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How-Tuesday: How to Stay Cool

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(Music by Marlène & Jerry Tachoir)

Editor’s note: The continental US just broke the record for the hottest first six months in a calendar year, so it seemed like the perfect occasion to republish this piece, which originally aired on the blog in August, 2011.

Heat Wave? Heat Dome? Global Warming? Hell on Earth? Whatever you want to call it, one thing we can say for sure is that this summer has been hot. Blasting the air conditioner at maximum power may make it more tolerable, but it certainly doesn’t help your electric bill (or the environment, for that matter). What else can be done?

This week, we’ve put together some easy and interesting ways to help you stay cool in the summer heat.

Part One: The Cool Diet

Spicy food can actually help cool you down! It causes you to perspire without raising your body temperature. As that perspiration evaporates, it cools your body temperature. Looking for a good spicy solution? Check out our recipe for making your own hot sauce.

On the other end of the spectrum, cool treats are always a great idea. (Just be careful to avoid the often-inevitable brain freeze!) We have a recipe to help you here as well: Make Your Own Horchata Pops.

  • myvintagecrush

    myvintagecrush says:

    Haha, so perfect! is soooo hot right now!

    4 years ago

  • thecoralboutique

    thecoralboutique says:

    haha, I love this! Here in Virginia, were blazzzzzing away!!!

    4 years ago

  • paramountvintage

    paramountvintage says:

    i saw the recipe for the horchata pops last week. i am definitely going to make those!

    4 years ago

  • shelece

    shelece says:

    I actually felt cooler just reading this. Thanks!

    4 years ago

  • RedMarionette

    RedMarionette says:

    Thank you, Thank you! I will be trying a couple of these! Kansas has had three weeks of 100 degree temps! Whew!

    4 years ago

  • MossFrogDesigns

    MossFrogDesigns says:

    I keep reminding myself that in Feburary I was begging for summer. Granted, it was also 40 some odd degrees inside because our power had gone out, and I was tembling in my coat, hat and mittens. Ah. If only.

    4 years ago

  • greenscribble

    greenscribble says:

    I'll always take the hot weather over the cold. When else do you have a legitimate reason to eat ice cream?

    4 years ago

  • KKSimpleRegalJewelry

    KKSimpleRegalJewelry says:

    Wonderful ideas! Thanks! (I must admit... right now I am wearing a sweater! ya, from Washington!) But will keep those in mind. Fun picts! ~KK~

    4 years ago

  • Iammie

    Iammie says:

    Lovely and funny video. :D

    4 years ago

  • LivingVintage

    LivingVintage says:

    This is why I drink Corona and Dixie beer! The cool liquid diet.

    4 years ago

  • Iknitoo

    Iknitoo says: about staying cool with that cute guy in the video! Nice job etsy...

    4 years ago

  • ikabags

    ikabags says:

    Super hiper duper :)) Paris is sunny hot sometimes rainy !

    4 years ago

  • PamelasDesertRocks

    PamelasDesertRocks says:

    I had no idea that spicy food helps - and I love anything with jalapeno or green chiles - perfect!! Thanks - we definitely need all the help we can get here in the desert!

    4 years ago

  • TheBlackOnion

    TheBlackOnion says:

    Very timely! It's scorching here in the south!

    4 years ago

  • aoisart

    aoisart says:

    Good to know! Thank you!

    4 years ago

  • noraalice

    noraalice says:

    One of the top 5 hottest summers in recorded history here in Minnesota!

    4 years ago

  • zenceramics

    zenceramics says:

    Great story! Thank you for the wondeful post! We are lucky in CA , the summer has been wonderful here!

    4 years ago

  • Earleyimages

    Earleyimages says:

    Great story....

    4 years ago

  • myAvonlea

    myAvonlea says:

    Thanks I need to beat the Texas heat.

