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How-Tuesday: Embroidered Gift Box

Dec 4, 2012

by Nicole Licht handmade and vintage goods

The best gifts come in handmade packaging, right? For this week’s How-Tuesday post, Etsy Admin Nicole Licht shows us how to make an embroidered clam shell box — a  special presentation worthy of your handmade holiday gifts.

You Will Need:
Box template + embellishments template
Card stock


1. Download the  box template and embellishments template. Print onto cardstock.

2. Cut out the intersecting circle shape from the sheet you printed. This is the flattened box. When you finish, you’ll have a nice embroidered box that you can use to wrap up special handmade gifts.

3. Decide what image you would like to embroider on your box. Will it be lettering, a snowflake, an abstract geometric design? The embellishments template includes some suggested patterns and lettering options to help you get going.

Once you’ve got a design plan, use a needle to poke holes in the paper at the points where you’ll be stitching. This will make it much easier once you begin sewing.

4. Start sewing! Use your stitching to connect the dots of your design with thread.

5. Once you’ve finished stitching your design, score the curved lines with a paperclip.

6. Fold all the box edges back, away from the printed side of the page.

7. Close the box up like a clam shell, and secure it with tape or a ribbon.

Customize your box by trying these variations:

  • Color: Try using different hues of thread or paper.
  • Size: Play with the scale of the boxes by blowing up the box template on a photocopier. Then, use transfer paper to transfer the box design to the paper of your choice.
  • Paper: A sturdy paper, like cardstock, works best for this project. You can also try out papers with different colors, patterns, or textures.
  • Drawing: Is sewing not your speed? Skip the stitching altogether, and embellish your box with colored pencils, markers, or paints instead.

If you make your own gift box, share a photo with us in the Etsy Labs Flickr group.

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