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Tune Up Your Bicycle for Spring

May 8, 2014

by Jeremiah Glazer

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Dust off those pedals and get ready to ride! With spring in full force and Bike to Work Week just around the corner, we’re bringing back an oldie-but-goodie Etsy video: the ABC’s of tuning your bike. Meet Brooklyn’s own Susan Lindell of Dumbo’s Recycle-A-Bicycle, who shares five simple tips for getting your bike in tip-top shape for riding like the wind.

To learn more about the ABC Quick Check and find inspiration for biking, check out the League of American Bicyclists.

Buffalo Picture House is a production company founded by a select group of award-winning, young filmmakers and producers in New York City. Check them out at

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  • JasmineLund

    JasmineLund said 10 years ago

    Fun! My little brothers have been tearing apart and re-building the family bikes since they were first able to sneak out of the house with Dad's tools. Unfortunately, the bikes don't always turn out better than they started. :o)

  • SeaGlassJournal

    SeaGlassJournal said 10 years ago

    A very timely article. Methinks it's time to take the bike out of the attic. Thanks!

  • sacredsuds

    sacredsuds said 10 years ago

    Awesome! My husband just tuned up my road bike for me. Now I'm just waiting for the street sweepers - the true sign that winter is over in the Twin Cities :-D

  • DecadesOfVintage

    DecadesOfVintage said 10 years ago

    hopefully my son will tune my bike up for me soon. now, does anyone have a tutorial on fixing the clothes dryer. i have been trying all day to fix-it-myself. i am not quite there

  • Verdurebydesign

    Verdurebydesign said 10 years ago

    I have the best conversations with my daughter when we are riding along together. The kids just love it!!

  • DecadesOfVintage

    DecadesOfVintage said 10 years ago

    i just noticed the bike bell and the 6-pack frame. they are both great

  • MegansMenagerie

    MegansMenagerie said 10 years ago

    Love this! Can't wait till it warms up a bit more here at the Jersey Shore! My daughter and I love to go bike riding together :)

  • silkstory

    silkstory said 10 years ago

    My one is already tuned up :) Spring in full active program.. Sky helmet pic fantastic!!

  • ikabags

    ikabags said 10 years ago

    Awesome ! Yay for bikes :)

  • NotYourGrandmasAttic

    NotYourGrandmasAttic said 10 years ago

    I love the six pack frame cinch! What a great idea. . . .

  • artemisartbiju

    artemisartbiju said 10 years ago

    now i remembered that i have an old bicycle at my grandma's house. one of these days i will go to see if it's still there.

  • LittleWrenPottery

    LittleWrenPottery said 10 years ago

    I can never decide if a bike is right for me since i tend to walk everywhere but I'd love to see more people taking up cycling

  • rope

    rope said 10 years ago

    Thank you! So much helpful information. Cute video, too.

  • lauraprentice

    lauraprentice said 10 years ago

    Just pulled my bike out yesterday! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • ikabags

    ikabags said 10 years ago

    When you come to Paris ,you can rent bicycle and you can visit everywhere :) Here is few links .

  • KathyGDesigns

    KathyGDesigns said 10 years ago

    ikabags...Riding a bike in Paris is on my to do list! Enjoyed the video.

  • VintageMarketPlace

    VintageMarketPlace said 10 years ago

    just got the beach cruiser all tuned up and have been out everyday for a ride since. Love Spring!!!

  • StuckOnACloud

    StuckOnACloud said 10 years ago

    I love my bike, she even has a name - Pretty Princess-. She is a pink beach cruiser with basket and all. I take her out almost everyday, I enjoy my rides. I get away from all the worlds craziness and escape to my own world that lives in my head. I see the world differently when slowing down and riding my bike. I get a lot of my new ideas when I go for a ride....

  • accentonvintage

    accentonvintage said 10 years ago

    Still cool! Love our bikes!

  • TeenahTime

    TeenahTime said 10 years ago

    Great bike accessories! How about some vintage bikes for sale.

  • VogueByVague

    VogueByVague said 10 years ago

    I just tuned my bikes up today! Yay :)

  • Waterrose

    Waterrose said 10 years ago

    We just tuned up ours yesterday! Great way to wear out our new puppy!

  • fluxproductions

    fluxproductions said 10 years ago

    Thanks for including my bike bag!

  • KettleConfections

    KettleConfections said 10 years ago

    Great video, wish more people did get around on bikes, especially here in the city where everything is close by.

  • perfectwear

    perfectwear said 10 years ago

    Like the video...lots of useful info.

  • gallery32

    gallery32 said 10 years ago

    Very timely and informative for the upcoming Spring. Thanks so much :) Trina

  • CashmereJewels

    CashmereJewels said 10 years ago

    this is definitely for Seattle!:)

  • joretta

    joretta said 10 years ago

    and now i want to go hop on my bike!

  • theroyal

    theroyal said 10 years ago

    thanks so much. nice tips for us cyclists

  • lindasmile007

    lindasmile007 said 10 years ago

    love it

  • TheMillineryShop

    TheMillineryShop said 10 years ago

    Great tips. I am SO ready to hop on the bike!

  • rebourne

    rebourne said 10 years ago

    Good thing I married a bike mechanic/ wheel builder!!!

  • Armalique

    Armalique said 10 years ago

    great tutorial :)

  • PersonalizedSketches

    PersonalizedSketches said 10 years ago

    This was great info! And love the two on the video! Thanks!

  • rozzie

    rozzie said 10 years ago

    That 6 pack beer holder cinch is so cool!

  • Tanith

    Tanith said 10 years ago

    Lots of good information!

  • ACupOfSparkle

    ACupOfSparkle said 10 years ago

    I love bikes and biking... Thanks for sharing!!

  • blessedvintage

    blessedvintage said 10 years ago

    reminds me the summers i spent on my bike

  • jiang888

    jiang888 said 10 years ago

    Good work man. Perhaps i was not able to earn this amount in the same month but you did very good. Keep it up. Microsoft OneNote 2010

  • Seymour

    Seymour said 10 years ago

    Feeling very excited about getting back behind the wheel, thanks for the tips!


    POOPOOLALA said 10 years ago

    My first bike was called Blue Bird, i was ten at the time! Going to repaint my current bike gold i think! I love dressing up bikes, and beating the bus!

  • spontaneousreality

    spontaneousreality said 10 years ago

    Awesome tips...happy cycling etsyans!

  • TheVinylChalkboard

    TheVinylChalkboard said 10 years ago

    Excited to start riding again!!! Thanks for the great tips!

  • littleshopofphotos

    littleshopofphotos said 10 years ago

    Great! I love biking! My husband and I each have child seats on our bikes and we take the kids all the time! There is a great trail that connects us to the Bronx...long ride and haven't gone the whole way yet, but maybe this year!!

  • birdie1

    birdie1 said 10 years ago

    Thank you! My husband and I are avid cyclists. When we first met we knew it was meant to be because we rode the exact same model bike. My bicycle is named The Black Squirrel after the squirrels we saw biking in Michigan. Thanks again!

  • MarleyLondon

    MarleyLondon said 10 years ago

    Awesome! My brother has to read this. He loves biking!

  • lovelygifts

    lovelygifts said 10 years ago


  • BlueStarrGallery

    BlueStarrGallery said 10 years ago

    We're looking for a used bicycle right now so we can ride around in our neighborhood, sold our others before we moved, great hints here.

  • sarantos

    sarantos said 10 years ago

    Great video! Need to tune mine up and replace the tires. Will there be a part two for taping the handlebars and changing the tires? ;)

  • PolClary

    PolClary said 10 years ago

    ;) I'm Dutch, we use our bikes all year around, so none of this 'get it ready for spring'. Great video, though!

  • daisyvortex

    daisyvortex said 10 years ago

    All my bikes have flat tires right now. I hang my head.

  • SkateBetty

    SkateBetty said 10 years ago

    Nice filming!

  • ArtForMore

    ArtForMore said 10 years ago

    I love my bike, helps me get to my landscape painting destinations. I recently found some bikes on the road and peiced them apart to repair tires and tubes on my bike and my bfs.

  • lrobertas

    lrobertas said 10 years ago

    xe xe love this tutorial. passion for bicykles!!!

  • daweigreat

    daweigreat said 10 years ago

    Wow,very beautiful,Thanks for share~ I also have my own unique designs and welcome to visit my Etsy shop

  • marymary Admin

    marymary said 10 years ago

    Jacob always cracks me up - I so look forward to these videos. Entertaining and educational!

