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Miss Vermont Goes Green To Miss America

Jan 13, 2009

by EarthBitch handmade and vintage goods

A huge congratulations goes out to Tara Lynn Scheidet, aka EarthBitch, who designed and crafted the beautiful evening gown you see here. This masterpiece will be traveling with Miss Vermont, Ashley Wheeler to the Miss America pageant in Las Vegas!

The dress is green — not forest green or sage green, but green, the concept. It’s an eco-friendly dress made of hemp and silk, lined with hemp and organic cotton, and adorned with repurposed gold lace, beads and sequins.

Tara Lynn’s studio runs off solar electricity. The shelves are stocked with vintage and recycled materials collected over years of yard sale shopping. The ceiling is adorned with inspirational pictures hung over a floor of antique sewing machines. Since the company started in 2005 it has become a team of talented women. They all stand behind the same mission to increase awareness of biodiversity, promote sustainability and be proud of what they do and the clothing they make.

Miss Vermont says, “I was raised as part of a family-run business and I understand how important it is to support locally-owned and operated businesses.  So when it came time for me to purchase an evening gown for the Miss America pageant, I decided to keep my business in Vermont and call upon a designer from the Northeast Kingdom.  I had heard about Tara Lynn and it was very appealing to go ‘green’ for Miss America.  I will be making a significant statement and suspect I will be the only contestant who has chosen to go this route.  I think this is the perfect way for me to share my stance on preserving our environment and set myself apart from the other contestants.”

The four-part series, “Miss America:  Countdown to the Crown,” airs on TLC on Fridays at 10PM (e/p). It began on January 2, but it’s not too late to tune in! The Miss America Pageant finale airs on January 24. Congrats to EarthBitch for bringing handmade to the pageant scene!


  • AnthologiE

    AnthologiE said 8 years ago

    Congrats! Hooray for you, Ashley and best of luck :)

  • softmelody

    softmelody said 8 years ago

    The dress looks gorgeous on her, too! Good luck!

  • sillylittlelady

    sillylittlelady said 8 years ago

    That is so cool! congratulations to earthbitch and the best of luck to Miss Vermont!

  • TheBrassHussy

    TheBrassHussy said 8 years ago

    omg, that dress is just gorgeous. Congrats to earthbitch!

  • dogties

    dogties said 8 years ago

    Awesome. Rock the Green Globe

  • Midnightsnack

    Midnightsnack said 8 years ago

    That is amazing! I'll be watching to see the dress live! Congrats EarthBitch!

  • KnitStorm

    KnitStorm said 8 years ago

    That gown is gorgeous, and EearthBitch sounds like a great collection of talented, "green" people!

  • kjoo

    kjoo said 8 years ago

    WOW Congratulations!

  • nicolecarey

    nicolecarey said 8 years ago

    i love vermont so much

  • christinececelia

    christinececelia said 8 years ago

    Beautiful dress! CONGRATS!

  • LittleCritters00

    LittleCritters00 said 8 years ago

    The dress is really amazing. Congrats

  • pigeonsintheattic

    pigeonsintheattic said 8 years ago

    I don't usally tune in to Miss America, but I will this year. Congrats, it's a beautiful dress! The one-of-a-kind clothing in EarthBitch's shop is to die for, thanks for sharing the story.

  • sarahryanstudio

    sarahryanstudio said 8 years ago

    Vermont rules!

  • PenelopeAndAnastasia

    PenelopeAndAnastasia said 8 years ago

    lovely dress - I've got some jewelry to match!

  • ThePeachTree

    ThePeachTree said 8 years ago

    Awesome :)

  • SASessories

    SASessories said 8 years ago

    right on!!!

  • StudioCherie

    StudioCherie said 8 years ago

    Miss Vermont is so articulate about her choice. I hope it is a great boon to your business!

  • IcingOnTheCupcake

    IcingOnTheCupcake said 8 years ago

    Congratulations... so pretty!

  • 4TheSparrowsNest

    4TheSparrowsNest said 8 years ago

    Wow...that is gorgeous!! I love that it's "green." Good luck Miss Vermont!!!

  • littlepancakes

    littlepancakes said 8 years ago

    so cute. love that shop name

  • baconsquarefarm

    baconsquarefarm said 8 years ago

    Oh my goodness this is fantastic~ I got goose bumps reading this article. Hats off to Miss Vermont wish her good luck in the pageant and hope this brings a booming business to EarthBitch whose gown is beautiful a true one of a kind. Great story & read, enjoyed it. I'll be watching on the 24th.

  • NewDuds

    NewDuds said 8 years ago

    AWESOME! We are from Vermont and applaud the green Miss Vermont! Best of luck, show them what vermont is made of! Hard work, dedication and a strong connection to the environment. Not to mention natural beauty!


    HEARTTOHAND said 8 years ago

    The dress is beautiful and I hope Miss Vermont's modeling of your design brings you lots of business!

  • Krystyna81

    Krystyna81 said 8 years ago

    what a cool concept! bravo to all involved - what a gorgeous dress on a gorgeous woman!

  • jmillenLovesToKnit

    jmillenLovesToKnit said 8 years ago

    That's one beautiful gown! Great job, EarthBitch!

  • kristensteinfineart

    kristensteinfineart said 8 years ago

    WOW! How exciting. Beautiful gown! Best of luck to EarthBitch and to Miss Vermont!

  • westcorinthstudio

    westcorinthstudio said 8 years ago

    What a great story, congratulations to both!

  • jeannesu

    jeannesu said 8 years ago

    Beautiful! and green too!

  • soapkitchen

    soapkitchen said 8 years ago

    My hubby is a Vermonter... YEA for green!

