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Label Maker: Don’t Orphan Your Micro-Brand

May 4, 2010

by Vanessa Bertozzi handmade and vintage goods

Picture this: I’m strutting my stuff down the street when someone stops to ask me, “Where did you get that fabulous shirt and bag and jewelry?” I exclaim, devoted Etsian that I am, “Oh, how nice of you to ask! I got everything on!”

“Yes, but where can I get those particular pieces?”

[Sound of balloon deflating.] I fumble around in the bag and look for a label. I rack my brain to remember the name of the unsigned brooch pinned to my outfit. I hitch up my shirt, flashing the lady while peering into my collar looking for a tag. By the time my shirt is back performing its modest function, the lady has moved on. (New Yorkers are impatient and not impressed by nudity.)

While the above situation may be a bit exaggerated, this type of thing happens to me all the time. Just the other day in the Etsy office, Rockstarpoli (our office manager who gets to feel like Santa every day) was making the rounds with the boxes and packages that arrive with Admin’s fresh purchases. Alison, a.k.a. Teenangster, received some cool stationery and was passing it around. I flipped the card over, only to reveal a blank backside where I’d hoped to see the shop name. I was ready to pounce on that backside, dear sellers. I was ready to show you the money.

Why do some artists and crafters not label or sign their work? It should not be up to their customers to remember the shop name! It is hard enough to find that perfect something on Etsy — so why make it harder for shoppers to become repeat customers — or better yet, your biggest fans and viral marketers? As a small business, you don’t have a huge budget to get the word out about your shop. Who here is with me and considers this micro-brand suicide?

I mentioned this rant of mine to marketing guru Seth Godin, who responded with these simple questions a seller should pose to herself:

  • When someone talks about you, what do they say?
  • If they want to recommend you, can they?
  • If they say, “Google this…” will the other person find you?
  • The best marketing you will ever do is your product itself. Does it talk about you?

I posed these questions in the Etsy Forums. I’m not for huge logos all over everything, but I think of all handmade items as individually crafted works of art, and if painters sign their work, why don’t all makers? Why not add a label? What are your creative examples for labeling tiny objects or products with minimalist design? Share your techniques and opinions in the comments below.

To get us started, here are some creative solutions. Ingenious!

On her blog, SilverSistersStudio showed how she stitched her name into the back of her embroidered piece.

stitchntyme always uses this wooden button with her company’s name on it to mark her cellphone cases. The button is super cute and has become the hallmark of her design.

eyeful signs the back of her photographs and also includes an “artist card.”

terrygraziano has a stamp she uses to mark the inside fabric lining of her lovely hats. You can buy custom stamps on Etsy, such as this one below from paperfinger.

Xenotees screen prints their labels directly onto their shirts, which is “time-consuming, in addition to printing the main design, but I find it is well worth it!” StacyBayless labels all of her children’s clothing to be in compliance with regulations. twostars321 makes labels for clothing and other cloth items.

magicjelly points out that it’s not “always possible or appropriate to permanently brand every single product — it really depends what it is. I brand everything I make and I have to say, having products for sale in B&M stores with your name and URL on them really drives a lot of attention your way. It’s so worth it.”

Jewelry and small items are especially tough to label. idreamicanfly adds, “Metalsmiths use a maker’s mark, which tends to be 1.5mm – 3mm tall. So you need a loupe (or a magnifying glass) to see it, and you’ll still need to figure out who that mark is registered to, which isn’t a quick process.” Elizabethjewelry developed a creative solution with her signature on the clasp of this piece, pictured above.

Paper goods are a great thing to brand — albeit discreetly. Here’s an example on the back of  monkeyminddesign09‘s card. PrettyHairClippies adds, “I also include a blank thank you note card handmade by me as a free gift with every order. Since my shop address is stamped on the back of it, I am hoping that my shop name will get passed on to friends and family.”

oodlesofcolor, who has been working in the branding field for many years, says, “Have a memorable name, logo and overall consistent brand and it will be much easier for the buyer to remember where it came from.”

PrometheanPottery explains the tradition of ceramists’ signatures: “Most potters have a ‘chop’ (a wood or clay stamp) they impress into the bottom or side of their pottery before it’s completely dry. Others scratch or sign their name or initials into the piece. These can be quite attractive as the glaze runs into the crevasses. We decided to use identification of our pottery as an opportunity to add another element of design. So, before it’s glazed, I sign each pot with a mixture of oxides on the foot ring. During the firing, the oxides fuse with the clay and become permanent. I sign each pot with: RG Harris, emily jean, Promethean Pottery, and a number.” He jokes, “So, one day, some historian will be able to determine from the number what phase we were going through.”


Middleburg shares her inspired and artistic way of thinking about labeling: “I have signed every piece I make for the past four years now, not because of the brand, the logo or the copyright — but because it came from my hand and so does my signature. I love giving it that touch, but as I have to make more and more items, it has been suggested in the studio here that I go to a paper label so I just have to add the edition number. But it feels wrong. Even my fabric pieces carry handmade tags cut from extra muslin scraps and picking shears, it is something I never talk about in my listings and some pieces you have to be clever to find where the label is hidden, but it is always there.”


Sellers, give your customers hope that they will be able to find you again! Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Minxshop

    Minxshop said 7 years ago

    I put clothing tags in all of my clothes. They have me name, website, and care info on them. You can get custom silk screened ones on Etsy for pretty cheap!

  • helenaemmans

    helenaemmans said 7 years ago

    happiness is a piece of cake.... or as I always say, happiness is an Etsy sale! Great article.

  • HandmadeHandsome

    HandmadeHandsome said 7 years ago

    Great article! Thank you. The photos illustrate the different ways to go about it very well. I just received a lovely knitting project bag with a little wooden button with the name on it. Very subtle. That's the way.

  • BeadsInTheBelfry

    BeadsInTheBelfry said 7 years ago

    excellent food for thought!

  • avantanthologue

    avantanthologue said 7 years ago

    good idea!

  • ThingsOldeAndNew

    ThingsOldeAndNew said 7 years ago

    Fantastic article and advise!!! Love your pick's, TY

  • EvenAndy

    EvenAndy said 7 years ago

    Great article! Thank you so much for reminding us to make a lasting impression. I have it on the packaging but not on the individual items. I work with paper goods and I think that monkeyminddesign09 gave great advice. Thanks:)

  • kissadesign

    kissadesign said 7 years ago

    Neat! Really impressed with the stitched name, wow!

  • honeytree

    honeytree said 7 years ago

    So many wonderful ideas here !! Thanks for the article :)

  • vitamini

    vitamini said 7 years ago

    Great article! Branding your pieces is very important - thanks for the tips!

  • Chickamoo

    Chickamoo said 7 years ago

    Great article, just what I've been looking for. It's that last extra touch that can make all the difference. I just love the hand crafted stamp idea!

  • manvsgeorge

    manvsgeorge said 7 years ago

    These are great tips! I include my logo on the back of all my greeting cards - and since my designs wrap around both sides of the card, I have fun with it and use colors from the cards in my logo so it complements the design. (I even have some color-by-number cards where I let the recipient color in the logo... ;-)

  • Ayca

    Ayca said 7 years ago

    Great article! Thanks for sharing :)

  • papercutworks

    papercutworks said 7 years ago

    Prompted by the previous post about this subject, I started adding the name of my shop to the back of my wooden block pieces & cards. Thanks for the tip!

  • lenabrowndesigns

    lenabrowndesigns said 7 years ago

    Great info! I just made my own labels for my knitting needle cases and wallets - finally after selling for too long. Just never got around to it, but I know how important it is to have a label. Imagine how many sales I would have had if I only created my labels sooner.

  • birdie1

    birdie1 said 7 years ago

    Great advice! From the buying end ~ I appreciate it when the logo, label or tag is not on the front of the item. I've passed up some potential purchases because of too-prominent placement.

  • VeraVague

    VeraVague said 7 years ago

    nice! and inspiring. thanks for the article!

  • VelveteenHabbit

    VelveteenHabbit said 7 years ago

    Guilty as charged!!! I needed this and know that first I need to design the logo, then get it in a reproduceable media (stamp), then use it on everything I can! Great ideas for jewelry emilydeewee and elizabeth thank you

  • BellaLunaCrafts

    BellaLunaCrafts said 7 years ago

    Fabulous ideas!

  • undermyfeet

    undermyfeet said 7 years ago

    A lot of great examples and links. thanks

  • fernfiddlehead

    fernfiddlehead said 7 years ago

    Good Good. Labels Are Good.

  • recycledwares

    recycledwares said 7 years ago

    Even though I sell vintage items, I have decided to tag my wares with a recycled round tag that has my log and website on it. I just ordered the stickers the other day and can't wait to get them. I'm going to place the stickers on a round piece of cardboard cut from cereal boxes and food boxes.

  • maggiemaevintage

    maggiemaevintage said 7 years ago

    just went to a party and the party girl was showing me her jewelry she got on etsy... small world.

  • ArtisticIntentions

    ArtisticIntentions said 7 years ago

    Great Article. As you said, jewelry is difficult. I, too, have thought of having a special stamp made - haven't got that done yet! Thanks for the great advice!

  • tizzalicious

    tizzalicious said 7 years ago

    I am having such a hard time with this. I want to tag my jewelry, but haven't found a good way yet. Thanks for all the tips and links!

  • miznovember

    miznovember said 7 years ago

    Great article. I think its good that you point this out. Its funny; as creative as we all are, you would think that branding would come easy. But it has proved to be one of the hardest things that I have come across. And I'm sure I'm not the only one!

  • thelittlemarket

    thelittlemarket said 7 years ago

    Great advice...thanks so much!!!

  • DeviantDecor

    DeviantDecor said 7 years ago

    I agree 100% You have to get your name on your products, lucky for me this is easy to do on art!

  • sherrytruitt

    sherrytruitt said 7 years ago

    such a timely article, lots of jewelry designers have been talking about this too. I just ordered a tiny stamp to hallmark my pieces. thanks, Vanessa.

  • GottaHaveThatPurse

    GottaHaveThatPurse said 7 years ago

    Thank you for the reminder. Your "visual" commentary made me laugh and think. I had all I needed to create my labels, but I kept pushing it back on the list. They are made now and ready to be added to my bags.

  • seawillowherbs

    seawillowherbs said 7 years ago

    I always put my shop info on my labels and anywhere else that I can find (with in reason and good taste) I even put a label on the boxes that I use to ship out sales in. You never know who will see your packaging and be interested in knowing more about it's contents. Jennifer :)

  • TheBrassHussy

    TheBrassHussy said 7 years ago

    Love the article! I would love to get a tagmate to stamp little tags to add to my jewwelry. But I tell you what, it is so fun to look in Google Analytics and see someone is searching for TheBrassHussy. So I know people are looking for me. Either I've been really good or realy bad. lol

  • polkadotmagpie

    polkadotmagpie said 7 years ago

    I just ordered a metal stamp and jewelry tags with my new logo. So important for all. And I lurve middleburg's shop!

  • bugshugs

    bugshugs said 7 years ago

    Thanks for doing this article! I need some new tags for my new items, and now I know where to start!

  • Dreamingcowcreations

    Dreamingcowcreations said 7 years ago

    Liked it!

  • vaivanat

    vaivanat said 7 years ago

    Well... It is standing on my list for a long time... too long... Thank you - understood what I am loosing..

  • theblackbirdsings

    theblackbirdsings said 7 years ago

    Of course! It seems so obvious and yet so many people forget to do it. Great article!

  • sleepymoondesign

    sleepymoondesign said 7 years ago

    Great article!! I have been contemplating how to put my name on my jewellery for a while!!

  • nowonder

    nowonder said 7 years ago

    Great article! Thank you all for great ideas! It is so important to make a lasting impression!

  • juliepeach

    juliepeach said 7 years ago

    That's a really interesting point! Naturally, I label all the packaging, but I feel a little weird labeling notebooks or cloth napkins. I feel like customers won't want my information spammed on their table... but this is an interesting take on that. I definitely think clothes should always be labeled though!

  • prairieprincess

    prairieprincess said 7 years ago

    This is great advice. I would love to see some discussion about branding for a shop that sells vintage goods.

  • m2designs

    m2designs said 7 years ago

    Oh, my gosh! I just had the same thought a few days ago and ordered a stamp to make tagged charms for our jewelry or to embed into metal clay pieces, etc. I'm psychic!

  • badplatypus

    badplatypus said 7 years ago

    Great point with this article. I need to brand my items.

  • bstrung

    bstrung said 7 years ago

    Yes, jewelry is especially hard to tag. I have been trying to find a way to do this and have not figured it out till now. Thanks so much for the info. It is important to have some way to sign your work whatever form or size it comes in.

  • NaturalAmber

    NaturalAmber said 7 years ago

    Jewelry is hard, and I dont even know how in the world I would sign mine. Gives me food for thought though

  • BeljaysFeltnArt

    BeljaysFeltnArt said 7 years ago

    I've been pondering the best way to tag my items for a while. Some good ideas here. Thanks

  • velvetacide

    velvetacide said 7 years ago

    I've also struggled with finding a way to label my jewelry (without having to dish out lots of $$ to get a custom metal stamp made). Thanks for reminding me how crucial it is to label my work! I've already run into the situation mentioned in the article, and this is the push I need to really get something done about it.

  • BellaPuzzles

    BellaPuzzles said 7 years ago

    I sign "Bella Puzzles" on the back side of every single puzzle that I make. They're also dated and sequenced, and signed with my name. That way, if I ever hire a tribe of trained monkeys to cut puzzles for me, collectors (one can hope) will be able to distinguish MY puzzles from my co-workers' puzzles. Dream big, people!

  • ShimmeringSky

    ShimmeringSky said 7 years ago

    Thank you for the reminder! I'd planned to add a label to my pochettes once I was 'successful' as I didn't know if people would like/pay for/promote them even 'tho I loved them (read: no self confidence). Now that I have some sales and even custom orders completed with satisfied customers, I'm ready to shout my name out, lol. Great article & some very creative ideas!

  • BellaPuzzles

    BellaPuzzles said 7 years ago

    Juliepeach -- what about a simple stamp on the cloth napkins? Very small and stylish, sort of like the subtle ones on vintage Vera scarves.

  • 42things

    42things said 7 years ago

    I'm waiting to recieve my stamp in the mail. It is hard to know how to stamp gift tags though without them looking like an ad campaign.

  • 42things

    42things said 7 years ago

    um *receive

  • vaeda

    vaeda said 7 years ago

    I love this article, it has given me much to think about! Thank you!

  • henatayeb

    henatayeb said 7 years ago

    That is a great point. While I don't include business cards I do sign the back of my photographs. But I wonder if the buyer ends up framing the photograph then they can no longer see the name. Also I sign my name not exactly legibly write it down. This is definately giving me a lot to think about. Great article.

  • sandijagt

    sandijagt said 7 years ago

    Great article - now I have to figure out a way to 'label' my jewellery... Thanks for some great ideas and thing to think about!

  • afiori

    afiori said 7 years ago

    I sign all photographs and collages with my initials and date on the front and my full signature + on the back. I also include a couple of business cards and maybe something extra like a postcard. When I buy from other Etsy sellers, I often want to keep their business card AND give one away to a friend, so I started to include at least 2 with all my orders. My notebooks aren't signed but they have the afiori logo on the back.

  • chasedreams

    chasedreams said 7 years ago

    Great article. I've been thinking about this for some items that I do not have in my shop, yet.

  • baconsquarefarm

    baconsquarefarm said 7 years ago

    Oh Vanessa, quilty of not signing our work here at the farm, hmmmm, we need a stamp or brand of some kind. Thanks for writing this article the word picture of you on the street was wonderful, good points you made plus info from other sellers all make sense.

  • rarebeasts

    rarebeasts said 7 years ago

    Your intro made me giggle. I'm thinking about how to label my electronics tastefully.

  • SixSkeins

    SixSkeins said 7 years ago

    Good reminder - I had fabric labels made up and then somehow lost them! Must get some more done...

  • FunnyLittleBird

    FunnyLittleBird said 7 years ago

    As a jeweler, I definitely wish this was easier. My stuff is vintage so I wouldn't want to order and brand new silver clasp to stick on a vintage necklace. Definitely something I'm going to give more thought to.

  • FunnyLittleBird

    FunnyLittleBird said 7 years ago

    If anyone here can make a vintage stamp jewelry tag for me, please contact me, I'd be willing to purchase this.

