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Introducing the JoJo Fletcher x Etsy Summer Collection

Aug 17, 2020

by Aleksa Brown handmade and vintage goods

The art on your walls, the soap in your bathroom, the straws in your backyard cocktail—as passionate interiors expert and former Bachelorette star JoJo Fletcher will tell you, these everyday items are best infused with a dash of fun. “I would say my decorating style is minimal, laidback, and playful,” JoJo says. “I’m typically drawn to a mix of neutral pieces with organic textures and patterns, plus finds that deliver a pop of text or color for a little extra personality.” And now, thanks to the launch of the exclusive JoJo Fletcher x Etsy summer collection, co-designed by JoJo and 15 brilliant Etsy sellers, you too can serve up that same sunny sensibility JoJo does in her Dallas, Texas adobe. “Whether you’re pouring yourself a drink from a gorgeous handmade pitcher or cozying up for a night in with an oversized throw pillow that’s pretty to look at too, the pieces in this collection add a one-of-a-kind touch to everyday life,” she says. Scroll on to shop the full line, and stay tuned for JoJo’s gift-worthy holiday collection launching later this year. 

Start with extra-special essentials

Ceramic planter, soap duo, and hand-lettered doormat from the JoJo Fletcher x Etsy summer collection
SHOP (clockwise from top left): Glazed ceramic planter from Nightshift Ceramics, $45; speckled soap duo from SOOWORKS, $28; hand-lettered doormat from Proper Letter, $64

“I believe the items we surround ourselves with should feel special,” JoJo says—something to keep in mind when recreating her cozy, carefree summer vibe in your own home. “Why not fill your space with pieces that genuinely make you happy to interact with every day?” Case in point: A hand-lettered welcome mat with an optimistic outlook and a cheerful sun motif; peppy ceramic planters with shiny, wabi-sabi-style glazes for your growing succulent garden; and a terrazzo-inspired soap duo that makes sudsing up something to look forward to. “We’re all washing our hands more than usual these days, so having a soap that you’re excited about using is huge,” JoJo says. “These are sustainably produced in small batches with all-natural ingredients, and they leave your hands feeling so soft and smelling great. Plus, they look lovely just sitting out on your sink!”

Upgrade your food and drink game

Reusable glass straws, linen cocktail napkins, gilded ceramic tumblers, macrame coasters, and cocktail party-themed foodie dice from the JoJo Fletcher x Etsy summer collection
SHOP (clockwise from top left): Reusable glass straws from Brook Drabot Glass, $28 for four; linen cocktail napkins from 112 James Street, $48 for four; ceramic tumblers from Box Sparrow, $55 each; macrame coasters from Meraki Handmade Collective, $62 for four; cocktail party foodie dice from Two Tumbleweeds, $29
Ceramic tidbit plates, ceramic pitcher, brass ice tongs, and wood serving board from the JoJo Fletcher x Etsy summer collection
SHOP: Lilac tidbit plates from Paper & Clay Studio, $36 each; ceramic pitcher from Box Sparrow, $100; brass ice tongs from MLKANHNY; wood serving board from Cattails Woodwork, $107

Step two when recreating JoJo’s covetable summer home style is stocking up on well-edited kitchen essentials that make even the most run-of-the-mill weeknight dinners feel exciting. “I’m a big believer that you don’t need to wait for a special occasion to celebrate,” JoJo says. To get the look, serve up your next afternoon snack on a hand-carved wood cutting board and chic ceramic side plates (because why not!) and you’ll be transforming leftover cheese-and-crackers into charcuterie in no time. For at-home happy hours, set the scene with luxurious linen cocktail napkins and boho macrame coasters, which feel equal parts elevated and playful. A gilded pitcher and matching tumblers, reusable glass straws in punchy pops of color, and sophisticated brass barware staples complete the vibe. Can’t decide what to make for dinner after a Mai Tai or two? Laser-engraved foodie dice with a festive cocktail party spin take the pressure off and keep the good times rolling.

Brighten the mood with festive lighting

Wood and glass lantern and scented candles from the JoJo Fletcher x Etsy summer collection
SHOP (clockwise from top left): Wood and glass lantern from Lantern Cozies, from $62; “Tan Lines” scented candle from Cancelled Plans, $32; “Sweet Iced Tea Please” scented candle from Cancelled Plans, $32

Whether you’re working from your home office all summer long or barbecuing every weekend out back (or both!), festive lighting will help brighten the space—and your mood. “For indoors, the scented candles are so much fun,” JoJo says of her limited-edition blends, playfully named “Sweet Iced Tea Please” and “Tan Lines.” “I like to have a scented candle burning on my desk when I’m working during the day and these both have such a refreshing aroma, which helps me stay alert and focused. I honestly can’t pick a favorite, so I alternate between them.” For outdoors, curved wood and glass lanterns help dial up the dreamy ambiance. “I love how these turned out so much,” JoJo says. “The seller developed a pattern that’s inspired by feathers and it casts the most beautiful shadows when lit up from within. Adding a bit of romantic candlelight to your space is a great way to make things feel extra special, even if you’re just lounging on the patio.”

Keep it easy-breezy with eye-catching textiles

Fringed mirror wall hanging and assorted throw pillows from the JoJo Fletcher x Etsy summer collection
SHOP (clockwise from top left): Fringed mirror wall hanging from Candice Luter, $360; blue striped throw pillow and brown dyed throw pillow from Townsend Rowe Home, $85 each; white mud cloth lumbar pillow from Townsend Rowe Home, $75

The final step to creating a laidback summer sanctuary like JoJo’s? Weaving in eye-catching textiles in earthy desert tones, which will add warmth to your space while creating the ideal atmosphere for snuggling up with your summer reading list—or your favorite four-legged friends. “Staying home means getting comfy and relaxing—which everyone knows, means piling on the pillows,” she says. Add another layer of interest with a subtle-but-striking fringed mirror wall hanging. “I love how organic the wall hanging feels, while still bringing that pop of drama you want from a statement piece of art,” JoJo says. “I could see this working in so many different kinds of spaces, from entryways to dining rooms or even a nursery.”

Photography by Dani Sabol.

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