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Knit a Sweater, Help a Penguin in Need

Oct 18, 2011

by Alison Feldmann handmade and vintage goods

Update! Penguin sweaters are no longer needed in New Zealand, but check back in the future. Thanks for all of your efforts!

A recent oil spill on New Zealand’s coast has left the environment and wildlife in shambles — including the local blue penguin population. While volunteers are working hard to rescue and clean the animals in the region, they require a little bit of crafty help: tiny sweaters, or penguin pajamas, for the rescued birds. These woolen sweaters keep oil-soaked birds warm until they’re well enough to be cleaned and prevent them from ingesting oil from their feathers.

If you’re interested in donating a penguin sweater, New Zealand yarn store Skeinz has provided a handy how-to and is organizing the donation efforts.

Penguin Jumper in 8ply – Must be 100% Wool Yarn
1 pair 3.25mm , 1 pair of 3.75mm needles , 1 set of 3.25mm dpn’s or circular
Cast on 36 stitches using 3.25 needles.K1, P1 to end of row. Repeat this row 7 times. Change to 3.75mm needles and K2, P2 rib. Work 4 rows increasing at each end of every row. (44 sts)
Continue until work measures 15 cms.
Decrease 1 st at each end of every row until 28 sts remain.
Decrease 1 st. in middle of next row (27 sts.)
Leave on needle.
Make second side the same.
Transfer the 54 sts from both pieces to 3 of the set of 4 3.25mm needles.(18 sts on each.) and work a round neck in K1 P1 rib for 10 rows.
Cast off.
Stitch up sides to decreasing to 27sts (opening for flipper). Add elastic to the top and bottom to prevent the penguins getting out of them. Top: 15cm of elastic; bottom 17 cm (knots allowed). Flat elastic okay.

For more details, visit Skeinz’s website.


  • NangijalaJewelry

    NangijalaJewelry said 6 years ago

    Oh my what a wonderful idea to help those poor penguins. Such a tragedy :,-(

  • Earleyimages

    Earleyimages said 6 years ago

    Great article. Always loved penguins.

  • Earleyimages

    Earleyimages said 6 years ago

    Great article. Always loved penguins

  • RossLab

    RossLab said 6 years ago

    Oil spills keep happening over and over... it so sad to see the wildlife and environment deal for the decades to come with our mistakes. I never thought a tiny sweater could help. It's a nice idea because we can all take part, without even moving from our favourite armchair. As my knitting skills are more then rusty, I better make sure to leave those openings for the flippers in the right place!

  • shizendesigns

    shizendesigns said 6 years ago

    I LOVE IT!!!!! I am definitely going to knit a sweater for a penguin. I love finding things I can do to help.

  • VoleedeMoineaux

    VoleedeMoineaux said 6 years ago

    Perfect! Pengins wearing sweaters in NZ!

  • ladyluckyduck

    ladyluckyduck said 6 years ago

    question: do these penguins not swim? I love this idea, I'm just concerned a sweater would felt if made with 100% wool as directed...

  • nekote

    nekote said 6 years ago

    Love New Zealand and their attempts at helping the penguins!! go Kiwis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AliceCloset

    AliceCloset said 6 years ago

    Oh,that's a great idea!! I will share this article with all my friend :D

  • paramountvintage

    paramountvintage said 6 years ago

    another oil spill? this is terribly sad. it's wonderful that people can get creative and help though.

  • scandivintage

    scandivintage said 6 years ago

    That's such a great idea. :)

  • picklehead

    picklehead said 6 years ago

    This so sad :( poor little penguins. Definitely going to pass this along to my mother who is a knitting-addict.

  • MootiDesigns

    MootiDesigns said 6 years ago

    How sad for the penguins. And another oil spill, of course. Great idea!

  • vintagejane

    vintagejane said 6 years ago

    I will spread the word!