  • KalliopeJewelry

    KalliopeJewelry said 8 years ago

    Congratulations Tara Lyn, the dress is stunning! And Miss Vermont has beauty AND brains for choosing to go green!

  • nfall2rt

    nfall2rt said 8 years ago

    Wonderful news! Let all etsians celebrate, one's success=the success of everyone in a small way:)

  • cravejewelrydesign

    cravejewelrydesign said 8 years ago

    I love everything about this :)

  • faeriesfolly

    faeriesfolly said 8 years ago

    What a beautiful dress and an awesome choice! :D Good Luck, Miss Vermont & Congrats Earthbitch.

  • BluCille

    BluCille said 8 years ago

    Nice username...

  • beautifulbridget

    beautifulbridget said 8 years ago

    That dress is STUNNING!!!!

  • JetWhitePonytail

    JetWhitePonytail said 8 years ago

    An Etsy dress on Miss America! That's sweeeet!

  • salmonbarn

    salmonbarn said 8 years ago

    Thanks - love the story, dress and shop !

  • CutieDynamite

    CutieDynamite said 8 years ago

    SO awesome! Beautiful.

  • SelenaEon

    SelenaEon said 8 years ago

    My dream is for ALL the miss America contestants to be this committed to sustainability and handmade. The very thought brings tears to my eyes.

  • EarthBitch

    EarthBitch said 8 years ago

    Thank you! This is so cool, all the responses. ;-) And that a hemp gown is going to be in the Miss America Pageant. America is the only developed country where hemp is illegal to be grown for agriculture and Miss Vermont is showing America that hemp is a good thing. Did you know that Hemp has past legislation to be grown for agriculture in two states; one being Vermont and the other North Dakota. However it is held back by federal legislation. Go Hemp! One day you will once again be grown in America. You can see more beautiful hemp gowns at

  • Rose442

    Rose442 said 8 years ago

    Wow What a gorgeous gown!It's wonderful to see all natural fabric so beatiful!

  • OutOfSomething

    OutOfSomething said 8 years ago

    The gown is gorgeous!!! A great way for etsy to make waves! :)

  • tinahdee

    tinahdee said 8 years ago

    Big congratulations to you. Nice work!

  • buddhanature

    buddhanature said 8 years ago

    This is a great story! Way to go!


    MADART said 8 years ago

    You're an inspiration to other artists to "Go Green"!

  • incoldstorage

    incoldstorage said 8 years ago

    I hope they give the dress a plug at the pageant!

  • FlanneryCrane

    FlanneryCrane said 8 years ago

    Gorgeous Dress!

  • NovaScotiaBeachGlass

    NovaScotiaBeachGlass said 8 years ago

    A stunning dress and great story!

  • HistoryofArt

    HistoryofArt said 8 years ago

    So interesting. Thanks for sharing your story!

  • HistoryofArt

    HistoryofArt said 8 years ago

    So interesting. Thanks for sharing your story!

  • RetroHeaven

    RetroHeaven said 8 years ago

    way to go Ms. Vermont! and beautiful dress Tara Lynn....let's hear it for HEMP! FABULOUS....every state in the Union should be growing hemp!

  • stardogstudio

    stardogstudio said 8 years ago

    Congrats fellow Vermonter! Love your style! Keep repurposing!

  • bbbennyandthejet

    bbbennyandthejet said 8 years ago

    BooYah!! Such a beautiful dress.. and woman.. and eco-mission! Congrats on your success.

  • laurebelle

    laurebelle said 8 years ago

    WOW..... AMAZING accomplishment - and so glamorous! I so appreciate "real beauty" and that dress brings out her natural-amazing beauty! I'm a Tennassean, but I will be cheering for Miss Vermont in support of our business! I love Miss America and will be watching in anticipation of seeing this unbelievable gown! Blessings and Congratulations!

  • MakeMeOver

    MakeMeOver said 8 years ago

    Absolutely gorgeous dress!! What a way to make a statement in "green". Congratulations - bet this brings you much success :)

  • BusyBeeBumbleBeads

    BusyBeeBumbleBeads said 8 years ago

    Absolutely gorgeous gown!!!

  • itselemental

    itselemental said 8 years ago

    FABULOUS, my fellow Vermonters!! The gown is Stunning!- and hemp farming would GREATLY contribute to the economic prosperity of agricultural systems...the fears and arguments used to keep it illegal just don't hold water...Lobby your congressional delegation...GO HEMP!!

  • luckytwentyone

    luckytwentyone said 8 years ago

    that's amazing, congratulations!

  • KellysGifts

    KellysGifts said 8 years ago

    Very nice work! I use yarns that I have found at yard sales or given to me. I'm still working on the thread that use to be my grandma's, over 20 years ago. Go for it!

  • kristincoffin

    kristincoffin said 8 years ago

    "Did you know that Hemp has past legislation to be grown for agriculture in two states; one being Vermont and the other North Dakota." I know, EarthBitch, and I'm so PROUD TO BE A VERMONTER for this reason! Congratulations on being able to represent all the eco-friendly talent that comes from our caring state! We have set a precedent, and I hope that other states (maybe even the federal level) follows suit. Who knows what change is to come, but small steps in our very own Etsy shops do make a difference. LOCALIZE, GREENIFY, and have a VOICE.

  • auntbethys

    auntbethys said 8 years ago

    I am amazed with the gorgeous dress, and I just HAVE to say that you look stunning! You're a precious young lady and I wish you ALLLLLLL the best with everything you go for! Thank you for taking the time to share with us (I came a little late, but... :) I'm here now and enjoyed the opportunity to see someone who's outrageously beautiful on the outside AND THE INSIDE.... You already stand out from the other contestants where ever you go. Blessings, Aunt Bethy

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