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In the Woodshop with Hayden

Jun 6, 2013

by Nada Alic

We were so excited to partner with legendary Canadian indie label, Arts & Crafts for their 10th anniversary Fieldtrip Festival. Arts & Crafts puts out incredible records by artists like Feist and Broken Social Scene while still maintaining that DIY ethos. We thought it’d be cool to pair one of their artists with one of ours in a collaborative experiment. We invited singer-songwriter Hayden to meet with Etsy seller and woodworker Jack Fouracre of SonofaWoodcutter to explore parallels in their creative processes.

Both artists value independence above all; they enjoy taking artistic control over all aspects of production. For Jack, that means sourcing reclaimed wood, building something out of discarded materials and branding his pieces with his signature logo, while Hayden oversees the engineering, mixing and producing of his records, often playing all of the instruments on the record.

To find out more about Hayden’s music, go here. And if you like Jack’s reclaimed tables, check out his Etsy shop for more.

Music by Hayden.

Brought To You By is a multi-faceted, creative agency with offices in both Toronto Canada & London UK. They are curious people, highly practiced in the art of “getting their hands dirty”. Everything they create is Brought To You By a different set of criteria, reasons & inspiration. Each based on the unique character & spirit of the people who’s stories they tell. 

2 Featured Comments

  • LennyMud

    Lenny Mud from LennyMud said 7 years ago Featured

    This was so interesting to see these two creative guys share similarities in their creative processes--really interesting and my favorite moment is when Hayden says that he too, is hoping to find something he loves to do every day, and then smiles because he has. Awesome movie.

  • WoodlandCottage

    WoodlandCottage from WoodlandCottage said 7 years ago Featured

    I'm fascinated by the creative process--where art meets science, creativity meets logic, the muse meets the technician. This is a fresh perspective on it, though, and brings me both joy and insight. Thank you for sharing!


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