    4 years ago

  • vintageagogirl

    vintageagogirl says:

    Thanks for this great video!!! So hot here, it is Siesta time.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    4 years ago

  • lisammay

    lisammay says:

    Wonderful ideas! I just wish summer would get started here in the great Pac Northwest. Although I am counting my blessings as it could be much worse. :)

    4 years ago

  • Parachute425

    Parachute425 says:

    Ahhhh - Chicago in the summer. Where the heat is only surpassed by the humidity. Lollapalooza anyone?

    4 years ago

  • rebourne

    rebourne says:

    my kids came running to see what i was giggling about! funny video, and some good ideas. i need a bpa free and safe popsicle mold, stat!

    4 years ago

  • birdie1

    birdie1 says:

    Yes, Parachute425, Chicago today is a steamer! Love the hot sauce recipe ~ sweat, sweat, sweat.

    4 years ago

  • MootiDesigns

    MootiDesigns says:

    Great tips. Thanks for sharing.

    4 years ago

  • accentonvintage

    accentonvintage says:

    Great tips! I like the nap part !

    4 years ago

  • fantasygarden

    fantasygarden says:

    chili and ice I think that's the best ......

    4 years ago

  • BonnieCastle

    BonnieCastle says:

    Awesome tips! I have actually already made the Horchata pops and they are amazing!

    4 years ago

  • TheIDconnection

    TheIDconnection says:

    Great ideas - we sure could use them down here! I'm so ready for the Fall! Monica TheIDConnection

    4 years ago

  • linneaheide

    linneaheide says:

    Great tips! Its been awfully hot.

    4 years ago

  • pillowfactory

    pillowfactory says:

    The video is hilarious!

    4 years ago

  • TheScarfTree

    TheScarfTree says:

    Very important article for all, especially since the Eastern side of North America has been so hot! Thanks for sharing!

    4 years ago

  • VintageEye

    VintageEye says:

    I've done the cool cloth around the neck thing for years now. A cool damp paper towel between the girls helps to ladies! ;)

    4 years ago

  • girltuesdayjewelry

    girltuesdayjewelry says:

    A most excellent video!

    4 years ago

  • GiftsWithCharm

    GiftsWithCharm says:

    advice I can take all year long down in sunny south Florida! Thanks!

    4 years ago

  • rozzie

    rozzie says:

    Was just in BC house boating and it was gorgeous weather, +25 Celsius. Got lots of sun, but yes stayed in the shade to stay cool at times, or just jump into the lake!

    4 years ago

  • recycledwares

    recycledwares says:

    It's 108 today in my part of Texas - thanks for the advice. The air has been running nonstop.

    4 years ago

  • garavan

    garavan says:

    very funny. i am in the deep deep south. heat advisory today. i am staying indoors and working. will mow lawn after 6pm!

    4 years ago

  • DreamCake

    DreamCake says:

    Very useful, I'm going to try some of these! Thanks for the post.

    4 years ago

  • thevelvetheart

    thevelvetheart says:

    Awesome, lol! Good tips!

    4 years ago

  • prettyfickle

    prettyfickle says:

    Dude ~ you're hot! ;-D

    4 years ago

  • AMWestchester

    AMWestchester says:


    4 years ago

  • ohbabydotcom

    ohbabydotcom says:

    Great ideas! Ready for fall.... : )

    4 years ago

  • MegansMenagerie

    MegansMenagerie says:

    That's so funny! My husband always drinks coffee when its like 100 degrees outside. He once told me that it helps make him cooler. I don't know how anyone can drink hot beverages when its that hot out but now I guess I'll have to believe him.. :)

    4 years ago

  • Verdurebydesign

    Verdurebydesign says:

    Technology has made a world to work faster, longer, harder. We have air conditioners to "help" with this fast pace. I think it is fantastic that we are rethinking what we do....but...maybe generations past didn't have it so wrong.

