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Make a Fiber Art Wall Hanging

Jul 29, 2014

by Handmade Charlotte handmade and vintage goods

Rachel Faucett is the mother of five ridiculously cute children and has enough creative energy to run circles around them. When she’s not bringing her dreams to life with projects on her blog, Handmade Charlotte, you can find her traveling the world for inspiration or throwing awesome DIY parties at her farm just outside Atlanta. Named one of the 20 most influential Pinterest users by Business Insider, the author-designer also keeps herself busy designing for brands like Anthropologie and Pottery Barn Kids.

Here at Handmade Charlotte, we’re totally into instant craft gratification (who isn’t?) and we love inventing quick and easy projects to share. If you’ve ever attempted a latch-hook wall hanging, you know they can take days to complete. We put a new spin on the time-consuming technique by designing a grid board and three original patterns that serve as a base for the yarn. With this method, you can create a sturdy, no-knots-required wall hanging with a similar finished look in no time.

This project will literally come together in 30 minutes or less — and the best part is, it’s simple enough for anyone to tackle!


You will need:

  • 3 16-by-16–inch finished plywood boards (your local hardware store can cut these to size)
  • 90 file folder rubber bands (available at office-supply stores)
  • Super-bulky yarn in blue, purple, orange, pink, and black (1 skein of each color; I used Red Heart Vivid yarn)
  • Yarn mosaic templates (Template A here / Template B here / Template C here)
  • Finishing nails
  • Picture-hanging wire


Step 1: Download the pattern templates and print them out. (Note: Each template has four pages – you’ll want to cut out each page and fit them together so the colors line up.) Tape the patterns to the plywood squares. Next, stretch 30 rubber bands around each piece of plywood in a grid pattern, positioning the bands one inch apart. (For a more stable grid, alternate between horizontal and vertical rubber bands as you go.)


Step 2: Cut yarn into 4- to 5-inch pieces. (Tip: Wrap yarn around four fingers about 20 times. Cut along one edge of the loop, and then snip the resulting strands in half. Repeat for all colors.)


Step 3: Grab 4 or 5 pieces of yarn and pinch the center of the bundle. Starting in one corner of the plywood square, lift a section of rubber band and tuck the center of the bundle underneath, pulling the ends through so that there are equal lengths of yarn on both sides of the rubber band.


Step 4: Repeat step 3, following each template and color pattern until complete. The rubber bands should not be visible once the squares are full.


Step 5: Attach finishing nails and picture-hanging wire to the back of each mosaic. Hang on the wall and enjoy!


All photographs by Handmade Charlotte.


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