  • Kosmika

    Kosmika said 6 years ago

    Uhm.. I'm not very good at knitting, but I can give it a try! :)

  • nicilaskin

    nicilaskin said 6 years ago

    i cannot knit, to bad, but what a lovely idea

  • PetiteFraise

    PetiteFraise said 6 years ago

    so nice idea! if I was be able to knit, I'd do it! but unfortunately I can't :(

  • MossMountain

    MossMountain said 6 years ago

    omg so awesome LOL :) penguins in sweaters!!!

  • myvintagecrush

    myvintagecrush said 6 years ago

    Sweaters for penguins! Penguins are the best!!

  • FiscallyChic

    FiscallyChic said 6 years ago

    This is so sad for the penguins, but heartwarming at the same time. I'd love to knit a sweater, but don't know how to knit. So I'll pass on the information.

  • OhMafelt

    OhMafelt said 6 years ago

    Thanks for passing along this information!

  • seagrassstudio

    seagrassstudio said 6 years ago

    I'm in! favorite part of the instructions? "Add elastic to the top and bottom to prevent the penguins getting out of them."

  • KnitsForLife

    KnitsForLife said 6 years ago

    Thank you for posting this! I'm going to go knit at least one :)

  • TwistedBows

    TwistedBows said 6 years ago

    Too bad there's not a crochet pattern for it. I can't knit :(

  • uncovermyeyes

    uncovermyeyes said 6 years ago

    Anyone know of a crochet pattern for these?

  • kzieler

    kzieler said 6 years ago

    I would love to do this but, cannot knit either - does anyone have a crochet pattern that I could use??

  • TheHickoryTree

    TheHickoryTree said 6 years ago

    That penquin is really smartly dressed. Such a good color on him/her. I'll try to make one for sure.

  • stockannette

    stockannette said 6 years ago

    I can knit - I'm on it!

  • ThisNThatBoutique

    ThisNThatBoutique said 6 years ago

    Does anyone have a crochet pattern? I'd love to make one, but I don't knit.

  • knittingcate

    knittingcate said 6 years ago

    I do!!!!! Hoping the shipment don't take long time!

  • TheGressenator

    TheGressenator said 6 years ago

    I could probably eyeball it and make up a crochet pattern. hmmm....

  • afghansgalore

    afghansgalore said 6 years ago

    I would absolutely love to help the poor little penguins but alas I don't know how to knit! Have attempted it before to no avail. Is there a crochet pattern available?

  • chnkemnke

    chnkemnke said 6 years ago

    Shared on Facebook! How awesome is helping these penguins?

  • ToothNailTail

    ToothNailTail said 6 years ago

    One more really good reason to learn to knit!!! Such a fantastic idea.

  • FireBugCO

    FireBugCO said 6 years ago

    I only crochet and would love to help, too! Keep us posted on the crochet pattern!

  • TheWeirdGirlWorkshop

    TheWeirdGirlWorkshop said 6 years ago

    Oh how I wish I could knit! Thank you to all who are able to make these!

  • VictoriaWest

    VictoriaWest said 6 years ago

    That penguin picture is too cute! x

  • LiliDMagpieCreations

    LiliDMagpieCreations said 6 years ago

    Poor Babies :( I'll Spread the Word to my local yard shop to get more knitters involved!!! I'm a crocheter and would be happy to work on a crochet pattern...just need to have some approximate penguin dimensions..

  • LuzAmigurumiPatterns

    LuzAmigurumiPatterns said 6 years ago

    Oh! I don't knit much but I will try to get a crochet one done!

  • dragonhouseofyuen

    dragonhouseofyuen said 6 years ago

    thank you! very caring and thoughtful of etsy to publish the plight of the penguins :) thanks Alison for writing this :)

  • dragonhouseofyuen

    dragonhouseofyuen said 6 years ago

    and thanks to the knitters and crocheters above who are so kindly making their fingers do the work :) sorry - but I can't tie a shoelace to save my life, let alone add a long thin implement to the equation, to manipulate the snakey wee fibre ......

  • lizabethmccool

    lizabethmccool said 6 years ago

    I agree there needs to be a crochet pattern! I can't knit to save my life!

