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Love Saves the Day: A Valentine Video

Feb 14, 2008

by jimchesters | YouTube | Subscribe in iTunes

[Music by Johannes Brahms – Ungarischer Tanz 6 D-Dur, Performed by Fulda Symphonic Orchestra, Conductor: Simon Schindler. Licensed under Creative Commons.]

On Vanessa’s desk is the cutest little amigurumi bunny by Sereneonion. He’s blue with a pursed little mouth and big, reflective eyes. Then this stuffed bear by Boodlebub came in to the Etsy Labs a few months ago and the two instantly hit it off. I asked them to help me make this short little animation for Valentine’s Day and they agreed. It all became more dramatic when Bear unexpectedly died. Good thing I had my camera on me!

I’ve always been a big fan of stop motion, from the old Rankin/Bass animations like Rudolf and Frosty to the brilliant work of Jan Svankmajer. I try to make my own when I get a chance, so last weekend I spent a Saturday taking photos of these two and pieced them together to make this Valentine Day message for everyone. It’s not as refined as it could be, but I kinda like it.


Happy Valentine’s Day, Etsy.


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