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March Madness

Mar 23, 2012

by Cate Fitt handmade and vintage goods

Along with the rest of my city, I went mad last March as our home team climbed the brackets to make it to the Final Four. I had never paid attention to college basketball (or any other sport), but the rise of the Rams drew me in to the point of actually watching entire games, passionately hollering and cheering. This year, VCU lost early to Indiana and I am free to go crazy over the beautiful Virginia spring while I contemplate other forms of March madness.

[Clockwise from top left: Vintage photo from Maclancy; Basketball cookies by Katieduran; “Cheerleader” by Dollhead; Sneaker cotton napkins by Linthound; Vintage book from Terrorskink]

A basket, a ball, and one or two friends are all that is required for an enjoyable hour of shooting hoops. No need for goofy face paint and ugly school colors.


[Clockwise from top left: Hare ceramic tile by Gianar;  Sir hopsalot doll by Forestblue; Moonlit hare etching by Sallywinteretchings; Felt hare brooch by Foxowlroad; Three in one field card by Magiccochin]

Is it the wind and crazy weather that makes so many as mad as March hares? They used to think boxing hares were competing for mating primacy, but now scientists are not so sure.


[Clockwise from top left: “If Not For Your Noisy Tambourine” by Sophieblackall; Scalloped edge plate by Cynthiacranesart; Silver leaves ring by Artisanlook; Leeks quilt by Bozenawojaszek; Breath embroidery by Whimsiology; Organic radish seeds from Cubits]

All over the city, gardens are being turned and sinuses are being filled. When we are indoors, the Richmond Eagle Cam has provided instant access to the hatching of two baby bald eagles. What joy that our national symbol has come back from near extinction.

My front and back porches are covered with fragrant vines. Birds are nesting in my rose bush, and bees hover near my head to check me out. The dogwood tree by my office window is ready to burst. Time to venture out and enjoy this fleeting perfection.

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