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Last-Minute Halloween: Little Monsters

Oct 26, 2010

by Alison Feldmann handmade and vintage goods


Halloween is nearly here, so move quickly to get your little monster properly outfitted! It’s not often that it’s societally validated for pups and kitties, as well as their owners, to voice their creativity by dressing up as a stick of butter, a miniature pharaoh (pictured below) or a tiny bride and groom. Hopefully these patient pets will enjoy the fruits of their labors in the form of snagged jelly beans from unaware trick-or-treaters.





Photos of the Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade by TeenAngster and Stacie Joy.

pet hat – monster

By xmoonbloom, $25.

Pet BRIDE and GROOM costume

By ilickyou, $10.

Jack O Lantern Pumpkin


The Arbour Shirt – Medium

By RoverDog, $25.

Little Sailor

By amandalyn, $15.

Buddy Holmes 3 piece outfit

By DownUnderDogDesigns, $45.

French Chic Mini Beret

By ToScarboroughFair, $23.

Lady Gaga bubbles costume

By lenapavia, $39.99.

Pet Sun Hat

By PamperedWhiskers, $14.99.


By samandsteves, $5.

Blooming Ume Dog Jacket

By shopKCQ, $80.

Sharkdog (or cat)

By QUILLERinstinct, $45.

The William Bowler Hat

By melpdesigns, $18.

Dog Jacket – Bumble Bee

By TheGreenGarden, $25.

Kitten Shark Cat Sweater

By YouthDiaspora, $34.

Halloween Ladybug Costume

By dukeandprincess, $20.


What last-minute costumes do you have in mind? Share in the comments!


  • TipsyTimeMachine

    TipsyTimeMachine said 7 years ago

    Wow, super cute, too bad our cat will not put up with any type of clothing, he's a staunch nudist.

  • tigersanddragons

    tigersanddragons said 7 years ago

    The bride and groom would be perfect for my sister's pugs, though I'm crushin' on the cool Tron costume...

  • vivikas

    vivikas said 7 years ago

    hahaha... How fun!!

  • ParadiseBodyShop

    ParadiseBodyShop said 7 years ago

    LOL I laughed out loud at the Lady Gaga bubbles costume!

  • lovintage

    lovintage said 7 years ago

    I once crocheted a little sweater for my cat. He absolutely hated it and it was worn for a total of about 7 seconds. These pets photographed are patient. Super cute!

  • museofmelanie

    museofmelanie said 7 years ago

    My dog would stare at me with hate if I tried to put anything on him. Super-cute though!

  • lovelygifts

    lovelygifts said 7 years ago

    So adorable!!!!!

  • katrinshine

    katrinshine said 7 years ago

    So many pretty ideas! I would have the cat to buy Jack O Lantern Pumpkin)

  • AtabbycatArts

    AtabbycatArts said 7 years ago

    Oh My Goodnes.,. I have to say, I am not a fan of dressing pets up. But this made me laugh out loud. Scared my sleeping cat.. And then I showed her the pictures and threatened her with something similar. She took off for the basement. Smart kitty. snicker.. Cute Stuff.

  • VivaGailBeads

    VivaGailBeads said 7 years ago

    Those costumes are great!

  • LilaJo

    LilaJo said 7 years ago

    So dang adorable!

  • LittleWrenPottery

    LittleWrenPottery said 7 years ago

    So cute! I wish I had a pet to dress up! : D

  • RomanceCatsAndWhimsy

    RomanceCatsAndWhimsy said 7 years ago

    Oh so cute!!! Loved them all - especially the pet hat - monster! hee hee

  • AnniesWearableArt

    AnniesWearableArt said 7 years ago

    kitten shark, lady gaga bubbles costume (er "lady grrrgrrr": what a hoot! just when you didn't think precious furry babies could get any cuter!

  • zwzzy

    zwzzy said 7 years ago

    HAHAHA oh man, this wins my heart big time!

  • OffTheHooks

    OffTheHooks said 7 years ago

    adorable.. but where's the big dog costumes?

  • theeye

    theeye said 7 years ago

    cute Gaga dog lol

  • spacejam

    spacejam said 7 years ago

    ha! they look so cute!

  • KettleConfections

    KettleConfections said 7 years ago

    These are so cute. I never even thought of looking for halloween costumes for pets - will definitely have to share this with my cat loving friends!

  • SanibelsTreasures

    SanibelsTreasures said 7 years ago

    Haha! Love the little animal costumes!

  • Floralworld

    Floralworld said 7 years ago

    Oh so cute! Wonderful!

  • BlackStar

    BlackStar said 7 years ago

    LOL! No way would Althea stand for any of it. I'll have to show her how wonderfully behaved some of these Etsy pets are! Happy Halloween everyone~

  • SimpleJoysPaperie

    SimpleJoysPaperie said 7 years ago

    Simply ADORABLE! :D

  • jammerjewelry

    jammerjewelry said 7 years ago

    Crazy Cute article!

  • elizabethwrenvintage

    elizabethwrenvintage said 7 years ago

    Ahhhh so cute & funny :o)

  • inapaleplace

    inapaleplace said 7 years ago

    Cute!! How about some plus size models - maybe something for my newfoundlands?

  • ravenhaired

    ravenhaired said 7 years ago

    Sooo funny!

  • dreamyvintage

    dreamyvintage said 7 years ago

    I am all for dressing up guys for Halloween but please leave the poor animals alone :)

  • monkeyandsquirrel

    monkeyandsquirrel said 7 years ago

    heheheheeee... i love how unenthused all of these guys look :)

  • OpulentOddities

    OpulentOddities said 7 years ago

    Love these! I bought a hat from Lenapavia and its AMAZING quality and fits my chi wonderfully. I'm not sure he so much loves it, but I sure do!

  • polkadotmagpie

    polkadotmagpie said 7 years ago

    Teen, soooo funny. My fave is always the shark fin!

  • Colettesboutique

    Colettesboutique said 7 years ago

    The pet costumes are just tooooo cute!

  • PyxusPassionProject

    PyxusPassionProject said 7 years ago

    aa haha... I love this - My little diva king would be all for it if it got him extra "ooohs and aaahs"

  • choisette

    choisette said 7 years ago

    dogs wearing costumes always seem so resigned to looking undignified, as opposed to cats. they really look angry. i definitely would not want to fall asleep around a cat wearing a turban.

  • annawoz

    annawoz said 7 years ago

    Wow, LOL, amazing, cute :D:D:D

  • Mclovebuddy

    Mclovebuddy said 7 years ago

    heheh. my dog loved clothes. he even loved his handmade diapers with the vintage buttons in old age. the cat likes being nekkid. a lot. that's all he likes. he won't even tolerate a leopard spotted vintage inspired collar with a black grosgrain bow.

  • bylynnkrestel

    bylynnkrestel said 7 years ago

    too fun! do you know how long our dog would even keep the costume on!! ha!

  • webs55

    webs55 said 7 years ago

    Oh my! So cute. I love that hairless shark. If I only had a hairless cat...

  • FeltShmelt

    FeltShmelt said 7 years ago

    Hahaha these are awesome ideas - I want to make my dog a sharkdog!! Thanks for the tips!

  • DianesCloset

    DianesCloset said 7 years ago

    :::''Boom''::: (head explodes from cuteness)

  • pulpsushi

    pulpsushi said 7 years ago

    Oh my weakness! Cute doggies in outfits. The kitties are nice too. :)

  • tailwaggers

    tailwaggers said 7 years ago

    Love the Kitty Shark and Kitty Frog! But you know that costumes are for the enjoyment of the human. There is a certain amount of vengeful look coming back at you! It's a good thing they are always so forgiving and have short memories. They are all soooo cute!

  • dollybirdboutique

    dollybirdboutique said 7 years ago

    wow i love them. I have just got an exotic kitten called yoshi and she is the cutest thing ever i need a costume for her x x

  • Blakenetizen

    Blakenetizen said 7 years ago

    The kitty in the Jack O Lantern Pumpkin costume looks pissed hehe

  • birdie1

    birdie1 said 7 years ago

    Abounding cuteness! I can't even pick a favorite, they're all so incredibly creative.

  • CrystalKittyCat

    CrystalKittyCat said 7 years ago

    Oh my gosh, these are great! :D I would love to try to dress my gerbil up, but I'm pretty sure he'd just destroy whatever I put on him.

  • HappyDogGoodies

    HappyDogGoodies said 7 years ago

    Love the creativity! Last day to order a Halloween bandanna or cape from HappyDogGoodies. . .

  • daniellehensley

    daniellehensley said 7 years ago

    This is so cute, I want them all...

  • krize

    krize said 7 years ago

    Great and funny costumes for people. But I don´t think animals like this... With many respect Anonymous Cat, who never wear clothes :)


    TEJIDOS said 7 years ago

    OMG...Etsy people are so creative! Doggie Lady Gaga Bubbles....LOL

  • accentonvintage

    accentonvintage said 7 years ago

    If I had a pet, I would have a hard time choosing from these adorable outfits.

  • samandsteves

    samandsteves said 7 years ago

    awesome post!! I LOVEEEE the SHARK costumes!!! Brilliant idea to dress animals up as other animals!!! =)

  • genisepark

    genisepark said 7 years ago

    Thank-you, Thank-you for making me laugh I love these costumes.

  • shannondzikas

    shannondzikas said 7 years ago

    I have mixed feelings about this...but the joy it brings overrides my pity for the puppies!

  • sarantos

    sarantos said 7 years ago

    If I even attempted to dress up my cat, she would make sure that there would be no need for fake bite marks, claw marks or blood for me.

  • rozzie

    rozzie said 7 years ago

    My heart is melting.... :)

  • seasonsart1031

    seasonsart1031 said 7 years ago

    Shark Cat what a scream!

  • valleykatdesigns

    valleykatdesigns said 7 years ago

    love this collection of critter costumes... the kitty shark is hilarious, and the crocheted monster - LOVE IT!!! Hmmm... how to dress our little weiner dog?!

  • jessamae22

    jessamae22 said 7 years ago

    I am always amazed at how clever people are....these are hilarious!!

  • mousesong

    mousesong said 7 years ago

    These are all great but the shark made me die. In the best possible way.

  • InkDropDesign

    InkDropDesign said 7 years ago

    Love the bride and groom!

  • rarebeasts

    rarebeasts said 7 years ago

    Oh so cute; Wrong but cute, I like it.

  • strawberryluna

    strawberryluna said 7 years ago

    omGGGG!!!! the chihuahuda Lady Gaga costume is killing me with cuteness! thes are all so great and fun :)

  • strawberryluna

    strawberryluna said 7 years ago

    Wait, sorry...that might be a Fox Terrier :)

  • thewhimsytrove

    thewhimsytrove said 7 years ago

    We have taken a staunch vow not to pimp the customer service dog, Gianni, but I am SO tempted by the Ume jacket it isn't even funny.

  • AutumnLeavesJewelry

    AutumnLeavesJewelry said 7 years ago

    tee hee hee love this!!!

  • arsniccandy

    arsniccandy said 7 years ago

    Ooooohhh my gawd!!! These are fabulously awesome!! I must say....the Tron dog and the cleopatra? perrito are.....awesome!!!

  • sewnewthings

    sewnewthings said 7 years ago

    Cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!! We just don't "do" halloween here in Australia - would love an excuse to dress my cat up!

  • HandheldDesigns

    HandheldDesigns said 7 years ago

    OMG - these are awesome! If I dared put something like this on my kitties, they would make me pay for months to come, hairballs in my shoe, Jedi mind tricks and claws, lots of claws. They can't even bear a normal collar. :)

  • SpottedFish

    SpottedFish said 7 years ago

    Those are awesome. I love putting my 85 lb dog in costumes, she is very patient. Our cats would probably scratch my eyes out if I tried!

  • MegansMenagerie

    MegansMenagerie said 7 years ago

    So cute! Loving the bride and groom! Just adorable!!!

  • Hammermann

    Hammermann said 7 years ago

    Very cool costumes!

  • DogStyle

    DogStyle said 7 years ago

    Cute!!! Love cats in hats. My last-minute costume idea? My vicious Chihuahua will be a dragon (with bloody gashes) and my other pretty girl will be a ballerina. Easy stuff for a tired doggy seamstress to make.

  • hilaryupton

    hilaryupton said 7 years ago

    CUTE! love it.

  • sonyarasi

    sonyarasi said 7 years ago

    Too funny!

  • theroyal

    theroyal said 7 years ago

    my dog would love it. my cat would hate it.

  • jenniferdui

    jenniferdui said 7 years ago

    I love this post. Super sweet! Love all the costumes for the cats especially. Happy Halloween everyone

  • alina10583

    alina10583 said 7 years ago

    amazing! I LOVE THE CAT HATS!

  • AntiGenre

    AntiGenre said 7 years ago

    I would lose a limb if I tried any of those with my cat. Too bad, they're very cute!

  • expressyourself

    expressyourself said 7 years ago

    Cute cats!

  • OfTheFountain

    OfTheFountain said 7 years ago

    I love the shark costume on the Spynx cat. Sadly, I know my Sphynx would be very, very upset with me if I made him wear that. ::pout::

  • frogprincessdesigns

    frogprincessdesigns said 7 years ago

    So cute! Love the Holmes one!