    4 years ago

  • breadandroses2

    breadandroses2 says:

    Feet in some cold water really does do the trick. I just run tub tap water and it helps immensely. Cold washcloth on back of the neck is an old time trick that works wonders, too. Siesta during the hot hours? Wishful thinking for lots of us. Fall's just around the corner,,,,,,

    4 years ago

  • KettleConfections

    KettleConfections says:

    Looks so refreshing - really like the make your own popsicle idea! Going to have to try that soon :)

    4 years ago

  • justthegoods

    justthegoods says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Feeling more chilled out already ;-) looking forward to an ice water foot bath tonight! be followed by my peppermint ginger footbutter, of course ;-)

    4 years ago

  • winkink

    winkink says:

    As a lifeguard from Texas who works during midday (this week is all 103+, with heat indexes of 106+), I can assure y'all that getting your whole body wet works even better than just selective soaking. During adult swim at my pool, I always have to jump in--no swimming, just jump in, submerge, jump out--and I feel a thousand times better! Just don't forget to reapply sunscreen; your skin will thank you as you age. c:

    4 years ago

  • LittleWrenPottery

    LittleWrenPottery says:

    lol great tips! I wish I could get away with having a siesta in the middle of the day... Haha :)

    4 years ago

  • lauraprentice

    lauraprentice says:

    I had a revelation that I can use my bathtub as a personal pool...

    4 years ago

  • juliesadorabowls

    juliesadorabowls says:

    I could use a popsicle right now! Great tips!

    4 years ago

  • marsia

    marsia says:

    We've had temperatures in the triple digits here in Austin since the end of May. (( sigh. )) Another suggestion: keep a spray bottle filled with water laced with a little bit of rubbing alcohol, and spritz your feet & legs while watching TV on the sofa or reading in bed. It really helps, especially if you have an electric fan going. Courage, Camille!

    4 years ago

  • beaglegirl100

    beaglegirl100 says:

    i live in Texas. i forgot what it's like to have cool weather. hopefully this will help me survive!(:

    4 years ago

  • looking4lilly

    looking4lilly says:

    Cool video. I like that guy.

    4 years ago

  • sewlola

    sewlola says:

    Love the energy conservation tip by taking a siesta!!!

    4 years ago

  • therealkittymao

    therealkittymao says:

    Another good tip is Witch Hazel. My grandma used to soak a handkerchief in it and then tie it around her neck. And then she would say with her New Yawk accent "It's very cooling."

    4 years ago

  • laurenparadise

    laurenparadise says:

    All great Ideas thank you its a steamy night here.

    4 years ago

  • TheMillineryShop

    TheMillineryShop says:

    Oh yeah, ice cream. The cure for everything.

    4 years ago

  • bhangtiez

    bhangtiez says:

    Great tips! Thanks

    4 years ago

  • HappyFaceArt

    HappyFaceArt says:

    Thanks, I needed that :)

    4 years ago

  • PierogiPicnic

    PierogiPicnic says:

    Hilarious! Good to know I'm not the only one suffering!!!!

    4 years ago

  • floodplainstudio

    floodplainstudio says:

    I'm from the desert and this is good advice! Work in the early morning, take a siesta in the afternoon. Also, a mister from the hardware store on your porch or balcony costs under $10. Cheers!

    4 years ago

  • katschic

    katschic says:

    Love it! :D

    4 years ago

  • knitknacknstuff

    knitknacknstuff says:

    FAB! I also heard that putting a bowl of ice cubes in front of a blowing fan helps...haven't tried that yet :-)

    4 years ago

  • andwhatelseisthere

    andwhatelseisthere says:

    the guy is ridiculous, but cute.

    4 years ago

  • mooshoopork

    mooshoopork says:

    ive always found that singing winter & christmas songs.. works for keeping you cool on hot days :)

    4 years ago

  • livingferal

    livingferal says:

    great video :)

    4 years ago

  • raineforest

    raineforest says:

    Good Ol'Texas suppose to be 104 all week, but feel like 105, really?? I'm in San Antonio, Dallas is 107 feels like 101, suppose to be 110 this weekend. Nights here it gets down to the 80's. Brain is fried so thinking cool is out of the question. Sleeping most of the time with fans blowing on me a must!