  • tropicraft

    tropicraft said 10 years ago

    I love my 2 bikes but now they are just hanging there collecting dust :<. And the saddest part was after long period of idle, I found out that they need a major parts replacement!!!

  • collectiblesatoz

    collectiblesatoz said 10 years ago

    Fun article. Thanks for sharing.

  • Amelie66

    Amelie66 said 10 years ago

    Thanks, this is a great article. Shared it as fast as I could.

  • RiverBazaar

    RiverBazaar said 10 years ago

    Yeah...I like to ride my bicycle...I like to ride my bike! Just pulled it out of the shed to do laps around the yard with my labradoodle. Feeling the need to use it to go up to the grocery five miles away...when I was a kid I used to get on restriction from using my bike when I would go too far away and not come in before dark...bikes are fun!


    ReGEARED said 10 years ago

    ride on!!! :) love it!

  • redemptionart

    redemptionart said 10 years ago

    My bike has been calling me to take it out of the storage shed...spring is here! Thank you for the wisdom! Aloha~Connie

  • andydikk

    andydikk said 10 years ago

    Thanks for this great cum informative article......I really enjoyed it.....I too preparing to go on bicycle trip to somewhere with my friends........Hoping that your post help me in that... villas denia

  • andydikk

    andydikk said 10 years ago

    Thanks for this great cum informative article......I really enjoyed it.....I too preparing to go on bicycle trip to somewhere with my friends........Hoping that your post help me in that...

  • HulaGirl1922

    HulaGirl1922 said 10 years ago

    YUM! there's nothing like a good bike ride....nothing! :) thx for a great post... cycle on!!!

  • LauraBKG

    LauraBKG said 10 years ago

    Just got my bike out of its winter 'hibernation!' Thanks for the tips!

  • foxpots

    foxpots said 10 years ago

    Cool video. We went for our first 15 mile ride last weekend. Can't wait for more!

  • ReVelo

    ReVelo said 10 years ago

    And if you are tossing out bike inner tubes, take them to a bike shop. Someone like me might make something out of them!

  • SamanthasEclectics

    SamanthasEclectics said 10 years ago

    Thanks for the great tutorial. My bike is dusty and needs a little love. Think I need to replace the inner tubes though.....another tutorial?

  • girliepains

    girliepains said 10 years ago

    Yet again, the most beautiful movie.

  • RouDesigns

    RouDesigns said 10 years ago

    Perfect! Nice job!

  • kittybblove

    kittybblove said 10 years ago

    someone's feeling a little flirty! that was such a cute + information video. <3 thanks for sharing =^_____^=

  • Iammie

    Iammie said 10 years ago


  • whimsicaljewellery

    whimsicaljewellery said 10 years ago

    beautiful! nice job! love the video!

  • conspiracytheory74

    conspiracytheory74 said 10 years ago

    Nice video, thanks for the ABC check!

  • TheMillineryShop

    TheMillineryShop said 10 years ago

    There is NOTHING like jumping on my bike, something I have not done yet this year. Waiting for some warmer Spring weather and until I view the video to tune my beloved bike. Thanks.

  • MagpieQuilts

    MagpieQuilts said 10 years ago

    Great tutorial and timely! Will be hauling the bike out of the shed this year - it's been put away for far too long!

  • laTeefahDoLLs1898

    laTeefahDoLLs1898 said 10 years ago

    {; ) ♥!!!

  • BicycleBeautiful

    BicycleBeautiful said 10 years ago

    Handy Tutorial! I have a shop here on Etsy themed on bicycle related stuff, so I was so happy to see this bike video being showcased here! Check out my Etsy listing with a link my DIY Bicycle Handlebar Bag: Enjoy!

  • pasin

    pasin said 10 years ago

    Perfect video, thanks

  • pinkAmanda

    pinkAmanda said 10 years ago

    fyi chicago.. not an etsy meet up but could be this saturday, 6/11: cal-sag cycles, an earn-a-bike program, students will be heading basic bike maintenance.. other community fun for all!

