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How-Tuesday: Paper Dolls

Feb 22, 2011

by Julie Schneider handmade and vintage goods

“Drawing is fun… drawing is scary!” So opens Carla Sondheim’s Drawing Lab, a book brimming with assignments, projects, ideas and techniques to spark your imagination and playfully coach you to a new level of confidence with drawing and mark-making. Carla Sonheim is a Seattle-based illustrator and has been an Etsy seller since way back when. For this week’s How-Tuesday, she’ll show you how to make your own paper dolls. Feel free to customize them to suit your fancy. If you can’t get enough, check out her shop and blog!

I’m happy to announce that Carla will also be bringing her show on the road and joining us at Craft Night on Monday, February 28, 2011 for a drawing workshop at the Etsy Labs in Brooklyn, NY. It’s free and you’re invited to come bolster your drawing skills. Please RSVP here.


Find your own copy of Drawing Lab on Amazon or an independent bookseller near you.

“What did you do as a child that made the hours pass like minutes? Here is the key to your earthly pursuits.” — Carl Jung

It’s fun to play with paper dolls! (It’s even more fun to see grown men play with paper dolls, which happened in our household recently.) Indulge your inner child by creating a personalized set of paper dolls, complete with pets.


Supplies you’ll need:

• Recycled cereal box
• Red water-soluble marker
• Flat brush
• Gesso
• Water-soluble crayon (in an appropriate skin color)
• Water-soluble crayon (in brown, black, gray, orange, or yellow for hair)
• Damp rag or paper towel
• Pencil
• Fixative
• Scissors

Let’s get started!


1. Cut down your cereal boxes so that you are working with only flat pieces. (You can throw away the folded portions.) With your water-soluble marker, block in your figures. Since these lines will be mostly obscured, there is no need to be fussy with detailing at this step.

2. With your flat brush, paint a layer of gesso over the drawings. Try to get it as smooth as possible. Notice that the marker will show up through the gesso so you can still see your drawings. Let dry.

3. Color the face, arms and legs with your choice of skin-colored, water-soluble crayon.

4. Rub smooth with a slightly wet paper towel or rag.

5. Draw the hair with your crayons, using a paintbrush if you want to soften the look. Outline the entire figure in pencil.

6. If desired, add pastel to the cheeks with the end of your pinkie finger. Spray with fixative. Cut out your figures, and create stands for them by cutting a circle shape in half and cutting 1⁄2″ (1.3 cm) slits in the stand and the figure.

7. Play!

Thank you to Carla Sonheim and the good folks at Quarry Books for sharing this project with us. For more creative exercises to make drawing fun, check out Drawing Lab.

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  • lauraprentice

    lauraprentice said 9 years ago

    What a sweet project! I teach a lot of art classes to kids and they would LOVE this project! Can't wait to try it out!

  • DecadesOfVintage

    DecadesOfVintage said 9 years ago

    You make it look very easy. I love your work.

  • HenrietteWhite

    HenrietteWhite said 9 years ago

    Great stuff!

  • ekra

    ekra said 9 years ago

    Darling! Thank you for sharing!

  • TwistedCrystals

    TwistedCrystals said 9 years ago

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  • LittleWrenPottery

    LittleWrenPottery said 9 years ago

    wow they're so cute, I used to love making paper dolls when I was a kid!

  • haveitconfections

    haveitconfections said 9 years ago

    Oh my! I am one smitten kitten. What wonderful work, I am off to buy your book!

  • AlyTheRed

    AlyTheRed said 9 years ago

    This is so exciting. I love her work, love her Drawing Lab book, but had no idea she also made paper dolls!!!!! These are a great deal of fun- can't wait to try. Thanks for coming to play Carla!

  • EllaParry

    EllaParry said 9 years ago

    Love it!!Xxx Great !!

  • EllaParry

    EllaParry said 9 years ago

    Love it!!Xxx Great !!

  • Floreal

    Floreal said 9 years ago

    What a great technique!! Love it. Thanks for sharing..:)

  • pennyglassgirl

    pennyglassgirl said 9 years ago

    I really can't wait to try this. Thanks for sharing:)

  • TwinkleStarCrafts

    TwinkleStarCrafts said 9 years ago

    Love paper dolls. Brings back fun childhood memories.

  • MagicMarkingsArt

    MagicMarkingsArt said 9 years ago

    As an artist and art teacher I'm always looking for ways to inspire my students. This project is engaging and a fun way to add play and a sense of freedom to portrait making. Can't wait to check out your book. Thank you!!

  • TheJoyofFinding

    TheJoyofFinding said 9 years ago

    oh geez! always something new, and soooo cute and easy to do, I think I can, I think I can do it too!

  • cowgrlup

    cowgrlup said 9 years ago

    Very cute .. thanks for sharing ;)

  • cowgrlup

    cowgrlup said 9 years ago

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  • cherrytime

    cherrytime said 9 years ago

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  • RebeccasEmporium

    RebeccasEmporium said 9 years ago

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    yaelfran said 9 years ago

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    trendlightly said 9 years ago

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    decor8 said 9 years ago

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    SimpleJoysPaperie said 9 years ago

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    NangijalaJewelry said 9 years ago

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  • FeltShmelt

    FeltShmelt said 9 years ago

    I love this how-to, and your creations put a big smile on my face! Thank you for the inspiration!

  • HisBlessings

    HisBlessings said 9 years ago

    Those are fantastic! I remember as a child playing for hours with paper dolls, I kept them in a shoe box under my bed. Thank you so much for sharing! I think I will make some with my granddaughters. God Bless!

