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How-Tuesday: Ladybug Kiddo Tee

Mar 25, 2014

by Oana Befort handmade and vintage goods

Oana Befort is a graphic designer and illustrator with a love for photography, crafts, style and everything artsy. She lives with her husband and little son in the city of Bucharest, Romania. She enjoys sharing her work and little family adventures on her blog, and also runs the shop, Oana Befort.

A little over a year ago, I started a “kiddo tee” DIY series on my blog to share some of the illustrated shirts I love creating for my little son. Each one comes with a free printable template, making it an easy project that any parent can make at home in less than an hour. I am very excited to share a new kiddo tee on the Etsy blog today. I hope that you enjoy it!


You will need: 
A blank white tee
Free ladybug printable
Two brushes (one medium, one thin)
Fabric paint (I used a bright red and black, but you can use any color you wish)
A pencil


Step 1: Print the downloadable ladybug template. Insert the paper inside the tee, being sure to keep it centered. Start tracing the outline with a pencil.


Step 2: Place a piece of cardboard inside the tee to prevent the paint from bleeding through. Carefully, start painting the tee with the first color. Let dry.


Step 3: Once the first color is dry, paint the rest of the drawing with black (use the thinner brush for the details). When you’re done, let it dry according to the amount of time indicated on your paint bottle. Note: some paints might require ironing the back of the painted area for a longer hold.


Tutorial, printable and photography by Oana Befort.


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