  • Craft Night on Two Wheels | The Etsy Blog said 10 years ago

    [...] Lindell, the knowledgeable mechanic in our bike tune-up video, will be here to demonstrate fixing a flat. Be sure to visit Recycle-a-Bicycle for all your cycling [...]

  • caloriebiking

    caloriebiking said 9 years ago

    any one try :calorie biking

  • anandasandra

    Sandra Ananda from ChikkVintageBazaar said 9 years ago

    I was so inspired by this that I built a Treasury around it. Check it out:

  • Fiume

    Erin O'Rourke from Aruguletta said 9 years ago

    thanks, etsy! i'm not at all mechanically inclined and the local bike shop intimidates me, so this was just what i needed.

  • jessgreenleaf

    Jess Greenleaf from GREENLEAFblueberry said 8 years ago

    Now that it's finally warming up, I'm excited to start bike commuting again!

  • kathyjohnson3

    Kathy Johnson from kathyjohnson3 said 8 years ago

    Thank-you for sharing the video!

  • EdelweissPost

    Patrick from EdelweissPost said 8 years ago

    I make a habit of delivering my mail goods to the post office via bicycle {except during the icy Minnesota winters!}

  • KnitByCoutureStudio

    Rachida Selvidge from KnitByCoutureStudio said 8 years ago

    Great ideas :)

  • TheMillineryShop

    Marcia Lacher from TheMillineryShop said 8 years ago

    I love my bike too and can think of almost nothing nicer than bike riding. I miss it in the Winter but the tune up video has given me Spring fever! And a new chore for my husband to do too. Can't wait to ride.

  • FireIslandSoap

    Billy Bubbles from FireIslandSoap said 8 years ago

    i cant wait to ride my beach cruiser :) gnarly days ahead!

  • GracefullyGirly

    Kimberlee from GracefullyGirly said 8 years ago

    ...I love to ride my bicycle... I love to ride my bike!... So fun and such great exercise. I think at one time I had 5 bikes - all different kinds for different riding - my favorite was a vintage cruiser that I fixed up. I really look forward to getting back out there riding again this spring. We're so lucky in CA that we can ride a bike pretty comfortably about any time of year.

  • mattyhandmadecrafts

    Matejka Max from NattyMatty said 8 years ago


  • LivingVintage

    LivingVintage from LivingVintage said 8 years ago

    Got snow yesterday, waiting for Spring!

  • ikabags

    IKA PARIS from ikabags said 8 years ago

    My one is already tuned up :) yay :)

  • auntjanecan

    Jane Priser from JanePriserArts said 8 years ago

    So fun and great exercise. Thanks for the tips!

  • LoveButtons

    Julia K Walton from FireHorseVintageHQ said 8 years ago

    Great 'how to' - thank you - might even encourage me to get my bike out of the garage once the snow's gone ;o)

  • tonycarl

    Anthony from MerchandiseLoft said 8 years ago

    i have 2 older mountain bikes, one is tuned for the street to deliver packages to the post office.

  • 5gardenias

    kathi roussel from 5gardenias said 8 years ago

    awesome! I'm so ready to ride!!!

  • furniply

    Ingus Jākobsons from Furniply said 8 years ago

    And after fixing... one more thing needed - Good weather! ;)

  • KellyColemanCoursey

    Kelly Coleman Coursey from KellyColemanCoursey said 8 years ago

    Nothing compares to a bike ride in the spring!!

  • H88255

    H88255 from HillarysSuperfoods said 8 years ago

    Bikes are such a great way to have fun and exercise at the same time!

  • VintageMarketPlace

    VintageMarketPlace from VintageMarketPlace said 8 years ago

    i have had my beach cruiser out for weeks now riding in the afternoon sun. It is so great to free your mind and ride

  • haruaki

    Tiffany Key from resinjewelryHARUAKI said 8 years ago

    We are a family of six intentionally living without a car. All year long we cruise around on our bikes, through rain, snow, wind, and heat. I carry three littles plus myself on the mama bike. Bike tune-ups are essential but we usually just let the bike shop pros handle it. Now I feel like I can handle at least part of the chore. Thanks!

  • GeorgieGirlLLC

    D George from GeorgieGirlLLC said 8 years ago

    Love bikes, our extended family Oscar the peek-a-pooh (and yes, he looks like Oscar the Grouch except, he is not blue) and Sophie our Jack Russell Terrier love riding in their little trailer behind us looking at the scenery. Yeah Bikes!!

  • LotusStone

    Kristen Briggs from LotusStone said 8 years ago


  • pinkpicnic

    Amy Brown from jumbojibbles said 8 years ago

    I'm so happy to be living in a bikeable community. With support, I hope biking becomes a viable option across the US.

  • Bessiescreations

    Bessie from BessiesCreations said 8 years ago

    Perfect article for this spring weather! I love riding my bike up along the small canal in the mountains near my house :)

  • aressa

    aressa from OriginalBridalHanger said 8 years ago

    It is about the time to get the bikes out....Nice if you live in an area to be able to bike more often....

  • babybirdbaby

    Marina from anhaicabagworks said 8 years ago

    Luckliy I get to ride my bike year-round! No car for me :) I volunteer as a bike mechanic at a community bike shop ( all volunteer run, donation based) where we teach people the basics and more. If you are interested in learning how to work on a bike you should check and see if your city has one!

  • GrowingUpWild

    Kelly Engel from GrowingUpWild said 8 years ago

    There is no better method of transportation in the world! I am just thrilled that my youngest will be one this summer so I can strap him into the Charriot and use my bike much more often this summer. Thanks for the reminder to tune up!

  • KatieMarieHorn

    Cat Horn from CatMHorn said 8 years ago

    Thanks for such a helpful video. I ride year round to get to and form work but my bike could use a tune up. very helpful thanks.

  • LoverofLeonard

    Colleen Smith from UnderABedWithLeonard said 8 years ago

    I love my bike; the river runs right by my home and I love cycling down the trail; the best part about my bike -an antique wine bottle carrier with leather straps! Perfect for a picnic! Lovin' it, guys!

  • Iammie

    iammie from iammie said 8 years ago

    Love riding the bicycle!

  • Ebrown2503

    Eleanore from FiberBeads said 8 years ago

    Mine's still hanging upside down waiting for the snow to clear. Cannot WAIT for the first mild evening ride along the corn fields!

  • sericin

    Tabi Ferguson from sericin said 8 years ago

    I ride 5000+miles per year, race and do self supported touring. This video is a GREAT reminder for EVERYONE who rides! Thank you Etsy!

  • Manthreadz

    david dellano from Manthreadz said 8 years ago

    Just got back from my daily six mile ride. Might have to break out the Hiawatha !

  • sarantos

    sarantos from SARANTOS said 8 years ago

    Great video. I just had mine tuned at the shop but the tires keep losing air even though they are all new. Must search for the pump and check things. :)

  • metalicious

    Stephanie Maslow Blackman from metalicious said 8 years ago

    Wow, this couldn't be easier to remember the ABCs! Thanks for breaking it down.

  • gescate

    Gino Escate from Gygante said 8 years ago


  • halliefranco

    Hallie Franco from HallieJohanna said 8 years ago

    Great to know, my husband would be especially thankful if I l learned how to do this!

  • LinaNstich

    Lina Rodogianni from LinaNstitch said 8 years ago

    So cool! I've missed my bike during the was just too cold to ride!

  • sandrostumpo

    Sandro Stumpo from GalleryDiModa said 8 years ago

    I used to go biking around the neighborhood with my mom as child. We would decided which houses were landscaped nicely and which ones needed a little love.

  • barrysavage

    Barry Savage from FloatingLeafArts said 8 years ago

    Great post! I live in Portland Oregon where everyone is bike crazy. I hope this will help me catch up a little.

  • tinasway

    Christina Cassidy from tinaswaycrochet said 8 years ago

    Very helpful and thanks for the reminder we live on a sailboat and have fold-up bikes that require alot of attention because we are so close to salt water. We love our ikes and they help keep us in shape. I always include Barefoot sandals in my basket just in case a selling opportunity is available...;)

  • RodofGod

    RodofGod said 8 years ago

    But, but... what if I messup my hair, makeup or worst of all, chip one of my nails? Eeeek! Then I shall surely die! Best to get my stupid boyfriend to pay someone else to do it. Then I can admire it for 2 seconds in the garage, where it will stay, forever, when he brings it back.

  • knitsbycaitlin

    Caitlin Edge from knitsbycaitlin said 8 years ago

    I can't wait to get on my bike for the first time this year.