  • hankietankie

    hankietankie said 7 years ago

    Wonderful article, and super cute examples of how to tag with Etsy style! I just re-ordered my clothing labels. It really is worth the extra pennies to rep yourself well! XOXO

  • kathyjohnson3

    kathyjohnson3 said 7 years ago

    Thank-you for a great article!

  • ABoxForMyTreasure

    ABoxForMyTreasure said 7 years ago

    Thanks for this post - it's something I've been thinking a lot about lately. If anyone has any additional ways to brand jewellery I would love to hear them!

  • dragonhouseofyuen

    dragonhouseofyuen said 7 years ago

    I use cloth labels on all my textiles - it has my etsy shop name .com on it - I like the .com part because it makes it easier for buyers to find you, without having to work out what your web name is if it were not there. My cards have all my shop stuff too but my ACEOs merely my signature, though they come with a little A6 certification slip of paper with my details. I always include 3 business cards per purchase - you never know ... one to keep, one for a stranger and one for a like-minded friend :) and I always write a personal handwritten thank you note on a special little A5 thank you card that I make too. Some people even want my business cards just so they can have a picture of Arabella my rescue rabbit next to 2 Arabella bags :) (nearly the same as my shop banner) I think the jewellery makers have alot of potential for personal branding - good luck to you all! hope you get stamps/trinkets/ to suit - I would love to wear a piece of jewellery that had a special name tag/shape on it!

  • NoMoreTwistHandmade

    NoMoreTwistHandmade said 7 years ago

    this is an extremely helpful article and bursting with great ideas! thank you so much--greatly needed advise.

  • VintagePaperParade

    VintagePaperParade said 7 years ago

    Great article. A good reminder on building your brand. I include my company name and website in small print on the back of my cards but I don't on my tags and haven't been able to find a way to discreetly do so.

  • rainpeople

    rainpeople said 7 years ago

    i love using a stamp for my items. i even got one printed with my etsy address! xo thankx for helpful article!

  • RailwayStreet

    RailwayStreet said 7 years ago

    A useful reminder.....I've had some beautiful letterpress swing tags made for my clothing, but I'm yet to sew in fabric tags for each garment. I'll have to get onto that next.....

  • bedbuggs

    bedbuggs said 7 years ago

    Good point and great ideas....thanx for the helpful article!

  • mazedasastoat

    mazedasastoat said 7 years ago

    I include a compliment slip with all items plus care instructions, but I don't feel it's appropriate to have magical items branded with a maker's mark. Also, most of my items are small & made of wood, so I wouldn't want to stick something like a label on them OR burn something permanent on them. However, for fabric items it makes sense for everything to include a sewn-in label of some kind, & most "commercial" (as opposed to "craftsman-made") jewelry has some kind of tag. I suppose it all depends on what type of items you make & sell.

  • 6catsart

    6catsart said 7 years ago

    great tips. i sign everyone of my hand-painted items and also include a biography. many folks have googled my name or my etsy shop name and found me on line because of this.

  • giantdwarf

    giantdwarf said 7 years ago

    I like to make my own labels using ribbon + a typewriter. There's a tutorial on my blog, if you're interested!

  • LuRuUniques

    LuRuUniques said 7 years ago

    I use my initials....but who the heck is MJ. some great ideas here, thanks

  • Lipeony

    Lipeony said 7 years ago

    Excellent article... never really thought about that though I do sign my work guess I should start printing my name =D

  • GoodGriefGlass

    GoodGriefGlass said 7 years ago

    Something to think about. Hard not to deface glass with a signature though.

  • Ebrown2503

    Ebrown2503 said 7 years ago

    Great article. Generally I agree with signed artwork. I can't sign my beads but if anyone Googles fiber beads I'm right there at the top! Unsigned work seems like no big deal now but a few decades down the road, a huge mystery. Thanks for an interesting and entertaining read!

  • ambette

    ambette said 7 years ago

    I have been meaning to get labels made up for my bags forever. This article has given me the push I needed to finally get it done!

  • girltuesdayjewelry

    girltuesdayjewelry said 7 years ago

    Great idea and definitely something I need to think about implementing. Thank you!

  • VintageTribe

    VintageTribe said 7 years ago

    great article..any suggestions how to brand vintage clothing? stamp it, like the hats?

  • HoneysuckleLane

    HoneysuckleLane said 7 years ago

    Very good advice! I try to sign everything, but yes, jewelry is tricky to sign and I need to come up with something for my jewelry pieces.

  • NorthviewJewels

    NorthviewJewels said 7 years ago

    I find that most of my pieces can't be stamped so I add a couple of business cards to each order :)

  • Parachute425

    Parachute425 said 7 years ago

    Definitely something to think about. Some items are easy. Some not so much.

  • CuriousSparrow

    CuriousSparrow said 7 years ago

    Great picks!

  • knitfitt

    knitfitt said 7 years ago

    Branding vintage clothing? Have a fabric label made with your info and sew it on the article. Fine department stores used to do that - why can't you? If you have something that can't be labeled (tiny earrings), be sure your business card has a photo of your work so the purchaser can remember where they got it. In fact, I am a big fan of photos on business cards for jewelers. Sorry to say, most folks will forget your business name long before they forget what your product looks like. As a buyer, I don't want more business cards than the number of items I am purchasing. And, if you think you can't afford the added cost of having labels made, your item is too cheap.

  • BlueToad

    BlueToad said 7 years ago

    great article! The last page of each journal has a small quote and biz name. Enjoyed reading some of the other ideas too.

  • accentonvintage

    accentonvintage said 7 years ago

    Great ideas to make yourself known!

  • peaceofpi

    peaceofpi said 7 years ago

    Great article. So many creative ways to label. What a great addition to the handmade touch. I hand sign original pieces and include a labeled card or tag embellished with my customized stamp (bought from an etsy custom stamp maker!). I agree it's worth the extra time and effort.

  • jennybcreations

    jennybcreations said 7 years ago

    Great advice! I have recently started adding labels to my product. I feel it also creates a more finished product as an added bonus.

  • MyHappyHome

    MyHappyHome said 7 years ago

    Great article and great featured sellers! I've been trying to make my own lables, but I'm thinking I'll just go buy etsy...

  • thusandtherefore

    thusandtherefore said 7 years ago

    Love this article! Our work becomes more individual and unique when we "sign" it with a label. Thanks again!

  • ACelticgirl2

    ACelticgirl2 said 7 years ago

    Jewelry is sooooooo hard to label :)

  • ToadallyCuteProducts

    ToadallyCuteProducts said 7 years ago

    Great read! I definitely stamp all my cards with my custom designed stamp. However other items are a bit harder such as my paper flowers. Do I stamp the underside of a petal? Love the idea about including a blank thank you card that could be passed along!

  • StudioCherie

    StudioCherie said 7 years ago

    I got tired of running out so now I make my own. I had a stamp made, stamp on twill tape, and sew that in. It would be cool if you started a label group on Flickr where we could all post our photos there to share visually.

  • frenchtoastfriday

    frenchtoastfriday said 7 years ago

    Great ideas! Not very sure how to label my little message banners though. Any suggestions?

  • TheWhirlwind

    TheWhirlwind said 7 years ago

    My best idea is to creatively stamp / sticker the jewelry box it comes in, so the buyer might want to keep it. Haven't done this though!

  • plusonedesign

    plusonedesign said 7 years ago

    I had a small label on the outside of one of my bags once and a potential customer asked me if I could remove it for them as they didn't like labels on the outside. When I asked what others thought on the etsy forums, I was surprised that many people said they wouldn't buy something if the label was on the outside. I now put labels on the inside of most of my pieces rather than the outside.

  • LittleWrenPottery

    LittleWrenPottery said 7 years ago

    Great tips I love the advice here now of to buy some custom stamps!

  • Mindielee

    Mindielee said 7 years ago

    Important advice ... yet another thing to think about and take action on!

  • annapopovich

    annapopovich said 7 years ago

    Yes, this is so important. The all important word of mouth publicity can only work if your customers remember your name. I think putting your name on your work also communicates a sense of pride in it.

  • SarahPrest

    SarahPrest said 7 years ago

    Thinking about jewellery, it must be difficult with earrings and smaller items. I like to keep jewellery boxes, so they must be worth branding. Or if boxes means too much packaging, how about a branded ribbon to tie earrings together with? If I buy unboxed earrings, I fasten them together with something so pairs don't get separated.

  • FullSpiral

    FullSpiral said 7 years ago

    Great article! I haven't thought of this...must get on it... @TheWhirlwind - I like your idea of putting a stamp/sticker on jewelry boxes - I've thought about stickers, actually, great idea. I agree with many of the other jewelry artists about how hard it is to label jewelry, but I'd love to come up with a solution. I'll post when I get an idea!

  • OhMafelt

    OhMafelt said 7 years ago

    I Really do get stopped about things I am wearing from Etsy stores, and need those labels so as to not rely on my memory.

  • RAGGEDedgeGear

    RAGGEDedgeGear said 7 years ago

    We label all of our products, and have since the beginning, but it has definitely evolved over the years. Now, for the most part, we are down to a tiny rubber label, and then a larger "made by" label discreetly placed on the inside somewhere. Initially it was hard to invest the money (we had to order 5000 labels the first time!!), but I insisted, and we did.

  • sewnewthings

    sewnewthings said 7 years ago

    I make bags, and, as yet, have not attached labels, but I can see now that I will need to get some made. I have been stopped before and asked about my bags (always when I'm out of business cards....)- it just makes me cringe when I think of the lost opportunities.

  • SatinandBirch

    SatinandBirch said 7 years ago

    I get a little label happy Im afraid, part of the fun of having your own labels is designing them, which I love to do. Thanks for the post.

  • blueskyclouds

    blueskyclouds said 7 years ago

    What a great reminder!!!

  • moonangelnay

    moonangelnay said 7 years ago

    I try to sign all of my work and I always include multiple business cards with my orders. I am inspired to create some sort of label for my prints and wall art from Reading here though. It can't do any harm! Only good! Thanks for bringing this up!

  • JoshUrsoDesign

    JoshUrsoDesign said 7 years ago

    We always appreciate nice labeling on the cream-of-the-crop items on Etsy. It usually completes the package by adding to the story of the maker. However, we have not begun labeling our own items yet. Our solution will probably be that of many on Etsy: post a request on Alchemy for something really unique. Thank you for reminding us!

  • chocolatecreative

    chocolatecreative said 7 years ago

    Totally agree with you on this one!! I label everything that is in my shop, and add a card with the parcel, branding well is essential to the success of any business, specially ours!! Regards from London Marga

  • oliviacarr

    oliviacarr said 7 years ago

    the jewelry I make is hard to label , I try to sign everything by hand with a diamond scribe . Sometimes I am so happy and excited that my piece is finished i forget to label the back. I know you can have a micro stamp made but i feel that some thing so small with only initials wont help to find my things on etsy. I will have to think of a creative way to label my jewelry

  • SimpleTraditions

    SimpleTraditions said 7 years ago

    Lots of great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  • adrienneaudrey

    adrienneaudrey said 7 years ago

    Lots of great ideas, but I still think jewelry is going to be quite difficult to label :)

  • evihan

    evihan said 7 years ago

    sooo useful...thanx a lottt

  • love4rocks

    love4rocks said 7 years ago

    Great article and lots of ideas. Never found a really good way to label my jewelry.

  • sarahndipities

    sarahndipities said 7 years ago

    Wonderful ideas for labels and branding...Thanks for all the tips!!

  • monocotoleydon

    monocotoleydon said 7 years ago

    I've struggled to find a good way to sign/label my island planets. I have used a paper tag glued to the bottom of the base, but I'm dissatisfied with it. Now I'm thinking of trying to print a small logo/name onto the bases, but this is difficult on an uneven surface. If anyone has some good ideas, please give me a shout!

  • pasin

    pasin said 7 years ago

    Great article

  • VelvetBitchOriginals

    VelvetBitchOriginals said 7 years ago

    Such an important article! Thanks!

  • DearOhDeer

    DearOhDeer said 7 years ago

    This is a great article and some great comments/advice as well. I've recently acquired one of those handy stamps you can change the letters in with which I plan to stamp my paper goods, its discrete and easy - and looks pretty cool. I missed the recent free Moo cards business card offer which has annoyed me, but like another poster above, I have been getting a bit annoyed with receiving handfuls of business cards with my orders. I now have a box of them, and as also said above, I don't remember what they came with!

  • Briarlyhill

    Briarlyhill said 7 years ago

    Wow, fail sauce on my biscuit. I need to seriously consider how in the world i am going to do this.

  • stilettogirl

    stilettogirl said 7 years ago

    One of the major reasons to shop in an indie artisan commumity for me, was to avoid branding!! It has gotten overwhelming in the retail community, and while I completely understand the plight of wanting to identify your work, please, please keep it small and subtle. I wish Etsy would give users a place to list chosen purchases we have made. I usually tell people my etsy user name and tell them most of the items I wear can be found by sellers in my favorites list.

  • RyaCreations

    RyaCreations said 7 years ago

    I didn't even think that it would be possible to add my name to any of my jewelry or other crafts, but now I'm thinking different and will do just that! Thanks for the great article!

  • IlluminatedPerfume

    IlluminatedPerfume said 7 years ago

    What a fab article, thank you! I put my color coded bee logo on the tiny pink pots that I put solid perfume into. This way the customer begins to associate the bee with my company, like a mascot, and the color lets them know what's inside. It was a great way to get around labels! :-)

  • Elizabethjewelry

    Elizabethjewelry said 7 years ago

    WOW great article! Thank you for including my red coral necklace! I have always been a strong believer in branding, and enjoy being creative in trying to make that happen!

  • cherryblossompaperco

    cherryblossompaperco said 7 years ago

    I absolutely loved this!!!

  • deetsy

    deetsy said 7 years ago

    Thanks for the reminder! It's often extremely difficult to find a place to sign my work that is unobtrusive. Sometimes all I can fit are my initials and date. In choosing my name, I decided the shorter the better, in part for this very reason!

  • EdgeInspired

    EdgeInspired said 7 years ago

    Great article - thank you so much :)

  • CausticThreads

    CausticThreads said 7 years ago

    this is really great, I actually made a screen print of my label to put in my shirts and I have not used it yet because I didnt know if anyone would care. I am glad to know I should.

  • twoknit

    twoknit said 7 years ago

    Great Article !!!! Thank you.

  • polkadotsandblooms

    polkadotsandblooms said 7 years ago

    Another fab article. As most Etsians I do not have much money in terms of marketing/branding, however, it was important to me to create a brand image from the start. So the money I did have I spent on creating a professional branding and I am really happy I did, as it does get noticed.

  • BizzieLizzie

    BizzieLizzie said 7 years ago

    You know - I hesitated putting a label in my things, I'm so glad I went ahead and got off the fence. It's a little extra time to get it sewn in, but I have found - so well worth it! Great article!

  • mytwistedtreasures

    mytwistedtreasures said 7 years ago

    Yes, jewelry is tough to label. I have always marked the packaging. The box that holds the treasures is a blank canvas. Usually my business card fits perfectly on the box top. Voila! Custom packaging.

  • maram

    maram said 7 years ago

    I got great labels here on Etsy from jennifersjewels for my bags, but I haven't really considered how to label my flower pins. Does anyone label pinback buttons? I'd love to hear what your using for that.

  • maram

    maram said 7 years ago

    sorry, 'you're' not 'your'. *facepalm!*

  • katiefenwick

    katiefenwick said 7 years ago

    I put my info on the back of each card, but this has been on my mind for my pins...this article was perfect timing! Thanks!

  • ellesbeads

    ellesbeads said 7 years ago

    Does anyone have additional ideas for jewelry? I'm not exactly a metalworker and my earwires wouldn't be wide enough for a mark anyway.

  • mayicarles

    mayicarles said 7 years ago

    This is such a good article. Once upon a time, when I decided to make handmade products and be an artist I made the investment to design stamps, labels, stickers, packaging... it paid of. This is SOOO important, and particularly for me that I'm branding my own name. Thank you for this great read!

  • senioritis

    senioritis said 7 years ago

    Cool article Vanessa, it's fun looking at the ways others brand their work!

  • Pumpkinpye517

    Pumpkinpye517 said 7 years ago

    cool article.. i wonder how i could incorporate something into my polymer clay?.. the wheels are spinning!

