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10 Little Reasons to Feel Good Today

Jan 17, 2019

by Jackie Buddie handmade and vintage goods

If 2019 is all about embracing a down-to-earth frame of mind, we’re starting with a simple promise to ourselves: to regularly check in with our brains and bodies, and keep it real when it comes to acknowledging and prioritizing our needs. This year, self-care is less about dramatic transformations and more about finding little ways to nourish the beautiful beings we already are. So repeat after us: Drink more water. Take breaks. Call a friend. To help stay on track, we’ve rounded up a cheerful collection of inspirational pins, patches, and stickers to gently remind us to treat ourselves with the kindness we deserve. Affix them to your favorite denim jacket or plaster them on your laptop—then take a deep breath, and get ready to take on the world.

With its bold, affirming message enwreathed in colorful coral blooms, this mini motivational pin from Bonbi Forest would look positively darling pinned to a lapel. Think of it as a pretty proclamation of acceptance and self-love for whatever it is that makes you uniquely you

Embroidered in dazzling detail, this heart-shaped mountain patch from Papio Press subtly invokes the powers of possibility. “Be strong,” it coaxes, seeming to promise that our greatest adventures are yet to come.

If the lack of free space in your calendar is enough to make you contemplate setting a permanent “out-of-office,” allow these inspirational critter stickers from Moonlume to be your friendly, furry-faced cheerleaders, joyfully motivating you to make it from deadline to dance class to dinner date.

Channeling a ’60s boho vibe, this retro-inspired sew-on patch from Lucky Horse Press invites you to take a walk on the mellow side, whether that means settling in to give your go-to wellness podcast a listen or catching up with friends over a warm mug of tea.

Calling all lovers of PJs and sweatpants: This cute and cozy illustrated sticker from Free Period Press gives you permission to ditch the work clothes and bury yourself in a pile of blankets the minute you walk through the door.

For those days when life feels especially challenging, these pastel bandage pins from Mental Health Magic offer a soothing salve. The best part? Each one comes with a helpful card featuring a mindfulness technique to try or a few short words of encouragement to help get you through your most stressful moments.

Who better to suggest we take life one well-intentioned step at a time than the chill (and on-trend) sloth hanging out on this peppy pink and purple embroidered patch from Hello DODO? One look at his contented face and you’ll remember the benefits of dialing down the pace every now and then.

It’s no secret that getting a good night’s rest is key to maintaining a clear mind and an even temperament. Thankfully, this adorable eye mask and slippers pin set from The Grumpy Unicorn encourages you to squeeze in time to kick up your feet and lay back for a nice, restorative cat nap.

This poignant patch from Justine Gilbuena celebrates the deep wells of strength and resilience inside us all—and points out that even in trying times, beautiful things can blossom.

Living off a constant stream of caffeine can take its jittery toll, so this pack of flowering coffee mug stickers from Beetle Inc Co. is here to remind you to pour slow and take small sips—and to be gentle with yourself in all arenas, especially on those four-cup days.

If you’re looking for a sign that everything is going to be all right, this mod crystal ball sticker from Girl and Cat Studio is it. Probably. At the very least, it’s a charmingly cheeky reminder that some things are always going to be out of our control, and really, that’s okay.

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