  • GalleonGal

    GalleonGal said 7 years ago

    Adorable Clever Kitty and Well Dressed puppy Costumes, Yes! Our furred Friends can also Celebrate along with Us Humans the All Hallows Eve tradition of Costumes!

  • dragonhouseofyuen

    dragonhouseofyuen said 7 years ago

    well, well! aren't they just the best! all fluff and no fear :) won't be getting my two rescue house rabbits into any fleece or scales here :) thanks Alison!

  • Chandeluse

    Chandeluse said 7 years ago

    love the William Bowler hat and cat. Hoo, that's a fun animal!

  • lauraprentice

    lauraprentice said 7 years ago

    My dog went as batman last year. Na-na-na-na-na-na!!

  • breadandroses2

    breadandroses2 said 7 years ago

    Hard not to gush 'awwwww'. All so sweet.

  • cadreams

    cadreams said 7 years ago

    Great costumes! Saw the Calico and had to look!

  • HomemadeZen

    HomemadeZen said 7 years ago

    That's funny. I dress my cat up as chicken last year and he didn't like it at all :)

  • redemptionart

    redemptionart said 7 years ago

    Lady Gaga and the Shark have my vote...too funny, too cute! My black lab is getting wrapped in glow sticks!

  • VelveteenHabbit

    VelveteenHabbit said 7 years ago

    CUTE CUTE CUTE SHARK CATS AND BUMBLE BEE DOGS AND GAGA POOCHES!!! And may I add that "no animals were hurt or killed to make me laugh out loud"-so many of these beautiful animals look patient and relaxed-ok maybe a few looked a bit annoyed or maybe they are thinking---oh no, no no I will not wear that! no, I will not wear those bubbles for fashion sake!!!!!! Adorable and obviously very loving owners must pamper and treat their babies to get such adorable looking photos!!!!

  • ArtdeJoie

    ArtdeJoie said 7 years ago

    Awwww - cute!


    KMSORIGINAL said 7 years ago

    That's my cat Charlotte in the Pumpkin Costume! She is very mild mannered. Not that she loves dressing up but she never really gets mad. Check her out modeling my other costumes. Thanks TeenAngster for including me!


    SQUIDYINK said 7 years ago

    Cute as heck! sweet little fluffies would claw my eyes out if I even THOUGHT about it >^..^<

  • myvintagecrush

    myvintagecrush said 7 years ago

    So cute! My dog goes catatonic when I put her in ANYthing.

  • craftwin123

    craftwin123 said 7 years ago

    How adorable! What a great selection!

  • Magillie

    Magillie said 7 years ago

    Tres chic and funny! Love love love.

  • streetnoodles

    streetnoodles said 7 years ago

    the little sailor outfit is modeled by a cat who looks exactly like my "stella"...who i'm afraid of...and if i remember my "animal planet" that look & the way her ears are cocked are indications of "i'm sooo frickin' over this!" just before she tried to dismember me. ...otherwise the others look so cute and under kitty GHP...still legal in most states.

  • amandalyn

    amandalyn said 7 years ago

    That's my little Bialy as a sailor up top! :D She's a sweetie, and doesn't mind dressing up one bit. Thanks for the love, and Happy Halloween, everyone!!

  • SweetMoonlightShop

    SweetMoonlightShop said 7 years ago

    love! my bruno kitty needs that beret and the sailor costume. too cute.

  • kimsjewels

    kimsjewels said 7 years ago

    omg that is so cute

  • TigerLilyInvitations

    TigerLilyInvitations said 7 years ago

    These costumes are adorable! The Lady Gaga is fabulous! If only our two cats would allow this, but unfortunately I can't even get a collar on them!

  • Asianexpressions

    Asianexpressions said 7 years ago

    So cute!

  • carlamilo

    carlamilo said 7 years ago

    Karen and Eli are Flawless as usual... We are missing you all like crazy. Happy Halloween to all. Love Carla and Chloe

  • HornCatCreations

    HornCatCreations said 7 years ago

    I love this-- my pets are going to hate it! lol

  • TinfenaStudio

    TinfenaStudio said 7 years ago

    So cute... but how do you do that? I can't even put a collar on my cat.

  • jungledread

    jungledread said 7 years ago

    Oh I just love shark kitty!!! lol

  • kadydesigns

    kadydesigns said 7 years ago

    So cute!!!! Our Weinnie Dog has a pink tutu and she looks so cute, I have to give her candy corn for her to let me put it on her!Hahahahah!