  • SweetandSassyCards

    SweetandSassyCards said 7 years ago

    I have recently begun selling mini thank you cards in various categories for sellers to use to thank their customers.

  • DayzeeLoveDesigns

    DayzeeLoveDesigns said 7 years ago

    I make labels in lots of shapes and sizes and love to stick them on my own packaging any chance I get. :) I still haven't gotten round to making my own address labels yet though! :P

  • CandacesCloset

    CandacesCloset said 7 years ago

    Thanks for the great tips on how to label my crochet designs.

  • JessanneS

    JessanneS said 7 years ago

    These are great ideas to get me started when I begin to post my own items. Thanks for the article Vanessa!

  • Creatrix

    Creatrix said 7 years ago

    I was just in a little artsy shop in Studio City, CA and the jewelry maker had tiny little cards with each piece of jewelry. I'm going to look into that and see what it would cost. It's all about Branding these days for sure!

  • zebracakes

    zebracakes said 7 years ago

    AH, labels are really so important. I gotta start doing that. This is a great article! Thanks!

  • SleepingporchStudio

    SleepingporchStudio said 7 years ago

    Wonderful ideas for labeling our special items. Repeat business is important. Thanks!

  • karengrise

    karengrise said 7 years ago

    Thank you for this article! I've known that I need to somehow brand my cards, but have been procrastinating. This has given me motivation to get it done!

  • cordinated

    cordinated said 7 years ago

    I make guitar cables, and pondered for weeks about how to get my name on them permanently, it is tough with a cable there isn't much room for anything besides being a guitar cable. I finally came up with a way to order woven clothing labels with my logo and I also added some informative graphics on how NOT to unplug a cable to one side. They are able to make them with an iron on backing so I will be able to iron the labels onto a velcro that I use to keep the cables wrapped up nice and neat. It was not cheap to get these but I hope that they increase my brand recognition and keep people talking about my cables!

  • 2TrickPony

    2TrickPony said 7 years ago

    helps too if your name is easy to remember and spell. I sign all of my jewelry and have a pony stamp on the way; I also had the wonderful amazing designer at digital press make me tiny earring tag cards with my banner on. They are so cute, and beyond name recognition, I can write the jewelry "ingredients" on the back:)

  • StellasKnits

    StellasKnits said 7 years ago

    Fantastic ideas but I'm stumped as to how to lable knitted items. I certainly wouldn't want a scratchy lable on my mittens, cowls or shawls.

  • 2TrickPony

    2TrickPony said 7 years ago


  • FavorMyParty

    FavorMyParty said 7 years ago

    I bought my stamps at and I use them on every favor that I send out...

  • MetroGypsy

    MetroGypsy said 7 years ago

    I use my MetroGypsy logo on all correspondence, and it's been handstamped onto every single item I've ever created, so I love this article! And it's great seeing so many other seller's creative ideas for branding-kudos on a *great* article!

  • underoakstudios

    underoakstudios said 7 years ago

    I couldn't agree more. I wish my items lent themselves to a makers mark. I need to rethink designing and having a tag made for at least my necklaces.

  • kokadots

    kokadots said 7 years ago

    This is confirmation that I need to do this...a must for my goodies!

  • LittleGrayFox

    LittleGrayFox said 7 years ago

    Great blog! I'm in the process of selecting a custom stamp to add my site address to the back of my photo note cards. however, i'm stumped in how i would label my scrabble tiles or clay charms. especially with the charms, there's not much room without kind of destroying the piece. I could make a small logo, but without the name/address would they really know where it came from? :( right now, i just package everything with a paper label but it's not affixed to the actual items

  • kotibeth

    kotibeth said 7 years ago

    Great advice!

  • gabeadz

    gabeadz said 7 years ago

    Sometimes there is no way to stamp jewelry. I always use shipping labels and business cards. I hope this help me!

  • OrdinaryMommy

    OrdinaryMommy said 7 years ago

    I have been thinking about this a LOT lately, but still have yet to decide on a solution... Thanks for the kick in the pants, and also for sharing what some other sellers are doing!

  • JL67

    JL67 said 7 years ago

    WOW! Thanks for sharing all the inspiring ideas! :)

  • pearlies4girlies

    pearlies4girlies said 7 years ago

    Great article, but sooo hard to do for jewelry. All we can do really is tag the box or the bag in most cases. I found these that can be hooked to bracelets for example. You can make them as pretty as you like. Very well priced, which is quite important as well ofcourse.

  • theframedfrog

    theframedfrog said 7 years ago

    thank you for this article! Just the other day someone was admiring my earrings and I could not for the life of me remember which etsy seller I purchased them from. for my art and french memo boards, I sign and date the backs, and I also glue a business card on the back as well with my froggie logo to help them remember The Framed Frog. it must work because I get repeat business a lot. :)

  • montgomerycrystalco2

    montgomerycrystalco2 said 7 years ago

    by the time customers unwrap their purchases from us, they've seen our name 5 times: shipping label, invoice on letterhead, color postcard instead of business card with web addresses, label inside of gift box, gift card/ natural mineral specimens can't be labelled, it's the best we've come up with: as far as our jewelry and frames and bookmarkers, we don't stamp them but have looked at having metal tags made. if the customer or their giftee is asked, we are often remembered and recommended...

  • TheTrendySparrow

    TheTrendySparrow said 7 years ago

    fabulous! and so helpful!

  • cazhoffy

    cazhoffy said 7 years ago

    Labels are next on my to do list!! Gonna check out some of the links above!!

  • TheWhirlwind

    TheWhirlwind said 7 years ago

    @FullSpiral - Thanks! I'm sure there is something jewelry makes can do, as long as it comes across as a creative form of branding on the packaging. I am definitely a keeper of pretty boxes myself! I also notice that I am much more likely to keep earrings attached to the paper they come on if it looks nice.

  • 2kute

    2kute said 7 years ago

    love the article and I have been thinking of a way to label my items I still haven't come up with anything... help

  • shopgoodgrace

    shopgoodgrace said 7 years ago

    Fantastic article - and something I've been thinking about a lot as I contemplate modifications to my own shop line. Much appreciated.

  • bostonbeanies

    bostonbeanies said 7 years ago

    I love greenbeansnstrings work, they made wonderful custom labels for me!

  • gimmiethat

    gimmiethat said 7 years ago

    I include a business card with all of my orders but after reading this, I think I'm going to order some custom labels and sew them to my products. Thanks!

  • MaddyAnne

    MaddyAnne said 7 years ago

    This is such a perfect article for me right now! I've been struggling to figure out my "brand" and this advice is great. Thanks so much!

  • ajoeynamedroo

    ajoeynamedroo said 7 years ago

    I love the creativity of the featured labels. I also include at least two business cards with every order so the customer has one to keep and one to give away. It's the little things that count!

  • BrillianceFound

    BrillianceFound said 7 years ago

    Great article! I love how each seller featured has their own, unique way of labeling their products. I have been doing business cards & jewelry hang cards with my purchases, but I have recently purchased a custom stamp as well -- made here on etsy, of course!

  • KayzKreationz

    KayzKreationz said 7 years ago

    Thanks for the post. I used to sign all my glass pieces and just kind of got out of the habit. But this will remind me to start again since it is a good way to brand my items.

  • FabricFascination

    FabricFascination said 7 years ago

    Love this article, and I had to check out all the great promo stamps and labels sellers.

  • laralewis

    laralewis said 7 years ago

    great article and SOOO TRUE!

  • NutfieldWeaver

    NutfieldWeaver said 7 years ago

    Very well done. I recently received a pair of earrings from my husband that he bought via Etsy, and there was the tiniest etching of the artists' name on the back of the earring! I love knowing that my earrings were made by "Jack." :)

  • Creativewithclay

    Creativewithclay said 7 years ago

    Lovely article. I can relate to pottery marks and a long time back I used a logo stamp and later realized it is hard for customers to figure out who that sign belongs to. Ever since then I changed my stamp to my name "Charan Sachar" stamped at the bottom of each of my pieces. Google search my name and you will be directed to my etsy shop.

  • 2VirgosDesigns

    2VirgosDesigns said 7 years ago

    Everything I make comes fully and accurately labeled, ingredients and contact information.

  • gifteddesigns

    gifteddesigns said 7 years ago

    Alas, it's considerably more difficult to put your signature on jewelry that is beaded. One thing that a friend of mine did when she was beading is she had a TINY little resin heart that she put the initials of her brand on. If I could find those, I'd do it in a second too. Once I start metal-smithing, I'll be able to put my shop initials somewhere on the actual metal...:) Great article!

  • boygirlboygirldesign

    boygirlboygirldesign said 7 years ago

    We have an iron on label..a black rectangle with our four stick figures on it. People love the label. We put it on the back of the clothing up by the neck. Great article.

  • lilcoop1

    lilcoop1 said 7 years ago

    Great article, very helpful.

  • MaineLeeCrochet

    MaineLeeCrochet said 7 years ago

    I am with 2kute and stellaknits we all make knit or crochet items-not sure how we could label some things. My hats that wouldnt be the big problem, but with face scrubbys and washcloths I wouldnt want a scratchy label sewed to them. If anyone can come up with some kind of idea I am open to all convos...I so need this but am stumped.

  • BiplanePress

    BiplanePress said 7 years ago

    Wow what a coincidence, this is something that I was only just thinking about this evening! I recently sent out some birthday invitations and another card however, I didn't put anything on them to say where they were from... there are some great ideas out there. I just included a business card with each of the packages, however, that isn't really going to help if someone who receives the invitation wants to know who made it. Another wee project for me to work on :)

  • annashoub

    annashoub said 7 years ago

    wonderful article. I have had many customers find me online after first finding my hats in a shop. Love those labels and tags.

  • ElegantHobbies

    ElegantHobbies said 7 years ago

    Very cool article... Great items too..

  • bluebirdiesinger

    bluebirdiesinger said 7 years ago

    great idea, I always stamp my shop's bluebirdie artist logo on everything I mail out!

  • Mulchandmore

    Mulchandmore said 7 years ago

    My yarn has a business card attached with the yarn specifics on the back. Thinking of getting labels made for some silk scarves I've been dyeing but don't really like labels on scarves, haven't figured where to put them on felted wool hats since they are seamless and without a label reversible?? I do include wool care instructions with my sales:)

  • tantancharms

    tantancharms said 7 years ago

    Thank you for the article...need to figure out how to brand my tags!

  • clynnsart2004

    clynnsart2004 said 7 years ago

    Very good info that makes sense! Some of my items are not able to fit a signature so I make sure that on the thank you card is the company name along with my signature.

  • PurplePeony

    PurplePeony said 7 years ago

    meh...I cut labels off of almost everything fabric, it's the first thing I do when I get it home. I have a good memory though...

  • meimfree

    meimfree said 7 years ago

    This is such a source of distress for me! I make such a wide variety of items, I can't seem to figure out how I can "tag" them and remain cohesive under 1 brand name. I love the wooden button idea though!

  • HaruCreations

    HaruCreations said 7 years ago

    Thank you for the great article! I'm still having difficulties doing this for my jewelry though... any more suggestions?

  • BonTons

    BonTons said 7 years ago

    I've just started adding labels to my Lunch Bags. Thank you for the advice!

  • noogal

    noogal said 7 years ago

    Fantastic Advice... You have inspired me with a great idea... now to put it into practice!

  • pomella

    pomella said 7 years ago

    Great article - you must have been reading my mind! will have to put my brain into gear

  • Epiphany6andCo

    Epiphany6andCo said 7 years ago

    Thank goodness for this article! Labeling is very important for anyone serious about taking their craft to a sustainable business level. {For Jewelers}Jewelry packaging is one thing but actually labeling the jewelry is another. I love ElizabethJewelry's way of labeling her necklaces. I think metal tags can be a very nice touch for necklaces and bracelets. Earrings are still a tough item to label unless you get them engraved, maybe.

  • anadiazarte

    anadiazarte said 7 years ago

    Love the ideas, thanks!

  • WimseyJewelry

    WimseyJewelry said 7 years ago

    We have an inexpensive, attractive business card which has my logo, name, address, and website, and I attach it with ribbon to each item sold. (only six sales yet) I am hoping my customers might keep the card for future reference and contact, but there are no guarantees. I like the thought of attaching a silver disc with my shop name, but I am afraid the cost might be prohibitive. Frances

  • WimseyJewelry

    WimseyJewelry said 7 years ago

    All of my sales: (only six so far) have my Wimsey Business card attached to each piece of jewelry. I hope my buyer might hold on to the card for future reference. It is always a bit of a "crap" shoot, but I haven't yet come up with a better and relatively inexpensive solution. So, the card it is. Frances

  • thebigharumph

    thebigharumph said 7 years ago

    totally going to start using the typewriter on the back of greeting cards. maybe even make some linocut business cards. thanks!

  • baruchslullaby

    baruchslullaby said 7 years ago

    Fun article, good points! I'm still looking for the perfect non-sewing/non-button solution to baby knits. :)

  • eurolenscape

    eurolenscape said 7 years ago

    Since I'm selling greeting cards, I have the advantage of printing the name/webpage on the back of each card. So the buyer will see it and also the person, who will get the card. I also include a business card in the envelope hoping it will get passed on to somebody else!

  • SuperflyLullabies

    SuperflyLullabies said 7 years ago

    just need to say I luuuuurve herrohachi - good job using her hoodie!! any interesting ideas labelling baby blankets, I'm all ears, by the way... xo j

  • ficklefaerie

    ficklefaerie said 7 years ago

    well I found this article interesting so I decided if soemone was to check a tag that i put ficklefaerie on would they find me? Chances are yes but, NOT nessacarily thru etsy since when I google myself, etsy barely comes up but all kinds of other sites for me do.

  • papergirlstudios

    papergirlstudios said 7 years ago

    I recently had a customer complain after receiving their order because my name WAS on the back of the cards I made! They actually asked if I can make new ones WITHOUT my name on them! I said no of course. So they asked for a refund, left a nasty negative feedback...then cursed at me in an email! Go figure... I think everyone should label their work somehow, someway! Thanks for the great article...I thought maybe I was going crazy:)

  • Picatrix

    Picatrix said 7 years ago

    @baruchslullaby, A friend used small fabric labels that stick, she stamped her name on them and put them on her handmade wool scarves. After a few years they are still in place. Great article! It's something most of us know, but these great ideas get the creative wheels turning!

  • MysticalRaindrops

    MysticalRaindrops said 7 years ago

    Makes sense. I need to get labels for my knitted scarves.

  • MysticalRaindrops

    MysticalRaindrops said 7 years ago

    I punch a hole in my business card and hang from my knits, but I guess I need to sew in a permanant label?

  • poetryjewelry

    poetryjewelry said 7 years ago

    An amazing article..I have to do some thinking now!

  • GwensArtDreamscape

    GwensArtDreamscape said 7 years ago

    When I teach painting and drawing classes it's one of the first things I teach, is to sign and date your work no matter if it is just a sketch or a final piece.

  • CindyrellasCloset

    CindyrellasCloset said 7 years ago

    I've been putting cloth labels in all my doll clothes and they look so professional. Great article! Thanks!

  • FavreBijoux

    FavreBijoux said 7 years ago

    I handstamp my jewelry with a my hallmark which is a design of my initials.

  • PhoebeDea

    PhoebeDea said 7 years ago

    I print fabric labels, and design graphics, if anyone is interested!

  • artrageousclay

    artrageousclay said 7 years ago

    Love the jewelry clasp! That is fantastic. So far I haven't figuired out a way of signing my pieces but this is a great motivator to get started. Thanks so much, Regina

  • CabinLil

    CabinLil said 7 years ago

    Thank you so much for sharing these great ideas. I've also learned alot just reading all of these responses. Much to think about (and to do).

  • GlitterPuff

    GlitterPuff said 7 years ago

    I stamp small brown paper grocery bags (#2 & #4 lb size most commonly) There are thick and thin weights, I prefer thick. Anyways.... I decorate sacks with designs and include my store name ect. in a discreet place like the bottom of the sack. The key is to be visible but not obrusive. I include 2 sacks with the for the customer to give and one to keep! Regardless..someone will keep and use these cute sacks, they will NOT be thrown away.

  • streetnoodles

    streetnoodles said 7 years ago

    jewelry is a hard nut to crack or label...BUT this blog points out the need to find a way...thanks for all the ideas.

