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Mermaids, Monsters and 45 Other Fantastical Finds

Aug 4, 2014

by Mallory McInnis handmade and vintage goods
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Have you ever dreamed of befriending a fantasy creature? Growing up, I had a backyard full of deer, groundhogs and toads, but all I really wanted was a family of gnomes. While I wait for Ma and Pa Gnome to come knocking, I’ve gathered my favorite mythical playmates and the items inspired by them on Etsy — simply click the dragon, unicorn or cyclops, and you’ll be taken away to a land of make believe…(that is, the Etsy item!).

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I’ve always loved to read and I’ve never had a narrow taste in reading material — I want to read it all! All the genres. Let me at ’em. Still, as a child I probably read three fantasy books for every historical fiction or mystery one: they were my favorites. I wanted to cast magic spells and hang out with a dragon (albeit a sweet one who would toast marshmallows for me instead of feasting on my flesh).

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As I grew older, I never lost my taste for fantasy: even when I stopped fully believing in Santa Claus and the Easter Rabbit, I was still open to the possibility that they might exist somewhere — even if they weren’t necessarily visiting my house.

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I guess that, on The X-Files spectrum (if such a thing existed), I’d be more of a Mulder than a Scully. I tease my father for watching Finding Bigfoot and yet I wouldn’t be that shocked if I saw the hairy guy while camping someday.

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What’s your favorite mythical creature? Even if you’ll never get a chance to encounter a unicorn in real life, at the very least least you can have an adorable one taking care of your embroidery floss or standing proudly on the side of your cup.


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