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How-Tuesday: Our Favorite DIY Pet Projects

Aug 12, 2014

by Valerie Rains handmade and vintage goods

Your artwork is original, your furniture is handmade — so why should all your dog’s chew toys come from the big-box store? Charming pet-centric DIY projects abound on the web (including here on the Etsy Blog) and some of them require very little technical skill — if you can tie a knot and wield a pair of scissors, a sophisticated new cat toy is within reach. T0day we’ve rounded up a dozen of our favorite ideas for dogs, cats, birds, fish, and more from our favorite craft and design bloggers. One perk of taking on any of these projects? The all-joy, no-judgement reception it’ll get from Fido — no matter what the finished product actually looks like.

Inspired to keep crafting? Head over to Etsy’s DIY board on Pinterest for even more how-to’s.


DIYs for Cats


They won’t sate your little hunter’s bloodlust for blue jays, but these colorful felt-feather cat toys will still supply some stimulation — and can almost double as décor.


Give your kitty his own King Kong moment with a skyscraper-inspired scratching post made of cardboard.


So what if the instructions for this clever cut-out litter box cover are in Dutch? Once you select the right-size wooden box, it’s as simple as draw, saw, and paint.


Have you ever seen a cuter feline hideout than this cozy crocheted pod? The best part (aside from adorable photo ops like this one): it collapses flat when not in use.


DIYs for Dogs


A dip-dyed ombré rope leash makes for more-stylish strolls (and the raw materials cost less than ten bucks).


Pooches need frozen treats, too (especially during the dog days of summer). These are made from yogurt, bananas, peanut butter, and honey — no specialty (or icky) ingredients required.


Stitch up a patterned baggie pouch for your pup’s collar and never be left empty-handed on the sidewalk again.


Wondering how to soften the edges of this avant-garde geometric dog house? Just wedge a fluffy pillow or two in the bottom. Paw-blem solved.


A pet bed made from a vintage suitcase might just wean him off his need to hover around your luggage every time you’re leaving town.


DIYs for Other Little Critters


This shadowbox bird feeder is as pretty as a picture.


Spruce up a plain old fish bowl with traceable templates and a permanent marker.


Who needs a lemonade stand when your hedgehog could be running his own cardboard record store?

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