  • TresBelleKnits

    TresBelleKnits said 7 years ago

    I'm with those that sell knitted and crocheted items. I can't label most of what I sell, although I would love to. Mommies frown on scratchy tags in newborn hats and some of them are so loosely crocheted, any tag would show through. :(

  • SewWriteCreations

    SewWriteCreations said 7 years ago

    Never even occured to me!! THANKS for sharing such pearls of wisdom & wit!!!

  • DomesticallyGreen

    DomesticallyGreen said 7 years ago

    great article!! my husband was just telling me the other day I needed to do this :)

  • sofisticata

    sofisticata said 7 years ago

    great article as always!! I do label all my items :)

  • brianarose

    brianarose said 7 years ago

    YES! I love this! I'm working on this now with my new clothing collection! Sweet!

  • moonspiritstudios

    moonspiritstudios said 7 years ago

    Excellent article and interesting labeling choices! I make a label for the back of all my quilts with the quilt name, my signature, and my Etsy shop address.

  • CraftedByMei

    CraftedByMei said 7 years ago

    I sell jewelry & doubt I'll be able to stamp my name on them :( this is an interesting article though, food for thought!

  • birchbeerboutique

    birchbeerboutique said 7 years ago

    my husband has been encouraging me to hand stamp all of my creations (jewelry and chandeliers) for quite a while, which i have resisted until recently. i've invested in the materials and am soon on my way to great branding and personalization. i've been working on a new logo and have an etsy stamp maker picked out. thanks for the tip prettyhairclippies! i think that i'll invest in one more stamp for the back of my cards. genius.

  • smilingbluedog

    smilingbluedog said 7 years ago

    Thanks so much for the friendly reminder. I initial most of my pieces, but that doesn't make it easy to remember who made it. Got some work to do :)

  • voodoorabbit

    voodoorabbit said 7 years ago

    great read! we always label our handmade items - we're willing to shamelessly promote our wares any way we can!

  • stjern

    stjern said 7 years ago

    I am ordering metal tags for my handmade jewellery. The metal tags in various metal colours matching the jewellery piece will have my brand name 'stjern design' stamped onto it, so when googling the brand name, customers should find it easy to discover my shop on-line I hope... Great article and I have enjoyed viewing how fellow artists promote their work. Marketing really interests me...

  • thedoghouse

    thedoghouse said 7 years ago

    Thanks for this article - it's full of great ideas, as are the comments beneath it! I always use a small safety pin to attach a loop of ribbon with 2 cards on it to all my products: 1. a business card with my logo on one side & website details on the other 2. a card with the original photograph on which the particular screen print is based on one side & care instructions on the other However, now I am thinking that I should perhaps stitch / screen print /stamp something onto the garments themselves as well...

  • DormouseDesigns

    DormouseDesigns said 7 years ago there are about a thousand comments before mine - lol! Thanks for all the brilliant advice. I'm still trying to figure out how to brand my jewellery. I got cards and customised gift-boxes but no label on my pieces themselves. That'll be my next project in trying to become more professional! :-)

  • pouch

    pouch said 7 years ago

    I have labels with 'pouch' and my logo on them, plus website details, they were custom made for me right here on etsy!

  • meteor

    meteor said 7 years ago

    Very good article. Thank you Vanessa. And very good comments too.

  • econica

    econica said 7 years ago

    Hey, I have been waiting for an article like this for the longest time. So much useful information. Thank you. Off to shop for some labels!

  • gnormyle

    gnormyle said 7 years ago

    I always sign my art, photography, boxes, cards, and I am thinking about starting to sign my bookmarks which can sometimes be a work of art. Thanks for this really great article.

  • AshleyIDesigns

    AshleyIDesigns said 7 years ago

    Great article I needed this, I need some tags for my Jewelry! Thanks a million!

  • CenterofIntention

    CenterofIntention said 7 years ago

    This got me thinking! Thank you good article!

  • SoapScentsations

    SoapScentsations said 7 years ago

    Excellent article with the reminder to take pride in your work by putting yourself literal on your product! Handmade is no less viable than big brand.

  • breations

    breations said 7 years ago

    Great article, very helpful. Branding is very important.

  • ChellaBellaDesigns

    ChellaBellaDesigns said 7 years ago

    I use the labels that GreenBeanStrings makes (featured here) on most of my merchandise and most importantly on my Yoga Mat Bags. They're great! I use folded Twill labels from for my market bag / tote. They are both easy to use and look fantastic!

  • giusypatch

    giusypatch said 7 years ago

    thank you Vanessa! Love this article!

  • PaperLovebyBrooke

    PaperLovebyBrooke said 7 years ago

    Great article. I always make sure that I stamp my work on the back, so that people know where they got it. I make great cards, so more than one person always sees them. It is my way of saying, "hey, I made that".

  • SewMerry

    SewMerry said 7 years ago

    Alright, you've convinced me. I have hesitated to put labels on my items (and I don't know why, exactly.) I love seeing the brilliant ways other sellers have found to label or mark their creations.

  • kristimcmurry

    kristimcmurry said 7 years ago

    I have a hard time signing my photographs without the ink smearing. I've had to use regular rollerball pens because they don't smear, but I think calligraphy pens look so much nicer! I need to find one that won't smear...

  • BadonHill

    BadonHill said 7 years ago

    Thanks for the insight! I have considered signing or stamping my books before, but never thought of it as such an important marketing tool. Now I will definately sign all of my books!

  • BarbaraLousBoutique

    BarbaraLousBoutique said 7 years ago

    I have a craft show tomorrow and of course, I have put off until the last minute the most important part-sewing labels into all the new items I created. I don't know why I put it off, but now I will be up half the night doing that part! LOL.


    BABAIAIA said 7 years ago


  • kneesandpaws

    kneesandpaws said 7 years ago

    Wonderful to have found twostars! Thanks for sharing:)

  • LavenderField

    LavenderField said 7 years ago

    Excellent info! I always label both my necklaces AND my pouches!

  • michaelangela

    michaelangela said 7 years ago

    I will become more aware that all of my things should have a label. Thank you!

  • BirdonWireStudio

    BirdonWireStudio said 7 years ago

    Thanks for a great article. I've been trying to find a way to label my needle felted creatures, but it's a hard medium to sew onto. I've been including a business card with all of my sales, but perhaps a maker's mark would be a good idea....

  • SimplyInvitingCards

    SimplyInvitingCards said 7 years ago

    I like the blank Thank You card idea!

  • LollyBopBaby

    LollyBopBaby said 7 years ago

    Me too econica ... I better get me some lables, pronto pupp! lol

  • ArtMeetsMagic

    ArtMeetsMagic said 7 years ago

    Great article! I too have been trying to find ways to play up my products and make my name memorable for those who purchase my pieces. Tags, labels, and even packaging are so important... As a customer, I must admit that if I had the same product from two sellers to chose from and the only difference was a label/tag/signature, I would probably go for the branded, "well put together" looking item. Thanks for more tips on building the brand.

  • ConcordSoap

    ConcordSoap said 7 years ago

    Great read! I love seeing all the different ways people label their work.

  • DestinysTreasures

    DestinysTreasures said 7 years ago

    Great info:) Thank you for sharing:)

  • nonesuchgarden

    nonesuchgarden said 7 years ago

    I wholeheartedly agree with this article! I love all the creative ways to label your items in this article. My items are too small for a label, so I pack them up in pretty boxes with certificates to make them memorable.

  • kittycrossbones

    kittycrossbones said 7 years ago

    Great article! I make display tags if anyone is looking for them! :)

  • gypsyeye

    gypsyeye said 7 years ago

    Great article, it provides so much inspiration!!

  • RareEarth

    RareEarth said 7 years ago

    Great article! I have a small round tag with my shop name on it that I attach to every piece of jewelry. I think it helps!

  • stitchntyme

    stitchntyme said 7 years ago

    Thanks Vanessa for featuring one of my cell phone cases with my branded wooden button. :) Love the other awesome ideas, especially the bracelet with the name on the toggle.

  • littlebirdcrochet

    littlebirdcrochet said 7 years ago

    Great point! This reminded me to order new sew-in labels for my own stuff. :)

  • eringopaint

    eringopaint said 7 years ago

    Great article! so true.

  • anotherghostquilts

    anotherghostquilts said 7 years ago

    Great topic. thanks!

  • hulagirlsoapco

    hulagirlsoapco said 7 years ago


  • hulagirlsoapco

    hulagirlsoapco said 7 years ago

    "H" or my card goes with everything. I'd like to think my shop name is enough to remember and I know by the feedback my customers remember me. Although, from this blog- I may take it further with the stickers/labels. Etsy is always a pleasure. Thanks

  • fortheloveofpete

    fortheloveofpete said 7 years ago

    Thanks for this great article! I made my own labels to put inside my bags from the start, but I wasn't that excited about them. Last fall, after a disheartening craft show, I felt like I needed to do something to lift my morale. I had an inspiration to create a new logo for my shop- a heart and anchor design based on the tattoo art of famous tattoo artist Sailor Jerry, and use that on my label-and I now have a logo that I love! In fact I love my logo so much I'm always looking for new ways to show it off-business cards, stickers, note cards, pets, other people's kids...

  • PeacockLane

    PeacockLane said 7 years ago

    Lovely article! I hand embroider my shop name onto my purses, scarves and pillows before the item is complete!

  • electricboogaloo

    electricboogaloo said 7 years ago

    Along the same lines -- if you include a business card, make sure your card mentions or shows what kind of stuff you make! I keep a little stack of etsy seller's cards, but sometimes when I go back through I can't tell at a glance who sold me what.

  • sugarskull7

    sugarskull7 said 7 years ago

    Excellent article! I'd been carving custom logo stamps for people's shops and products for months before it dawned on me to make my OWN logo stamp to put on the mounts of my stamps. It's one of those things you don't always think of (and also I'm a little slow on the uptake) but is SO important!

  • lilabelledesign

    lilabelledesign said 7 years ago

    fab ideas, thank you

  • VeronicaRStudio

    VeronicaRStudio said 7 years ago

    What a great article, thank you! I have a maker's stamp with my initials and I'm also working on rebranding my image and will be having a new stamp made.

  • sweetpotatoblossoms

    sweetpotatoblossoms said 7 years ago

    How do you label crocheted hats??? I was thinking just sew a little one in the inside, but I'd need to find special ink probably.

  • TheEverydayDivaCo

    TheEverydayDivaCo said 7 years ago

    Branding is soooo important! Whenever I order facial scrubby pads or gift tags/cards to give away with my products, I always encourage sellers to stamp their work so they can get credit. I had quite a few customers ask where I got the "awesome" facial scrubby because they want to buy more!

  • cushyadornments

    cushyadornments said 7 years ago

    Great article! I also put a sticker and a label on every single item.

  • WoodcotDesigns

    WoodcotDesigns said 7 years ago

    I have been searching far and wide on the internet to find the tiniest little metal tags with "Woodcot" stamped on them so my necklaces are readily recognizable. I read the article and have checked out a few of the etsy shops but so far I haven't found anything small enough. HELP! Now I'll go back through and read the 700 or so responses to see if I can find what I need that someone has already mentioned. Typical of me... putting the cart before the horse.

  • londonware

    londonware said 7 years ago

    I started designing mine today. I didn't wanted to spend the extra on them but now I see the benefit and money I am losing by not using a label.

  • angelawehrle

    angelawehrle said 7 years ago

    Great article! I have a little rubber stamp that I use on the bottom of the last page of all my books. That way when a customer fills up their book they are reminded of where they can buy another!

  • WoodcotDesigns

    WoodcotDesigns said 7 years ago

    I just had a thought... perhaps I can stamp organdy jewelry gift bags with a rubber stamp with my shop site on it. Okay you rubber stamp artists... how would your stamps work on fabric? Though adding permanent tags might be cumbersome... a gift bag... one that is pretty enough to keep... might be the solution for all the etsy jewelry designers.

  • Chela393

    Chela393 said 7 years ago

    Thanks so much for this! Great ideas.

  • lcraftanddesign

    lcraftanddesign said 7 years ago

    I'm going to attempt to print some labels soon for my SunnyBean Hats. I bought the fabric paper. Anyone have any luck with this technique.

  • TheStrangestDreams

    TheStrangestDreams said 7 years ago

    I can't think of anyway to brand my pieces! Any help would be much appreciated :) I do add cards and the likes with my brand, but not the pieces themselves because they're often so small and fiddly.

  • DestinyPhoebe

    DestinyPhoebe said 7 years ago

    Fabulous article! Great idea's!! Thanks!

  • FancyThatCookies

    FancyThatCookies said 7 years ago

    great idea! I usually just make my own little clips with my shop address on it. I going to try something different next time ;D

  • thefortunatehome

    thefortunatehome said 7 years ago

    I was just thinking about this recently.I definately think this is important! Thanks for the great ideas!

  • uglyartdotnet

    uglyartdotnet said 7 years ago

    I have been wanting to get a stamp to mark some of my clothing ect like the gal does with her hats,does anybody have a idea of a stamp pad that doesn't bleed or totally wash out on fabrics?

  • sandim

    sandim said 7 years ago

    I designed labels for my handmade pieces, and Jennifersjewels, right here on etsy made them for me. They have my name, email address, and my etsy shop address on them.

  • perryjayne

    perryjayne said 7 years ago

    I order a spool of ribbon from with my etsy shop name printed on it. Then I cut the ribbon, heat seal the edges and sew it into my shirts. It works great and is inexpensive.

  • josoriginals

    josoriginals said 7 years ago

    Thanks. Great food for thought. I've been wondering how to incorporate my maiden name(an Oakleaf) into a tiny silver emblem for my jewellery.

  • HappyCloudMoments

    HappyCloudMoments said 7 years ago

    it's hard to step jewelry for sure... i sell sterling silver jewelry and i just started to include a little top zip bag to store the jewelry with a Happy Cloud Moments sticker on it. I hope they will keep that :)

  • DoubleTake09

    DoubleTake09 said 7 years ago

    Awesome article; food for thought! I always sign my porcelain pieces and usually remember to date them too. And all my cards (photos) have my name/website on the backs with sticky labels. I forget to do that with my seed packets though I figure the seed packets will be thrown away once the seeds are planted. I do enclose a business/Etsy card with every order as well so they can keep it on hand!


    BADKITTYKNITS said 7 years ago

    great article. i include labled cards in sales and i do have fabric lables in hats and purses but i need ot come up with something for those items that have a loose stitch like the shawls...any ideas?

  • ElkeHutchens

    ElkeHutchens said 7 years ago

    Guilty- I,ll get right on it. Thanks for the advice.

  • kateendle

    kateendle said 7 years ago

    I might over do it a bit, but it's worth it! I sell original art and prints. Each print and original art that goes out the door has a paper label adhered to it. The label includes my name, web site,email, and phone number. I also sign my work- first and last name clearly written. With each order I include a notecard that includes my info on the back of the card. Inside my thank you card I include my business card. Can't miss an opportunity. On a bit of a separate issue, I will also "accidentally" drop a business card in the restroom, tuck my card in a library book, slip a card under a stack of free newspapers- you get the picture.

  • Cindimh

    Cindimh said 7 years ago

    one of the first things i did was order labels for my little stuffies ~ and was pleased to find my "label-maker" right here on Etsy - priya creations has done a fabulous job with my special requests!

  • annettesexpressions

    annettesexpressions said 7 years ago

    how do you lable jewelry? Other than giving your card?

  • boogerandtash

    boogerandtash said 7 years ago

    I always add a label not only with my Shop Name but also with the web address for my shop, I have been told by customers that this was how they found me, when given one of my items as a gift.

  • Salzanos

    Salzanos said 7 years ago

    On my original sculpted focal parts on Jewelry, I sign the back before firing. But my vintage and Re-creations, I only put cards, (business) in the pkg with the order. I would really like a tiny metal drop with my name to attach to my creations. Have to start looking harder for something affordable ! All other art is easy to sign, like ACEO's Cards etc.

  • TylerHandmade

    TylerHandmade said 7 years ago

    Repeating what a few others have said: Someone please convo me if you think of a good way to label knits. The best thing I can think of is maybe some embroidery of your name? But I don't really know how to do that, and I'm sure it takes a while. :/

  • SadieThenTy

    SadieThenTy said 7 years ago

    Any ideas on cool vintage ways to package items ? And those that do clothing, what labels are your favorites and where do you get them? Love hearing all the ideas !

