocut Card by AmeliaHerbertson 3. Autumn Leaves Cookies by SweetAmbs 4. Extreme Weather Original Painting by BlueMagpieDesign]

It is birthday season for me and for my dearest friends. For us, the new year is now.

How do you celebrate the changing of the seasons?

Cate Fitt, a.k.a. knitfitt, has been a member of Etsy since 2007 and is an experienced critic, curator and juror. She earned her MFA in fiber in 1978, later receiving an artist’s fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts. Through the years, she’s been a maker of one-of-a-kind hand-painted clothing, pottery, jewelry, and linocut and monotype prints. She lives in a little house close to the James River with two whippets named Moose and Peach.

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  • slathered

    Sharon Moores from slathered says: Featured

    Perhaps it's the memory of school starting in September, but fall always feels like the beginning of a new year to me. Forget January and its boring sameness to December. In September the evenings cool, the kids emerge from air conditioned caves, more wildlife appears, the trees start dropping tons of presents -- nuts and apples and one or two early colored leaves. It's an amazing time of the year. Thanks for sharing treats that make it even lovelier.

    3 years ago

  • WhisperingOak

    Quality Handmade Items from WhisperingOak says: Featured

    I stronly believe that life is a celebration of seasons. I decorate my house every season every month according to holidays or the cues I receive from nature. A rainy morning is as lovely as a hot summer afternoon. Adding all these decorative touches around the house help me and my family to see how exciting the year is with all its holidays and changes in season.

    3 years ago

  • Splendere

    Pearlie from Splendere says: Featured

    In my country, there is a shortfall of seasons - we either have sunny or rainy weather. But through your blog, Cate, I could feel your sentiments during this special time of the year. It is as though I'm now in another country experiencing the triumph of the forthcoming season. Thank you for sharing it here with us!

    3 years ago