  • overthemeadow

    overthemeadow said 9 years ago

    Adorable! Love this post! A person forgets how much fun it is to make colorful paper doll people! :-)

  • ThoseThreeWords

    ThoseThreeWords said 9 years ago

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  • PotatoStampCards

    PotatoStampCards said 9 years ago

    This is a totally fantastic project, and the instructions are so straight forward! My sister was obsessed with paper dolls growing up, I can't wait to experiment with my own and share them with her! Thanks :)

  • letterstudio

    letterstudio said 9 years ago

    So strange! I just ordered your book yesterday online! Thanks for the tutorial and can't wait to see what great things are in your book :)

  • thumbunnies

    thumbunnies said 9 years ago

    I just made a crude set for my two kiddos (Girl and cat, Boy and dog) and they are loving them. Thanks for the inspiration--it was just what we needed to make today a little sunnier!

  • WhisperingOak

    WhisperingOak said 9 years ago

    I loved paper dolls growing up and even made my own. Beautiful work and great article!

  • KathyGDesigns

    KathyGDesigns said 9 years ago

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    iroirocrafts said 9 years ago

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  • Gamut

    Gamut said 9 years ago

    Perfect! Doll making in all its forms is so personal, so life infusing. I am going to do this with my grand children. Thank you for sharing.

  • myvintagecrush

    myvintagecrush said 9 years ago

    So fun! Now if only my dolls would come out half as cute ;P

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    accentonvintage said 9 years ago

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  • IcingOnTheMoon

    IcingOnTheMoon said 9 years ago

    Yea Carla, I've taken a couple of her online silly classes. There she motivates you to loosen up. She's promised another silly class soon, look for it in her shop! (Shameless plug!)

  • MegansMenagerie

    MegansMenagerie said 9 years ago

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    TheFallenStar said 9 years ago

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    SugarCubeVintage said 9 years ago

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  • Verdurebydesign

    Verdurebydesign said 9 years ago

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    SuePsales said 9 years ago

    I can't wait to do this project. I used to have a paper doll set of the tv show the Munsters. I'm currently trying to teach myself how to draw, so this is a perfect project for me. THANKS Love your shop

  • NewEnglandCurio

    NewEnglandCurio said 9 years ago

    Thank you for the great tips! I am attempting to teach myself how to use and apply gesso in my own art projects. I can see from your work that you draw from the heart. Congrats on your successful business! ~Shannon

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    littlepaperpeople said 9 years ago

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    AllSoCute said 9 years ago

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  • AllSoCute

    AllSoCute said 9 years ago

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    bamboobaby said 9 years ago

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  • poorjimsvintage

    poorjimsvintage said 9 years ago

    SO DAMN CUTE! When my sister and I were little my gma used to get these magazines that came with paper dolls in the back and we used to cut them out and collect them. We did this for years.

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  • DebsDollRoomDesigns

    DebsDollRoomDesigns said 9 years ago

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  • jenniferwhitmer

    jenniferwhitmer said 9 years ago

    What a fun, sweet article. Thank you so much, Carla! I plan to email this link to my 7 year old niece who will adore this paper doll project, but first I want to make some myself. Even as old as I am paper dolls still capture my imagination and joy.

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    InspiredDesigns4YOU said 9 years ago

    Well, isn't that really c++l~ %^..^% (Miss Jenni cat would love the excitement of paper)~! Having spent hours with my jewellery creativity, helps you to 'look for detail'. Even if you think you can't draw, don't get caught up too much on perfection; simply let it happen...look at basic lines - how they connect - that's what I do. Thank you Carla for the inspiration and encouragement - awesome!

  • InspiredDesigns4YOU

    InspiredDesigns4YOU said 9 years ago

    In addition to Carla's book there is also Drawing on the left side of the brain for the 'right' handed people in our world! Cheers.

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  • CraftyPicks

    CraftyPicks said 9 years ago

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    TangoPony said 9 years ago

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    TheNightjar said 9 years ago

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  • TheJewelleryFactory

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  • TheLaughingButterfly

    TheLaughingButterfly said 9 years ago

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    TheClayLoft said 9 years ago

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    SteamyRomance said 9 years ago

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    bobbidiboo said 9 years ago

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    mjoan44 said 9 years ago

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    TruEnglishDesigns said 9 years ago

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    mellowmine said 9 years ago

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  • dementedsnowflake

    dementedsnowflake said 9 years ago

    These are so gorgeous! When I was a child I had a box full of paper dolls that I cherished more than any of my Barbie's. I have always wanted to have a go at making my own and this tutorial has inspired me. :)

  • jiang888

    jiang888 said 9 years ago

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  • greenpeck

    greenpeck said 9 years ago

    SOOO glad I found this!!!! My grandchildren are moving away from us and their little friends I am going to make them a blank book with pockets for the dolls, one doll for each of us and precious friends including the cats and rabbit....will paint one big fold out scene of our yard and house where they play sooo much and then give them the book with all of us and them for them to continue drawing memories or future events or create whatever they want on the new pages....and the paper dolls can join in every time!! Will give them markers and pencils to go with it.....OOO...I better get busy!!!! Thank you sooo much for sharing this darling idea!!!

  • mygoodness

    mygoodness said 8 years ago

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    OneLoveCottage said 8 years ago

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  • Silkartist

    Silkartist said 8 years ago

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    juliabhebner said 8 years ago

    OH! I want to try this!

  • lassandaliasdeana

    lassandaliasdeana said 8 years ago

    delicious! ;)

  • ErikaElyre

    ErikaElyre said 8 years ago

    Simply beautiful !!!

  • sherischart

    sherischart said 8 years ago

    How wonderful. This is delightful to enlighten children with storytelling as well as bringing back to life Paper Dolls. Thanks Carla for inspiring so many.

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