  • woodsclifton

    woodsclifton said 7 years ago

    You asked how we label and my cute label came from Etsy. My shop is named for my grandfather and I took a picture of a signature from a school diploma. PixelStixGraphics did the cute graphic design on my site and had someone clean up the signature so she could use it in my banner. The she recommended terbearco to make me a stamp, which they did and I use the stamp on cotton twill tape and sew it on my purses. My graphic design package had a great sticker in it that I put on a box for my jewelry. So, it's all right here in Etsy!

  • greenbaboondesigns

    greenbaboondesigns said 7 years ago

    Excellent idea. I've wondered how to brand needle felted items. I haven't come up with a good solution yet.

  • knicolejewelry

    knicolejewelry said 7 years ago

    All of you jewelry people... check out this etsy seller. He makes beautiful tags. I haven't yet purchased mine, though its on my to-do list. These are great for bracelets & necklaces... rings and earrings will still be an issue. I purchased a custom stamp a few months ago but i find it really difficult to get a crisp and legible imprint with it. Hope this helps!

  • MyCraftsR4U

    MyCraftsR4U said 7 years ago

    I always try to put by Kathleen example: in my all of my photographs, plus I sign my work possible. But I've seen some other pretty grate ideas from this listing. Thanks! Kathleen

  • RebeccaBarfoot

    RebeccaBarfoot said 7 years ago

    Yes! I always sign everything- easier because I am a ceramist and painter/printer. But my customers over the years really want/love/seem to need this!

  • WieberArt

    WieberArt said 7 years ago

    Excellent point. Another opportunity to express ingenuity. Lots of ingenious ideas amongst these postings too.

  • slidesideways

    slidesideways said 7 years ago

    We definitely think it is so important to label your products with your logo! Not only does it help promote your shop or brand, but it also makes something look more professional in the eyes of consumers who might not consider buying handmade. On our screen printed posters we have our logo printed in white, on white. That way it's on there but doesn't distract the viewers eye when they hang our print in their home.

  • beczbags

    beczbags said 7 years ago

    I have environmentally friendly bambook tags made from Greenbeansstrings on etsy I sew them in all my items not necessarily front and center but inside pockets and behind the notes section of my wallet all they have is B.H.O and my website but it definately works a treat for repeat customers I also put one of my cards in the pocket when people purchase the bag or wallet you never know when they might need it!!!!

  • MommaGoddess

    MommaGoddess said 7 years ago

    I have a hang tag that I attach to all my pieces with the Moon and stars on it with the website; however, that is taken off and discarded, but I also attach a little moon as my signature piece when I can hoping that the customer will remember me with that moon. I will now look for a way to stamp them to add a little remembrance to it. Thanks for the great article.

  • MLCWoodworks

    MLCWoodworks said 7 years ago

    Some great ideas, guys. I use a wood burning iron to put my logo and the month and year on the bottom of all my bowls and other larger items along with my signature in ink. I also include a business card with each order. Pens and other small items are a bit more difficult. I like the idea of a small tag with my logo, which is my initials in a step down format. I designed it years ago but I think it needs some reworking. I'd like to get a logo branding iron but they're a bit more expensive than I can do right now. Maybe a stamp to make the tags. Another project to work out...

  • WarmWindsDesigns

    WarmWindsDesigns said 7 years ago

    Working with Precious Metal Clay, it is easy to carve your name and date the piece. My 1st PMC teacher told us to always sign, date, and mark our pieces "FS .999" for fine silver 99.9% pure silver. So, I am very good at following direction and have done it since I started making PMC jewelry. At times I also add a special inscription if it's a piece for a person I know. Also I take special orders with personalizations: weddings, grandmother, and birthdays. And I always tag items with my logo and website on it. Thanks for all the ideas everyone!

  • uncljohn

    uncljohn said 7 years ago

    SNIP Picture this: I'm strutting my stuff down the street when someone stops to ask me,---- SNIP Wait a minute; I’m trying to visualize this! O.K., got it, why didn't I put a label on it you ask? Didn't think of it. What a good idea! DANG!

  • lelabela

    lelabela said 7 years ago

    I just hand write my etsy shop on the back of my cards, but am looking to upgrade to a custom stamp.

  • simplyrenewed

    simplyrenewed said 7 years ago

    This is a great article! We thought the same thing. When we starting going to events we were pleasantly suprised how many people complimented our simple label. It is something that we are proud of when we see one of our products!

  • simplyrenewed

    simplyrenewed said 7 years ago

    This is a great article! We created a small simple tag for our products and have been suprised on how many compliments we get. It makes the product look more professional also. We are proud when we see people with our products and want them to advertise for us!

  • Madeinstone

    Madeinstone said 7 years ago

    My jewellery is shipped out with a custom hand made tag that is placed inside the organza bag with the item. The card has a description of the stones used in the item along with care instruction, my logo and email address. The bag itself has a labeled tag on the strings. if you order gift wrap, I have a logo sticker placed on the inside of the box lid with a custom crafted tag displaying your message on one side and information about the item on the other.

  • orbitaldiamonds

    orbitaldiamonds said 7 years ago

    That is a good idea. I'd been writing "Heather Mac Art" on the inside of my stationery books but I'm thinking I should get a stamp with a logo or somet hing. :)

  • mytapestry

    mytapestry said 7 years ago

    :), totally agree with you!

  • PennyFarrow

    PennyFarrow said 7 years ago

    I label my items with my name, and my shop name is also my name.

  • EnchantedAcresDesign

    EnchantedAcresDesign said 7 years ago

    Great info. Currently We make handcrafted monogrammed tags for are youth hats, but don't have Our Shop's info on the tag. We do think this is a terrific idea, Thanks.

  • mandiknit

    mandiknit said 7 years ago

    Customers love my label, I believe it tells a story & shows others I'm proud to let them know who has made what they are purchasing. I have been able to purchase all my labels etc here on etsy....thanks etsy")

  • knottysleeves

    knottysleeves said 7 years ago

    My items are made from tiny delica beads and are pretty much impossible to tag, stamp or label. But I ship each item in a 3x3 ziploc baggie, so I've started putting a shop sticker on that. Most of the customers I've asked about it do actually keep the baggie, so I figure that's my best way to promote. Great article!

  • hjrdDesign

    hjrdDesign said 7 years ago

    I think this is a great point! It occurred to me recently, so I've started hand-stamping the reverse side of one piece in each set of my magnetic wallscapes with 'HJRD DESIGN' - like the last photo in this listing:

  • TheGoldenPlague

    TheGoldenPlague said 7 years ago

    I couldn't agree more. I think this artists/crafters products should always be signed by the creator. And sometimes the signature is that finishing charming touch on the piece. As a jeweller, I designed a little logo for myself and had made in an iron puncture with it, so now I just have to hammer it in the end, when the piece is finished. You can see it in this ring, where I saved a plain area for the signature (second photo) I think it's the easiest way to mark my jewelery :)

  • seablueskyabstracts

    seablueskyabstracts said 7 years ago

    Makers marks are so important (I've really enjoyed seeing the signatures on this page) the name enhances the product and 'turning over' to find an empty space gives the viewer/owner a sense of loss somehow.

  • ffflowers

    ffflowers said 7 years ago

    Very thought provoking - I have been wondering how to 'sign' my flowers for a while now. It's a problem I definitely need to get on and solve!

  • Xenotees

    Xenotees said 7 years ago

    Thank you so much for including me in this article Vanessa! I have to admit, my husband was the one who insisted I keep it up- I'm really thankful he did, because it is vitally important for people to sign their work!

  • LizzieMade

    LizzieMade said 7 years ago

    You are so right! I recently realised that, while I sign every greetings card I make - even those for friends and family - I had not been signing my handmade books! I have started to do this, either on the inside cover, or discreetly along the bottom of the back cover. It looks fine and now the new owner will remember where it came from (so that, hopefully, they can tell their friends!!). I always send a business card with each order, signed with a Thank You message. I hope that, as I do, the buyer will store this for future reference. A really useful article - thank you!

  • pritishirname

    pritishirname said 7 years ago

    this is a very valid point. i make mostly clothing ,home decor & clutches. but i have never added any tag,though with increasing sales...............i am planning to get tags made. thanx for the great article:)

  • latenightdrawing

    latenightdrawing said 7 years ago

    Thank you for this article! I sign every print I send out but my brooches are somehow difficult to label. I need to make my own customized mini labels, I guess It's time for some Etsy shopping:)

  • withaflourish

    withaflourish said 7 years ago

    Wow, great points! Jewelry is so hard to tag ... what I've been doing thus far since I don't know how to tag something like earrings, is to package each item in a handmade origami box with my logo and shop name printed directly on the top of the box ... I have some pictures of it in some of my listings, too, so people know how it will come packaged. Its not as good as labeling the actual item, but I know that when I receive jewelry as a gift from a B&M, it often comes in a brand-labeled box ... and often as not, I continue to store it in that box, and every time I see the box I remember where the jewelry came from. :)

  • floria

    floria said 7 years ago

    Great article! I am using a custom made stamp to add label to each of my jewelry pieces.

  • channon

    channon said 7 years ago

    I also sign and label my work, some advice for buying labels on etsy is the fabric sew on or iron ones that people print off of their computer are not so great, after one wash the color fades dramatically along with your info. So try to stick with something like greenbean creates, I just bought some from her today xoxo

  • arkdesignsbyanna

    arkdesignsbyanna said 7 years ago

    My etsy shop isnt stocked yet but what i do with all my products is either sew in or on depending on the product an embroidered label with my name on, on cards my name and contact details are printed on the reverse. I also now include a compliment slip with the parcel and ive also got some small stickers to use to seal the wrapping. It may seem alot but you have to self promote yourself or you wont get repeat customers and they also cant spread the word. If it helps-my embroidered labels i get at J.J. cashs online they are very good quality and i think a reasonable price and also a quick turnaround time and my stickers and business cards etc I have recently got a new batch from vistaprint online too. it can be so disappointing turning over a card or looking for a label of something you really like and not finding it. being in the greeting industry for 10 years out of habit i always turn over a card to see who has designed it. x

  • RunningBugFarm

    RunningBugFarm said 7 years ago

    I don't know how to tag jewelry without having to charge a bunch more for the jewelry. I already include our card, but I think that is pretty common. What about crochet & knits? You can't hand stamp them or screen print them. I guess you have to get tags to hand sew in our use the wooden "tags" (which are very cool). My big problem with tags on clothes, is I personally hate them. I rip them off my clothes because my skin is so senstive. I can't sit still if there is a tag. So to put the thing I hate on the stuff I create doesn't make sense to me. I can see the need for tags though. Now if I can find super soft buttery tags & thread maybe there would be a chance. Uhg!

  • ivanaart

    ivanaart said 7 years ago

    this is great! thank you so much for the ideas!!

  • yuniko

    yuniko said 7 years ago

    Agree totally with the idea that one should put a signature to one's work but I haven't always done it as sometimes I've been in a rush to get things out there. At the very least I have made busines cards to go with the item sold. I think the label or card can be as much a creative piece as the object itself and I like to hand make them and attach them to my pieces. Eg. hand stitch a hand drawn label onto a tshirt or include a hand made card with details - a postcard with the same design on the Tshirt which can be framed. In my experience people love to have the extra info about what they are buying and where it's made etc. so perhaps its the labelling as much as the signature which is important.

  • BlacknickSculpture

    BlacknickSculpture said 7 years ago

    Thanks for the great tips!I always sign my sculptures but I'm going to start adding a label with my Etsy shop info on it.

  • LinkaBoutique

    LinkaBoutique said 7 years ago

    I put my label in the garments I make. However, I recently started wholesaling to a loca children's boutique and she wants to put her label in my clothes. How can I do both? Isn't this an infringement on my designing rights or something?

  • ImaginePeaceDesigns

    ImaginePeaceDesigns said 7 years ago

    I make stained glass pieces and have been asked to sign my work, so far I haven't been able to find a good solution. Seems nothing is permanent on glass, even permanent markers easily wipe off! Any suggestions? Thanks!

  • Heart2Handbags

    Heart2Handbags said 7 years ago

    This is just the kick in the pants that I need. In fact I just had a customer tell me I needed labels on my bags last night!

  • BeadworksbyKerri

    BeadworksbyKerri said 7 years ago

    It's a little hard to do with jewelry, what I've been doing is sending all customers a small matchbox note pad with my Etsy shop name printed on it that customers can carry in their purse for jotting down quick notes. It also gives them a place where they can find my name if they're asked where their jewelry came from. The note pads are purchased from a fellow Etsian, CardsandNotes, I support fellow Etsians whenever I can.

  • wrapcycle

    wrapcycle said 7 years ago

    I have always labeled my larger items - laptop bags and sleeves - with an iron-label in a US flag design with the words "Conceived, Designed, and Made in the USA by" then I sign my name. At the bottom is my URL. I was stymied for awhile for my smaller items - tried a variety of labels that looked awful. Then I bought a professional-level embroidery machine and I embroider my shop name on everything. It's scalable and searchable, and most people will figure out, or at least try, adding the .com at the end. I still use the iron-ons because I've gotten a lot of comments on it, but now all my items have the embroidery as well. I think it's decorative and it's visible from the outside.

  • Allthingsimple

    Allthingsimple said 7 years ago

    I also am not sure how I can label my items. How do you label a felted ball etc? Anyone have any ideas?

  • themarigoldpress

    themarigoldpress said 7 years ago

    I totally agree that putting a label on your product is necessary. I run into a problem with my invitations though. Most of my sales are for wedding invitations and I have yet to come across a bride who wants my logo (however small) stamped on the back of the card or pocket. I brand my packaging and send business cards with a personalized thank you note. Is that enough? Does anyone have suggestions on how I can improve? Thank you!

  • bommar

    bommar said 7 years ago

    Something to look into. Thanks for all of the ideas!

  • TheHalloweenstress

    TheHalloweenstress said 7 years ago

    I was just discussing this issue with a customer recently. As a jewelry maker it's hard to label my art. I decided to engrave my initials into each piece...time to regret having such a long Etsy name!

  • bittersweetdesign

    bittersweetdesign said 7 years ago

    I try and 'mark' everything I make - I am proud of it, and it's quality. I have always been into branding my items. Sometimes it's just the removeable tag that goes onto the packaging - sometimes more. I make such a variety of items that continually coming up with another type of label can be difficult!

  • RevolvingStore

    RevolvingStore said 7 years ago

    I have been pondering a stamp to use on what items I can and needed your info to get on with it. I know getting your name out there is so important. Thanks.

  • ClayLickCreekPottery

    ClayLickCreekPottery said 7 years ago

    I have always signed my pottery--big and bold!

  • blackberrygraphics

    blackberrygraphics said 7 years ago

    In every shipment I send, my shop name and etsy web link are repeated 3 times: 1. On the packaging label 2. On a business card 3. On the back side of a thank you card Since I make and sell stationery, I made all 3 of them myself.

  • artisticmadness

    artisticmadness said 7 years ago

    I am new to Etsy but I'm not new to selling my art and earrings. I sign my art and put my business card in the plastic sleeve I put my prints in. My card has one of my drawings on it and my info is in three different colors, it is so cute people will pick it up and ask me to sign it, especially when they are giving one of my creations as a gift. I get my cards at Vista prints online, they are very inexpensive and offer discounts and free stuff all the time. Vista also has a huge product line like postcards, banners, mugs, etc...They are in Canada so it doesn't take long to get your stuff.

  • MummyIWantADinosaur

    MummyIWantADinosaur said 7 years ago

    Thanks for this article, I don't really sign my work but I was considering I just don't know exactly how but these are some great ideas!

  • lindakirstencole

    lindakirstencole said 7 years ago

    Another thing I do besides sign the painting,send a resume and card is to wrap the painting as if it is a special gift for someone. I actually buy beautiful prints of wallpaper, yes wallpaper - it is strong and doesn't tear when wrapping, I tie a card to that again and include a FREE gift of a print. Buyers love to receive something extra and they will remember your name for that.....Any other ideas? Linda

  • providenceartglass

    providenceartglass said 7 years ago

    Great article, Vanessa. It is so important to take that extra step in helping to market oneself.....if we don't...who will?

  • novaofsweden

    novaofsweden said 7 years ago

    I bought a tiny metalstamp with my brand so that I can add that to all my pieces. I think branding is super important. I feel adding my stamp to my pieces adds more value to them.

  • iktomi

    iktomi said 7 years ago

    Great ideas! It reminds me I really need to get myself a stamp made.