  • epicycledesigns

    epicycledesigns said 6 years ago

    Cute, but they are already saying the have too many -- better hold your needles, girls.

  • PeaceDogDesigns

    PeaceDogDesigns said 6 years ago

    Oh, I wish I could knit! I'd SO do this!! What a beautiful idea!! :o)

  • TheLaughingLlama

    TheLaughingLlama said 6 years ago

    Thank you for this blog...I am an animal lover. I just passed this information along to my peeps on Facebook. It is wonderful and exciting to see so many creative people joining in to help the penguins. ;)

  • LaurenM7209

    LaurenM7209 said 6 years ago

    This touched my heart! I can't sew but will pass on to others on Facebook!

  • AuracaunaDesigns

    AuracaunaDesigns said 6 years ago

    how wonderful! in case they need more.... my 100% REclaimed Wool yarn would be perfect! :) now I wish I could knit!!!!!

  • LaMues

    LaMues said 6 years ago

    Just wondering if one could re-purpose old wool sweaters or scarves... could someone please provide finished measurements? I'm sure I'm not the only one who can't knit but could manage making them from discarded wool sweaters. Thanks.

  • whitenoisemaker

    whitenoisemaker said 6 years ago

    more details for the NZ readers;

  • BlueRoseRetro

    BlueRoseRetro said 6 years ago

    I am with LaMues... How about up-cycling 100% wool sweaters into penguin sweaters? I don't knit or crochet but I do sew and would be happy to make a sweater or two for my New Zealand, penguin friends.

  • BlueRoseRetro

    BlueRoseRetro said 6 years ago

    I just checked the blog and found this message: "Skeinz have had an overwhelming response to this project and have enough jumpers on the needles to meet the initial demand. If you’ve already got a jumper started, complete it and send it in – otherwise, check the Skeinz blog for updates as they find out more."

  • slaterk4

    slaterk4 said 6 years ago

    love to help!

  • sacredflesh

    sacredflesh said 6 years ago

    What if you do not know how to knit but have old sweaters that could be sewn into the right sizes? How big do they need to be?

  • crzybutiful06

    crzybutiful06 said 6 years ago

    i wish i knew how to knit i would love to help the penguins!

  • thefuzzypeach

    thefuzzypeach said 6 years ago

    According to their blog, they currently have all the jumpers they need.

  • blainedesign

    blainedesign said 6 years ago

    I just went to their blog and they are still accepting sweaters, for current and future needs. Alison, great story!

  • sharlalaJewellery

    sharlalaJewellery said 6 years ago

    I was born and grew up on the beach that has been so terribly damaged in the Bay of Plenty, NZ, but unfortunately I am far away in London, UK and think that this is the most gorgeous idea!

  • Glynneybug

    Glynneybug said 6 years ago

    I emailed them and asked for a crochet pattern or measurements so that I could make my own pattern. I will let you know what I get back from them. :D

  • 14xbags

    14xbags said 6 years ago

    This is s awesome! What a great way to help!

  • Ayca

    Ayca said 6 years ago

    Great idea!Off to check Skeinz website... Thank you for the great article!

  • TheChunkyScarf

    TheChunkyScarf said 6 years ago

    I am absolutely definitely helping here!! Made a post about it :)

  • LeighsArt

    LeighsArt said 6 years ago

    awwww that's awesome!!!

  • ChimeraStudios

    ChimeraStudios said 6 years ago

    iI do not know how to knit and am not sure my grandmother could teach me in time. Can I pay for materials instead?

  • lilakid

    lilakid said 6 years ago

    I love the sweaters. These little guys are only about 12 inches tall per wiki. For an emergency couldn't they use tube socks?

  • AnatomyVintage

    AnatomyVintage said 6 years ago

    How sad! If I could knit I would make 100. Maybe it's time to learn.

  • TheChunkyScarf

    TheChunkyScarf said 6 years ago

    I am definitely helping!

