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How-Tuesday: Flower Power Photo Backdrop handmade and vintage goods


I’ve got summer on the brain, and that means gearing up to host gatherings with friends: birthday celebrations, barbecues, and of course, Craft Party. I wanted to create a backdrop for these get-togethers that would be simple, cost-effective and easily re-purposed. The result? This colorful (and customizable) curtain of floating flowers. Just hang it against a wall or between two trees and you’ve got an instant backdrop worthy of some serious Instagramming!


You will need:
Silk flowers
Clear nylon thread
Crimp beads
Flat nosed pliers
Rope (not pictured)


Step 1: Remove the flowers from their stems. Measure out and cut approximately 2 yards of nylon thread and thread your needle.


Step 2: Find the center of your first flower and poke your needle through the center hole to thread your flower onto the garland.


Step 3: Thread on a crimp bead and pull it towards your flower. Using your flat-nosed pliers, crimp the bead close to the stem side of the flower. String on the next flower and crimp the next bead about 8 inches down.


Step 4: Repeat step 2 and 3 until your garland is the desired length of flowers and cut about 6 inches below the last bead you crimped.


Step 5: Make as many garlands as your heart desires; when you’re done, tie the top of your garlands to a rope. To display, hang the rope on a wall using sturdy tape or hooks. After the party, you can hang the flower curtain in front of a window, or use it as wall art.

All photographs by Clare McGibbon.

Clare McGibbon is a Brooklyn-based designer and maker. When she's not working on Etsy's Seller Education Team, she's dreaming up new DIY projects. Keep up with her latest DIY videos and inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest.