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Join Us for Etsy: Made in Canada

Sep 18, 2014

by Erin Klassen

Erin Klassen works on Etsy’s Seller Growth team in Toronto, Canada. She works closely with the Etsy community and like-minded partners to support creative business owners across the country.

Here in Canada, I’ve been getting excited about September for months. It’s not just because that’s when the leaves start turning orange and red in most Canadian provinces, or that I can start wearing my favorite autumn jackets again. The real reason I’ve been counting the days to summer’s end? On September 27, nearly two dozen all-Etsy craft markets will be popping up in locations across Canada, each one dedicated to showcasing the talent we have right in our own (crimson-leafed) backyards. Welcome to Etsy: Made in Canada.

Each city’s market will be unique — some will include DIY workshops and live music; some will be outdoors; the Toronto and Ottawa markets will feature more than 100 vendors, while others will be small but mighty. In total, more than 1,000 vendors are slated to appear at 22 individual markets in cities like Nanaimo, B.C., Edmonton, AB, and Sault Ste. Marie, ON. Since this is the first-ever national selling event driven by Etsy Team Captains, we’ve asked a few participants to share what Etsy: Made in Canada — and their local creative communities — mean to them.

Can’t make it to one of the markets on September 27? Scroll down to shop curated collections of goods from Etsy sellers in five of the featured cities.

Meet the Organizers


Ele Willoughby, Toronto, Ontario
Ele is the Captain of the 800-member Toronto Etsy Street Team, which will be co-hosting a 120-vendor market with the 416 Hustler Team at Toronto’s MaRS building. 

I’m Ele Willoughby (also known as minouette). I’m a printmaker and a marine geophysicist; I make fine-art prints on paper, hand-printed textiles, and interactive multimedia artwork. While I’ve had the great privilege of visiting much of Canada, living in a few different provinces, and traveling to many other countries, I’ve got to say that the creative community in Toronto is exceptionally active and engaged. There’s a lot of unexpected collaboration going on: your favorite local designer can recommend her favorite soap maker, the jewelers know the bookbinders, and the printmakers are taking quilting classes. There is so much Canadian talent on Etsy that’s already being exported to the world — now it’s time to let the rest of Canada know about it!

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Crystal Ho, Vancouver, British Columbia
In cooperation with the Emily Carr Etsy Team, Crystal’s Team Etsy Vancouver will be hosting an outdoor Etsy: Made in Canada market in Robson Square.

I am Crystal Ho, and I opened an Etsy shop called Triple Studio back in 2011 as a place to show and sell my animal paintings. I am constantly inspired by what I see and learn from this community — and collaborating with Etsy has enabled me to connect with other local makers, too. Vancouver’s population is wonderfully diverse, with a wide spectrum of artistic expression and a thriving creative community. More than 40 major Aboriginal cultural groups are represented in the region, and there are large Chinese, Indian, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Russian communities here as well – all creating a vibrant cultural mosaic in which distinct arts and cultures thrive. The Etsy: Made in Canada marketplace allows all of us to ignite our passions and dreams together.

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Tiffany Kerr, Montreal, Quebec
Tiffany, a vendor in Montreal’s upcoming Etsy: Made in Canada market, has been selling her organic and eco-friendly textiles on Etsy since 2011. She’s on several Etsy teams, including Etsy Wholesale, Etsy Organic Team, Handmade Canada and the Montreal Etsy Team.

Hi, my name is Tiffany Kerr and I live in Montreal, Quebec. I print, dye and sew organic and eco-friendly textiles that I sell in my shop Twill & Print. Participating in events is my favorite part of running my business — not only as a vendor, but also as a buyer and lover of all things handmade. In fact, a big challenge for me when selling at any event is not to bankrupt myself buying beautiful items from my fellow vendors — there’s a certain inexplicable pride when you find something you love that’s been made locally. I try my best to participate in as many local (and sometimes not-so-local) events as possible to meet new people and find new fans.

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Suzanne Scott, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Suzanne is an Etsy Team Captain, president of the PEI Crafts Council and will be hosting the Charlottetown Etsy: Made in Canada market on September 27.

My name is Suzanne Scott and my family has owned Village Pottery in New London, Prince Edward Island for over 40 years. I spend most of my time making functional stoneware pottery, but I also create the pottery jewelery line The Potter’s Daughter and operate Etsy shops for both lines. When I was approached by the Etsy Artisans of PEI team captain about getting involved with Made in Canada, I decided to travel to Toronto for the Etsy Team Captain Summit; instantly, I knew that the PEI Made in Canada event was something I had to be a part of. I love the fact that there will be pop-up markets happening all across the country at once and that people will get to meet the faces behind the Etsy shops. It’s also very important for artists to meet their customers and get feedback; Made in Canada will give our local sellers the opportunity to do just that.

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Ryan Poworoznik, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Ryan is working closely with the Winnipeg Etsy Street Team to organize and host Winnipeg’s Etsy: Made in Canada event on September 27.

My name is Ryan Poworoznik, and I’m the owner of Compendium Artist Market in Winnipeg, an art center that consists of an art gallery, craft market, photography studio and organic juice and coffee bar. Winnipeg is small, but that restriction in size is what makes our community tight-knit. Everyone knows each other and tries to help one another with their endeavors. The support the community has given me while I’ve been building my business has been paramount — and now, through my business, I can promote our city’s artists, crafters and photographers, assist new and established local talent, and bring people together in our physical location.

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For more details on these and the other 17 markets taking place in Canada on September 27, visit the Etsy: Made in Canada information page.


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