  • CrotchetyCraft

    CrotchetyCraft said 6 years ago

    I can crochet but not knit does anyone have a converted pattern, would like to help?

  • boxofsparkles

    boxofsparkles said 6 years ago

    I am horrible at crochet and knitting ='( Does anyone know if we could donate a few dollars instead? I still want to help!

  • holymolygranoly

    holymolygranoly said 6 years ago

    This is awesome! Wish I knew how to make sweaters. So happy the little penguins are getting help!

  • Theoccupant

    Theoccupant said 6 years ago

    Any information on crocheting patterns? I have a few friends that don't speak knitting that would really like to help.

  • jennifermorrisbeads

    jennifermorrisbeads said 6 years ago

    been looking for a good excuse to learn how to knit, and this is it! thank you for sharing this. x

  • LittleWrenPottery

    LittleWrenPottery said 6 years ago

    That's so sweet, poor penguins! I'd love to make a little penguin sized jumper :)

  • Soanie

    Soanie said 6 years ago

    i'm a kiwi, and this disaster has been horrible. however, being here and updated, it's been in domestic news that there's been TOO many sweaters made already! i was surprised to see this link up for more.

  • Soanie

    Soanie said 6 years ago

    Funny I left a comment and it's gone. Anyway, just information from a kiwi herself. Thanks for the effort y'all!

  • 3monstermama

    3monstermama said 6 years ago

    Re Soanie's comment, the last time there was an oil spill there was also a call out for penguin sweaters and they got inundated. I would be willing to bet that there are sweaters left over from the last oil spill and thats why there are so many sweaters. Still one can understand the potential joy in responding to the "what are you knitting?" question with "A sweater for a penguin. . . ."

  • MissyLovesTi

    MissyLovesTi said 6 years ago

    What a beautiful idea! Those poor little penguins. I can't stand how these oil spills just keep happening. How can we be so shortsighted? If we don't change our ways NOW there will be no animals left to protect.

  • notesinstones

    notesinstones said 6 years ago

    Is there a crochet version available? I'm not savy enough to convert needle to hook, and I would love to help out!

  • ImSoVintage

    ImSoVintage said 6 years ago

    Wish I could knit, but I'll share this on my facebook pages.

  • ChasingLightDesigns

    ChasingLightDesigns said 6 years ago

    poor penguins! what a helpful/cute idea to help them though!

  • beatknits

    beatknits said 6 years ago

    I am totally going to knit sweaters for these poor penguins. Poor little guys.

  • lindaluf

    lindaluf said 6 years ago

    Love it! Thank you for posting this. Definitely making some!

  • InMyLife

    InMyLife said 6 years ago

    I am definitely spreading the word about this wonderful project... But I can't knit :/ I could crochet or sew if I knew the dimensions...

  • elleestpetite

    elleestpetite said 6 years ago

    Yay, save the penguins!

  • knotjustknots

    knotjustknots said 6 years ago

    can anyone post a crochet pattern for this? i cant knit, but would love to help

  • windsweptlady

    windsweptlady said 6 years ago

    See: never say domestic crafts are obsolete! I love that the use of our talents is so self-directed and thoughtful. What a loving craft community that knows its niche. Happy knitting, everyone!

  • dahlilafound

    dahlilafound said 6 years ago

    I love this! Don't suppose there's crochet instructions I don't knit. :( d xo

  • dahlilafound

    dahlilafound said 6 years ago

    Several requests for CROCHET instructions. If we can get measurements I might be able to wing a crochet pattern. Will share if you can help w/measurements! d xo

  • BigBeluga

    BigBeluga said 6 years ago

    So cute! I love penguins, and will get right to it!

  • DingsInsainity

    DingsInsainity said 6 years ago

    What a lovely idea, I am not the quickest knitter in the world, but I am going to give it a go!

  • BanglewoodSupplies

    BanglewoodSupplies said 6 years ago

    This is the first I have heard of this oil spill. It is so sad how common they are. Thanks for the info...It's a wonderful idea.