  • DunHorseDesigns

    DunHorseDesigns said 7 years ago

    I make jewelry and use an actual "brand" (the dh on my avatar) on the back of everything I can. I also make little polymer or epoxy beads with my dh on them and hang them from that short chain at the clasp of a leather cord necklace. I can't fit my whole shop name on most items... I need to work on that. People who make simple beaded earrings and things seem almost impossible to brand!

  • tinypeepers

    tinypeepers said 7 years ago

    Loved all the ideas. I'm working on it now... Thanks for all the tips!

  • bobetsy

    bobetsy said 7 years ago

    my dear mom keeps on me about starting to label or sign my work... that 100 years from now, when my things are in museums - it'd be nice if they knew who made it. :) thanks for the validation that it's not just a mom thing - but really is important in the now!


    KMSORIGINAL said 7 years ago

    Thanks for the article! I tag all my items, not always on the outside, but somewhere on them.

  • blueridgemercantile

    blueridgemercantile said 7 years ago

    Great ideas, thank you. There are Etsy shops (Terbear-for example) that will make custom stamps for you. I purchased one for my shop, and stamp my packages before shipping. And, I usually sign and date my work, unless it may damage the item.

  • CharliesApt

    CharliesApt said 7 years ago

    I'm still working on this with my current etsy shop. But with my first shop, I printed my logo on iron on paper, ironed it on to a light colored fabric, cut it out, and sewed it into my bags--or whatever I was making at the time.

  • RedLicoriceKids

    RedLicoriceKids said 7 years ago

    I am going to get busy and use my sewing machine to make labels-- it has the letter and number feature that I almost forgot about. Thanks for jogging my memory...

  • PotatoBoutique

    PotatoBoutique said 7 years ago

    This is a really good post. I usually label my products, but then again, there are times when I get in a hurry and don't. I need to do better. I featured an artist on my blog who sent me a giveaway. It was adorable, but not labeled. I didn't know how to kindly tell her that she was missing out on repeat sales by omitting a label.

  • GreenBeautyCosmetics

    GreenBeautyCosmetics said 7 years ago

    Thanks for a truly great article. As artisans, I think many people suffer from the same perception - we are artists, not business people. We create our stuff, but we don't like the selling and business part. However, if we want to do this full time, selling is a must or bills don't get paid. Getting first time buyers is the hardest thing, much harder than getting people who have already bought something to come back and buy more. Somebody said that people will buy from you only if they know you, if they trust you and if they like you. With a new shop, they don't know you, they don't trust you and they don't like you. How can we change that? We can fill in enough of a bio that people can relate and get a feeling they know us. And what about trust? Here, we are talking shop policies. A safe way to pay, money back guarantee, replacement of faulty, damaged or lost products. And then, there is the shop announcement. Is it welcoming? Does it describe what exactly you do, and who your stuff is made for? Ideally, once they have read through all your shop info, they should feel confident enough to buy, because they like what you wrote, they trust your sincerity, and they feel like they know you. So, you ship out your products - but they must come with a way to reconnect with you or your shop, or all your hard work won't have the effect that it could have. Not only do people come back and buy more, if they know where to find you, but they also tell their friends... So, instead of advertising your shop in a directory that nobody has ever heard of, spend your money on business cards, labels, thank you notes, brochures, packing labels and so on. This will make it easy for people to come back to your shop. And, above all, put lots of energy into your packaging and customer service. Treasure your customers and show them you mean it...

  • zJayne

    zJayne said 7 years ago

    Label, tags and the like really professionalize an already quality handmade product. So happy to see RobertoSand 's shop included here and he was able to take one of my ADS and create the most gorgeous wooden tag/button style pieces. And, if you ask him, he'll make then on discarded wood pieces from other orders, making reuse of something discarded! Oh wait, that's all about me! ha!

  • Lockette

    Lockette said 7 years ago

    I really struggle with this, especially with my fabric note cards (fabric on one side, paper on the other). I don't really want to put my logo on the paper side because that's the only part that can be written on. I"m not sure where else to put it...back of the envelopes???

  • sparrowsalvage

    sparrowsalvage said 7 years ago

    I make fairly unusual work, so most people tend to remember where they bought it from. That said however I've been meaning to brand my work for years. The cuffs are easy, just stitch a label on the back. Earrings and necklaces are slightly harder- but those tiiiiiiiiny little stars are really tempting! They'd suit my new 'ren faire' style too. great article!

  • candkexpressions

    candkexpressions said 7 years ago

    I love it when I get to read about something that I am trying to do with my creations, but struggling with making it really great. Thanks for the passion and time you put into this article!

  • samsstuff

    samsstuff said 7 years ago

    I add a hand embroidered labeled to all of my clothing & Accessory pieces, as part of the design. The jewelry is more difficult, I don't currently have a way to put my name directly on these. I do include a bookmark/keytag with each order, re-usable items, with the shop name & Etsy address & always a Thank You card with item descriptions on the back. I like many of the ideas presented here. Thanks for posing this topic!

  • funkypaperboutique

    funkypaperboutique said 7 years ago

    Great brother has been an artist for many years and his advice is to "always sign your artwork"! We mom has a cute paw print logo that she puts on every scrapbook page she creates for my daughter in turn always looks for this pawprint, kind of like "Where's Waldo"...we will have to do that with our art work creations as well. Thanks for sharing!

  • sentimentalstones

    sentimentalstones said 7 years ago

    I have been stamping the back of my items or attaching a label for some time now. The most recent "marker" for my business has been mini cards. I prefer to keep several cards of other businesses on hand for a friend (or even strangers) who may ask where I got something. I think those little cards are easy to carry and are less expensive than a regular business even easier to give lots away. They can be used as a tag too!

  • KnitGirlinIdaho

    KnitGirlinIdaho said 7 years ago

    Great article! I'm having a hard time finding a creative way to permanently label my items. I have my items hanging on cards with my name and website, but once they are taken off the card the name is lost...

  • AzaferraJewelry

    AzaferraJewelry said 7 years ago

    As usual, so many good ideas from the geniuses here at Etsy!! I loved Silver Sisters stitched signature, so unique and shows that you really do love what you do. And Terry Graziano's idea is brilliant. So glad I read my emails this am., I usually let them sit for days, but I'm going to order some metal tags from EmilyDeweesJewelry asap!!! I thought of tagging everything with my card, but people usually throw away those types of things,even stamped bags, so the tags are the best bet for me. Emily's prices make it convenient to order in small batches for someone like me. I

  • SilverleafShinyStuff

    SilverleafShinyStuff said 7 years ago

    I make tags for my jewellery, but I also sign every piece possible by adding a little silver leaf charm to the clasp. Maybe it's too subtle, because I hear so many people saying that they "like the little leaf" and when I reply that it's my signature - SILVERLEAF Shiny Stuff - they are like, "Oh, that's really clever!" as if they hadn't worked it out.

  • TheQuiltedHorse

    TheQuiltedHorse said 7 years ago

    Great article. We all need to lable our product. I have been selling my things locally for years (I still have not put any products up on my etsy site yet) and have been printing off my own lables using my computer. The easiest way is to use iron on t-shirt transfer sheets on white muslin. Then cut them out with pinking sheers.Then you can hand sew them in your garments or bags. You can create your designs in Microsoft Word or you can use art software if you have it. Just remember to use the mirror image before you print on the sheet. This is because when you iron it on the muslin it irons on in the reverse.

  • koopdegrace

    koopdegrace said 7 years ago

    Love this article! Very inspiring, indeed. I love that it features so many different ways of tagging. I use sew-on textile tags for my clutches and other items. it was such a dilemma, which colours to use in the design, so I settled for black and gold, because I figured these would match best with different colors.

  • DolceBeada

    DolceBeada said 7 years ago

    I too am a jewelry designer and many of my pieces would be difficult to permanently label. I have a logo that is printed on every display card. All of my earrings arrive on display cards and also include an artist card. My pendants are also on cards that have the artist information right on the back. And I think my name is memorable. I should check into a small stamped tag for my necklaces and bracelets. thanks for the food for thought. Great article.

  • BeMyBumbleBee

    BeMyBumbleBee said 7 years ago

    This is a very good article! I was visting a small clothing shop where I found a cute wallet with a dog stiched on it that looked handmade. It was a very clever and cute! But I looked for a tag inside and out and there was nothing to be found! There wasn't even so much as a paper tag! I left very disappointed :( I am now working on labeling everything I have for sale!

  • GatoRanch

    GatoRanch said 7 years ago

    I put a 4x6 photo in with every photo print purchase. It says "Thanks for your purchase from Jana Miller Photography" and has several links to places to friend me online. :) If someone buys several photos I assume that some may be gifts so I toss in some extras so that they can include one with the print. Also, if the sale is a framed photo print the 4x6 photo is attached to the back. That way if anyone says, "Wow, who did this?" They can pull it off the wall and get my contact info off of it. ;)

  • jenjems

    jenjems said 7 years ago

    Great article! I teach art to children and I always tell the kids the most important part of their artwork is their signature. They need to own it and be proud enough to sign their name to it!

  • Stemjewelry

    Stemjewelry said 7 years ago

    Now why did i not think of that??....great article...for us jewelry maker this is a challenge..but something to work towards.

  • DesireeB

    DesireeB said 7 years ago

    I make plushes and when I first began I never tagged anything, then I had some tags made and I put them in everything I make. If its something small I fold them over and stitch them in. It definitely looks more professional too.

  • TrendyTrimmingsByTT

    TrendyTrimmingsByTT said 7 years ago

    Great information! I sew in labels to all of my fabric creations and bags. I use removable tags on my crocheted items but I think I will find a soft woven label that I can sew onto them! Thank you for the timely information!

  • bethany18

    bethany18 said 7 years ago

    I don't put labels on my stuff but I'm hoping to soon! I gotta find a cute label with a symbol though(there are too many to choose from)...that's the hard part! Thanks for the article and love how everyone commented on it...that shows it was a good one! GOOD WORK ETSY!

  • SimplyPlush

    SimplyPlush said 7 years ago

    Great ideas!! Years ago I bought some great hand painted letters for my daughters nursery, they turned out so beautiful. About a year later I decided to purchase more for a friend of mine, but I couldn't remember where I had gotten them from in my mommy fogged mind. So I pulled down each letter looking for some clue. Couldn't find anything, no initials..nothing. It's too bad, would have loved to support this artist more :( Such a good idea to label your items, so that when other people see your work they can find out where to get it for themselves. Still wondering where I could have gotten those great letters??? Guess I'll never know :)

  • MillerLine

    MillerLine said 7 years ago

    Good article! I agree, it is so important to sign your creations and products. A signature or label can be a very personal touch; an extra little bit of thought and effort. A signature shows the maker is proud of the piece and the new owner can also be proud of that piece. Plus, as stated, it serves as a reminder of where the piece originated.

  • MillerLine

    MillerLine said 7 years ago

    Good article! I agree, it is so important to sign your creations and products. A signature or label can be a very personal touch; an extra little bit of thought and effort. A signature shows the maker is proud of the piece and the new owner can also be proud of that piece. Plus, as stated, it serves as a reminder of where the piece originated.

  • sugartreestudio

    sugartreestudio said 7 years ago

    What a great article! I've found that this is an ongoing struggle & so important for return business! Every print order has my branding on the back and is accompanied by a business card. In hopes that they will want to hang on to it, I have designed an invitation planning guide for the back. Since I know my customers are mailing my work, I hope that they save my card for future reference.

  • FairyCoutureBridal

    FairyCoutureBridal said 7 years ago

    Great article! I haven't figured out what kind of label to use yet. Always include a personal invoice and thank you. I hope they save it for future use. Great advice.

  • freeforged

    freeforged said 7 years ago

    As a jeweler it's hard to brand super tiny earrings and things. I always make sure to include two business cards so that the buyer can keep one and give another to a friend if they are interested.

  • SashaTierney

    SashaTierney said 7 years ago

    Thanks. I deal with jewelry which as you mention is one of the harder ones to do. Has anyone had good luck with any particular metalsmiths in terms of a custom metal tag to attach to the clasp?

  • SashaTierney

    SashaTierney said 7 years ago

    I should add, if so, please convo me. Thanks.

  • MollysMuses

    MollysMuses said 7 years ago

    FANTASTIC information:)

  • charisg08

    charisg08 said 7 years ago

    I print labels for all my items onto a piece of muslin using my printer and a product that sets the ink permanently into the fabric. I have also had magnets made up with my logo, name, and URL on them to send with each purchase.

  • MerryMae

    MerryMae said 7 years ago

    Alot to think about here! I wonder how small of a stamp can be made?

  • RandomSacksOfKindnes

    RandomSacksOfKindnes said 7 years ago

    I got a rubber stamp made online and then stamp on cotton twill to make my loop labels that I sew into the seam. Plus I have hang tags for craft fairs and care sheets.

  • reichardt85

    reichardt85 said 7 years ago

    I always sign every piece I create. I use an old electric engraver and by hand sign and date each item. In some cases I will sign the buyers name right on the item. I also engrave my logo on as well. For that unique touch it makes a very sound impact. Takes the made elsewhere right out of the picture.

  • thepresentplace

    thepresentplace said 7 years ago

    great article thank you!!

  • organicallyboutique

    organicallyboutique said 7 years ago

    Where might one get custom toggles for jewelry?

  • actionjackson

    actionjackson said 7 years ago

    I've been wanting to add laser cut acrylic plastic tags to my jewelry. However, I can't find the supplier from a while back who did these. Does anyone know of something like this? Thx!

  • TexasGirlDesigns

    TexasGirlDesigns said 7 years ago

    Great article. Really made me think. Now I just have to come up with an idea for my jewelry.

  • jennytrinh

    jennytrinh said 7 years ago

    great idea!!

  • WrappedToPerfection

    WrappedToPerfection said 7 years ago

    Great food for thought! I've made a nice sticker to put on the jewelry boxes I include with each purchase, but a metal hang tag on bracelets and necklaces is a terrific idea! Thanks!

  • TeaandSquirrels

    TeaandSquirrels said 7 years ago

    I had been relying on the fact that I attach paper labels to my items--then I had a great Etsyian (MommieMadeIt) make me some fabric labels--and its working very well! It adds extra polish to each product.

  • Sabtisdesigns

    Sabtisdesigns said 7 years ago

    Have been looking into Micromark for my jewelry- but even then it's hard to find a place to put it! Great tips and ideas though!!!

  • FeeVertelaine

    FeeVertelaine said 7 years ago

    I just found the greatest idea a couple of month ago to put my name on my dolls...I ask to make for me a custom signature stamp...and it came out so nice!! You can see an example on this listing: ...the 3rd picture... I just love the look of them ♥

  • CBSpecialCreations2

    CBSpecialCreations2 said 7 years ago

    I have sold many items and my customers like the finishing touch my labels add to my products. I haven't sold anything on Etsy yet but I make casserole totes, purse organizers, baby blankets, and bears. I design my own labels by using 3/8" white satin ribbon and use transfer paper to iron on the ribbon. My logo goes on along with my email, and special care instructions. Also on the bears, they are individually numbered and I am able to include that on the label. And on my Memory Bears, I include a special label "In Memory Of" the person.

  • WeXelArt

    WeXelArt said 7 years ago

    It took us about a month to figure out we HAD to etch "Wexel Art" into the bottom right hand corner of each frame - we expect our product to be ripped off (because it's such a gret idea), and it's a way to set us apart (that, and our excellent service)

  • CliffsSister

    CliffsSister said 7 years ago

    I sew cloth labels from Cash's in the UK on all my knitted items and cushions, worded "Unique & Handcrafted by Cliff's Sister" and my website, white with a little red pony logo. See

  • bonspielcreation

    bonspielcreation said 7 years ago

    I usually imprint "bonspiel" on my leather goods with a little heat embossing machine--it's quite discreet. And I am a screenprinter so it's no big whoop to print up ribbon tags for the clothing. I love typography and think that branding usually adds something to the product. But when people google "bonspiel" they have to wade through a few curling websites (which I think is funny).

  • Crochetnia

    Crochetnia said 7 years ago

    I attach my business card to all merchandise, sold and for sale, so that buyers can: a) contact me again, or b) tell other people about it. It's a great way to subtly say "HEY! Buy from me again!" :)

  • 3girlday

    3girlday said 7 years ago

    Thanks for the advice. I include a business card with my work but the idea of incorporating it into the item as signed artwork is much better. Very classy and now a must have in my opinion!

