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How-Tuesday: Embroidered Headphones

Jun 25, 2013

by Sweet Paul handmade and vintage goods

This week’s How-Tuesday post comes to us from Sweet PaulThis creative embroidery project was dreamed up by the marvelously talented Lova Blåvarg, a seventeen-year-old crafter extraordinaire and Sweet Paul columnist. You can check it out, as well as a host of other crafty inspiration, in the latest issue of Sweet Paul.

I’m not kidding when I say that I listen to music four hours a day (at least!). I always listen to music when I’m crafting or painting or riding the subway or walking or…well, a lot, basically. I care about sound quality so I always like to use classic headphones instead of earplugs, and since my headphones are my most used accessory I decided that I needed to make them pretty so I could wear them with pride everyday! The headphones I used are Urban Ears Plattan, which are named after a place in central Stockholm which I used to pass by often when I lived there.


Supplies You’ll Need:
Urban Ears Plattan headphones (or similar headphones with a fabric band)
Pencil and paper
Embroidery floss in your choice of colors
Glass beads
Embroidery needle


1. Get a pair of Plattan headphones in your favorite color, some embroidery yarn, and small beads.

2. Sketch your own design (or copy my cherry blossoms), first on paper and then lightly on the headphones.

3. Start embroidering, attaching beads as you go along. I’m not an expert, so I used simple stitches, but there are a lot of fun different stitches you can find in books and on the Internet. (Editor’s note: for stitch inspiration, check out DIY Embroidered Merit Badges and Back-to-School Embroidery.)


Tip: Don’t worry if you make a mistake! The fabric is very forgiving and it’s quite easy to remove the stitches and start over.

Photos by Susanna Blavarg for Sweet Paul. 

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