  • frankenyutz

    frankenyutz said 6 years ago

    Heads up ... I noticed the newsletter was dated Spring 2011, so I contact the store directly at to see if there was still a need ... here is the response I received: Thank you for your kind offer - at this stage the response has been overwhelming & we have enough pledges to cover the required number of birds needing jumpers - keep in touch with updates via our blog at if we require more we will post here Many Thanks Mary Chatterton - Skeinz.

  • thecyclingartist

    thecyclingartist said 6 years ago Another link saying the campaign is over?

  • Christen26

    Christen26 said 6 years ago

    i can knit, and i love penguins. kills me to think some cultures make gloves from penguin hides. but wool? omg, if i get near it, i scratch all day! I will leave this one for the super fast knitters and admire and respect their efforts from afar! gotta love penguins and i think this effort is admirable. thank you!


    DOTTO said 6 years ago

    muffin FACES. the little moos. what a supreme donation effort. you GUYS! supreme.

  • LittlePhoenixRising

    LittlePhoenixRising said 6 years ago

    Well I read that the campaign is over for now since they had such an overwhelming response BUT, like another Etsian said above, there will always be more spills SO if anyone can help all of us on here that crochet with a pattern of sorts, I for one would still be happy to make a few to have some on hand for the next (sadly predictable) oil spill.

  • AnnaDelores

    AnnaDelores said 6 years ago

    This is the cutest. Thing. EVER! Wish I could knit, I'd be all over it!

  • courtneyobanion

    courtneyobanion said 6 years ago

    Just because I love penguins, I am now determined to knit a sweater. What a great cause :)

  • AdornmentsNYC

    AdornmentsNYC said 6 years ago

    oh, so cute, so sad. I wish I could knit. I would knit a little tuxedo sweater.

  • Arinias

    Arinias said 6 years ago

    is there an way to just do this on a round needle instead, of switch back and forth?

  • willowtreefarm

    willowtreefarm said 6 years ago

    I have shared this with all my friends. Hopefully we can get some Penguin jumpers made : )

  • babble4baby

    babble4baby said 6 years ago

    I knew I would see that day when penguins would wear sweaters. Check out my store at

  • Iammie

    Iammie said 6 years ago

    Great post!

  • VintageChinchilla

    VintageChinchilla said 6 years ago

    Omg how sad :( Sadly since this happens often, maybe there should be a stockpile that can be shipped where needed in emergencies! Apparently you can never have too many penguin sweaters. But not in a cute way, in a totally sad freaking sad bummer way! :(

  • AlexandraMackenzieNZ

    AlexandraMackenzieNZ said 6 years ago

    Whilst I am sure they have got all the sweaters they need at the momnet with many to spare (last i heard it was about 200 penguins). They still have not managed to pump all the oil off of the Rena (ship) yet dispite the best efforts of the salvage teams due to weather conditions. I believe they have resumed today but as the vessel has a huge crack in the hull and is apparently being held together by internal equipment the disaster is not over and there could still be much more oil spilt so many more jerseys may yet be needed. And like many have said before me - there will always be another oil spill!!

  • BoogalooBubbywear

    BoogalooBubbywear said 6 years ago

    Oh my G, this is so amazing!

  • Trimbuktoo

    Trimbuktoo said 6 years ago

    I will be knitting a penguin sweater this weekend! I never dreamed I would be able to do that!

  • kpmusic

    kpmusic said 6 years ago

    I saw someone was concerned because this was in Skeinz Spring newsletter. You have to remember that in Australia, it is spring; their seasons are opposite ours.

  • grayworksdesign

    grayworksdesign said 6 years ago

    Sharing now, and knitting one too!

  • frankenyutz

    frankenyutz said 6 years ago

    Yes, I realize now it is spring over there (o_0), but the bottom line is they are overwhelmed with penguin sweaters and don't need us to send them any more right now. When and if they need more, they will certainly post that on their blog, which you can subscribe to at

  • johnmiller1331

    johnmiller1331 said 6 years ago

    Aww how adorable is this! Wish I knew how to knit!