    4 years ago


    LANCERIKA says:

    Hot in the Smokies, but it cools down late at night...(bliss)... soon.....oh soon......

    4 years ago

  • chickfamilyink

    chickfamilyink says:

    entertaining video but is it worthy of Etsy? I would rather see artist profiles or actual how tos. I know it is hot and you are stuck in New York so I am giving you the benefit of the doubt but I really look forward to Tuesday and the video it brings. Try again Etsy.

    4 years ago

  • AliceCloset

    AliceCloset says:

    Ahahha,absolutely love this article! :D Thanks!

    4 years ago

  • beadinbythesea

    beadinbythesea says:

    Great video! Just think "NW Washington state" we've barely been getting in the 70's this summer! Come on over ya'll!

    4 years ago

  • katrinaalana

    katrinaalana says:

    Great tips!

    4 years ago

  • Marumadrid

    Marumadrid says:

    Being cool helps too, don't forget that! XD

    4 years ago

  • WereRabbit2006

    WereRabbit2006 says:

    What a fun way to cool down :D

    4 years ago

  • GrandOldTimes

    GrandOldTimes says:

    hmmm... I think I just might try those Horchata pops, they do sound yummy and cooling too.

    4 years ago

  • redemptionart

    redemptionart says:

    Lucky I live in Hawaii...but when it does get hot, one of those smaller blue ice packs wrapped in a scarf around your neck...ahhhhh! Or, of course a dip at Kailua Beach...yes!

    4 years ago

  • JenYadi

    JenYadi says:

    Love this! Thanks for the tips! Even though it gets very humid in my room; I HATE TURNING ON THE FAN. I have an industrial/home one and I just hate to turn it on and waste electricity. These tips are fantastic! Best regards!

    4 years ago

  • whatahussy

    whatahussy says:

    Love it... it's going to be 107 in the ATX today!

    4 years ago

  • Mclovebuddy

    Mclovebuddy says:

    funny. love this. linen and lawn cotton work wonders.

    4 years ago

  • greeneyezdesignz

    greeneyezdesignz says:

    Reminds me of when we were kids and would fill ice trays with kool aid to make our own popsicles! Just pop out those frozen treats, and hold with a face cloth! Don't forget about the animals! Plenty of food and water for the feathered friends. I keep my dachshunds inside as much as possible. They get to drink water with ice cubes floating around. Now, if I could just get them to stop running around the house with an ice cube in their mouth! Drip drip.....

    4 years ago

  • KellismCo

    KellismCo says:

    Hahahah this is so silly.

    4 years ago

  • rosenu2

    rosenu2 says:

    Cooling thoughts ... love it and the article ...Thanks

    4 years ago

  • hildes

    hildes says:

    Great ideas :-) Thanks!

    4 years ago

  • piecesofelises

    piecesofelises says:

    I would like to try the horchata pops :D sounds delicious!

    4 years ago

  • vinskord

    vinskord says:

    Great story! Thanks for the tips!

    4 years ago

  • TownandCountryVntage

    TownandCountryVntage says:

    Lol! What a cutie-patootie. That video is great. And it is hot as balls here in MD! Great tips.:)

    4 years ago

  • rejive

    rejive says:

    Interesting about spicy food! Good thing, because I LOVE it! Thanks for sharing:)

    4 years ago

  • treasurebooth

    treasurebooth says:

    The other thing you can do is move to Washington State where there is no summer ;)

    4 years ago

  • BanglewoodSupplies

    BanglewoodSupplies says:

    I feel really cool right now.

    4 years ago

  • TreasuryShop

    TreasuryShop says:

    Great cooling down ideas! Love the spicy food advice.

