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How-Tuesday: Peel-and-Stick Yarn Wig

Sep 30, 2014

by Handmade Charlotte handmade and vintage goods

It’s nearing one of our favorite times of year again—  you know, that one fantastical day when you can be whoever (or whatever) you want to be? Even though Halloween is only one day out of the year, it seems like it always turns into more of a two or three day affair. This year we are extra-prepared for the trick-or-treating extravaganza.

My kids and I are always striving for the biggest, baddest, coolest costumes our minds can possibly conjure. But as a mom on a serious schedule, I also want to make sure our costumes are easy to craft and will hold up against the wild hijinks of children on a trick-or-treat-induced sugar rush.


Behold: the magical, foolproof peel-and-stick yarn wig! This wild weave of yarn is easy for your kids to whip up in 30 minutes or less, and it is unbelievably durable and versatile. We transformed Charlotte into a backyard garden with nothing more than a ball of green yarn and a handful of plastic fruits and veggies.


Of course, there are a million and one different costumes you can make by simply switching up the props and color, length, and style of this insane headful of colorful string. Cut the wig short and add a  rainbow of colors to make the cutest clown in town, or use orange yarn and some oversized pom-poms for a neon rag doll pop princess look. Follow the tutorial below to transform your kids into any one of these crazy characters.


You will need:
Tan stockings
Yarn (the bulkier the yarn, the quicker the construction)
Fabric Tape


Step 1: Cut the legs off the stockings and secure with a knot. Stretch the stocking over a bowl or bouncy ball (something resembling the shape of your kid’s noggin).


Step 2: Place the fabric tape at the crown of the stocking (near the knot) and run it to the bottom vertically.


Step 3: Peel off the backing of the tape and place the yarn on the tape, pressing firmly. Make a loop at the desired length of your wig; it’s better to make it too long, and you can always trim at the end.


Step 4: Once you have completed a “row,” cut all of the looped yarn to create free-flowing locks. Repeat until the stocking is covered!


Step 5: Once all of your yarn is secure, pull the wig off of the bowl.


Step 6: Stretch the stocking over your child’s head and start adding your costume accessories. Now it’s trick-or-treat time!


All photographs by Handmade Charlotte.

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  • Laladesignstudio

    Lala Jewelry from Laladesignstudio said 6 years ago Featured

    I love this! I was a cabbage patch kid for Halloween back in 1985! My mom sewed my sister and I matching dresses and made the wigs out of yarn using a colander as a form. She made all of our costumes and this was one of my favorites. I am still obsessed with Halloween and hand make my costumes each year. I can't wait to start my family and continue the tradition!


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