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Make Needle Felted Eyeballs

Oct 8, 2013

by Jeremiah Glazer

This week, get in the Halloween spirit with an extra spooky How-Tuesday video! Nguyen Le of KnitKnit shows us how to make creepy needle felted eyeballs. These bloodshot peepers make for a memorable party favor or a gory accessory to complete your ensemble. And once you’ve gotten your fill of candy corn, you can easily transform these suckers into unusual ornaments for your holiday tree.

You will need:
Foam Pad
Felting Needles
Wool Roving

Step 1: Tear off a section of white wool roving and roll it into a ball form. The tighter you roll, the less work you’ll have to do (in terms of stabbing it with the felting needle). You then want to begin pushing the needle into the wool as you rotate it, forming a ball shape.

Step 2: Roll a small piece of black wool roving into a smaller ball and place it on your eye. Then, simply stab through both colors until your pupil sits in the middle. It’s okay if there’s some extra; you can always snip the ends.

Step 3: Pick a colored wool and pull off a portion to make the iris. You then want to lay it around your pupil and push it into the eye with your needle.

Step 4: The next and final step is to use red wool roving to make the veins. Tear off a small portion and roll it between your fingers to your desired length and place it on your eye by stabbing it in place with your felting needle.

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