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Leap into Spring!

Feb 13, 2008

by Alison Feldmann handmade and vintage goods

These spring inspired items are just the right mixture of bright and cheerful to bring you out of your winter doldrums. (If you’re in the northern hemisphere, that is!) Let this green selection reinvigorate your sensibilities and bring some new growth into your life. Time to start thinking about the garden and rain showers! (P.S. It’s been pouring all day in Brooklyn!)

What are you planting this spring? What kinds of plants are your favorite? Leave it in the comments! 


  • tortillagirl

    tortillagirl said 13 years ago

    As always, wonderful choice of items that highlight the trends. (I admit that I'm partial to the felted items; kupkup's cameo brooch is awesome.) I'm really aching for it to be spring, already. Thanks for this spotlight feature!

  • LanaHandknitting

    LanaHandknitting said 13 years ago

    I also love the felted items, but I preferred the violet brooch. So beauty-full! I'm growing a garden with a section just for my Etsy photo backgrounds this year... definitely another golden acorn squash, and my faithful super-broccoli.

  • girlsavage

    girlsavage said 13 years ago

    This collection is so fresh and pretty! I love lily of the valley, so dainty and sweet smelling.

  • drockphotography

    drockphotography said 13 years ago

    i like forest plants. moss is a favorite since i was a wee lass. baby tears is my favorite house plant.

  • drockphotography

    drockphotography said 13 years ago

    ha and i love the stuff! all of it! green is superb!

  • mosey

    mosey said 13 years ago

    lovely for spring! my fave flowers to plant are morning glories "heavenly blue" and lovlies bleeding. i also love a good crop of beets and radishes (beets yield yummy bitter beet greens and radishes when they go to seed have the sweetest blushing pink blooms)! and lest not forget the pumpkins(i know they are for fall but who can resist a teensy pumpkin patch in their vegetable garden)!!!

  • mosey

    mosey said 13 years ago

    p.s. girlsavage...lily of the valley are SO very sweet & dainty!

  • phoebec

    phoebec said 13 years ago

    I can't wait to plant some onions, radishes, lettuce, snow peas, beets & spinach. I love the early crops! This year I am going to go for it and plant the peas straight into the snow:) Planning the garden is one way to get rid of the winter blahs, as well as looking at all the spring inspired treasuries on etsy:)

  • TheFarGrove

    TheFarGrove said 13 years ago

    I live in Canada so spring comes late and I can tell you I am SO ready for it. My favourites are all perennials: lilies, peonies, delphiniums, and irises. Mainly. I also really like poppies and barberries and a million other things. I'm going to plant a pathway through the woods this year with hostas and ferns and Jack Frost brunnera, and I'm going to do an heirloom veggie garden in containers on the deck. After I stain it, of course, and paint all the wood furniture so it's pretty again. Spring really can't come fast enough. Canadian summers are NOT long enough to get all of this done!

  • qwynwyn

    qwynwyn said 13 years ago

    We're planning to plant basil, tomatoes, bell peppers, eggplant, green beans, and so on. California is a good place for growing stuff.

  • scrumdidlyump

    scrumdidlyump said 13 years ago

    Brandywine Tomatoes

  • LauraSusannah

    LauraSusannah said 13 years ago

    YEY SPRING :) we've had a really mild start to 08 here in the UK so the spring bulbs are already starting to come out :) it makes me smile every time i see them!! this year i intent to spend my lunch times in the garden and keep on top of it for once :) i have a cottage garden thats landscaped on a hill with lots of natural stone walls creating different beds. i have a herb section, lots of spring bulbs and wild giant poppies (which are my favorite!)i can't wait until i can photograph my plushies peeping out from the foliage :)

  • daniellexo

    daniellexo said 13 years ago

    great picks!

  • Psculptures

    Psculptures said 13 years ago

    If someone doesn't buy it first, I am planting (figuratively speaking) the (p)sculputure "SPRUNG" for spring in my sunroom/office. Other than that, I love to put birds of paradise and assorted grasses in the really cool retro/modern planter I made last summer, which is actually attached to the outside of my my studio building.

  • onewintrynight

    onewintrynight said 13 years ago

    I'm already planning my garden & we still have about 2 feet of snow on the ground! . . . tomatoes, beans, squash, and (of course!) beets!

  • lapomme

    lapomme said 13 years ago

    Lovely choices! Spring is here where I am in the South of France, and today I've been out weeding. I started a dry garden last year--meaning installing plants you don't have to water after the first year. So far so good! This year I'm looking at small plants and annuals to fit in the small empty spaces. There's this beautiful mountain flower called Allyse Odorata that I'm gonna buy lots of seeds of!

  • restlessnative

    restlessnative said 12 years ago

    I just found this shop, and I give it the Etsy Green Idea award! Amazing! Handmade paper greeting cards with seeds imbedded in them. No paper waste, and no energy needed to recycle these cards! The paper acts like a little sponge to sprout these little seeds, and then it biodegrades. How cool is that???

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