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How-Tuesday: Star Ornament

Dec 10, 2013

by House of Earnest handmade and vintage goods

Creating handmade ornaments is such a fun, fulfilling thing to do around the holidays. This easy and completely customizable star ornament is a great project to do with kids. Let them pick their own paint color, or buy solid-colored straws if you prefer a paint-free project. I’m even thinking about doing a few with a coat of glitter. Whichever route you take, have fun with it!

You will need:
12 plastic drinking straws
1 small zip tie
18″ piece of twine
Gold spray paint
Decorative ribbon

Etsy - Gold Ornament 1

1. Gather 12 straws together into a zip tie. Make sure they are snug, but not tight.

Etsy - Gold Ornament 2

2. String the twine through the center of the bunch and let it hang evenly out of both ends of the straw bundle.

Etsy - Gold Ornament 3

3. Close the zip tie very tightly around the straws and twine.

Etsy - Gold Ornament 4

4. Spread out the straws so that they’re evenly spaced.

Etsy - Gold Ornament 5

5. Clip the tail off the zip tie.

Etsy - Gold Ornament 6

6. Bring both sides of the twine together into a knot and use this to hold the ornament while painting.


7. Spray paint the ornament the color of your choice.


8. Let dry, then adorn with colorful ribbon and hang from the tree.

All photographs by House of Earnest.


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