    4 years ago

  • artworksbycarol

    artworksbycarol says:

    You really don't know HEAT until you've done yard work in Southern Mississippi. Now, the hat I wear while doing yard work, that's cool.

    4 years ago

  • Alaroycreature

    Alaroycreature says:


    4 years ago

  • pixelandpost

    pixelandpost says:

    I think you might want to add one more solution - Come visit Seattle. We've had two days above 80 all summer long. Today is a balmy 64 and cloudy.

    4 years ago

  • Olele

    Olele says:

    I love Horchata, so I'll definitely try those Pops out!! :D

    4 years ago

  • mosaichick

    mosaichick says:

    Go for the "Sodden Aunt Jemima" look that my dad swears by - wear a cold wet doo-rag on your noggin. It works people!!!

    4 years ago

  • CreationsdeFlorence

    CreationsdeFlorence says:

    A cool shower is a sure way to cool down! Especially on your head. I also like to remember how much snow we had this summer. I do that when I'm sitting at my patio table that had over 2 feet of snow on it.

    4 years ago

  • mossnk

    mossnk says:

    Thanks cool thoughts.Is hot,dress cool,drink alot of fluids.

    4 years ago

  • EcoFoto

    EcoFoto says:

    Good ideas, I better go out and buy some tabasco sauce ASAP! :)

    4 years ago

  • PetiteRobeNoire

    PetiteRobeNoire says:

    Jacob is adorable!

    4 years ago

  • feliceshappydesigns

    feliceshappydesigns says:

    Gotta love Portland, it is partly cloudy and quite comfortable right now. NOTE; I am wearing a sweatshirt. but I still love a good popsicle!!

    4 years ago

  • silverbranchhome

    Shannon O'Shaughnessy from silverbranchhome says:

    Great article! Hot wings and a nap, sounds great!!

    3 years ago

  • AlisaDesign

    Alisa from AlisaDesign says:


    3 years ago

  • studiorandom

    Dana Seilhan from studiorandom says:

    I don't just use A/C for cooling. I use it to remove humidity. We have a house full of books, paper, yarn and other supplies that would rot if they caught a mildew infection, not to mention I don't want mildew in the bathroom either. I note most of the criticism of air conditioning comes from areas of the country which do not typically suffer from an excess of humidity during the summer. How about you control your own climate, and we'll handle ours. Sorry for the snark, but this really is getting old--part of being eco-friendly is adjusting to the place where YOU live. Most of us are not living in California.

    3 years ago

  • PinwheelStudio

    Whitney from PinwheelStudio says:

    Thanks for the fun ideas! This summer is a hot one for sure!

    3 years ago

  • EmiliaFaith

    Edie Ann from OhHoneyHush says:

    100 degrees right now where I am. I need a cold popsicle!

    3 years ago

  • Ridgevales

    Lindsay from SweetThreesBoutique says:

    Boston is so humid right now too!! Could use that cold popsicle as well! :)

    3 years ago

  • BlackStar

    Katie McClanahan from BlackStar says:

    We finally broke the triple digits today! And there's rain in the area. Now if it will only rain here! I'm adding that popsicle recipe to my Popsicle Parade board on Pinterest.

    3 years ago

  • PariDesign

    Iveta from PariDesign says:

    This is so fun! I needed this over here! Thanks : ) ... still laughing :D

    3 years ago

  • whatnomints

    Sasha from whatnomints says:

    To all of you who live in temperate climates ... I don't want to hear it - Here in south Florida we have to deal with oppressive heat and humidity nearly year-round :/

    3 years ago

  • CafePrimrose

    Amanda Gynther from CafePrimrose says:

    Such great ideas! Thanx!

    3 years ago

  • atreasure

    Haylee from aTreasure says:

    Here in NC, it's so hot that sometimes you step outside and you don't hear or see a soul in sight. The humidity is unbearable! I walk outside and I can feel my skin sizzling. Thanks for the tips!

