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Jun 9, 2014

by Jennifer Knox handmade and vintage goods

Jennifer is a PR and Communications Manager for Etsy Canada, helping to spread the good word of Etsy from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Victoria, BC. She enjoys thrifting at garage sales, food from trucks and night swimming. Also: cats. 

Here at Etsy’s Toronto office, we often brainstorm about what Etsy fashion looks like. Is it retro? Tailored? Eclectic? Modern? Inspired by the idea that is Etsy style, we invited some stylish Canadian personalities and tastemakers to show off their favorite Etsy finds and share expert styling tips.

The first-ever “My Etsy Style” photo shoot took place at an east-end Toronto studio with a covetable array of jewelry, accessories, and clothing from Etsy makers and curators — along with cameras and a killer playlist. Now we’re excited to share the results. Be sure to read on for thoughts on fast fashion, painted shoes, and shopping sans pants.


Caillianne and Sam Beckerman
Fashion bloggers,

Caillianne and Sam arrived at our studio with their adorable Pomeranians Marni and Cubby and a suitcase of outfits they styled specifically for this shoot. Hailing from Toronto, these twins have the number one fashion blog in Canada and love pairing unexpected items for a style that’s all their own.


Name one styling tip everyone should know:
Red lipstick fixes everything!

What is your favorite thing about shopping on Etsy?
Etsy is the best because we find the most unique and handmade things there. We’ve found some personalized painted shoes made for us, monster bags, and hard to find ’80s patches; we literally troll the site for hours.

Connect with the Beckermans on Twitter and Instagram.

[On Cailli: Watermelon jean jacket by Napkin; Stegosaurus earrings by Ready to Stare; Donut ring by CandiWare; Polymer clay clutch by Mod Alley On Sam: Burger earrings, cookie necklace and ring by CandiWare; Rope bracelet by Salti Bracelets; Spike ring by Stefanie Sheehan; Pizza pillow by Comfort Food Cushions; Vintage jacket from Shop Rabbit Hole]


Sasha Tong
Fashion Contributor, LaineyGossip & Producer at eTalk

After interviewing some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Sasha Tong knows a thing or two about fashion and trends. She writes a weekly fashion and advice column and works as a producer for a Canadian entertainment news show.

Where do you find fashion inspiration?
Writing for Laineygossip and producing an entertainment tv show has really given me the opportunity to take in fashion through a kind of osmosis. So whether it’s a shoe, a fabric, or a print I see on a celebrity walking the red carpet, I’ll take inspiration from those details and translate them into my own look.


What is your favorite thing about shopping on Etsy?
In the world of fast fashion and consumable trends, you can hit up Etsy and find the most amazing personal and unique pieces that no one else can copy. Plus, the best part for me is that I’m supporting the passions and craft of people behind small business. It really doesn’t get better than that.

Connect with Sasha on Twitter.

[On Sasha: Polka-dot clutch by Scout and Catalogue; necklaces by Foe and Dear; Amethyst Ring by Vagabond Queen; Brass cuff by Blydesign]


Jonathan and Drew Scott
Television hosts, The Scott Brothers

Another set of stylish twins (I swear we didn’t plan this), Jonathan and Drew Scott arrived at our studio after a busy day of media to promote season two of their series, Brother vs Brother (which starts June 8 on HGTV). They had a great time pairing handmade ties, pocket-squares and other stylish accessories with their tailored suits.

Name one styling tip everyone should know:
Drew: We are far past the times that plain black socks are stylish. Socks are a way to add some personality to your wardrobe and everyone should express themselves in this fashion.
Jonathan: Everybody looks good in something tailored. It’s important to have anything you buy properly fitted. It’s worth the small investment.


What is your favorite thing about shopping on Etsy?
Drew: The convenience is what I love most. There’s also a lot of unique items from different designers that gives me the variety I’m looking for.
Jonathan: It’s frowned upon to shop at department stores with no pants on. Etsy doesn’t mind it one bit!

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[On Jonathan: Plaid tie by Handsome and Lace; Wooden watch and sunglasses by WoodieSpecs; Leather briefcase by Mountain Leather Company On Drew: Plaid tie by Handsome and Lace; Bowtie by Amanda Jo Handmade; Wooden watch and sunglasses by WoodieSpecs]


Randi Bergman
Executive Editor,

Randi Bergman is not afraid to push the proverbial fashion envelope. As the executive editor of one of Canada’s top fashion magazines, she gets to witness the fashion fads first, be it the good, the bad or the platform sandal.

Where do you find fashion inspiration?
Historical figures and movies.


What is your favorite thing about shopping on Etsy?
You have direct contact with so many cool, far-flung vendors you’d never even know otherwise.

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[On Randi: Denim overalls from The Ville Vintage; Belt by Iron Art Canada; Vintage purse from Bun Love One Love; Necklace and ring by FoeAndDear]

Psst! We want to see how you do Etsy style! Show us with the hashtag #MyEtsyStyle.

Color photographs by Sandro Altamirano; behind-the-scenes photographs by Jeremy Perez-Cruz.

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  • valeriephoto

    Valerie from valeriestitchery said 7 years ago Featured

    I agree with Sasha. One of my favorite things about buying on Etsy is supporting small business and getting unique pieces that no one else has. The variety offered really allows you to create your own style without having to just accept whatever's trendy at the moment.


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