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Last-Minute Halloween: Daria

Oct 21, 2010

by Michelle Traub handmade and vintage goods

You may consider yourself too cool for costumes, but when you find yourself at the office party surrounded by sloppy Gagas asking if your favorite puffed-sleeve dress is supposed to be whatsherface from Big Love, you’ll be sad you didn’t at least throw on an ironic mustache or two. I offer you an ensemble that’s nostalgic, jaded, and might already be in your closet. Remember everyone’s favorite queen of droll?


Make your misanthropic icon proud.

Sting Black Vintage Eyeglasses

From MODvintageshop, $49.

Vintage green tweed Blazer

From nemres, $49.

Medium Straight Layered Brown Wig

By MissDemented, $66.

Mustard Yellow Top

From samwish3, $14.

Vintage GRUNGE Combat Boots

From rockstreetvintage, $68.


From IKAHN, $29.

What last-minute costumes do you have in mind? Share in the comments!


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