    3 years ago

  • goatandkettle

    Justin and Lauren Marsh from GoatandKettle says:

    We were at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena, CA this weekend and had to keep moving our umbrella to keep our hand-forged steel rings (made from antique keys) out of the sun! Hot in the sun, beautiful in the shade in Cali!

    3 years ago

  • loopyboopy

    loopy from loopyboopy says:

    This is really sweet...but obviously you don't live in the deep south. No amount of feet soaking or popsicles are gonna cool ya off, trust me. My solution...hibernate.

    3 years ago


    Anathalia from SCAVENGENIUS says:

    What a fun post! Glad it was republished! :)

    3 years ago

  • GoldenSpiralDesigns

    Lola Ocian from GoldenSpiralDesigns says:

    Great tips! I've been eating so much spicy food lately. It's counter-intuitive, but it really does feel better in the heat. Cheers!

    3 years ago

  • FireIslandSoap

    Billy Bubbles from FireIslandSoap says:

    love the tips! thanks dude!

    3 years ago

  • CopperheadCreations

    Sarah from CopperheadCreations says:

    These are great tips! I love the foot soak, and the ice pops! :) It's oppressively hot here in NYC right now. Blech. We keep a spray bottle of chilled water mixed with a few drops of lavender oil by the bed for really hot nights, so we can mist ourselves and lay in front of the fan. Haha. Good times. It's kind of in line with the "mind of matter" thing, since it doesn't make a dramatic difference, but I'll tell ya - if you're feeling pretty awful some night, give it a shot: it can feel amazing.

    3 years ago

  • LivingVintage

    LivingVintage from LivingVintage says:

    Great tips, but AC still works the best for me!

    3 years ago

  • TwoTickets

    amanda schwartz from TwoTickets says:

    hahah! funny!

    3 years ago

  • KMalinka
  • gildedingypsy

    gilded in gypsy from gildedingypsy says:

    Hahaha, did you see how red Jacob's face got after he ate that spicy food!? I think I'll stick to the AC, or a nice dip in the pool.

    3 years ago

  • sarahknightdesign

    Sarah Knight from CuteLittleNursery says:

    Haha! Soo great & cute! Love it. In a couple months we will be posting how to stay cozy & warm in the chilly fall & winter...;)

    3 years ago

  • mooshoopork

    mooshoo from mooshoopork says:

    i remember when i was little someone taught me that singing christmas songs in the hot hot weather would always help trick your mind into thinking its cooler. haha and ive taught my natives the same thing.. sometimes it does help! and for the times it doesnt.. cold showers! :) stay cool everyone

    3 years ago

  • WhimsicalRoad

    WhimsicalRoad from WhimsicalRoad says:

    Fun article! I love the retro fan.

    3 years ago

  • elizasteindesigns

    Eliza Stein from elizasteindesigns says:

    Spicy food never cooled me down in hot weather. Salty/sweet is what does it for me. It probably has to do with losing lots of salt from sweating. My favorite way to enjoy this flavor combo is chilled watermelon sprinkled with salt, and of course margaritas!

    3 years ago

  • iammieCLAYshop

    iammieCLAYshop from iammieCLAYshop says:

    Cool! I should try it in Summer in Thailand. It's getting hotter and hotter. No less than 40 degree celcius every year!

    3 years ago

  • heatherlong347

    Heather Long from millielovescrafts says:

    Come over to the UK for a while! Its cool and wet, omg what i'd do for a little sunshine! Joking aside though, I don't envy the excessive heat you have at the moment. Try drinking hot drinks like tea, they cool your body down faster than cold drinks for some reason.

    3 years ago

  • 1FattyBoomba

    Kasia from 1FattyBoomba says:

    Great tips! Wish I could put them into good use now...brrr! So cold here in Melbourne! So we're in middle of the winter now !!!

