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Make a Gift Bag Village

Dec 2, 2014

by Mandy Pellegrin handmade and vintage goods

Hands down, my favorite part of the holidays is wrapping gifts. Every year, I try my hardest to come up with some clever, new way to wrap my friends’ and families’ presents. This project may be my most clever to date (if I do say so myself!) – using plain and even recycled kraft paper bags to create the cutest little holiday village display. It’s a perfect, non-traditional way to wrap gifts and would even make a great activity to do with the kids.

Each bag takes a matter of minutes to complete. Tackling a stack of 15 or so at once will eliminate any downtime while the paint dries. In total, a set of 10 would take approximately 45 minutes.


You will need:
Kraft gift and/or grocery bags in various sizes
Black marker
Craft paints in white, green, and red
Paint brushes
Craft glue


Step 1: If you’re using gift bags, begin by carefully removing the handles.


Step 2: Use a ruler and pencil to sketch a roofline onto each bag. To create an interesting village, take a look around your neighborhood for inspiration – vary the pitch, add a chimney, try a hipped or a gambrel roof.


Step 3: Cut along your sketch lines.


Step 4: Cut away any angles left behind on the gussets.


Step 5: Use a black marker to add architectural details like windows and doors to the front of the bag. There’s no need for precision. Just keep it casual, and it’ll have a fun ‘sketched’ look to it.


Step 6: Use craft paint to add charming holiday details. First, use the white paint to add snow to the roof line and window tops. Next, add garlands and wreaths with green paint. Finally, accent the greenery with red bows. Allow each paint color to dry before moving onto the next.


Step 7: Glue a ribbon to the inside of each side the bag for handles that will fall inconspicuously into the bag while on display.


Paint as many bags as you wish, and arrange with “snow” (quilt batting) and bottle brush trees. Voila!


All photographs by Fabric Paper Glue.


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