  • KarensLoom

    KarensLoom said 7 years ago

    Thanks for sharing all this wonderful advice...... I loved the idea of the wooden button on each article with the shop name and website on it....... and the idea from cliffs sister about putting ....unique and handcrafted by.. on the label... one has to be creative to stand out from the crowd even if you have quality products....although i agree with all this advice and know that it will make a difference, I find it hard and time consuming to incorporate these details........

  • designedbags123

    designedbags123 said 7 years ago

    You are right. Labeling is important. I'm working on it.

  • talulahblue

    talulahblue said 7 years ago

    This is perfect for me as I was just trying to come up with ways to tag small items. It's the little things that count ♥

  • julssewcrazy

    julssewcrazy said 7 years ago

    I know I should do it, but I hate all the tags in MY clothes and I cut them out. I don't even like the silk-screened as they are usually too big and gaudy. I have considered iron-on tags, but I hesitate on the baby blankets. What if they come off and the baby chokes on it? I do attach my business card and my business "care" tag with the tag gun. But that can be thrown away. I will have to figure out a subtle way to get my name in there.

  • dicarlos

    dicarlos said 7 years ago

    Great ideas! I'm inspired to jazz up my brand!

  • TheWoodGarden

    TheWoodGarden said 7 years ago

    My husband has considered signing his name or initials on the bottom of his toys with permanent marker; but he never does it, because with some toys (rattles and teething rings) there's no where to put it.

  • SheepishYarns

    SheepishYarns said 7 years ago

    if you think jewlery is tricky, then what about yarn and batts. as far as i can see there is no way of permenetly marking this sort of product short of spinning a little named tag (in the shape of a star or whatever) into the yarn itself.not something everyone will want appreciate when they want to make it into a hat. im going for labels on packaging and card tags on the yarn, but once someone goes to use it the labels come off. any idears anyone?

  • mysticknotwork

    mysticknotwork said 7 years ago

    I always package my bracelets with a business card, but I can't think of anyway to permanently attach something. This is definitely something to think about. Thanks!

  • BijouxFairy

    BijouxFairy said 7 years ago

    good thought, but as a jewelry designer... I have to still think how to add a brand name on my handmades. yikes!

  • hollyhatchjewelry

    hollyhatchjewelry said 7 years ago

    very helpful info - thank you!

  • nbrfiberbarn

    nbrfiberbarn said 7 years ago

    Good point Sheepish Yarns. I use my business cards as tags, that way they can keep the tag with all my info on it. I also use ziplok bags with paper tags inside. It's really tricky for us fiber folks, isn't it! I could use some more ideas, too.

  • TandokunoGurl

    TandokunoGurl said 7 years ago

    This is a very good reminder to artists and artisans on how to market and be memorable. It seems obvious but with all the other things to think about when putting a business together,this is one of those small things that can get missed. Thank you for the reminder.

  • sitinuriatistudio

    sitinuriatistudio said 7 years ago

    Thank you for the great article!

  • trulyvera

    trulyvera said 7 years ago

    I place my logo trulyvera with two curly designs on the back of my note cards and thank you notes. In fact, I just sold 2 sets for the 1st time on Etsy yesterday! I also make prints for framing which I haven't sold an yet, but I will definitely place my logo on those as well! Thanks

  • kalicat

    kalicat said 7 years ago

    for teh jewelelrs working with vintage if you use brass, what about a brass tag on which you could stamp you logo or brand name initails? maybe something like I personnally have my jewellery hallmarked at thw assay office, as I work with precious metals xxx Kalicat

  • SpotlightOnYou

    SpotlightOnYou said 7 years ago

    I sell pocket mirrors and am not sure how I could label them. Any suggestions?

  • boysngirls

    boysngirls said 7 years ago

    Thanks for the ideas, something I've been thinking of but haven't gotten around to doing....Will definitely use some of the etsy shops that make labels!

  • Macramaking

    Macramaking said 7 years ago

    I've always attached a contact card with a personal note on the back to my hanging baskets but this prompted me to follow through with the idea of attaching a metal tag on them now. Thanks for the reminder!

  • OpusMuse

    OpusMuse said 7 years ago

    perfectly sound business advice & tips for a jewelry artist! thank you for sharing :)

  • BaitedHook

    BaitedHook said 7 years ago

    I am trying to figure out the best way to add my label to my wooden fish. They are to be seen in the round and there is no bottom or inside to "hide" my name. I thought including a card was good enough but after reading this article I may need to rethink! Any advice is welcome. Thanks for tips.

  • TurtleXIII

    TurtleXIII said 7 years ago

    Necklaces, bracelets, east to tag. But how to label earrings?? I make tons of earrings and have no idea how to put my "signature" on them without ruining the design.

  • OceanBottega

    OceanBottega said 7 years ago

    I took note of famous designers like Ralph Lauren and his t-shirt logo which I thought was fun and looked great. I also noted Tommy Hilfiger's logo looked less than great on a lot of his clothing because the colours did not relate to the clothing. Yes they stuck out but not, in my mind, in a positive way. I designed a logo I love and then went to a small company that that does embroidery work. For $3 a pop they will put my logo on the back flap of my pillows in any colour I want. This way each logo is in keeping with the fabric of each individual pillow. The logo is east to find, looks great and each time the colour is different so it relates directly with my fabrics. How great is that!? Paula Check out "Curvilinear" in purple.

  • HollyStorm

    HollyStorm said 7 years ago

    This is a tough one for me, but It's got me thinking... Thanks for the tips!

  • zeekobag

    zeekobag said 7 years ago

    we came up with a metal stamp that we can use to make custom tags for our bags. Here is an example on a bag - the tag material is a short piece of aluminum tubing smashed flat. Here is a link to the process of making the stamp:

  • GaLiMa

    GaLiMa said 7 years ago

    Great advice, thanks!

  • newsprout

    newsprout said 7 years ago

    Great article, can someone refer me to a supplier that custom makes tiny metal stamped tags that I can use for my jewelry?

  • matthewporterart

    matthewporterart said 7 years ago

    we've been thinking of doing this by silkscreening for our children's clothing. We just have not wanted to spend the extra cash but the more I think about it the better the idea as people often cut off tags on children's clothing so the silkscreen will always be there.

  • AntiModern

    AntiModern said 7 years ago

    THANK YOU!<3

  • ragamuffinshop1

    ragamuffinshop1 said 7 years ago

    Great tips...I try to sign most of my work, but some items are hard, must get some labels made! Sandra

  • StickerDivas

    StickerDivas said 7 years ago

    Great article and advise...if anyone needs beautiful glossy labels I have an ever expanding selection of shapes and uses..makes your packages and products look so professional when appropriate.

  • jennealdesigns

    jennealdesigns said 7 years ago

    I would like to know what others think about adding your name, label, etc. to a pre-made scrapbook. Do you feel it appropriate to stamp the back cover? Thanks!

  • lindaandcompany

    lindaandcompany said 7 years ago

    Good article I have gotten a few more ideas from this

  • redchuckstress

    redchuckstress said 7 years ago

    Thanks for the post. Now i know how important it is to label your items*

  • pookdesignz

    pookdesignz said 7 years ago

    Labelling is a great idea - I bought a custom made stamp to put my company name on the back of all my polymer clay jewelry - this is such an important feature - it makes our work authentic - thanks for the post!

  • knitlewes54

    knitlewes54 said 7 years ago

    For my knitted & crocheted items, sewn in labels would work in most cases but for my felt ball necklaces I'm stumped! I could embroider my initials on one of the balls I suppose! Thanks for all the tips everyone! Happy crafting from Sussex, UK

  • jennybuttons

    jennybuttons said 7 years ago

    I make buttons and shawl pins out of precious metal clay. One way to brand metal clay items is to imprint a small tag from clay rolled one card thick and scored into tiny tags with an exacto knife. I need to get an official stamp made, but for the time being I'm doing a 'jb' with individual letter stamps. I let them dry, then snap apart and attach with silver paste. I've even gone back and added labels to pieces I did earlier, as you can fire the silver multiple times without harm. Check out the fourth picture, back of leaf. People turn over my pieces and exclaim at the tag, they seem to like it. I think it does add value in the eyes of customers. I print out my 'jennybuttons' logo on clear labels on the computer, and put them on my gift boxes. Each button or pin is also wrapped in tissue paper, which I 'tape' together with tiny clear labels I've printed with the button montage from the shop banner. After reading this thread, I think it would also be a good idea to add a business card with a thank you note on it..a way to get all my contact info to them in a form easy to tuck away for later reference. Great topic - so many good ideas! Thanks

  • pibbles

    pibbles said 7 years ago

    I was just musing over this myself! Thanks for the timely blog! Love, pibbles

  • SpottedFish

    SpottedFish said 7 years ago

    Great article - I've been looking for a way to brand my jewelry in addition to providing a business card with the item. Thank you!

  • tigerpawstudios

    tigerpawstudios said 7 years ago

    Great article! Thank you! As a jewelry artist I have found it hard to label my work. I do add business cards with orders and have started using fabric labels on the inside of my boxes. I love the idea about using custom printed ribbons!!!! I'm on my way to order some noww......................... :)

  • TheOyster

    TheOyster said 7 years ago

    papergirl- I think the buyer you mentioned wanted to pass off your cards as if they had made them theirself.

  • TheOyster

    TheOyster said 7 years ago

    Heres my suggestion for: How To Lable Handknit/Chrocheted/Handfelted Items 1. Get a narrow stamp with your info (and logo) on it. 2. Buy a colorfast ink pad for fabric from your favorite local or online craft or fabric store. 3. Raid your your ribbon stash for a color to match the item you need to lable. 4. Print a piece of ribbon with your stamp, following directions on ink pad. 5. Fold the ribbon over the edge of said item and sew in place. Use your judgement to determine the best place on the edge for this lable. 6. Perhaps not *all* items sould be labled. OR: Skip steps 1 through 4 and order pre-printed ribbon. This is how I plan to lable my crochet items, hope this helps my fellow etsyans too!

  • TheOyster

    TheOyster said 7 years ago

    As for including business cards with purchases, a simple solution to help your clients remember you made XYZ item would be to write on the back of one card: Thank you for purchasing XYZ item. Please reccomend to a friend. Enjoy! I will do this on one card, and also include one without. I also think there is no need to worry about if someone doesn't like getting business cards in the shipment. If they don't like them, they can ignore them. After all, its *your* livelyhood at stake!

  • Vanessa Admin

    Vanessa said 7 years ago

    Oh my goodness! I love all the tips flowing in here. Seems like there's a market for a really tiny maker's mark/tiny stamp for jewelry sellers.

  • TheOyster

    TheOyster said 7 years ago

    Clothing Makers Maybe you can avoid the "I always remove lables from my clothes" issue by putting your info on the inside of the hem. This could be done at least a few ways, like write it on the hem with permanent ink before sewing the hem to avoid bleedthrough, embroidering the info there so you will only see it on the inside, or sewing in a tape or ribbon that has your info printed/stamped/stiched on it. Use something fairly smooth and it won't cause any itchyness.

  • DevineDesignStudios

    DevineDesignStudios said 7 years ago

    Oh so important!!!!!!!!!!!

  • uncostumed

    uncostumed said 7 years ago

    I too have failed to brand my work and an bigger crime I even failed to notice that this is a bad thing. This will be immediately rectified. Thanks for the wake up call. Also, to tizzalicious and other Jewelers: Have you tried putting your jewelry in a protective gift pouch embellished with your info? This way your customers will use the bag again and again to protect and store your creations and bonus they'll always have your info at their fingertips to return and shop again or refer you to friends.

  • scraprummet

    scraprummet said 7 years ago

    YES! I agree! I write my name and date somewhere on my pieces. You have to look inside a bag, or on the back of a card, but it's there. I think it's very important. This is something me and my Etsy-friend (check out Skapligt) have been talking about and we have said exactly the same thing as in the article. Be proud of your work! :-) Carina

  • DharmaClothing

    DharmaClothing said 7 years ago

    Great information! do any of you have ideas on labeling jewelry items. I have found a site that sells and engraves tiny tags that you can add on to a necklace. Do many of you out there use this method? Just curious! Karen

  • FrivolousNecessity

    FrivolousNecessity said 7 years ago

    awesome article. thanks for the tips!

  • twwd2008

    twwd2008 said 7 years ago

    Great Idea! I just started making my own tags for the stuff I make. I cut a small rectangle out of wood with my laser engraver and engrave all my info on it - I have a hole in the corner for attaching to the product and then attach a magnet on the back for the customers frig.!

  • Allthingsimple

    Allthingsimple said 7 years ago

    Great Information. I am still trying to figure how to Label my items. It is a work in progress though.

  • ButtermilkCottage

    ButtermilkCottage said 7 years ago

    I've always added a hang tag to my items, but this article has inspired me to think in terms of a sewn-in label with my "find-me-easy" info. Thanks!

  • latedajewels

    latedajewels said 7 years ago

    Great ideas... I thinkI'm not alone in my problem that I create so many different types of pieces, what should I choose that will span all items? I will def start hunting for something though!

  • PreschoolDoll

    PreschoolDoll said 7 years ago

    Wonderful advice! I have been really pondering how to do this for awhile now. I've been working with a graphic designer to get a logo going, but I haven't made a sale yet, so I still have time to start my consistency! Well, I'm hoping not too much time!

  • mimosette

    mimosette said 7 years ago

    I have been printing a page of my logos onto the adhesive tee shirt iron on stuff, then ironing it onto plain beige muslin, cutting the labels, then sewing them in. the stamp would be SO much easier!!! GREAT PIECE! Thanks so much !!

  • Gabsie

    Gabsie said 7 years ago

    Yes, it's true, a label is great advertising. But since I make tiny things, it's not possible to label them decent. And the investment cost are for me too high at te moment. Maybe something for the future...

  • AlpineGypsy

    AlpineGypsy said 7 years ago

    As always, lots to think about! Thank you. Heidi

  • FoxyGknits

    FoxyGknits said 7 years ago

    I have been trying to figure if I should try to add a label to my hand knit scarves, shawls and wraps. I always attach a hang tag that includes my etsy shop and e-mail, especially if the item is to be a gift. Does anyone have thoughts about adding actual labels to hand knit scarves, etc.?

  • chickenboots

    chickenboots said 7 years ago

    A fairly easy and very affordable way to add a custom, washable fabric label to your items is to buy ink jet (or laser) printer fabric sheets from a fabric store or online. They come in white or cream, fusible or non-fusible and are 8.5 x 11 in size. These fabric sheets have a paper that is attached to the back making them travel through the printer with no problems (I have an HP). You remove this paper before doing anything with the labels. I use a cheesy home printing program called PrintShop (since I am not a graphic artist), an avery label template so that the labels are evenly spaced on the page (making it easier to rotary cut them to their finished size). I fuse the sheet to muslin (before cutting!) so the reverse side looks nice and this also gives the label more body. As an added touch, I do narrow serge the exposed cut edges of my labels (which I make in the shape of a loop so it can stick out from a seam) but this is not necessary. You could even fuse the label directly to the product (and zig zag/applique stitch the edge if you want). I can change the background color, the text, the size, even the logo every time I print some out. Heat transfer labels wear off and cannot have heat near them after being applied so I do not reccommend them. I usually wait for a 40% off coupon for JoAnn's fabrics and buy the largest pack. I get 30 labels per sheet. And yes they are washable! I do not have to buy any special ink for my printer. Once the sheet is ironed (whether you fuse or not) the ink is set and washable and they truly look great! I have used the Jacquard brand and the Tailor brand both with equal results.

  • rowanmayfairs

    rowanmayfairs said 7 years ago

    I make my own labels for my clothing/blankets.. bought some ink jet paper at walmart, bought a big spool of ribbon on ebay (actually leftover from my wedding 4yrs ago).. I printed my design on my ink jet paper, and iron onto my ribbons. Its washable and will last quite a long time. I have my logo,Etsy URl and etsy name on my labels. Its pretty cheap too!! I include a business card but my label is more important since it will STAY with the product. I consider my labels a nice touch, plus if someone resells something then the NEXT person knows where the item came from and can order something new if they want :)

  • GreenGrin

    GreenGrin said 7 years ago

    I'm always on the lookout for an attractive, soft way to label my textile goods. I've been using the iron-on sheets, but I don't like the rough texture they leave on the fabric. I love the idea of a stamp, and I'm willing to try the "computer print on fabric" method (waiting for the JoAnn's coupon is a great idea!). I thought of a possible way to label felt balls or other felted goods would be to needle felt the brand name as small as possible directly on the object.