    3 years ago

  • suzanneartist

    Suzanne Urban from SmirkingGoddess says:

    We're finally getting a reprieve from Mother Nature-but your popsicle rescipes do look good. . .

    3 years ago

  • BCbuzz

    BCbuzz from BCbuzz says:

    great tips! dipping your toes in a bucket of cold water on a hot hot day refreshes the body and the mind

    3 years ago

  • truthbeautyandlove27

    Colleen O'Neal from truthbeautyandlove27 says:

    I love the siesta idea!

    3 years ago

  • ikabags

    IKA PARIS from ikabags says:

    again :))

    3 years ago

  • willikers Admin

    Elizabeth says:

    This is one of my favorite videos we've ever done. So glad it's back!

    3 years ago

  • AlpineGypsy

    Heidi from AlpineGypsy says:

    I love a little water mister, with a few drops of peppermint in it - mist away those heat waves! Add a few drops of tea tree or citronella if you wish to keep the bugs away as well. Non-toxic, and smells divine ~ great article! Heidi

    3 years ago

  • windycitynovelties

    Windy City Novelties says:

    Great ideas, thank you for sharing them!

    3 years ago

  • ljersey

    Lisa Jersey from JerseyGirlTrinkets says:

    Like this, thanks for sharing!

    3 years ago

  • YellowMelle

    Melissa from YellowmelleArts says:

    we have this thing going where we stick wet cloths in the freezer, and when they're frozen stiff, we wear them as a scarf or a hat lol

    3 years ago

  • SoweluStudio

    Monique Insalaco from SoweluStudio says:

    I've turned my hot tub temperature down to a pleasant 85 degrees. Makes for a nice dip at the end of the day! Stay cool! Monique

    3 years ago

  • Ash03

    Ash03 from TheCypressCone says: As Batman would say...

    3 years ago

  • Olele

    Karmele Luqui from Olele says:

    This is why I make hand fans ;P A cool orange juice and a long siesta, that's all you can do in summer...

    3 years ago

  • ViixC

    Vic Coolidge from SepiaTree says:

    I'm going to go do my part and practive some responsible energy consevation =)

    3 years ago

  • ViixC

    Vic Coolidge from SepiaTree says:

    "practice some responsible energy conservation" ok I admit it I already started lol

    3 years ago

  • roseslacks

    Colleen from EeEeandFriends says:

    I appreciate these tips. I endured the hottest summer in my life after moving to Australia by freezing wet tea towels. I folded them lengthwise before freezing and draped them around my neck when they were icy enough. Cucumber juice really helps too.

    3 years ago

  • jenstilley

    Jen Stilley from ArtfullyYoursByJen says:

    It got up to 105 last week in my neck of the woods. My cat really felt the heat ... An ice cube in her water really did the trick.

    3 years ago

  • 16emmi

    emmy williams from EMMYSGREENTHINGS says:


    3 years ago

  • styleforlife

    Emily from styleforlife says:

    LOL!!! Thanks for doing it MAN! :-) ITS HOT in LA LA LAND.....xxxx EL Vintage

    3 years ago

  • vegasblingrocks

    Judy Murphy from vegasblingrocks says:

    Perfect timing for this very COOL article. Thx from blistering HOT HOT HOT Vegas!!

    3 years ago

  • Alterity

    Lisa Sittniewski from AntiqueButtonJewelry says:

    Love the heat, hate the horrible, suffocating Western New York humidity near the Great Lakes! Love the summer in the south, hate the summer here at home!!! this a recycled blog post? The comments go from 342 days ago to 6 days ago :)

    3 years ago

  • Alterity

    Lisa Sittniewski from AntiqueButtonJewelry says:

    Drrr...that's what I get for not reading the editors note!!!

    3 years ago

  • retiredsoldiers

    Mark Lam from Markfabric says:

    Seems great but have no time to try because we are too busy!

    3 years ago