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Memories of Gan-Gan

May 9, 2014

by Aleksa Brown

Every day, my fellow Etsy Blog editors and I come across items with a story: chess sets made from nuts and bolts; unconventional love tokens; cardboard surveillance camerasbedroom furniture made in miniature. I love thinking about where these items came from, but what’s equally fascinating is pondering where they’ll end up, and whose lives they’ll add meaning to.

Enter West Wales-based illustrator Gemma Green-Hope. When her grandmother – or “Gan-Gan” as she affectionately called her – passed away in 2010, Gemma was struck by all the items she left behind, and how they illustrated the passions, experiences and beliefs that shaped her life. As a way to weave together memories and possessions – and honor her grandmother – she made this animation, which is nothing short of stunning.

What items remind you of the mothers in your life?

Video by Gemma Green-Hope; Music by George Manson; Elizabeth Boat made by Rachel Sumner.

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