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How-Tuesday: Petal Card

May 8, 2012

by Esther Ramirez handmade and vintage goods

Spring is in the air, and Mother’s Day is just around the bend. To celebrate, Esther Ramirez, a Chicago-based print and paper artist and proprietor of Essimar, has dreamed up a tutorial to capture the spirit of the season in this week’s How-Tuesday post. Read on for tips on making a simple and elegant floral card, showered in petals that won’t wilt. Create one with your siblings or with the kids to show some love for mom.

Let’s get started!

You Will Need:

Tissue paper, scissors, glue, card stock, envelope.


1. Cut tissue paper in to the shape of a little leaf,  about 3/4.”
2. Place the cut leaves in between your thumb and the index finger.
3. Apply pressure to the leaf.
4. Twist the tip-end of the leaf, to achieve a stem effect.
5. Release the leaf gently.
6. Repeat steps 1-5 all over again.

7. Flatten all of the paper leaves and adhere to your card, using light amounts of glue.

+ Use paint to color the paper.
+ Write a letter to your mom.

Thank you to Esther Ramirez from Essimar for sharing this project with us. If you make your own petal card, share a photo with us in the
Etsy Labs Flickr group.

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