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Make Glitter Hair Clips

Jun 10, 2014

by House of Earnest handmade and vintage goods

Summer is the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty (read: glittery) making things that bring a smile to your face. These easy-as-anything glitter clips are simple enough to make with the kids, but cool enough to wear yourself. Bonus: they only require a few materials, and the sky is the limit when it comes to color combinations!


Blank metal clips
Spray adhesive
Clear gloss spray lacquer (optional)


Step One: Clip your blank barrettes to a scrap piece of paper or cardboard.


Step Two: Spray the tops of the clips with spray adhesive. I like spray adhesive because it is really tacky, has a very even application, and doesn’t drip into the back (hair-touching side) of the clip.


Step Three: Using either your fingers or the spout of your glitter tube, evenly distribute glitter on the adhesive. It will take more glitter than you think, so don’t be shy!


Step Four: Tap off the excess glitter vertically, so your glitter colors don’t mix.


Optional: Spray the glitter clip tops with a clear lacquer spray to keep them from shedding in your hair!


There you have it (honestly, how easy was that?). If you’re feeling inspired, go full force and experiment with mixing colors to create an ombre look or stripes of glitter. Have fun!

Hair clips modeled by Allie Lehman from The Wonder Jam.


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