  • jennymaynatural

    Jennifer Tracy from JennyMayNatural said 7 years ago

    i love bike

  • MrsGingerandWasabi

    Marta DQ from tribomo said 7 years ago

    When I moved (almost) across the country I din't move my bike, so Spring could be a good time to get a new one! :) Great video!

  • LivingVintage

    LivingVintage from LivingVintage said 7 years ago


  • FieldsOfVintage

    Fields Of Vintage from FieldsOfVintage said 7 years ago

    Thanks for reminding me that I need to dust off my bike for Spring.

  • Nikifashion

    Natalia from Nikifashion said 7 years ago

    Great video!

  • ArtisanSoapInVegas

    Cristy Ramos from ArtisanBathandBody said 7 years ago

    Wonderful!! Nothing like a long bike ride!! :-) Love the video!!!

  • woodiphonecases

    Wood Iphone Cases from WoodiPhoneCases said 7 years ago

    Great video I just bought a road bike about a month ago

  • craftytreasures

    Tina from arlenelanevintage said 7 years ago

    Fun! Can"t wait to get mine ready!

  • ikabags

    IKA PARIS from ikabags said 7 years ago

    Thanks reminder !

  • kathyjohnson3

    Kathy Johnson from kathyjohnson3 said 7 years ago

    I love bike riding in the summer, but alas here in Minnesota I don't think summer is ever going to come!


    AGORAA from AGORAA said 7 years ago

    Great ideas, love it, thank you for sharing!

  • WingedWorld

    Vickie Moore from WingedWorld said 7 years ago

    Thanks for the bicycle tips! I've had the same mountain bike since college, and it's outlasted three used cars that I have owned. Bikes are a wonderful investment if cared for properly.

  • orientaltribe11
  • CharlotteRenata

    Charlotte Renata from HenrietteRenee said 7 years ago

    Great collection! I love it!!

  • ShoeClipsOnly

    kathy johnson from ShoeClipsOnly said 7 years ago

    Thanks for the video, I know my bike surely needs a tune-up!

  • lowelowejewelry

    Lowe Jewelry from lowelowejewelry said 7 years ago


  • MyChouchou

    MyChouchou from MyChouChou said 7 years ago

    Yay! Time to get the bike out! I think I'll paint it yellow with little flowers all over! I already have the basket for the front : ) Can't wait to get started! Thanks for sharing : ) Kristina

  • paoladbrown

    PAOLA BROWN from PaolaBrownShop said 7 years ago

    Love your shop your products are awesome!! Blessings

  • PinesVintageClothing

    Pine from GoodOldVintageOnline said 7 years ago

    Terrific tutorial! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to get my 1960s Hercules in shape for the season! :)

  • edieandglo

    kelly hickey from edieandglo said 7 years ago

    YEAH Biking!! Thanks for the great video. My twin 12 yr old boys have it playing on their iPods while performing "maintenance" right now, hahahaha!

  • MiniaturePeaces

    Celina from MiniaturePeaces said 7 years ago

    Congrats on your feature !! Awesome tutorial ! Love biking !! :)

  • BarDulce

    BarDulce from BarDulce said 7 years ago

    Great items and great ideas!

  • illuminativeharvest

    Jennifer Presler from IlluminativeHarvest said 7 years ago

    Sounds fun!

  • kiclik76

    R. Kris Hartanto from RedGorillaco said 7 years ago

    thanks for sharing.....

  • CharlotteRenata

    Charlotte Renata from HenrietteRenee said 7 years ago

    Very nice video!Thank you!!

  • mybicyclette

    Rebecca from BicycletteforEtsy said 7 years ago

    So glad that spring is here. Great video!

  • Motleycouture

    Motleycouture from Motleycouture said 7 years ago

    Haven't ridden a bike in years! This feature makes me want to ride a bike again!

  • NewEnglandCurio

    NewEnglandCurio from LoveSaril said 7 years ago

    I'm learning! Not much of a cyclist, but definitely into mountain biking. Thanks for re-sharing!

  • alexalexiv

    alexalexiv said 7 years ago


  • korenkwan

    Koren Kwan from GarasuWonderland said 6 years ago

    thanks for the sharing~

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