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Make a Geometric Tree Advent Calendar

Nov 29, 2013

by Diana Stainton handmade and vintage goods

This season, make every gathering a memorable occasion with a little handmade creativity. Eight Etsy sellers teamed up with Whole Foods Market to create a series of DIY craft tutorials aimed to make your holiday entertaining a bit sweeter. Pygmy Cloud is the London-based design duo of Diana and Dave. They make playful and happy housewares and plush toys for children and  adults alike. Keep up on their blog, Twitter and Instagram.

Begin the Christmas countdown with this fun geometric tree advent calendar. Fill the trees with your favorite treats and trinkets for 24 days of excitement.


You will need:
Tree template (click here to download)
Green cardstock
Marker pen or gold pen
PVA glue
Decorative washi tape
Small toys


Step 1: Cut green cardstock according to the template and repeat 24 times in a selection of sizes. Number each pyramid 1-­24 with a black or gold marker pen.


Step 2: Score along the lines of the template and fold together. Glue one of the base flaps (the other two will be taped closed later).


Step 3: Once the glue has dried, fill with toys and treats.


Step 4: Tape the tree closed with washi/decorative tape.


Step 5: Arrange randomly and enjoy the build up to the big day!

All photographs by Pygmy Cloud.

Find this tutorial and other DIY how-to’s at your local Whole Foods Market store. Be sure to check out the Etsy + Whole Foods Market page to shop their favorite holiday gifts on Etsy.



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