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How-Tuesday: Paper Ornaments

Nov 29, 2011

by Julie Schneider handmade and vintage goods

The holidays are in the air! For this week’s How-Tuesday post, Etsy Admin Nicole Licht demonstrates how to make folded gem-shaped ornaments, a project that has its roots as a traditional German paper craft. We’ve provided a PDF template that you can print out to guide you through folding your first ornament. Once you get the hang of it, you won’t really need to follow the template guidelines any more. Try folding larger ornaments on colorful and printed papers. Try making some with cardstock too. You can really make this project your own by adding your personal creative touch — playing with scale, color, and embellishments.

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Bone folder
Glue Dots, double-stick tape, or glue stick
String, twine, or ribbon
Supplies for decorating (such as markers, stamps and stamp pad, etc.)


1. Cut along the dotted line to remove ornament template. Decorate the unprinted side of the paper before or after you start folding, in any way you want. Follow instructions below while folding along the lines.

2. Begin with the printed side facing up. Fold square in half. Open, turn 90 degrees, fold in half again. Return to open square.

3. Fold diagonally, matching corners. Open, turn 90 degrees, fold in half again. Return to open square.

4. Fold corners inward to meet the diagonal fold line, forming a kite shape. Open and repeat with each
corner (four times).

5. Pinch at the middle point of all four sides inward while cupping the square in your palm. As sides fold inward, push down on the center with your finger to form a point.

6. Place Glue Dots (or double-stick tape or glue stick) on the inward folds. Add string to one strip of tape. Adhere and form ornament shape.

7. Try adding fringe, collage, or anything that strikes your creative fancy. Hang up your creation for a festive atmosphere, and try folding more and more with your own custom embellishments.

Credits: Photography by Gabriella Cetrulo. Ornament by Nicole Licht. PDF by Jeremy Perez-Cruz.

Happy holidays from Etsy to you!

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