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How-Tuesday: Furoshiki Picnic Set

Apr 23, 2013

by Nicole Licht handmade and vintage goods

For this week’s How-Tuesday post, Etsy designer Nicole Licht shares how to make a picnic carrying set from a pair of pretty fabric squares using furoshiki wrapping. Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping technique that dates back as far as the eighth century.

Looking for a quick, easy project? Turn two squares of fabric into a bottle carrier for beverages and a picnic bag for your nibbles with this easy tutorial. Larger squares of fabric can do double duty as a picnic blanket once you’ve arrived at your picnicking destination.

Let’s get started!


You Will Need:
Two squares of fabric*
Food for your picnic (sandwiches, cheese, fruit, and snacks)
A bottled beverage (wine or sparkling lemonade)

*We used a 22″ x 22″ piece of fabric for the picnic bag and 32″ x 32″ piece for the bottle carrier.

How to Make a Bottle Carrier


1. Set a bottle in the center of a 32″ x 32” inch square of your favorite fabric.
2. Grab one corner and tightly twist a length that matches the height of the bottle.
3. Grab the opposite corner and tightly twist the same amount of fabric.
4. Tie half of a knot to rest at the top of the bottle.
5. Tie a knot at the very top of the twists, forming a handle.


6. Wrap the two remaining corners around to the front of the bottle and secure it with a knot.
7. Ta da! (Don’t forget to pack cups in your picnic bag, too.)

How to Make a Picnic Bag


1. Lay the fabric out flat.
2. Form the first handle by gathering two adjacent corners and tying them into a knot.
3. Form the second handle by gathering the two remaining corners and tying them into a knot.
4. Place picnic supplies inside. How about sandwiches and some snacks?


5. Pick up the bag by the two handles. You are ready to go forth and picnic!

Project photography by Katie Rinkevich.

If you make your own furoshiki picnic set, share a photo tagged with #howtuesday on Instagram or Twitter, or post in the Etsy Labs Flickr group.

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