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Make a Wedding Cake With SprinkleBakes

May 24, 2012

by Heather Baird handmade and vintage goods

Heather Baird is an accomplished painter and photographer, but her passion is creating eye-popping, mouthwatering desserts. She writes about her adventures in the world of creative dessert-making on her award-winning blog, SprinkleBakes. She is the author of the new baking book, SprinkleBakes: Dessert Recipes to Inspire your Inner Artist. Heather lives in Knoxville, Tennesee, with her husband Mark and two mischievous pugs, Biscuit and Churro.  

Making your wedding cake takes a good measure of bravery, but it’s an excellent way to cut some expense from the wedding budget. Practical considerations aside, you’ll also be feeding your guests something made with your own hands, and that is nothing short of special!

To learn how to make, fill, frost and assemble your own delicious cake extraordinaire…

Follow us over to Etsy Weddings for complete instructions, tips, tricks, and helpful step-by-step photos by Sprinklebakes.

Be sure to visit Sprinklebakes for more mouthwatering treats, or check out SprinkleBakes: Dessert Recipes to Inspire Your Inner Artist, available from Amazon or an independent bookstore near you.

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All photos by Sprinklebakes.


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