  • ouzel

    ouzel said 7 years ago

    I'm a good problem solver when it comes to making affordable small metal tags for Etsy artists and I welcome your challenging and creative project. I help make artwork variations and we work together to get all the design and dimensions perfected. There are logos and fonts and initials and shapes to consider. There has been some excellent projects so far. I think personal maker tags help jewelry and crafts move into a special class. It finishes the artwork like a masterful painter's signature on a special painting. Without the signature you're left wondering who made this? So tags are my speciality. ( I even have a personal signature-tag to place on my tag orders!)

  • RePairer

    RePairer said 7 years ago

    I like it!

  • WigglinWasabi

    WigglinWasabi said 7 years ago

    I've been thinking a lot about branding lately to take my shop to the next level. Thanks for this article. It helped to cement the importance of getting on this now. I've always included a business card, but I am just beginning to step it up. I'm considering doing a simple iron on tag with my Etsy address. I've also spent some time organizing my shop to create a "brand" including using common colors and themes throughout my shop appearance and at craft fairs.

  • studiorandom

    studiorandom said 7 years ago

    I don't really have time right now to read through all the comments to see if someone suggested this, so if this is a repeat, sorry about that. >.< But... Even if you can't necessarily tag a jewelry item for whatever reason, or it's just not practical right now, there are other ways to label your jewelry, even if not directly on the piece. You can use cardboard presentation boxes as packaging, and print out a label and stick it on top. The big jewelers already do this. If you're using earring cards, it may be possible to get those personalized. Or, you could recycle cardboard to make an earring card--label it with your shop info, then poke holes in it for the posts or hooks to go through. This won't help if someone catches your customer on the spot out in public and asks where they got their piece, but if they're at home when someone asks, they can just go fish it out of their jewelry box or dresser drawer (or wherever) and show them. Just a couple of thoughts, hope they help.

  • MyFunkyCamelot

    MyFunkyCamelot said 7 years ago

    I have just ordered labels with my etsy address on them- I've had sew in labels for my medieval clothing line for years, but decided i needed something more etsy related for my silly Orcs and things. Thanks for the reminder and it's totally true that our "micro-brands" deserve to be labeled!

  • VintageStyleJewelry

    VintageStyleJewelry said 7 years ago

    I have been thinking about labeling for a while, and While I have business cards I like the idea of metal tags attrached to each item of jewellry.

  • MissBakerStitches

    MissBakerStitches said 7 years ago

    thanks so much for this piece. i have been thinking of labeling for weeks now and this is so helpful.

  • RockerByeBaby

    RockerByeBaby said 7 years ago

    all of my items go out with a label of our logo & name. I figured the website was too much... and anyone can out name RockerByeBaby and find all the ways to shop/chat with us :) Great post!

  • WoodNPiece

    WoodNPiece said 7 years ago

    I wish someone could make a mini wood-burning stamp for my shop name - flexible to fit inside a bangle. I'd buy one like a shot! A bit too futuristic, but someone needs to invent it.

  • megmcd423

    megmcd423 said 7 years ago

    a LOT to think about!

  • NSpottery

    NSpottery said 7 years ago

    GREAT article!! I know it can be hard to get your name out there and these are excellent tips!

  • LoriCitsay

    LoriCitsay said 7 years ago

    I've been lucky enough to have a few of my customers eagerly share my info with people who admire a piece of my jewelry. Word of mouth is truly the best advertising.

  • grimmandgrete

    grimmandgrete said 7 years ago

    I have been thinking about this for some time now. Perhaps, it's time for action. Thanks for the push!

  • oatkacreekstudio

    oatkacreekstudio said 7 years ago

    This is something I've been meaning to do for some time now. Thank you for the inspiration!

  • KellysBath

    KellysBath said 7 years ago

    I just bought a great custom stamp for my shop from a stamp maker in Malaysia. The price was amazing too, under $10 with shiping! Here is the stamp maker's store if anyone's interested: I was very impressed with the work :)

  • raghousenternational

    raghousenternational said 7 years ago

    This is really great! Thanks for sharing. I get asked all the time where I got my labels done and it's here locally, but they have a website too: and also: Now usually these companies deal with larger quantities and you may not need that much, so support other Etsy sellers that make labels in smaller amounts. Great article!

  • PrairiePrimitives

    PrairiePrimitives said 7 years ago

    I've signed my work for years and years! And if anyone out there has something made by (signed as) Patches & Tatters, that would be me ... before I became Prairie Primitives Folk Art! ♥ Tana

  • HauteInteriorsLLC

    HauteInteriorsLLC said 7 years ago

    I also think it important to sign hand-crafted work so word-of-mouth can help you grow your business. I have customers who cannot wait to have people over to use my pieces, so I definitely want potential clients to find my Etsy Boutique. I use custom gold foil labels that I attach to the bottom of my floral creations. For my Designer Napkin Cuffs, I sign one out of each set. And, I always enclose my Etsy business card with orders and customer correspondence.

  • blondie3022

    blondie3022 said 7 years ago

    On everyone of our photo letter art frames, We place a small label on the back. It has my business name and my etsy info and a phone number. I mad them from address labels. doesnt have to cost a lot just contact info. i had a customer contact me a while back and she had a friend that had got one of my photo floating frames, she got the info off the back of the frame .its just proof that it really works and it has paid for all the time and money I put into those little address labels.

  • moresca

    moresca said 6 years ago

    I so appreciate this article. I am just in the process of opening an Etsy store for copper amulets. I just used a scribe to scratch "Moresca" into the backs of each amulet. I found that this worked particularly well on ones that had a darkened patina. I was able to bring up legibility in the shinier copper pieces by rubbing a little dark colored Rub & Buff into the signature. A simple solution for jewelry with even just a little signature space.

  • KristinaRyanDesigns

    KristinaRyanDesigns said 6 years ago

    I've learnt something important about labeling on jewelry - don't have a long business name. I couldn't fit my business name on a pair of earrings if I tried!

  • aistheta

    aistheta said 6 years ago

    What a great suggestions. Just the other day I sold a piece of my jewelery to my sister (she was buying a gift for a friend) and she asked if I had a tag. She wanted to include it with the present. It made me realize that I was missing an important piece of branding... at least I had a business card she could include. I am working on a way to label my jewelery. The new copper line I'm working on I plan on signing the back with a sharpie, but I still need some way to mark the rest.

  • WyvernStudio

    WyvernStudio said 6 years ago

    This seems to be another thing that I have intended to "get around to"...I know now how important this could be for future sales.

  • EarthArtistry

    EarthArtistry said 6 years ago

    Great suggestions. Jewelry being the toughest is so true. Its all about the packaging!

  • diaxeiros

    diaxeiros said 6 years ago

    Very useful article!!! But yes, since I mostly crochet jewelry it is pretty hard to label them...mmm...I am sure I will find a way... Except for that, in every order I offer a postcard featuring a jewelry of mine with my website address below.

  • PawPrintsCouture

    PawPrintsCouture said 6 years ago

    I am kind of new to the whole concept of marketing, niche finding and micro-branding on etsy, but this is what I have done in the past, at my brick and mortar vintage and handmade items "cube" at the local shop. All of my photographs and paper goods are signed on the back in permanent silver ink. This is my "trademark", silver ink, along with an artist's card incorporated into the seller's tag. For my Paw Prints Couture pet totes and grocery bags, as well as anything fabric, I have a tiny pewter paw print charm that I sew into the product somewhere. I let all purchasers know that "if it doesn't have a paw print, then it is not an original Paw Prints Couture Item. As well, I always include that great tag/artist's card. The third thing I do is stamping and embossing. I stamp the back of stationery, cards,and general paper products and emboss the packaging. Nevertheless, my point in all this writing is to say that I try very hard to make my name available to anyone who wants to know it. And it has been successful in the brick and mortar world. I hope that now that I have chosen to close up shop in that world and enter the etsy world, I will have as much success!

  • PawPrintsCouture

    PawPrintsCouture said 6 years ago

    Sorry for the double post, my clicker got too excited!


    DBEAUTIFULMIND said 6 years ago

    Thanks for the info...fantastic ideas!

  • lindaalfred2000

    lindaalfred2000 said 5 years ago

    Very nice tip.

  • ashleystephan

    ashleystephan said 5 years ago

    I think I may have a new idea for "signing" my paintings =) Thank you much!

  • anitasalter

    anitasalter said 5 years ago

    I would love to have a tiny metal tag to put on all my jewellery but have not been able to find anything. Anyone have any suggestions, of where I could purchase these.

  • OoohChild

    Kristin from Relek said 5 years ago

    How did I not realize before reading this, that I should be doing this?! Does anyone have an idea about how to "sign" your brand on furniture...maybe a stamp to the back or bottom? :)

  • northernaura

    Alexandre Maxine from NorthernAura said 5 years ago

    Great reminder, when I was first starting I forgot to sign or label things, but after selling at a few market days here I noticed that people love having tags to read & look at. I also drop my etsy store's business card into every bag when someone buys something. I'd like to think it's helping, though still waiting on my first sale :)

  • MyCustomSupplies

    Mariane from MyCustomSupplies said 5 years ago

    Hi !! What a great post ! Customizing all you create is my job !! Visit my new shop so as to find your solution. Jewelry supplies, labels, stamps, stickers, packaging ... Every day new items are posted. See you soon, Convo me for any special need ;o) ! I would be glad to here from you ! See you soon :o) Mariane

  • 13Universe

    Len Pal from 13Universe said 5 years ago


  • lylianmae

    Emily from lmsstudioarts said 5 years ago

    Also, being in the yarn business I've struggled with a way to leave a lasting mark. I find that leaving a well printed postcard with a photo of your products is a great way to highlight your business. It's easiest to carry that or send it to a friend. Black Pheonix Alchemy Lab uses that method as well. Think ACEO cards of your yarns and fibers with your info on the back. That is something Connie Togel uses.

  • leahscroggin

    Leah Scroggin from DogwoodFarms said 5 years ago

    I've got so much to learn. We've been making dog collars, harnesses, leashes, etc for a little over a year and don't have any labels on them...yet!! I'm certainly going to be changing this soon - a great way to promote our business. We just need to find very small cloth labels and will do our shopping for labels right here in Etsy. Thanks for another great article!!

  • LiveLaughSew

    Danielle Nelson from LiveLaughSew said 4 years ago

    TIP: while adding your shop name to a label also add yout etsy web address as well. my labels say: {LiveLaughSew} St. Cloud MN

  • emilymaestevens

    Emily Stevens from BeyondInfinityDesign said 4 years ago

    I customize shoes, but when I thought about adding a shop label, I knew didn't want to compromise the customer's ideas by adding my signature. Not wanting to let them go without signing it in someway, I turned to the insides of the shoes. Now, all of my shoes are marked with my shop name, Beyond Infinity Designs, near the arch support on the left shoe, and my signature in the same location on the right shoe. I use a permanent fabric pen that I also use for some of my designs, so I know it's a permanent addition to my products that is there for my customer's reference whenever they need it. Also, when I ship out my shoes, I include a hand written thank you, which I believe is good practice and a great way to really show your appreciation to your buyers. In the envelope with that, I include four or five business cards. I hope that some of my buyers will hold on to them and pass them around to friends who might ask about my products.

  • pavelkolba

    pavel kolba from DreamcatcherPaD said 4 years ago

    Link to the keywords does not work, why?

  • PaulinaB

    Paulina Buncic from TheCraftySampler said 4 years ago

    Very informative, thanks!

  • Mmim

    Mmim from Mmim said 4 years ago

    Wonderful ideas! Thank you!

  • butique4u

    jasrine from butique4u said 4 years ago

    Great article, just what I've been looking for. Thank You!

  • Sanic1982

    Siham from TheCCVillage said 4 years ago

    Good idea. Thank you for this article.

  • FeltHappiness

    Juliane Gorman from FeltHappiness said 4 years ago

    Really like how the Etsy community has brainstormed and shared what works for them. I use the iron on transfer paper method and have been contemplating ordering 'proper' woven labels....but have been toying with doing something less traditional (to match my not-so-traditional felted hats).

  • MoKaPottery

    Kath and Mo Gibson-Kelly from MoKaPottery said 4 years ago

    Thanks for all the great tips. I've pinned the packing checklist to Pinterest for future,reference. We've been selling for the last two years and haven't been able to agree on a logo yet! We just discussed it based on this article and have come up with a logo idea AND a brand colour scheme that we will take through all of our packaging. Just about to order custom boxes for mugs and eggheads, so now I know what colours to go for. Now that we will have a logo, I can get a 'chop' made for stamping on the soft clay, then we can each initial our own pieces. We have business cards which are fab, although I'll be cutting down the number of different pics I use next order as I can never decide which card to hand out! Too much choice can be a bad thing :/ We also use Moo stickers to close the boxes, and I got a wee sticker book with the smaller square photo stickers, which I put on the package alongside the return address. And finally, we had some greetings cards printed of our chick eggheads on Moo, and I use these when buyers want a gift message included.

  • alexkilburn

    Lion the Sun from LionTheSun said 4 years ago

    Great, thank you. I want to make stickers with my brand on them to put on the boxes my goods will arrive in. Can anyone recommend a good minimal sticker supplier? thank you!

  • meropisart

    Meropi Toumbas from MeropisArtJewelry said 4 years ago

    Nice article. I used to write my name insight my silver rings and after sometime I stopped. I thing is time to start again.

  • GemdropsoftheFalls

    GemdropsoftheFalls from GemdropsoftheFalls said 4 years ago

    Since we also work with small jewelry, all we can do is hand stamp "Gemdrops of the Falls" inside our sterling silver cuff bracelets. Otherwise, we have recognizable gift wrap and include a business card and thank you card.

  • JayTaylorArt

    Jay Taylor from JayTaylorArt said 4 years ago

    Thank you so much for these useful tips - lots of food for thought here :o) I've only recently realised how much of an impression it is possible to make with every sale or personal encounter, and I'm working towards marking everything I create with recognisable identifying marks now. Just today I've been making paper bags out of upcycled magazine pages to match the display stands I've already crafted (they double as storage boxes, tailor-made to hold my stones in their handmade, upcycled little boxes en route to craft fairs etc...) and I'm now labelling everything I send out. I've also started including authentication certificates with my stones, each signed and bearing a unique ID number... It all not only adds value, but looks consistent and professional... I will definitely be introducing some of the ideas above into my new approach! Thank you!

  • cr8tive1971

    Tiffany Turner from Hype365Brand said 3 years ago

    Wonderful article. I am brainstorming what new ways I can package my items for 2014.

  • shawnz

    shawn foster from shawnz said 3 years ago

    Love the idea about stamping on fabric. Thank you!


    Ashley from NEDIAARTS said 3 years ago

    so glad I finally stumbled upon this post. I have given myself the shakedown trying to locate the artist i'm wearing. duh, help them help you...ill be sure to follow this advice as a seller!

  • beckyharb

    Rebecca Harbottle from pieceofpaperuk said 3 years ago

    I've thought about this before, but never taken it too seriously. After reading this great article, I'm going to take it seriously. 150 sales in and not one branded item sent out, tut tut! I think I'm gonna go for a stamp on my Cd cases. I love the idea of branding a thank you card and giving that too. Great tips. Thank you :)

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  • designedbykatnc

    Kathleen H from designedbykatnc said 3 years ago

    Great article my concern is how do you place tags on crochet necklaces. Scarves and hats yes but necklaces have a small section in the back and I'm thinking that would be irritating to the skin. Any suggestions. And when I shipped my one sale I used plastic envelopes with the item wrapped in tissue paper with my business card, then placed in a plastic bag and then I wrote a thank note.Then sent it off via the post office. Any suggestions on how I can make this better will be gratefully received.

  • caitlynbaidas

    Caitlyn Baidas from Loveedelic said 3 years ago

    Another great article! Very impressive techniques and I can't wait to develop some of my own :)

  • peifang86

    Peifang Teo from RedDotCherry said 3 years ago

    Nice article and good to know. Anyone can recommend me which Etsian here makes customised rubber stamp?

  • DragonflyzDen

    HMM from DragonflyzDen said 3 years ago

    Fantastic information! I love this article! Thank you! :-D

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    Thanks for all the tips.

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