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How-Tuesday: Hemp Hoop Earrings

May 29, 2012

by JenniISpyDIY handmade and vintage goods

Have your eye on a fashion trend you’d like to make your own? Fashion columnist and blogger Jenni Radosevich of I Spy DIY Style has your back. Her new book encourages you to find fashion you love and make it yourself. With this DIY spirit,  we’ll learn how to create wrapped hemp hoop earrings in this week’s How-Tuesday post. This project, and many more like it, can be found in Jenni’s new book, I Spy DIY Style.

Trendy, colorful, earthy and casual, these hemp earrings can work with any style. How would you incorporate these earrings into your wardrobe? Christine Cameron, personal stylist and fashion blogger of My Style Pill, says that she “would rock these bold hoops with an equally bright and patterned dress to really create a standout ensemble.”

Materials You’ll Need:
1 pair of large hoop earrings
1 yd (91cm) each thin hemp rope in three colors
10 wooden beads in two sizes
Super glue


1. Holding all three colors of hemp together, tie a knot on the end of one hoop earring.

2. Wrap one color of hemp rope around the earring and the other two hemp strands. Alternate with the other colors.

3. Thread a bead onto the earring over the hemp strands.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3, alternating colors and beads in the pattern you desire.

5. Tie the rope in a knot when you reach the end of the hoop earring.

6. Trim the ends and secure the knot with super glue. Let dry for 5 minutes. Repeat steps 1 through 6 for the other hoop.

A big thank you to Jenni Radosevich for sharing this project with us. For more DIY style tutorials like this one, check out I Spy DIY Style, available from Amazon or an independent bookstore near you.

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