  • TricksterInTheLight

    TricksterInTheLight said 6 years ago

    That's so sad, yet so adorable

  • mnsfld

    mnsfld said 6 years ago

    I wish there was a crochet pattern!

  • Trimbuktoo

    Trimbuktoo said 6 years ago

    It sounds like they have plenty of penguin sweaters, so I am going to knit a little human sweater in honor of a little penguin for my favorite knitting/crochet charity Afghans for Afghans.

  • cursiveart

    cursiveart said 6 years ago

    This is awesome. But I am such a slow knitter, by the time I finished it and got it to NZ, they would probably have all the penguins cleaned.

  • Shivvers

    Shivvers said 6 years ago

    This is the cutest and saddest thing ever. Good luck little guys!

  • Barbara707

    Barbara707 said 6 years ago

    This website gives the dimensions - Can't wait for the crochet pattern! "Their sweaters are about 9 inches high and 4 inches wide, with openings for the head and flippers. The sweaters must be pure wool to provide enough warmth for the penguins." Even though this need has been met Skeinz is still encouraging determined knitters to send their handiwork along to “keep stocks available for the Wildlife Rescue Team to draw from if required.”

  • aserda

    aserda said 6 years ago

    What a great picture of the penguin.

  • designlab443

    designlab443 said 6 years ago

    I can't knit, but I will cheer all you knitters on... Knit, knit knit, make those sweaters fit! Help a penguin keep their feathers fit!

  • Judalon

    Judalon said 6 years ago

    Can't knit, otherwise I would help. If there was a donation possibility I'd donate material cost for someone else to knit one. Hope it all pans out well!. Wonderful initiative.

  • FluffyMorgan

    FluffyMorgan said 6 years ago

    Where would the sweater be sent to? And... how long would a package take to go all the way from México to New Zeland? :S

  • LeatherWoodsCraft

    LeatherWoodsCraft said 6 years ago

    Will post on my facebook page and get all those knitters working those needles!

  • ClosetGothic

    ClosetGothic said 6 years ago

    Thank you for this article - I live right beside where the oil spill is and it is horrific, 100km of pristine shore has been coated with thick blobs of oil and yes, wildlife is suffering, as are the local people. At present the spill is 'just' under control and we are cleaning up. HOWEVER, good and kind Etsy people, despite all the wonderful offers here, Penguin Sweaters are NOT needed. Here is an article from Friday: I will contact Alison.

  • sabinat

    sabinat said 6 years ago

    I asked a friend in our office to teach me, finally, how to knit and I think we may have a crew of us (including some elementary-aged little girls) motivated to learn because of THIS story. Thank you for offering an avenue to make a difference. Because this will. :-)

  • ClosetGothic

    ClosetGothic said 6 years ago

    Please, please read my post above before knitting any sweaters - thank you.

  • PurpleSnapdragons

    PurpleSnapdragons said 6 years ago

    I absolutely adore penguins and wish I could knit! This is such a tragedy. I'm sure there must be a lot of other animals and people in need too. Is there anything else we can do?

  • daysdawn

    daysdawn said 6 years ago

    Why does it have to be wool? I don't use anything from animals.I don't know how to knit,either, so it doesn't matter.Wish I could help.

  • daysdawn

    daysdawn said 6 years ago

    I put it on Twitter.

  • thesequinnedsheep

    thesequinnedsheep said 6 years ago

    What a wonderful idea, I'm so glad Etsy are supporting this and highlighting this cause. I love penguins!

