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Meet Up With Etsy: April 2 in San Francisco

Mar 25, 2011

by Vanessa Bertozzi handmade and vintage goods


I’m so excited to meet you San Francisco folks face-to-face! Our meetup welcomes the SF Team into the Museum of Craft and Folk Art and is free and open to all. I will be there, as will other Etsy Admin — web designer Magera and engineers David and CB. We’ll give you an update about the latest at Etsy as well as get feedback from you.

The meetup will be held from 5 – 7 p.m. PT at the Museum of Craft and Folk Art. Refreshments will be served.


We’re especially interested in launching I Heart Art: San Francisco. I Heart Art, which we are currently running in Portland and Baltimore, is an Etsy collaboration that brings together local Etsy Teams and institutional partners, such as museums and art schools. The goal is to foster community and support of local art, craft, vintage and small business. Come talk to us about Etsy and the potential I Heart Art collab! Bring your ideas and questions.

I’m also attending the Craft Forward conference at California College of the Arts and the American Craft Council’s Convenings. Please let me know if you’ll also be at these events by sending me a convo.

Please feel free to bring along something you made or your favorite vintage piece. We’d love to add some photos to our Flickr stream!

Will you be there? Post in the comments below!


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