  • ArcSquare

    ArcSquare said 7 years ago

    :))) sharks are amazing!

  • kimmchi

    kimmchi said 7 years ago

    omg i wish my cat would stay still for this!

  • hottinroofneworleans

    hottinroofneworleans said 7 years ago

    That is tooooo much! I wasn't going to, but I've got to dress Joey up this Halloween. Here in New Orleans, we're all about costumes. Every year at Mardi Gras, there is a special costume parade just for dogs called "Barkus". People spend hundreds of dollars on dog costumes. We also have a doggy costume shop called "Chihuahua GaGa". Perhaps there is a business opportunity there for some talented "Petsians"!

  • ourfrontyard

    ourfrontyard said 7 years ago

    So cute! I especially like shark dog! :)

  • Emmamaha

    Emmamaha said 7 years ago

    Too funny:) We had the same thing here in one of the local doggie parks near Dearborn and Michigan and there were crowds of cutely dressed doggies with their proud owners. I never knew this was a yearly thing but now that I do, I'm taking pictures!:)

  • thestapeliacompany

    thestapeliacompany said 7 years ago

    Costumes for pets. Wow.

  • DalkullanJewelry

    DalkullanJewelry said 7 years ago

    The pets in costumes are too cute! Love the kitty in a pink beret, ooh la la!

  • Earleyimages

    Earleyimages said 7 years ago

    Great creative ideas!

  • girltuesdayjewelry

    girltuesdayjewelry said 7 years ago

    Kitten Shark! Too funny!

  • LaAlicia

    LaAlicia said 7 years ago

    awww, the kitten shark stole my heart! I'm impressed with such patient pets! ;)

  • CollardDogs

    CollardDogs said 7 years ago

    I love the little Lady Gaga! Wish I could get my big burly boys into something like this!

  • UniqueCatVintage

    UniqueCatVintage said 7 years ago

    Itty-Bitty would maul me and Joe Joe would give me death stares if I ever tried to dress them. Too bad they won't let me laugh at their expense! Silly kitties :P

  • prendasbyenid

    prendasbyenid said 7 years ago

    This is so great!!! Love all the costumes!!!

  • IndyGrrrlProductions

    IndyGrrrlProductions said 7 years ago

    Yay for our animal friends : ) Cute!

  • CatherinetteRings

    CatherinetteRings said 7 years ago

    Awesome ! I love to see a Steampunk costume for little monsters .

  • ByronMorrisArt

    ByronMorrisArt said 7 years ago

    Poor things - set them free!

  • SylviaJanssen

    SylviaJanssen said 7 years ago

    Hihihihi! This is so much fun!

  • syringaspring

    syringaspring said 7 years ago

    Amazing Success story! Congratulations, and thank you for inspiring me with your honesty and care for others. All the Best to You Amber!

  • SparklePaw

    SparklePaw said 7 years ago

    So much cuteness...eep!

  • signsofmylife

    signsofmylife said 7 years ago

    doggone, those lil costumes are purrrfect! :D

  • AutumnJo

    AutumnJo said 7 years ago

    This so made me smile. Tried to dress my little cat one year and it was the only time she ever hissed at me!

  • KattyKinns

    KattyKinns said 7 years ago

    So cute, made me giggle xoxo

  • foxpots

    foxpots said 7 years ago

    These are so cute! Wish I could get my dog to keep a costume on. He always tries to eat anything we put on him.

  • recycledparts

    recycledparts said 7 years ago

    So fun, I love the shark costume!

  • melpdesigns

    melpdesigns said 7 years ago

    What an honor to have my let bowler hat featured here! I assure you that William the cat is totally comfortable in his hat!

  • melpdesigns

    melpdesigns said 7 years ago

    P.S. I have relisted the bowler hat - it's not sold out.

  • ClarkandDiversey

    ClarkandDiversey said 7 years ago

    WOWZERS, does the shark costume rock! Perhaps my kitkats can model though the only way to snap a photo with said goodie is to nab one while they nap...

  • julessabjewelry

    julessabjewelry said 7 years ago

    These are so adorable!

  • bhangtiez

    bhangtiez said 7 years ago

    So entertaining....

  • SevimsDesign

    SevimsDesign said 7 years ago

    very nice!

  • TinsAndThings

    TinsAndThings said 7 years ago

    Oh please. Really love your cat or dog? Then show some respect and don't treat them like objects.

  • treeandsap

    treeandsap said 7 years ago

    Love the furrie fun costumes

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