  • DitteRoemer

    DitteRoemer said 6 years ago

    This is such a great idea and initiative! Yay! I'd like to suggest that the wool used be second hand yarn or up cycled already disposed of sweaters etc. (you probably get my drift). Why avoid buying new wool? - Because the wool industry is not harmless. Not at all, I'm sad to say. I'm not going to go into details here, but take a quick look at various animal rights' organizations and their investigations into what goes on. Although not all sheep may be molested, there is no way of knowing if the wool recently bought in a shop comes from nice or not nice places. Since I completely get that acrylic or polyester yarn may not have the same properties as sheep's wool when it comes to keeping the penguins warm although wet and oily by leading the water away from their bodies, I suggest using second hand yarn. Perhaps an old woolen sweater could be unraveled or sewn together to make a nice little penguin sweater. Reusing wool/yarn will not only help the penguins and sheep - it's also easier on the planet. All you knitters/crocheters who have contributed: Great work! It's so nice of you. :)

  • BreatheCouture

    BreatheCouture said 6 years ago

    Oh what a fabulous way to help these little beautiful creatures!! :)

  • LorenzoTheCat

    LorenzoTheCat said 6 years ago

    Bravo for the knitters!

  • FabricFascination

    FabricFascination said 6 years ago

    I read about this the other day from someone on the Quiltsy team. What a fun and practical way to help. The penguin pictures in their sweaters are adorable.

  • diymold

    diymold said 6 years ago

    I love it。

  • daigled

    daigled said 6 years ago

    The support for penguins is a good thing but maybe you should have checked with the store earlier, they've had enough sweaters for quite a while now. As cool as charity knitting is for penguins there are a lot of other organizations out there that could use the knitted help too. The Linus project is one, and many local areas area have programs to knit/crochet for premies and chemotherapy patients. Granted these aren't as cool as penguin sweaters but they are all good knitting causes. So if people are disappointed they can't knit for a penguin maybe they can knit for another charity? Just a thought.

  • bdykman

    bdykman said 6 years ago

    Poor Penguins, but they look so cute in their sweaters!

  • cakesandtroubles

    cakesandtroubles said 6 years ago

    I love penguins!

  • LucysPlace

    LucysPlace said 6 years ago

    Fantastic that people outside of NZ are helping! I read though that the idea of using penguin jerseys has now been abandoned because of the stress they might feel wearing them. Here is a link for donations for anyone interested :)

  • fireyvalkyrie

    fireyvalkyrie said 6 years ago

    we did the same for the penguins in Africa after the oil spill years ago, so wonderful, and that is also why I ALWAYS buy DAWN dish detergent they donate to clean the birds. I have worked at a zoo with penguins and they are wonderful little creatures.

  • goddessofthecosmos

    goddessofthecosmos said 6 years ago

    I was thinking about the sweaters for the penguins...perhaps they should be more 'penguin-ish' colors. While hot pink and lime green and bright orange might look super cute, they aren't neccesarily going to protect the penguins from predators and such as their natural colors would...Just a thought...

  • PinwheelStudio

    PinwheelStudio said 6 years ago

    What a wonderful idea - a great way to help out the little penguins while crafting! The penguins at our local aquarium are delightful - so playful and agile in the water.

  • StoneyMountainCrafts

    StoneyMountainCrafts said 6 years ago

    Sherry Daughtry has created a Crochet pattern! You can find it here:

  • zakonek

    zakonek said 6 years ago

    Couldn't look more adorable! Love the little guys...

  • ohbabydotcom

    ohbabydotcom said 6 years ago

    Oh I hope I have time to do this project. How wonderful : )

  • metroretrovintage

    metroretrovintage said 6 years ago

    I had no idea that one could put a sweater on a penguin! And if it helps them, then what a terrific idea!

  • didyouknowher

    didyouknowher said 6 years ago

    Was the concept of the razor sharp Astrolabe Reef non existent? I don't understand. This is Such twisted irony, an astrolabe is an instrument used to navigate latitude. Unfortunately I have only JUST been enlightened about this through TeenAngster. My heart goes out to Northern New Zealand.

  • juliagraphydesign said 4 years ago

    I have found crochet pattern for the jumpers I am still learning how to crochet, could someone write the pattern in usa/canada terms please. Maybe someone could make the pattern instruction more simple that would be awesome. I would like to make one of those too.

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